Calgary Centre Street Church, withdraws partnership with Prairie Bible Institute

Centre Street Church has withdrawn it’s support as an independent 3rd party to Prairie Bible Institute. The church was chosen in lieu of requests by PBI abuse survivors requests for G.R.A.C.E., a USA based organization which investigates allegations of abuse in church and para church organizations.

On December 16th 2011, Prairie Bible Institute announced it was going to support former students and staff kids who had come forward alleging abuses at the 90-year-old institution.

PBI President Mark Maxwell included the following in his statement naming Centre Street Church:

1) Alumni: We have a truly amazing group of Alumni around the world. Many of them have offered to help in any way possible. A dozen of them have committed a great deal of time to working with those alumni who have stories of pain and injury. This group cares about Prairie as well as the need for the injured to find healing. Their efforts may include raising funds to help cover some of:

• the costs of travel if someone would like to come back, either to share with us or the third-party group; and

• the costs related to reconciliation and healing.

Subject to legal constraints, Prairie will allow these funds to pass through the school so that donors can benefit from a tax deductible receipt. Those who would like to share their stories of pain and injury are invited to contact this team…

2) Independent Third Party: We have been in contact with Centre Street Church in Calgary, a prominent Canadian church with professional counselors on staff. This church is not conflicted by virtue of any relationship with Prairie. Centre Street offers a safe and secure place for injured people to be heard and given professional advice on steps to move forward, including directing individuals to the appropriate authorities, referring them for additional counselling or bringing them to the appropriate parties at Prairie. The contact person at the church is Dr. Miriam Mollering…

On February 14th, PBI board chair Bruce Miller repeated the choice of Centre Street Church as an independent party for abuse survivors:

Members of the Facebook site asked that another option making use of professional expertise in the Christian community be available to provide a safe and professional place where their stories could be told. In response to this request, Prairie asked Centre Street Church (CSC) if they would be willing to offer that safe haven and were grateful for their positive response.
The PBI board is pleased that Centre Street Church of Calgary has offered “to provide that safe place to be heard” with a team of professional counselors led by Rev. Miriam Möllering, PhD. Dr. Möllering holds the position of Pastor of Life Care Ministries at CSC and brings significant counseling expertise to the role. She is well-qualified to work with individuals in an understanding and professional way.
Working with Centre Street Church provides a neutral place for those uncomfortable sharing directly with Prairie.

Centre Street Church has chosen to remain professional in announcing a severing of ties with PBI as of April 15th, notifying abuse survivors who contacted the church prior to any public announcement by the church or PBI.

At this stage, all that is left is speculation on why professional abuse counsellors would take this step.  I think some of it has to do with what Mark Maxwell placed first in his December announcement – alumni. I have been understandably critical of a group of alumni  called themselves The Survivor Fund Project, recently re-naming naming themselves the Healing Team.

The group has been soliciting funds, which are managed and distributed to the alumni in the group to cover their expenses.  They are not trained, and one of the key goals of this group has been to take survivors back to PBI for ‘reconciliation’, a process counsellors of abuse victims (emotional, mental, physical, , spiritual & sexual) caution strongly against.
I’ve written about The Survivor Fund Project here, here and here.  The origins of the funding of these alumni have not been addressed by PBI. Upset and angry alumni have been verbally abusive to survivors online, and one alumni possibly connected with the original funding of The Survivor Fund Project is under investigation by Concord SC police for online behavior.  That a group of alumni would be permitted to undermine the role of chosen professionals has been a concern for survivors.   Given the existence of The Survivor Fund Project,  the difficulties in communication with PBI, I believe Centre Street Church severing ties as 3rd party is wise. It is unknown how many survivors will be affected by this decision. Sources tell me that the decision to end the Centre Street Church role as a safe place for survivors to tell their stories and receive referrals for counselling was mutual.

As well, Bruce Miller and alumni online have been saying that abuse survivors are to contact the Three Hills detachment of the RCMP, despite a clear statement from the RCMP that a trained party in the Calgary detachment (Const. Mark MacDonald) had been specifically assigned to the PBI abuse allegations investigation. Constable Mark MacDonald:

“Hopefully I can clear up the concerns that have arisen. This investigation began with the Three Hills RCMP when the first person came forward. Almost immediately it was reported that there were between 80-90 victims of abuse that were willing to come forward with their stories. A file of that magnitude would overwhelm a small detachment and therefore my unit was brought in to assist Three Hills with the investigations. I was assigned as the primary investigator when my unit began to assist because of my experience conducting large investigations such as this. Three Hills is still actively involved in this investigation and I can tell you that there is absolutely no conflict between Three Hills and us.

As for reporting, upon my assignment to the file it was decided that my name would be used as the contact person for the investigation to minimize confusion. However, victims are welcome to report their story to whoever or where ever they please. The files will still filter back to me. Reporting to me just saves a few steps.

This is because in most cases, the investigating agency is the police detachment where the offence occurred (Three Hills) and they would likely have no knowledge of the magnitude of the file and the assistance being provided by our unit. This file is unique and therefore is slightly different.

As for an official statement, the media coverage from the RCMP from the onset of this investigation has been crystal clear. If you were the victim of any form of abuse at the Prairie Bible Institute or anywhere else in Canada, we want to hear from you.

