Bryan Butler – abuse at Prairie Bible Institute

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  1. For those who don’t know Bryan Butler. He grew up at PBI as a staff kid.

    Outstanding job Bryan! Thanks!

  2. Elisa Humphreys says:

    I have always had a difficult time understanding why staff at Prairie would slander my daughter, turn their back on her… and protect the individual that raped her. Allowing him to remain on campus and banning my daughters boyfriend in order to …ensure the perpetrators safety. I knew that many of the individuals involved were second generation or more Prairie people… in November when I found out the Sheila’s (the dorm mother who had told dorm girls my daughter was lying) brother was a serial sexual offended I started to understand… in 2006 when I called the principal to complain about Sheila slandering Carmen he replied that he had checked with Sheila and that she wasn’t doing this… but HOW IS IT THAT now 6 years later the slander she spread is now viewed as truth at Prairie… and the school rather than trying to uncover the truth releases a “Supporting the Residential Directors” document supporting this dorm mother… rather than thinking it might be better to find out more before blindly supporting a FICTIONAL TRUTH THE ORIGINATED AS SLANDER. The layers of colaberation, denial, generational sin, cover-up, nepotism, collusion are truely astounding… the stuff of some kind of crazy movie… but watching the video clip above my understanding comes into focus… rather than thinking they are all crazy, mean or terrible people… I have to finally understand the history of abuse and how this has potentially laid the foundation for not only my daughters foul treatment by Prairie but possibly her abuse in the first place.

  3. Marina says:

    I am stunned by the overtness and extent of the abuse. I thought I was watching something out of Carolyn Jessop’s account of her life in the Mormon cult. It is sick, it is twisted and worst of all it is coming from an institution that claims to have the answer to the problem of sin and moral degradation in the world. This really gets me.

    Religious people just don’t seem to learn – too quick to prove they can exercise faith and please god, I guess. But the world isn’t quite so gullible. Where was this god when children were being molested and beaten under your noses by people of god who are doing his work? Our courts would indict him for criminal negligence, for knowing what was happening in his house and doing nothing. Where was this “Father” who takes the helpless naked child under his wing? I’ll tell you. He doesn’t exist.

    My father was just a man and he, as a mere man, would have taken care of me better than this “almighty” being you insist on trusting your and your children’s welfare to. So sad the children always pay for the credulity of the parents.

  4. Thanks Marina, we have been showing this on a Facebook page for Prairie alumni and have had very little response – the apathy is just astounding!

  5. fjc says:

    It has nothing to do with the institution…unless the institution is condoning or hiding it.

    Abusers move to where they can have the most access with the least chance of being found out. Cameleons.

    I have a sister in law who actually believes that there is less sexual abuse in her Evangelical faith than there is say in the Morman or Catholic faiths. I am not quite sure why anyone would think this-perhaps arrogance. Her brother in law, a senior detective in the morality squal just laughs at this and says all faiths, all backgrounds, all walks of life. He deals with it day in and day out.

    Faith is not what defines these people. Access to victims is what defines them.

  6. We believe fjc, that the institution is responsible. We have several examples of where the administration covered up abuse. One of the most blatant is a man who was on staff for years (many at a VP level). Prior to coming to PBI he had sexually molested 5-7 kids in the Philippines. As these kids got older they came forward and confronted the school. He was kept on staff for years under two different presidents of the school who knew of his abuse. There was no notification to parents about this man’s past and he had access to many families. He was kept for years until finally one of the mothers threatened to expose it to the public. Although we have not uncovered any victims at PBI, the fact that the school would keep such a person on staff is reckless and irresponsible.

  7. Roger, I would like to ask you to answer a simple question. Hopefully you can stay on topic so that this important posting does not have to have comments closed. You were at PBI a long time and even was on staff. Could you please answer one simple question for me?

    Why is it that only 4 people have responded to this video that documents the horrific abuse that occurred at PBI? Do you think this is apathy because people don’t care or do you think it is fear because they know these things occurred and they hope the whole story does not come out? Why have you not responded to this story Roger?

    I am waiting for your reply Roger and hope that this can be something that can open up a discussion for everyone on the topic of abuse at PBI.

  8. Roger Armbruster says:

    I have no idea why only 4 people felt led to respond to this video, and only by those who have a vendetta against Prairie.

