Sound Doctrine Church/WinePress Publishing – Malcolm John Fraser charged – 1st degree rape of a child

In February I blogged about Afshin Javid, a Canadian speaker/author who lost his ministerial credentials when Christians in BC publicly stepped forward to express concerns about his conduct.

Javid’s book As Easy As Drinking Water was published in 2010 by a Washington self-publishing company named WinePress Books. WinePress Books is affiliated with a Washington state church called Sound Doctrine.  Javid publicly said on more than one occasion that ‘the Lord told him’ to use this publishing company.

WinePress Publishing is staffed by people from Sound Doctrine Church, a non-denominational authoritarian group which has been in the news. The assistant minister, Malcolm John Fraser, is the Executive Officer of WinePress. WinePress has also been written about. In 2000, the founder of Sound Doctrine Church, Timothy Williams published with WinePress, and his book, Hating for Jesus  garnered controversy.

Sound Doctrine Church has been labelled a cult. WinePress Publishing sued an author in 2009 and lost.

This information is a click away.  Yet, Javid decided God told him to use this company?
There is a great deal more being made public about this church and company.

 The assistant minister of Sound Doctrine Church and Executive Officer of WinePress Publishing, Malcolm John Fraser was charged yesterday with first degree rape of a child.

Fraser is a Scottish citizen, police consider him a  flight risk. Bail is set at one hundred fifty thousand dollars.


The alleged victim may have felt enabled to come forward and find the courage to speak because of this blog from the woman who started WinePress Publishing and helped start Sound Doctrine Church – Athena Dean. Last month she started blogging about her 12 years with the church and what happened with WinePress Publishing at Not Afraid to Tell My Story. She tells a frightening and convoluted story about control and spiritual abuse.

So many times people have asked me, “How is it someone as bright and strong and capable as you could be sucked into a cult like Sound Doctrine?” I have been pondering this question and looking for all the ways I was vulnerable.

However, I thought it may be helpful for any of you who are interested to see how the progression occurred over the 12 years I was involved.

The following is a bullet point chronicling of the events that resulted in my company being stolen from me. Over these years I was brainwashed into thinking anything done to benefit the Williams family and Sound Doctrine would be honoring to God and therefore justified many things that I would never have allowed under normal circumstances.

She has not been out of this environment for very long, and is in therapy.  Prior to her conversion she was a Scientologist, her healing and recovery is going to be a long journey.

Needless to say Sound Doctrine Church came out swinging,  on the church website and on a site set up to refute prior news about the church and particularly to refute Deans.

Sound Doctrine Church/WinePress Publishing  threatened this man a few weeks ago – Chip MacGregor of Literary MacGregor, coming at him for a comment on a Facebook page. He tells what happened on his blog in a post titled Conspirators R Us.

 The current situation is an interesting study in business ethics and church governance and arcane theology, but you’d have to go somewhere else to find the details, since I’ve never blogged about it before. I haven’t said anything about it on my corporate website, either. Nor have I written about it for any other magazine, e-zine, or journal. I could have — I mean, I’m a trained journalist, talking about the publishing industry, and the allegation that a big company that’s very involved in Christian publishing has acted unfairly toward employees or tried to intimidate people is news. But I didn’t. Not because I was afraid to (and yes, I’ve heard a couple people warn that Wine Press has used lawyers and intimidation tactics on others in the past), but because I wanted to wait and see what the facts brought out. I don’t have a dog in this hunt — but I’m very interested in the hunt itself and the story surrounding it.

My sole reference to this particular cat-fight is a comment I left on a Facebook page. That’s right — I once read an article and left a comment on the piece I saw, since I found it shocking. Here’s what I wrote upon reading about the allegations: “Holy cow. I mean… WOW! This will blow the socks off of anyone who’s been involved in CBA publishing in recent years. Wow…” 

That’s the sum total of my verbiage so far on the topic.

Sound Doctrine Church and WinePress Publishing can’t bully everyone. As news of Fraser’s arrest spreads in Washington state and on blogs more of the inner conduct of this group will come out.