This is some of what has been posted by a FB administrator on a Prairie Facebook page:

Unfortunately, under the present circumstances, the only way for victims of abuse to receive financial assistance with abuse recovery therapy would be to go through the Healing Team, or possibly the Center Street Church. What this means is that PBI is only willing to provide this level of assistance to individuals who go through one of their chosen, unofficial channels, in a manner that they deem acceptable and in-line with their model of how abuse should be dealt with in a Christian environment. Given that PBI is being investigated for failing to properly deal with abuse, it would be difficult to suggest that they can suddenly be fully trusted to know how to deal with it now. This asymmetrical approach is flawed in fairly obvious ways and will need to be addressed going forward – for the benefit of all parties. There are people continuously working behind the scenes to address these ongoing concerns.

No doubt more will be forthcoming soon from PBI.

Update: Prairie Bible Institute pr April 2, 2012

On December 16, 2011, Prairie Bible Institute announced that it would be working with Centre Street Church (CSC) in Calgary, AB to provide a safe, neutral and independent environment where any abuse victims could tell their stories. The church’s mandate was to hear from and direct these individuals to speak with the police or to pursue further professional counselling.

While some people approached CSC, we have been advised that interactions have dropped off significantly over the last several weeks. In light of this, and at the request of the church, we have mutually agreed to end this arrangement effective April 15, 2012.

We are pleased that CSC has been able to step up for us and are very grateful for their team of professional counselors led by Rev. Miriam Möllering, PhD.

Centre Street Church has provided a summary of findings and recommendations to PBI, which the leadership team is currently reviewing. It is our intention to combine CSC’s recommendations with our own policies, and the best practices in higher education, to ensure a safe environment that is vigilant against any form of abuse. We continue to believe that the Christian community should be a safe place for all to find healing and forgiveness, as well a place where justice prevails within an environment of grace.

Even though the formal arrangement with the church will conclude, it is important to note that several avenues continue to remain in place, those being to contact the police or the Alumni Healing Team, a group of committed alumni who can be reached at While these are our recommended avenues, the school continues to be available to hear from any who wish to contact us.

We want to take this opportunity to thank the many people who have advised us over the past few months as we have worked our way through this.


Mark L. Maxwell
Prairie Bible Institute

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  1. Doug, I don’t have any interest in a discussion with you as you have proven to me and other survivors that you have no interest in our well-being. Thank you kindly.

  2. Doug Warkentin says:

    When one is uncomfortable with truth…

  3. Doug Warkentin says:

    When one is uncomfortable with truth…

  4. Wanda Janz says:

    Amazing!! We want openness! We want people to listen! We want, we want, we want! And then they give nothing! No wonder we are all getting frustrated! We will ‘choose’ whom we will have contact with – NO ONE, except the general public and those on WE. We will ‘choose’ who will be attacked, repulsed, sworn at, etc., but WE will not meet you half way! If anyone expects this whole situation to be resolved by any third party – good luck! One side will continue to complain and throw tantrums and the other side will just say, ‘We are not going to take it anymore!’. Yep, some leaders should crawl back under their rocks and stay there. They are more interested in “ME, ME, ME” than helping anybody, and that folks is the saddest thing of all! Good luck, victims, you are on your own.

  5. fjc says:

    Fred Whaples….this time just tell us what other names you plan to post under so Bene won’t have to go to all of the trouble to tracking the IP address down. Thanks

  6. Wanda Janz says:


  7. Fred Whaples says:

    Rest assured… this is me. There will never again be a misrepresentation from me or those around me concerning these matters. I have apologized and continue to be very saddened that on my watch the integrity by which I live by was damaged. I will again say to you FJC and others that the misrepresentation was innapropriate and unjustifiable but at no time was illegal or defamatory, unlike what a few of us have experienced personally through this blog, other sites, and even in real life.

    Blessings to you fjc. Thanks for seeking truth in this matter.. may God grant us that same desire and diligence in the matters of healing and restoration

  8. highrpm says:

    @roger armbuster,

    you are way to doctrinal. take a deep breath, throw out your fear of pissing off the god of abraham, isaac and jacob and then read ernest becker. (i really do believe you are deeply interested in the science of man; i doubt you will will find the answers in the judeo/christian stuff. (I hung on tenaciously until recently–i am 61.) i do not know lord ben chung, but his remarks have the ring of “trial by fire”; and googling him led me to, of which i quote, “Think about that for a moment. The Family Values folks are saying that gays will bring about the end of civilization. No, actually a literalistic approach to the Holy Bible will bring about the end of civilization. If we say the entire Bible is the Word of God and must be obeyed, then we must go back to forcing marriage on rape victims. We have to. God said it, and God does not change. We cannot have it both ways. Either we believe and embrace everything declared by the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, or we believe and embrace none of it — those are not my words, but the words of conservative Christians. And, by their own words, we cannot simultaneously be horrified at forced marriages and homosexuality.” myself, i continue in hell, but when i smell fear, i go the other away.

  9. The Lord Ben Chung says:

    I am always humbled in the presence of people who suffered and still found a way to help others. I would like to thank all the survivors here and no matter what the paths they have chosen, they are trying to be here and to help others. I will not knowingly attack a survivor. However, I often see others whose haste to help and their haste has produced harm. So I would caught anyone who has not been a survivor, try to live a day or two and try to be reasonable. I think our Bene here is a great example of all. This blog comes at a time when no one other than our Facebook has been the only source of comfort and support. Please keep up the good work, Benediction. If there were a god, this is not far from what he would have done. So many times, ‘people hate me without a reason’ and this actually fulfills the scriptures. Please navigate past these hasten comments and stay true for our survivors.

  10. The Lord Ben Chung says:

    Please be our god, Brother Fred, please let us worship thee and make things in thy image! I will celebrate the 8th day in thy honour, and will never refer to thy name in desecration. O god, o lord, there is no god! Amen.

    [the above statement is copy-righted by crazy the Lord Ben Chung. He is mad, and the brothers seem to think so. But he is not a member of democracy, he belongs to an order....The Order of the Sacred Abused of Prairie. His action exonerates Linda, Bene, BeneD, fjc, rpms, and Brother Armbruster and our sister Wanda. Please attack him only, but others should be left untouched, thank you].

  11. dew says:

    I have a problem taking all of this seriously when we have people who choose to mock God…. “”please be out god, Brother Fred……..O god, o lord, there is no god! Amen” Pardon me, but if you expect people to come along side the survivors and help, then let’s not mock God, especially at the time of the holiest of holidays in the Christian calendar. Really, people!!

  12. The Deist Ben says:

    There is no god. There is not one. All have sinned and fall short of the glory. There is no god, but God!

  13. The Deist Ben says:

    DEW, I expect no help, not from you or others that mocked our efforts. You are worry about a god that is not there. The holiest Christian season is marred by violence and blood, when you hold a fast, you do not lift a finger to help the damn. It says so right in your text, is this the fast I have chosen, your sacrifices are like pig’s blood! On that day, you condone violence to innocent little girls and celebrate their rape, and you do nothing to stop the rape of boys. So, is this the holiest way to celebrate a god who is not there? Please strike me down,o god! I am right here!

  14. Roger Armbruster says:

    dew, you are right, and I can sympathize with your point completely. We cannot come alongside and support the survivors and mock God at one and the same time.

    highrpm, you seem to be trying to convert me to your faith which, if I follow the video on your link correctly, tells me that accepting my “divinity” means saying “hello” to “nothingness” and to “silence.”

    Those of us on this blog who believe in God have obviously filtered our beliefs through many different filters, some of them not through a biblical filter, but through our own experiences. The one thing that all Christians and Jews have in common, however, is that they go back to a common root system that is rooted in the faith of Abraham in a personal and knowable God who is other than us.

    You have every right to question, and even to challenge my belief in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I at least have a root system that is grounded in the belief in a personal God who loves and who cares for us. Your root system, however, is rooted and grounded in some kind of an impersonal cosmic soup, or an ultimate impersonal reality that certainly does not love us, or care about us, and that has no overall plan or meaning for the creation.

    So because I have a belief in a personal God, I have basis for believing that the unuiverse is something more than mechanistic, and that enables me to communicate and to minister joy to others, while respecting their freewill, which is a part of their personhood as persons created in the image of a loving and caring God.

    Just today, a news report has come out about a tour group that I led to Israel just last month, and you will notice that that what our group was able to accomplish was to minister JOY to both Jewish and Palestinian audiences, and this makes life worth living when you can that we have a basis to minister comfort and joy and hope to people who are hurting and who are in pain.

    That is my belief, a belief that I am not willing to impose upon anybody else. My faith is too deeply rooted, however, for me to find what is on your link as particularly attractive, albeit it was certainly well meaning and sincere, and I respect your right to hold those beliefs, however impersonal is the premise that they are founded on by faith.

  15. Roger Armbruster says:

    “There is no god… There is no god, but God!”

    Ben, I really appreciate you, and dearly love you as a fellow human being, and know that you have a kind and a compassionate heart, and we both share a longing for justice and protection for the defenceless.

    You seem to come across with several different personas, however, and sometimes I wonder who is the real Ben?

    To state that there is no god, but then to follow it up immediately saying that “there is no god but God” comes across as a logical contradiction, and, it seems to me, does not help the survivors as to if there is anybody who cares out there, apart from human authority structures and fathers who have, at times, misrepresented the Father heart of God to us, a God who dearly and intensely loves each one of us, and who wants to reveal His heart to us in a greater way if only we will welcome and invite Him as one we can trust to move into those unhealed and painful areas of our heart that we have locked up for fear of further pain.

    You don’t have to believe in a personal God who is love, even when we don’t underwstand Him, but my faith in a personal God is what has brought me through many of an adversity. I still cling to a faith in a God who loves me and my fellow man, even when I do not at present fully understand what is going on, or what the purpose of life is in light of what I can see. I learn to walk by faith, not by sight, and find that my faith is rooted and grounded in something dependable and substantial.

    Have a great week-end, Ben. You are loved and appreciated always, and I value how your love for people has many times transcended our agreement in other areas. You are a good man, a decent man, but I think in the midst of our present darkness and misunderstandings, we all long for greater clarity, understanding and enlightenment in a way that we can integrate head and heart together, without resorting to logical inconsistencies. Have a wonderful day!

  16. Roger Armbruster says:

    And I am prepared to wait for the full truth to come out BEFORE I make a judgment. That is what my faith in a personal God requires me to do, because I am not God, and therefore, am not in a position to know everything. I humbly acknowledge that, and choose to walk in the light of what I do know, while praying blessing upon ALL. There are not many things that I know for sure, but the one thing that I do know for sure is that the same God who created all of us, loves all of us equally, and longs for a closer, more intimate relationship with us. Yet He will only enter into the relationship by invitation and a welcoming.