I wonder if other Canadians have a connection to this group – if other Canadians believed the Lord told them…

2009 Judge takes heat for home school ruling ABC news
Court ruling – WinePress Publishing d/b/a Pleasant Word v. Mark Levine
Tekton analysis of Sound Doctrine Church theology
Christian message board and forums Sound Doctrine Church
Moriel Ministries – Timothy Williams of Sound Doctrine and His Article ‘God’s True Grace’
The Fine Print of Self-Publishing – WinePress Publishing (author Mark Levine was sued and won)

Update: Fraser entered a plea of not guilty to both counts. He has been prohibited from all contact with minors. Next court date is April 19th. The trial is set for November 8th.

Update: The trial has been pushed back to January 16th, after Fraser’s lawyer asked for a forensic audit of police department computers for emails ‘potentially relevant to the case.’

Update: Fraser found guilty on all counts

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28 Responses to Sound Doctrine Church/WinePress Publishing – Malcolm John Fraser charged – 1st degree rape of a child

  1. Concerned Dad says:

    Strangely enough, there has been documentation of this for a long time. Here is a Christian BBS post by “BradA” dating from 2003 containing emails from Mr. Fraser to this prospective member of SD Church. Alarmingly, Mr. Fraser was quite clear that he wanted the prospective member to bring at least one of his children on visit to SD church from AZ to WA – even though it appears that the man was originally planning to visit SD on his own, without his wife and family. I don’t need to explain why this is creepy.;f=8;t=000210

    Pasting content:

    posted March 27, 2003 04:31 PM
    I was involved in a group called Sound Doctrine based out of Enumclaw, WA headed by Timothy and Carla Williams. Winepress publishing is affliated with them and prints all their material.

    This is a very dangerous group!! I became completely brain washed and was never so scared or terrified in all my life. The Lord pulled me out of that situation and I praise HIM!! My wife did a remarkable job at finding ex-members to help me recover.

    I never thought that could ever happen to me, but the Lord showed me what happens when I put HIM aside and take hold of a man. My guard was down, and I was nearly destroyed, but the LORD is faithful, even when I was faithless. AMEN.

    I no longer have anything to do with Sound Doctrine ministries, except to warn others.
    Timothy Williams has found a way to justify his own hatred using God, and keeps those around him to feed his conscience. He feeds off praise. Sadly, those people are honestly seeking the Lord, but are decieved by Tim Williams. I pray for them.
    Here is how they work:

    They make it sound as if they serve as a connection point for those who wish to join their church. The connection point by means of their message board, “loser for Jesus” message board (which is private), email, phone calls, etc…

    Here is an excerpt from their application:

    Many of the individuals who contact us are looking for a church in their area that shares the same beliefs as we do. Unfortunately, we are seldom able to point them to a suitable fellowship. As Jesus said, the love of most grows cold in the last days and finding a good church is extremely difficult. This agreement form is an attempt to reach out to those who are struggling to find a fellowship that both preaches and lives out the true gospel of the message of the cross. Of course, nothing can compare to close and daily fellowship with other disciples of Jesus — the power, love, and joy are overwhelming, and sin is sure to be dealt with. Since there are individuals in a various places who desire to follow Jesus by denying themselves and picking up their cross, Sound Doctrine can serve as a connection point.

    Fellowship in the Light (1 John 1:6-7) is crucial to our spiritual growth and safety. As a member you
    will gain the following benefits.
    · Love and purity by the power of the Holy Spirit (Colossians 1:8).
    · Online fellowship through email lists.
    Prayer board.
    Women and Men’s boards.
    Loser for Jesus™ message board.
    · Weekly sermon tapes mailed at no cost.
    · Prayer covering and accountability by those who understand the message of the cross.
    · Special meetings in Enumclaw, WA as the Lord leads.
    · Fellowship with those around the world who desire the crucified life.
    · Someone you can turn to and fellowship with day or night.
    Visits and fellowship by others as the Lord leads.
    The following took place over a period of about 6 months:

    I submitted my application, and they put it on “hold” to put it “before the Lord”. The initial requirement was to agree with about 12 points (which were not astoundingly unusual, but basic Christian beliefs) and listen to the tape called “joining Sound Doctrine”.