  17. Wanda Janz says:

    Uhhh… Ben? Hey. Um… you attacked someone that has done you no harm. Why? That is so not like you! A survivor or not, does not need to be attacked (or so I was told by your WE groupies) so why is it now ok for you to do it? I do not understand the two-sided coin especially in regards to you. Please clarify this for me, if you would.

    Also, where does it say Christians are perfect? That they are under obligation to grow, learn, change, inspire, or to just stay at the first steps? We can encourage and be there for others; nothing else. We are not ‘required’ to be done yet. No Christian is finished their walk until the day they die. So get off their backs.

    I have some advice for y’all. Go get your yellow pages… look up psychiatrists… dial number… book appointment! Easy, peasy. As for money: get a job, go to welfare, go to your local church, whatever. PBI and The Healing Team do not pay for this; this is up to you. And I encourage you all to do it soon and get out from under those who blame, blame, blame and do nothing positive or constructive. NONE of the WE group have PhD.’s either! Sheesh, people, you are adults firsts and victims second (or third, or fourth, etc). Time now to get the help you so rightly deserve from those who CAN help instead of those who cannot. And that IS your responsibility. I guess now would be the time to start acting like adults (ALL of us) and stop wanting someone else to take care of our problems… NONE of us are capable or schooled enough to do what truly needs to be done. Again, check your local listings. There are many qualified people in there: Both Christian and Non.

  18. The WE group has a PhD – and several highly educated people.

    I can’t think of a single survivor who is waiting for someone else to take care of their problems, they just don’t want to have to go back to the “scene of the crime” to do it. I don’t think that is unreasonable.

    I hear your “digs” directed at me. I don’t think I have ever really understood what drove the wedge between us. I have no idea why you hate me so much. I wish you could do what Elisa asked you to do and just bury the hatchet and make peace. I continue to offer you the olive branch to meet you half-way. I have tried many times before but will continue to try. We owe it to the survivors to get along. This is much bigger than you and me, Wanda and in the end, there are lives at stake…

  19. The Lord Ben Chung says:

    Dearest Sister Wanda:

    This is your very friendly The Lord Ben Chung. I attack not you, nor others who suffered a act of heinous crime that I cannot condone. I choose however, to attack those whose help has not come. It is like the Cubans waiting for the Bay of Pigs invasion, and nothing came, so they were all slaughter. Linda and I have a few discussion on Dr Mollering whom I now open despise. She has chosen the path I loath. So I think there is a bit of truth here, we will not be helped in anyway. You are trying your best, and I know you have a few survivors working with you in your Overcomer Group. I will not attack a survivor. That has always been my motto. But I grow frustrated when nothing has been done and we have all waste this much efforts on nothing. A few of the sisters who have been raped while in PBI have decided to go deeper into themselves and left us. We are losing the battle to help and save their souls. Every time we squabble over the best method to reach them, some of them I am told, consider suicide or cutting. That is extremely frustrating every time I hear good people like this DEW here. What a joke. You do nothing, and are nothing, and you have not invested in any of these people’s lives. WE group and Sister Wanda have a group at least trying to do something. The school has done nothing. That is where the frustration comes from.

    The statement “there is no god but God” is a statement 1 billion souls believe. It is Muslim statement, pronounced by their Prophet Mohammad. This statement challenges a dying christian empire, within a6 centuries, it engulfed the Christians and had they succeeded, you are all muslims. It is a statement that states and challenges your faith, Is your god real, how so? Is he a made belief? IS your action a denial to your faith in god? Is this god a failure and a mocery? That is what your lives must answer. DEW, you have ears, I hope you hear this loud and clear. We do not expect any help from your camp. If you change your mind, please letme know immediately.

    Meanwhile, go in peace, Sister Wanda, may your God bless you, as you lead a life worthy to that name, hlep bless and sanctify, but not curse or attack an unknowing survivor. I am also going to pronounce a special blessing on Brother Armbruster, May your work be a blessing to many, and help to restore land and dignity to those whose lives have been raped and shattered. That is the work of God. Help them to lead normal lives and save their children from molesters. Amen.