    Each step of the way more requirements were added to become accepted as a member. The only proclaimed requirements are:

    Anyone can join Sound Doctrine Church by either becoming a disciple of Jesus or by proving that they have been a disciple of Jesus. There are members are in different parts of the world. Why This Agreement? This agreement is for your benefit. We want you to understand in advance what it would mean to
    join, so there are no surprises down the road (Acts 26:26). We want your joy to be full, so this agreement is intended to help alleviate any fears you may have – for the love and joy that God has worked, and continues to work, in our fellowship is powerful and holy. But, you should also have a holy fear about joining, (Acts 5:13).
    Joining Sound Doctrine Church is about following Jesus close enough to “honor one another above yourself” (Romans 12:10). It is a decision you should make in the power of the Holy Spirit – a
    power that the Holy Spirit can give because you hate your own life, deny yourself and carry your cross as you follow Jesus. Carefully consider the points below and, if you agree with them, you can join Sound Doctrine Church by signing this agreement.
    Test us, as we test you, and those approved by leadership may join Sound Doctrine Church (1Thessalonians 5:21).
    All of that is pure deception. They add requirements along the way, until you have moved to Enumclaw, WA – with or without your family- where they will finally accept you a member and probably only after being baptized by them – . They may allow you to stay where you live only if it benefits them in some way, usually having to do with money. I was not such an exceptional case. There are only 3 of these exceptional cases (as far as I saw). One couple is in England, one lady is in Japan, and another person in the U.S. Everyone else has moved from other places to Enumclaw, WA. The church first started in Springfield, Missouri; then moved to Colorado. Then they moved to WA, because they were invited by the owners of Winepress publishing.

    The next step was for me to read the book “essential piece”.
    Then they wanted me to listen to more tapes.
    Then they wanted me to listen to a couple more labeled “let your life boat go”, “prepare to fellowship”, and “calling someone a brother”.

    Then I was to pray about either them visiting me or me visiting them. I was to pray about it, although according to them the obvious and best thing would be for me to visit them. I live in PHX, AZ.

    Then I was to pray about taking at least one of my children with me.

    All the while my wife grew more and more hostile toward Sound Doctrine. The more my wife was enraged, the more they insisted on me visiting with at least one child.

    Then I was instructed to separate myself from my family for at least 3 days, to seek the Lord, since my wife became very hostile toward me, and rightly so. I was also instructed to buy a cell phone so they could contact me at anytime. I was also instructed to make up a list of requirements for a Godly home and send it to them for revision, before presenting it to my wife after the 3 days.

    My wife was in complete agony and desperation by this time.
    I was in complete terror and agony as well. As I followed their instructions, I became more and more terrified. I became extremely confused and tormented. I had lost who God is. My image of God had become extremely distorted.

    After the second night, I felt more and more at peace when I thought about Paul saying “stay where you are called” in 1 Cor 7. I finally felt ok to tell my wife, that I did not have to go to Washington. She then spoke to me of her repentance to God of all she had done in the past. I never heard my wife speak like this before. She was truly repenting to God. I told her I was coming home, but after more prayer first.

    On my way to the mountain to pray, I got a call from Malcolm at Sound Doctrine. I told him of my wife’s repentance. He questioned her sincerity and told me that was not true repentance. I asked him for an example of true repentance. He said, “True repentance would be for example, if she allowed you to go visit Washington with one of your children, and if she called Carla Williams to appologize for how she talked with her on the phone.”

    Malcolm also stated to me that even if I did not have the conviction in my heart from God, I still needed to listen to whatever they said, because after all, I was just a babe in Christ and can not hear as clearly from the Lord as they can, since so much of my flesh and sin is in the way.

    I was much more at peace after speaking with Malcolm, because the Lord started to expose their errors to me.

    They operate by being rude and unkind. This is supposed to get you to feel pain, which they call the “cross”. They focus so much on sin and exposing sin, that it keeps everyone beaten down; but keeps Tim Williams elevated and in control. Those people will do just about anything Tim Williams says, and if there is any question about it, he will twist and distort scriptures to drive home his point. Every one is kept in complete mental fear. If they dare to question too much, they will be “disciplined” by some form of public humiliation or by not being allowed to fellowship with others – disfellowshiped.