  20. Wanda Janz says:

    I too wait for justice to be done to the “one” who has attacked many survivors over the past few months. One of the major things I noticed was that those who came over from the WE site were heinously hurt beyond belief in private emails (some of which I have read). I have seen her own writings on how she treats those who have been abused knowing full well they were abused. They just couldn’t get ‘justice’ her way and she hurt them badly. You know this to be true. Yet those of the WE group continue to ‘attack’ known survivors over and over again to make their point. I act alone. No one from the O group comes on here or in the Open group and ‘attacks’ anyone. They know first-hand what that feels like from the one who was their ‘mama bear’. There is no excuse for this.
    As for justice in this world: I don’t know if we will ever see it in your or my lifetime. The human race (Christian and Non) cries out for justice for many atrocities we see on the news. There is no justice for that murdered child, that beaten animal, or that raped little girl or boy. Truth is a non-entity at times, healing begins slowly and painfully, Love comes at a cost. I am saddened by my hurting a ‘child’ as well. It breaks my heart. We continue, as the HUMAN race, to kill, destroy, hurt, maim, wound, disbelieve, and the ever ME ME ME attitude.
    Where is justice in this world? I do not know. I have had none myself nor have I ever experienced it. My abusers are long gone. I had to come to terms with the fact that I will NEVER see it on this planet. And that has been the most difficult part of my healing. Knowing that I was ‘left to the wolves’ and there is NOTHING anyone can do about it now.
    So why do I believe in a GOD that had the power to stop the abuse before it happened? Who could have given me the justice I so badly wanted and needed? Who could have, at ANY time, surrounded me with people who would Love me unconditionally? Instead of a mother who said it was my fault and that I deserved it? Or a step-dad who constantly called me worthless and useless? Why do I step out in faith? Because, my friend, His Love is greater in this world. I FEEL it! Not daily but enough. His plans for my life have brought me to a place where I can be there for someone who needs and wants me to be. I do not have to know the ‘why’ right now. I am ok with that. I do know that my abuse was not in vain. And I am worth being loved! I am a member of the human race. I err and folly and apologize. I get up and walk and help and guide and do the best I can. I LOVE my children, my husband, my friends. But mostly I LOVE GOD. I just do! I am saved! Not from the evil that prevades this world, but from the evil that could overtake my heart. When you live with evil in your face daily, you need to find somewhere where light lives. And I have found light. It resides in those who WANT to help, not hinder. It lives in the hearts of people like you, who want to rush forth with sword drawn in defense of the defenseless, and it lives in those I proudly call my ‘sisters and brothers’. Even when the head takes over for a short time, the heart for GOD ALWAYS comes shining through. And I am blessed by them all.
    I wish we could get together, Ben. I wish the abusers would go to jail for their heinous crimes. I wish this world actually gave a *** about the people in it. But it doesn’t. So how are we to cope? By the loving people who surround us with light. Those who know there is evil in this world but refuse to feed it. Those who get up everytime they are thrown to the ground, wipe off their hands, and continue to build a better world. They are few, but they are amazing. Surround yourself with those, my brother. It is the best medicine in which to fight with.

  21. Roger Armbruster says:

    Thank you, Ben, for your friendship, and for your blessing. I believe that the Muslims state that “there is no God but Allah.” I agree that we can learn much from some Muslims, and some of them even reflect more of God’s image in some ways than materialistic “Christians.” However, unfortunately, of the 99 names for Allah, there is no name for “love” and no name for “father.”

    I propose that it is the lack of a true father image of one who walks in love, and yet is willing to stand up to injustice, and who uses strength to protect rather than to hurt, that is behind so much of the abuse and the hurt that is in the world today. May we all receive a deeper revelation of the height, the depth, the length and the width of the Father’s love. Be blessed, my friend.

    I will be gone to Cuba for just over a week now, so must run, and wishing you a heartfelt “farewell, friend.” Fare you well!

  22. I sincerely apologize to any survivor I have hurt, whether knowingly or unknowingly. I have made amends with those I know I have hurt and if you did not personally hear from me, know that I am open and willing to talk to any survivor I have personally wounded. I have tried to make peace with Wanda but it takes two and Wanda has made it abundantly clear that she wants no part of forgiving me. I have left this in the hands of my Heavenly Father who knows my heart.

  23. Wanda Janz says:


  24. Bene D says:


    You have received a play nice warning. Please read the about page.

  25. Wanda Janz says:

    My apologies. Sorry.

  26. Rebecca Philpott says:

    Wanda I hear what you are saying and there is much pain in your heart. I am so sorry this happened to you. I also hear much anger in your heart and it is so close to the surface that when it comes out it is like a million sharp daggers that do great damage. I know you say you are helping others and I cannot dispute that as I have not been on your site, but what I do see is your anger and this anger does not help anyone in fact it can and does hurt others. Please just consider my words and observations and know that we are all in this world together and we all need help and encouragement. What happened to you was wrong and I am sorry.

  27. Elisa Humphreys says:

    Dear Rebecca… That was so nicely said… please Wanda make sure you know what you speak of… and heed Rebeccas words above…

  28. Bene D says:

    There are questions which need to be asked and answered about The Survivor Fund Project/Healing Team funding and in particular the latest being circulated about anyone who went to Dr. Mollering having to ask The Survivor Fund Project for therapy money.

    The entanglement from independent 3rd party to direct involvement (if this is true) is inappropriate. PBI should be prepared to release funds for therapy, but this way?

    What have other institutions done to respond to survivors without intimidation and coercion?

    I also wonder if the truth about the reasons for the termination of the CSC/PBI agreement will ever be known.

  29. Bene D says:

    Hi Fred:

    Question for you. Did the funds you and your church gathered for survivors go to PBI?
    (Not the Advent Fund, the other one)

  30. Wanda Janz says:

    Rebecca and Elisa:
    I guess I am angry. It would be nice to see honesty from people on both sides of the fence but no one is really getting any. One party wants us to help hold PBI accountable for the lack of action? but wants no accountability for themselves. And yes, I can see why you would say I am coming across with sharp daggers. I haven’t been angry in a very long time and to tell you the truth, it scares me to no end! I haven’t had to deal with ‘secrets’ from over 3 decades but am dealing with them now. I am ill-equipped to handle secrets as they lead to nasty things. So I am speaking out. Out of LF’s own writings, out of people trying to cover up crap that has happened in the past, all of it. The abused have come to me with their hearts broken and I do not have any tears left for them anymore. But anger is something I knew a lot about: It covers my emotions so I no longer have to ‘feel’. I do not counsel anyone; I just listen to them… it is the very least I can do. I recommend them to counsellors in their areas via the yellow pages. But I will say this for them: They have asked me to keep it up. To be their voice. And although I may not be great at it, they see it as hope. And that is all I can give them right now. I’m sorry if I come across too angry; will try harder in the future to curb it. Thank you.