    Sound Doctrine has left an enormous amount of pain and suffering in its wake. It is terrible and has no love. Tim Williams has found a way of justifying his own hatred and gathers other people under his control, to seer his conscience. I pray those people will leave and his hatred will be exposed. I pray that he will repent. I pray that he will confess and ask forgiveness from those many, many, many, many, broken and hurting families.

    This group is the darkest of cults. This is a real cult. I no longer consider Jeovah witness, mormon, catholic, coc, Icoc, cults; but rather damnable heresies. Sound doctrine is a cult; a pure cult.

    Here is exactly how the mind game works:

    I would like to post an email I recieved from Malcolm. It is good that the efforts of warning people are making their way back to Sound Doctrine. Amen.



    It is disappointing (if not unexpected) to find that you have now resorted
    to spreading slander, gossip, and false accusations in order to justify
    yourself and cover over your own sin.

    Prov 21:28 A false witness will perish, and whoever listens to him will be
    destroyed forever.

    love in Christ,

    I would also like to show what was written to me from Malcolm, so others may better understand these things:


    Hi Brad,

    I’m going to lay some stuff out clearly:

    1. You need to make a decision; either God or your wife. Right now, you are still holding on to your wife way too much and this is allowing her to control you- and, therefore, God cannot get control of the situation through you. You need to make a clear-cut decision to either give up everything (that means, quite possibly, your job, your family, your house, your money…everything!) and follow Jesus, or to hold onto your wife and your life and give up God.

    Mat. 10:37-38 “Anyone who loves his father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves his son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me; and anyone who does not take his cross and follow me is not worthy of me.”

    Right now, you are not proving yourself worthy of Jesus Christ.

    2. It is absolutely vital that, if you choose God, you stay in fellowship. You need to put forth some real effort. There are obviously obstacles to this- but you need to overcome them by faith. Buy more than one phone card or, even better, go out and buy a cell phone – and make sure you keep it with you and out of reach of your wife. The bottom line is this: Tim Williams has been through this kind of situation many times before and wants to help you. But if you don’t make some real effort to stay in touch and take advantage of his experience and wisdom from the Lord, then there is little point in him continuing to give you advice.

    This is serious. You are being way too weak and not showing the zeal and commitment and love for the Lord of a true brother. If you continue to be slow and lukewarm and choose your own way – and allowing your wife to control the situation – then there is also little point in us continuing to fellowship at all. Don’t misunderstand: it’s not that we don’t want to fellowship, but God requires those who will be committed and forceful. He’s not going to waste time with those who don’t really want Him.

    Mat 11:12 From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven has been forcefully advancing, and forceful men lay hold of it.

    3. If you get through points 1 and 2 and are still determined to follow the Lord and fellowship with us, then here’s what you need to do in order to get control of the situation and get back in step with the Spirit.

    Gal 5:25 Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit.

    Leave the house for at least three days. Preferably, don’t even go home after work. Simply go to a friend’s house or check into a hotel. Then call your wife and tell her that you are seeking the Lord and will not be home for three days. Do NOT allow her to persuade you to go back earlier and do NOT tell her where you are.
    If that’s not possible and you have to go home first (or have already gone home when you get this message), do NOT talk to or tell your wife about your plans. Make preparations while she is not around and leave in the middle of the night while she is asleep. Leave a brief note explaining to your children that you have gone away for a short time to seek the Lord. Under NO circumstances return home before the three days is up, or before talking to us about it.

    Take the earliest opportunity to get a cell phone. Keep it with you, take it to work (even if you can’t us it), and preferably don’t even let your wife know that you have it.

    While you are away, make up an agreement form of what YOU (and God) require from your marriage. Do not tell your wife about it. Work on it and e-mail it to us so we can help you with it. Before you return home, you can meet with your wife and find out which parts of it she will agree to and which parts she won’t.

    If there are obstacles to any of this, ask the Lord how to overcome them or call one of us here to talk it over. But don’t hesitate on taking action.

    4. Go over this message carefully before the Lord and make sure you understand it clearly and are firmly resolved in your own heart. We are trying to help you as brothers in the Lord, but this is all your choice. You must have the conviction of the truth and wisdom of this in your own heart from the Lord.

    Please be assured of our continued love and constant prayers. My cell phone number is 555-555-5555. You can contact me ANY time on that number if you have any questions, problems or for any other reason.

    Phil 2:1-2 If you have any encouragement from being united with Christ, if any comfort from his love, if any fellowship with the Spirit, if any tenderness and compassion, then make my joy complete by being like-minded, having the same love, being on in spirit and purpose.

    Love in Christ,

  2. Concerned for Truth says:

    Comment removed at the request of the author – BD

  3. Fred Whaples says:

    Concerned for The Truth: You came to the wrong blog if you are seeking honesty and integrity. This one prefers defamation. Just wanted to clarify as I have been on the vast recieving end. Thanks for the tremendous wisdom of Proverbs. While Bene may be the first to present the situation… when the facts are known the truth is fully revealed. Blessings.

  4. Tez says:

    whatever, Fred. You can’t act like a martyr when you instigated shitty behaviour against others. Your defamation is your own damn fault. suck it up.

  5. Fred Whaples says:

    “your defamation is your own ****fault”… wow.. is that what you tell these victims of abuse.. “it’s your own fault”.. the malicious and egregious conduct of OTHERS.. but “it’s your own fault… suck it up”. ****stunned*****

  6. Wanda Janz says:

    It is how Teri Halliday works, Fred.

  7. MEC says:

    Whapples comes in guns blazing again then cries martyr and Wanda joins in- typical.

  8. Wanda Janz says:

    and here you come. practise what you preach! Or don’t – cause that would be typical.

  9. Concerned for Truth says:

    Comment removed at request of author – BD

  10. Tez says:

    No, Fred, that is not what I say to victims. You however, are not a victim. You behaved like an ass, you got your ass handed to you, and now you’re trying to play the “poor boy” card….That isn’t how life works. You don’t get to be viewed as a martyr just because you don’t like the consequences of your own choices. If that is so stunning to you, some growing up might be needed.

  11. Diana Stooshnov says:

    Concerned for truth, maybe you are so convinced that he did not do it because you were there and knew. Maybe it is only because you believe the adult and not the child. Maybe it was you and not him. There are so many things that go through my mind. So many scenarios that could have happened. Maybe they did and maybe they did not. Adults in ministry and positions of authority should know beyond a shadow of a doubt not to put themselves into any position where it might be construed that evil is or could be occuring. Maybe you could share with us some tips on how to make sure that evil would not occur, or could not under any circumstances. You seem to have the edge on truth and knowledge. I would be really interested in how you determine what is truth or not.

  12. The Lord Ben Chung says:

    Please god, come to us in a dream, and let us worship the new god Brohter Gred Dhopples! Come to us in a vision, we worship you o god, o my god!\

  13. Concerned for Truth says:

    Comment removed at request of author – BD

  14. Bradley Hughes says:

    I wish Athena Dean were here to comment.