  31. Give it a rest says:

    Wanda you have those that are telling you to “keep it up”. Linda you have those that are telling you to “keep it up”. May I suggest you both quit listening to the voices and just let your own reason take over. You are both embarassing yourselves and any one that knows either one of you. “Where the spirit of the Lord is there is love” Do either of you claim to have the spirit of the Lord? It is certainly not showing and in fact hurting the cause of Christ that you both claim to be representing.

  32. Interested Observer says:

    Wanda, I’m glad you are angry! Good for you! You ARE a survivor; others clearly are not. Even if they choose not to move on, life itself will move on – and whether they wish to participate is up to them.

    The huge irony here is that the main force behind this whole thing has become a ‘PBI’ type of person in many ways: She alone knows the truth, no disenting views are tolerated, if you disagree you are banished, if you disagree you are invalid, she has supernatural ability to detect spiritual reality, she invokes God as being in her corner as a trump card, she conducts mole hunts – proving her paranoia. And – she has run out of steam. She had her time in the spot light, and that time is now pretty much over. Being in the spot light is a little dangerous – in that a whole lot gets revealed. Sound familiar?

    My opinion is that the most likely reason that CSC is out is that they are no fools – and they very quickly learned that the truth is very different than advertised. Further, I suspect they don’t appreciate being pawns in anyone’s personal crusade.

    Bene D: why are you keeping this going? This serves as fuel. Can you not see that people are weary of this? Why not let it die a natural death? Then perhaps you can find some other troubled Christian ministry to criticize. As a “follower of Christ”, this seems to be your calling.

  33. dew says:

    Interested Observer: whoever you are, I would suggest that you have hit more than one nail on the head. I’m tired, and sick… and I’m sick and tired…. good night.

  34. Bene Diction says:

    “Bene D: why are you keeping this going?”

    Great question.

    For 90 years PBI did it’s own thing. PBI built a closed community, followed it’s own culture, and even it’s own theology.
    Like any small bible college in the 21st century, significant adaptation will be required to keep going.

    I think PBI is what I think is the first of many small evangelical schools in Canada that will be confronting it’s past as it moves forward.

    How the past is dealt with is being watched by others who, on their own turf, are invested in the outcome, and invested in the process.

    More than anything and regardless of behaviors, abuse survivors need resolution. How that unfolds is an important story. They were children with no voice, and whether or not communication as adults suits others, it is time they were heard, acknowledged and honoured.

    I don’t think Jesus is looking for neat, tidy and polite; or at other’s wounded sensibilities.

  35. fjc says:

    I do not think that anything will become of this. Clearly, PBI leadership is just ‘going though the motions, putting on face, and hoping that the issue will blow over. Then it will be back to business as usual.

    The only thing that may change this is a civil suit or if one or two members of the Leadership team break ranks and come forward with some facts. Little hope with that. I suspect the members of the Board and the Leadership team have been chosen primarily for their willingness to be rubber stamps. That’s how organizations start to decline.

    PBI is not what I would call a shining example of a Christian educational institution. The very last thing they seem to want is a light shining on any issue that would detract from the Leadership team-current or past. At some point in time the student enrollment statistics reflect this. We live in an age of rapid communication…..not like the old days.

  36. So well spoken fjc.

    Benediction should be commended for taking on a tough story like this and seeking to get to the truth. This story is bigger than one or two personalities, it is the story of what happens when any organization sets itself up as the definer of absolute truth and then polices itself. The irony of it all is that PBI thought that by shunning the outside world and becoming insular that they were protecting themselves from the “evil vices from the world”. What they didn’t realize is that the evil comes from within in the heart of humankind. This is a modern-day parable of Matthew 23:26-28 where Jesus rebuked the Pharisees for being concerned about the outward cleaning of the cup and not paying attention to what was inside the cup.

  37. Wanda Janz says:

    To “Give it a rest”: Usually I do not respond to anonymous people but I will this time.
    I would ‘give it a rest’ if the truth is open and honest. Do I claim to believe that PBI, in the past, has not had abusive people attend or even work at the school? Of course not. I have heard many stories of a parent or a friend of the family who have hurt someone. That is a fact. And it is very sad. Do I want to see justice for these people? Absolutely! But to ‘attack’ an institution publicly, constantly, is not going to bring about the results they are looking for. It is sad for those who are seeking closure.
    Do I think that I show the Spirit of Christ with my postings? Absolutely not. I am not under the guise that everything I say and/or do, will be Christ-like. I know it’s not. I am a new Christian who has spent the last five months knowing and having information that shows the one to be abusive. Am I handling this in a Christ-like manner? Who can say. Jesus went into the temple and upon seeing the moneychangers doing business in the house of the LORD, He got mad! If I see that someone is lying and hurting others and is expounding her controlling nonresponsive abuses, should I also just sit back and buy their ‘goods’ or should I get mad too! Jesus, to me, was not always kind and gentle. Wherever He saw wrong, He acted upon it. But, when He dealt with humans, and they were unwilling to acknowledge their errors (the rich man), it made Him sad. This whole situation makes me sad too. The ones who were abused by someone employed at PBI, those who were abused by a student who at the time was attending PBI, and those who have abused others in the last five months. PBI is a ‘big boy’! I do not represent them (as I have stated many times before). They can take care of themselves. I lived with secrets, lies, and with abuse. I know it will help no one and nothing. So why are there so many ‘secrets’ and ‘lies’ and hidden ‘abuse’ from the one who wants to ‘expose’ the truth in an institution? The truth has to come out eventually… the whole truth and nothing but.
    And as long as Bene continues to bring these ‘issues’ to the forefront, people will continue to comment. And GOD-willing, the next association or school or whatever, will learn from our mistakes.