  15. The truth revealed says:

    I feel sorry for you concerned for truth. You see, I knew you, have eaten at your dinner table and you at mine. Being concerned for truth would be diligently seeking it right away, especially when others could be in danger, intsead of instantly defending the accused. If Tim Williams has such a corner on the truth, why does he have to control every move you make? Seriously, God is a big God and my Bible tells me that when I believe in Jesus Christ and accept Him as my Savior and follow Him, HE will teach me by the Holy Spirit within. Read the Bible as a whole not just the few hating scriptures he isolates to manipulate and control people who truly want to live for Jesus. If you are really concerned for the truth, then isolate yourself from TW and visit other churches. If he really had the truth, he wouldn’t have to control his people and be so afraid of them having contact with the outside world. Sincerely, ask God what the truth is and allow Him to show you. He loves you and wants to show you how great His love is for you!
    Diana, concerned for truth was not there. There is no way they know this is false. They never lived with the victim and was not there when Malcolm Fraser allegedly stole the innocence of this child.
    Concerned for truth, do you really think the police would arrest someone if they didn’t have evidence? You should be concerned for the truth, because if this is who I think it is, Malcolm Fraser lived with you and your young daughter. Really, with everyone that has left the clutches of Timothy and Carla Williams over the years, it not been any amount of convincing, but instead TW going to far and showing by his own actions what really lies in his heart. He did this when he began to see to that my children were isolated from me mentally and physically at times. God gave my children to me, not TW and his wife Carla. If TW has the real truth, then he wouldn’t be so afraid of you speaking to ex-members that he makes you think they are all evil and full of demons. Really? Unfortunately, TW has been doing this for at least 25 years and left nothing but a trail of broken marriages and lives. I would like to quote this scripture “Likewise, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree CANNOT bear bad fruit and bad tree cannot bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.” Matthew 7:17-20
    I encourage you to live by the name that you chose for yourself, concerned for truth. Research how a cult works, research mind control tactics and then run for your life!
    Jesus is waiting with open arms!

  16. Revealing Truth While being Concerned says:

    The Truth Revealed – You forget that questioning authority is a sin. You forget that having your own thoughts is a sin. You forget that if you never missed a church service unless your were in sin or outside the camp. You forget that not asking God if you should drink Coke or Pepsi is a sin. You forget that Walking in the Light is used to keep you in fear instead of healing your soul. You forget that not once did you ever look forward to taking Communion. You forget that your were scared to share something with your significant other for fear of being called out for some sin. You forget that when THE HOLY SPIRIT pricked your conscience you were just listening to your flesh. You forget that when you sought the face of God and had an answer that you were wrong every time and when you “Dug Deep” you never dug far enough. You forget that you could not buy anything like a car or house without being in sin yet the entire Williams family drives new cars or two when there are families still in the church who could really use a new car. You forget that Tim Williams could remodel his entire house……did I mention ENTIRE…..and never once was he in his flesh let alone being questioned about it. You forget that every time someone left the church the were slandered in such a way that you would not want to contact them even after you yourself left. You forget you never questioned anything your family or friend on the outside said while you were in but believed everything the leaders said. You forget that when you were sent to deal with someone to show them their sin you had to check in with leadership to make sure you did it right and hoping that when you called you got a “good job” (which hardly ever happened). usually you had to go back at the individual and go deeper because you yourself did not see the whole picture. You forget how all of this is out of my impure heart and my desire to persecute. You forget that by the end of it all the only thing deep down in your heart was pleasing the leadership so that you were not in trouble because that is what your trained to do.

    You have not forgotten the heavy burden that was lifted when you your eyes were opened.

    Galatians 5:1
    It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.

  17. The truth revealed says:

    You are exactly right, Revealing Truth While being Concerned! I forgot to mention all these points but am SO glad you did! Praise God! Because whoever the Son sets free, is free indeed!

  18. Dan Holmes says:

    For the one who wishes that “Athena Dean were here to comment” – I will let her know that she should chime in.

    As for “Concerned for Truth” – my friend – read the emails that Malcolm sent in 2003 to BradA. Interview the stream of people who have left SD – until you do, you will not be able to fulfil what Prov 18:17 is telling you to do.

    You know SD from the inside. Now, my friend, you will have to learn what SD is like from those who have left in order to see the other side. Believe me, this verse has been quoted in reference to Vancouver Christian Fellowship – another cult in Vancouver, BC, Canada. It never ceases to amaze me how facile cult-leaders are at quoting scripture in a manner than will bind, blind, and guilt their flock into submission. As long as they say it with enough confidence, it will become true.

    In Leviticus, there must be two or three witnesses to make a claim. Against SD, there is a small army. For the matter of the arrest of Malcolm Fraser, it is not your job to declare his innocence unless you accompanied him 24/7 during the period of time that he lived in the alleged victim’s house. If you did not accompany him 24/7, then you have no idea of whether he is innocent or not. All you know is what he decided to show you.