  38. highrpm says:


    my remarks may sound off the subject of sexual abuse at pbi, but i do not think so:

    i grew up immersed in the “missionary bible school” generation, the boomer kids whose parents were desperately trying to cope with/control a new generation’s changing values. their attempt failed, and some of us bible schoolers got injured in the attempt. pbi is one of these mbs’s; t a hegre’s bethany fellowship in the 1960-1970 decades and since failed was another, cfni is another; and the list goes on.

    these small closed (membership/statement of faith required) groups are a logical conclusion of judeo-christian belief–their first commandment drives the cornerstone: there is only 1 god (yeah, he’s a triune being, but still only 1) and there in lies the essence of conflict, “us against them”, “i am a _________” fill in the label. his is the only cosmic game worth playing on the earth.

    this is why i like ernest becker. humans are social animals. like other species, we cannot change our essence. we live the game of life. if we do not pull up a chair to one of the gaming tables, we are miserable.

    where religions go astray is saying theirs is the only game worth playing. all others are bad….

    i recently finished caring full time for my stroke-disabled mom–she could not walk, talk, swallow and needed diapering. now, 6 months after her death, i am still in the grieving/loss chapter of “woulda/shoulda/coulda” and its been rough going. when i started 8 years ago, i followed jesus’ call to his disciples, put my wife’s wishes second and agreed to care for mom full time. divorce was an immediate consequence (, but the marriage was shit from the start, i just did not know it since i had no clue what the rules of the game of life were, or even that life was a game. my poor wife and children and all who i came in contact with. i was toxic, short-tempered, narcisstic, angry, right, wronged by others, a christian with no social skills.)

    the last year of her life was the worst for her, because i/we siblings, were clueless about the caregiver’s job requirements, but we did not know it. we were proud: like us as parents, our wives were stay-at-home moms and homeschoolers; we were not going to allow our children to grow up in a polluted environment. and we were not going to commit our mom to a nursing home. no we were better than the selfish others who worshipped money rather than stop working and care for their elderly parents. (and miserable, toxic, judgmental, selfish, and all the attributes of “we have the truth” group.) the result, my mom needed a social life (remember, humans are social animals, just as horses are strong pullers and runners, birds are fliers, ….) but i could not give her what she most needed because i had not been taught/mentored in what the game of life was–in fact, even calling it a game was sacreligious–and did not know the rules or how to play it. mom’s favorite activity was attending church, but since no one greeted us–we took her to her member church for 8 years, where usually no one but the pastor greeted her, i finally could not take the place any longer and stopped taking her. she needed social activity, but i could not bear taking her to an adult day care center–i/she was better than housing her in an evironment of undesireable and needy alikes; after all, this concept of day care centers, instruments of mass education, animal feed lots, is not all of this institutionalizing inventions of the devil to depersonalize/dehumanize/despeciesize for the purpose of “out-of-site/out-of-mind” economy-of-scale management and production “for profit”. and so i abused her: she was at my mercy and i refused to give her what she needed. (is not abuse forcing another who is at your mercy to do something against their will?)

    back to ernest becker and my ongoing education in life. we are humans because we were born of that species. a horse is a horse by birth, not by choice. we cannot see the higher powers but we must acknowledge our lack of total control and the fate of death. but to stay sane–the fruits of the spirit are love (serve), joy (light heartedness), peace (cessation of againstness), gentle, meek, kind–we play with/amongst each other at different social games throughout life, all with the protocol of civility and the more we play, the better we get and the more enjoyable.

    so, rather than kill myself now because i lost yet another hand by not giving my mom the social care she needed, and i am tired of losing more often than winning, at 61, i can buy a smart phone –that is today’s social enabler tool, and reenter the workforce and rent an apartment, and start over again like an 18 year old starting out on his own.

    and the games to choose from are many and varied. i am not a civil engineer or a convention goer, but i can appreciate people who love to participate in building downtown centers, streets and freeways, planes, trains and city bus systems: choose your game. BUT, observe the 10 rules: appreciate that we are created and do not total control; respect other players; play by the rules; do not cheat; keep your word; everyday, give something.

    my mother and my previous employers and …., were both recipients of good that i was capable of doing, and victims of my incompetence.

    my sons were afraid of flying the r/c airplanes we had just built because they might crash and break them. i told them that crashing and fixing were as integral a part of the hobby as buying and building them. maybe i can remember that.

  39. fjc says:

    My issue is not that there is, or has been sexual abuse at PBI. Anyone who thinks otherwise should wake up and ‘smell the coffee’

    I say this not because of PBI itself, but rather because of the stats. One in six boys will be abused, one in three girls. I would put forward that those statistics are in fact higher in ‘closed’ heirarchical environments like PBI and perhaps lean as much the other way in very open and challenging environments. But the internet and people’s awareness to the issues are changing this.

    So, my issue with PBI, and why I have so little respect for their Leadership team is three fold. First-they have foolish enough to state publicly that the issue did not exist. Well perhaps telling that to to people who do not understand the statistics will work. It certainly does not work, in fact it sounds rather silly to those who have even the most basic understanding of the statistics.

    My second issue is PBI’s obvious desire not to assist the abused victims. But worse, they pretend to do -a sad attempt at managing the opinon of those who perhaps believe all that they are told or live in complete isolation with perhaps the exception of the local Three Hills newspaper and of course PBI press releases and mailings to alumni.

    My third issue is that PBI has not even bother to publish-that I know of- their standards, processes and rules by which they deal with abuse nor have they come forward with any changes to update what is surely a sub standard document with no substance whatsoever.

    CSC is a good organization. I suspect that they too no longer wished to be associated with this pathetic charade the victimizes yet again those who were abused by providing them with false hope and crocodile tears.

  40. Interested Observer says:

    Thank you for your reply Bene D. We will agree to disagree, and we will do so respectfully.

    I have a couple of final thoughts. First, we (yes, I said “we”) are not children anymore. We are adults who have worked out way through this in many different ways. Sadly, some of us lost our faith – or, have rejected anything and everything “Christian”. Some of us were amazed to learn that the God of the Bible – most clearly revealed to us in Jesus, is NOT the God we we introduced to as children. I am grateful to be one of the latter. With regard to the former, some of Jesus’ scariest words were directed to those who’s actions resulted in destroying the faith of “little ones”. I tremble for them. God’s justice is what they should fear.

    When one considers the abuse that Jesus Himself endured, it is almost blasphemous to suggest that “He doesn’t understand”, or that there is nothing in Biblical Christianity that can deal with this issue.

    As far as the importance of these voices being heard: I would suggest that we actually have voices, and if we wish to be heard, you’ll hear us. The last person I would want representing me is the person who has been leading this personal crusade. I am not alone in this.

    As far as how this has gone so far, and the motivation of the individual who has been the driving force: it is reasonable to ask the question “Is this more about helping those who were hurt, or hurting those who I see as guilty?” More to the point, is this whole campaign driven by a motivation to help the hurting, or to take down an Institution? Based on very clear communication to those who suffered, but have not consumed the “take PBI down” cool aide, the answer is clear. And again I ask the question, what good can come from naming people who are long gone – who may or may not have committed some very nasty acts 40 or 50 years ago?

    Sorry Linda, but your “seeking the truth” comment has little if any merit, due to your demonstrated insistence that your definition of “truth” is the only one that counts. You welcome the words of atheists, but completely resist the very words of God Himself.

    Did Jesus mean it when He said “I will give you rest” ?

    Did He mean it when He said “My grace is sufficient”?

    Did He mean it when He said “I am the Truth” ?

    Did He mean it when He made the offer of peace?

    I believe He did.

  41. Interested Observer says:

    FJC, please state the source of the study that claims that 1 in 6 boys, and 1 in 3 girls will be abused. Also, please state the definition of “abuse”, as used in this study.

    I’d like to read the fine print of that study: how my children were included in the survey, over what period of time, and the geographic implications. I’d like to know what credible Institution or organization was used to verify these findings.

    I hear these numbers from time to time – but I’ve never heard those that use those numbers back them up with the hard data.

  42. Wanda Janz says:

    Dear highrpm:
    I am saddened greatly when I read your post. At the amount of guilt you have. I understand that very much. Guilt can and will drive you to do many things you think are right at the time. Did your mama ever say to you how much she resented your ‘help’? Or did she ever mention how your ‘help’ was a bad thing? I hope not. And if she didn’t, why do you take on that responsibility?
    We have all done what we think is right at the time, Christian or not. It is only when we can look back years from now that we see the truth of the whole situation. The Prime Minister from England endorsed Hitler when he visited Germany. But did he see the whole truth? Years later England was bombed, war was on, and many lost their lives. I say this not to ‘fix’ you in any way, but to encourage you to take a step back from the guilt feel. You did the best you could, given what you knew. That is the only thing we can do here… the best we can. At times we WILL fail miserably (I have many times), but unlike animals, we humans can learn the difference between right and wrong. And move on from there. I hope this helps a little bit.

  43. Bene D says:

    This is part of an email sent to a PBI abuse survivor from Mark Maxwell April 9, 2012.

    “We have appreciated the help from Centre Street Church. They have provided us with an entire set of their policies on campus safety. We have already begun the process of taking their policies as well as others from college campuses around North America to improve our policies and practices.

    Much has been learned through the process of hearing these stories and understanding where and how we can improve safety within our community.

    As part of making the campus a safer place, we are planning a campus safety week to be part of the September program each year. This will include a time on abuse awareness (recognizing it in its earliest stages) as well as appropriate response mechanisms. In addition we are developing a “whistle blower” routine so that a person who is afraid for their own safety can report a concern and the school can then take appropriate action.”

  44. fjc says:

    Interested Observer…just read your post. Here is one…but take a look at the entire site.

    What you may find interesting is comparing how PBI is dealing with this issue compared to lets say Penn State, Scouts Canada, or Southern Baptist Convention.

    Which approach would you prefer?


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