    I can assure you from personal experience , that a cult-leader has an amazing ability to demonstrate piety whilst preying on his flock. I have seen it with my own eyes – tearful sermons, passionate testimony, television appearances, talk of Holy-Spirit anointing… and then, as if nothing happened, a quick trip back to the office to disrobe his weakest church members.

    You *cannot possibly know* whether Malcolm Fraser is innocent or not and it is not your job to figure it out. The police don’t arrest people without evidence – they had to have evidence. Whether Malcolm Fraser is innocent or not is something that the police will have to figure out by examining the evidence. However, I would say that a 17 yo has very little to gain by putting forth a foundationless allegation of that magnitude. What on earth would be the motivation? Why did Malcolm Fraser not ask who had accused him when he was arrested? Did he *know* who might accuse him?

    When you look at the pantheon of people who have left SD and all said the same thing, you can smell “eau de cult” as TW so ironically put it. The same was true of Vancouver Christian Fellowship – former members with similar complaints outnumbered members by overwhelming margin.

    Athena? Care to comment?

  19. Athena Dean says:

    If you are so “Concerned for truth”, maybe you should be concerned for your own daughter’s safety and well-being.

    Have you even bothered to watch her over the years that you lived in the same house, from the time she was 6 to 10 1/2 years old? Would you even know how a victim of sexual abuse would respond when being told not to tell or the abuser would hurt both you and she?

    How safe do you suppose it is for her to open up and tell the truth about her own abuse when you and the rest of the “church” are siding with the abuser?

    I have a hard time believing you are so concerned for truth when you won’t even create a safe space for your own daughter.

    Shame on you.

  20. Athena Dean says:

    Thanks Dan. Very well said.

    The truth is, “Concerned for Truth”, who is still in the “church” and I addressed in my last comment, doesn’t really want to know the truth.

    If she and the other members even wondered if Malcolm could possibly be guilty, and found out that there are other victims (like maybe her 12 year old daughter who lived in the same house with Malcolm from 2006 to 2011) then it’s all over, because that would PROVE that Tim and Carla really don’t hear from God, since they have allowed a pedophile to exist and actually thrive and grow into a leadership position over the last 11 years.

    But because this accusation came to light in a way that could only have been orchestrated by God, I believe that He will continue to shed light on the darkness that is Sound Doctrine….all 35 years of it….all the many destroyed marriages, destroyed families, destroyed believers….the thief comes to kill, steal, and destroy…which is exactly the fruit that has been produced by Tim Williams over the last 35 years.

    Finally people are no longer afraid to talk about it. Praise God for that.

  21. Dan Holmes says:

    You point out something very important Athena – and that is, you can look in the wake of a ministry person and see what kind of person they must be:

    If fighting and division among Christians is in the wake of the person, then you can be sure that the prophet is not of God.

    Inevitably there will be a protest from among the adherents quoting Matt 7:15-20: “People have become Christians in our church and if a good tree cannot bear bad fruit, then leader X must be a True Prophet”. That is, the adherent will find some good that Prophet X has accomplished and conclude that prophet X must be good because “a bad tree does not bear good fruit”. However, when you proceed to the *very next 3 verses*, 21-23, you can see that the good works of prophecy, exorcism and miracles do not constitute that self-same good fruit – because miracle-workers are evidently among those whom Christ as never known.

    So what then is the good fruit that would never come from a bad tree? I would put it to the reader that it is the behaviour of prophet X when no one is looking. When his ministry colleagues are not looking, does prophet X show love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness and self-control? Does prophet X show integrity of character when there is nothing earthly at stake?

    Conversely, I would emphasize that it does not matter what amazing mystical experiences occur in prophet X’s presence, it does not matter how many people he leads to Christ, it does not matter if he can read peoples’ minds or if someone saw Jesus in his Bible study – if he does not have personal integrity, Matt 7:21-23 says that God does not attribute this as any form of success whatsoever.

  22. Bene Diction says:

    I was wondering if anyone who made reference to the minor child would be willing to have that edited out and rephrase so it isn’t threatening to the family?

    Can the point be made by doing this?

  23. Athena Dean says:

    Just as a clarifying point, when I mention Concerned for Truth’s daughter in my post above, this same minor child is my granddaughter who is still in the cult because her mother is deceived, just as I was for 12 years.

  24. Cindy Scinto says:

    I found this tonight and am glad I did. In August 2011, Malcolm Fraser made the first “direct” attempt to enlist me into the sd flock. After I was in contact, by my own doing, with Athena Dean this past January, all the pieces came together.

    I need to reply to an email from a family member of an employee at wp and member of sd. These sweet family members are devastated. Here is a quote:

    “It’s been 7 years. We miss him soooo much you have no idea!!! I was wondering, do you still keep in touch with him??? I write him a letter every week but not sure if he gets it!!! Please let me know if you know anything. Thank you soooo much!” R

    I cried when I read this and still do. Why can’t this grown man be in contact with his family? What good reason does he have for not being in touch with them for 7 years? ITALIANS NEVER DO THAT… Family is dear and important.

    Being this employee is an Italian from back east, he was talkative, happy, loud, rambunctious, and excited about life–before joining sd. Malcolm, while he tried to show me the error of my ways, explained this man came out to sd in Encumclaw and learned how to be quiet, subdued, and controlled.

    I made a big Italian dinner one night at the house where Malcolm lives with many other members of sd. Authentic sauce, lasagna, home made Italian bread, cheesecake, and more. I figured this man from back east would really love it. He did, but was very quiet and only said one thing to thank me.

    After dinner, we sat on the couch in the living room and him and I started talking about NY, NJ, pizza, bagels, the city … when he realized he was smiling, getting excited about Italian stuff, and enjoying himself, Malcolm looked at him sternly and this member had to excuse himself and leave.

    That was sickening. And Malcolm wanted me change and be like him. Malcolm also gave me a two hour speech the night before I had a 6 hour drive home and I was only 3 months out of a dangerous pancreas transplant. I was already sick from a difficult recovery, and he made me sicker with a speech on my conduct. You know, talking, being sinful because I was excited that after 30 years I could buy a new dining room set at IKEA for $429.00 that my mom gave me, being sinful because I loved money by being happy to get a watch on Ebay for $9.99.

    Malcolm even told me he didn’t want to marry his wife. He didn’t like her. She wasn’t the kind of woman he would marry. But God and tw and cw told him to marry her and so he did out of obedience. Sad and sick.

    Now I see why they did what they did. For a few years they watched me. Tw and cw told me they were. They thought I was one of them. Bad mistake on their part. I am Jesus’ only.

    I am tired of wp and sd threatening to sue anybody who speaks up. I saw much more than what I shared here and I wasn’t even in the flock. But I spent enough time with them to see how all of this makes sense. Of course, my experience is small compared to what so many have suffered. One point–how could any church instruct so many people to divorce their spouses if that spouse does not want to JOIN such a small group. Is this Biblical?

    How sad. To live in fear and threat of sin. To not be able to smile and be yourself. To have one man dictate the word of God and how to behave. No one person should ever have so much power over anyone. Can’t the members see that sd follows the exact same patterns as any other cult? How could sd be the only true church if they are merely a clone of all the other cults out there?

    If sd people believe the Waco incident and other cults were truly cults and they read the characteristics of a cult, how could the not see that they too are in a cult?

    Well, I saw this tonight and just had to vent. I hate that so many people have been hurt–and hurt badly. This is not just a church split, or an evangelical church accused of being unfair–this is outright cult behavior and destruction of God’s people.

  25. brano says:

    I trust it comes as NO surprise that “the church” has been under attack for over 2000 years!
    The ‘church”,nor any other institution,…not immune from such heartache & evil
    What continues to amaze me, is the utter lack of discernment these days….

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  28. David Katende says:

    I live in Uganda and i have never physically fellowshiped with SD flock. But there is tonne of personal opinions on here and judgement based on how one felt about instructions and rebuke and how people were devastated by them.

    Isn’t it obvious that the closer you move to God the lesser you will feel happy about material things and even money itself?

    If God can make someone blind could it be way too far fetched for God to instruct someone to marry someone he does not like?

    If all that is true then God can instruct someone to instruct someone.

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