    My own view is that every survivor’s voice should be heard, and if they are not heard, they should have their day in court.

    I feel the video itself could be strengthened if it would name names, and be objectively verifiable. By simply attributing a statement to “a staff kid,” or “a former student,” I simply do not know who they are, and have no comment to make. I hope that they went to Mark McDonald, and are taking their case to the courts.

    Peace be with you, Linda.

  9. Interesting Roger, that I have been widely criticized for naming perps who have not had their day in court and now you want me to name them. I think I am damned if I do and damned if I don’t on that issue. They weren’t named because the survivors didn’t give permission for them to be named.

    So are you saying that anyone who speaks up about abuse at PBI has a vendetta? That is a pretty broad accusation without “knowing the heart of the people” you are making accusations against. Do you really know that the 4 people who commented have vendettas against PBI or are you just saying that to get off the hook?

    Roger, you were on staff and during the time you were on staff some of the atrocities in this video were taking place. Surely you must have some comment about this. I don’t think you are apathetic because you talk about your work with the First Nations people and I think you care about them. So I don’t think you are apathetic to the victims who were abused at PBI, I think you are very fearful. I think that you know that this video is telling the truth and you are terrified that the whole scope of what went on at PBI will come out. That is what I think is going on inside your head. Why can’t you just take a stand Roger? You know damn well that the abuse detailed in this video will never be solved in the courts because most of them will never get to court for many reasons. Doesn’t God expect his followers to stand up for righteousness and truth? Doesn’t he ask us to stand up for those who have no voice? Doesn’t he remind us that we should help the helpless? God is a lover of truth and justice. How can you watch this video and not be moved with compassion? By dismissing these abuse victims in the video as “unverifiable”, what you are really saying to victims like me is that you won’t believe unless you have proof. Well the only proof we have Roger, is our broken hearts.

    So why are you so afraid to stand up for truth Roger? Is it that you don’t believe these abuses happened at your beloved school or is it that you don’t want to face the truth of what happened at your beloved school?

  10. Wanda Janz says:


    Maybe you should just let it go; You’re damned if you comment, and you’re damned if you don’t!
    A couple of days ago there was a posting from Pazyant about Layfete: He was speaking about her character. Wonder if you can see parallel lines to anyone here?
    Seems kind of redundant to speak truth to one of those types of women; they will NEVER hear it.
    As for what happened at PBI. There are no more victims left on the ‘other’ side. They have all come forward and are getting the help they need. Those who ‘claim’ to be victims still; well they just want to stay that way and for that I am heartbroken. There is too much anger and animosity in them to receive the help they so desperately need (as their own voices are telling us).

  11. Bene Diction says:

    Hi Wanda:

    I’m not following your reasoning.

    “Maybe you should just let it go; You’re damned if you comment, and you’re damned if you don’t!”

    You have made 71 comments at BDBO.
    You were blocked for a week for flagrant violation of site policy. I emailed you with an explanation of what that entailed, and give you full opportunity to respond privately.
    I’m not sure how 71 comments is a damned if you do or don’t scenario.

    Roger has made 147 comments.
    He has been asked to stay on topic more than once, but he has not been blocked.
    I close off comment sections when discussion veers off topic, with a public explanation of why I’ve closed a section off.

    What are your suggestions for a better way to handle these issues when they arise?

    I could do an open blogging post, where commenters can discuss anything they’d like, but I’ve found they are not used.

  12. Wanda Janz says:


    That was not directed at you. It just seems that Roger cannot say anything here without being shot down by others. So he’s damned if he does say anything. And if he doesn’t say anything, they will attack him for keeping his mouth shut. He would then be attacked for his ‘apathy’. Like I said: damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

  13. Roger Armbruster says:

    Bene Diction, I believe that you have been doing a good job in trying to give everybody a voice on this blog, even from very differing and polar opposite points of view. You can to be commended for being as tolerant as you have been, even though, in my view, you could be more evenhanded in intervening, but I personally do not say this as a complaint.

    I think that what Wanda was referring to is demonstrated right here on this thread. It has nothing to do with your moderating. Linda comes on here to to upbraid me for not commenting on this thread, or on this video, even though she upbraids me for commenting too much on other threads.

    So on this thread, she is condemning me for not commenting, and then, when I do comment, what does she do but to damn me again for commenting. It is a catch 22 situation.

    As you should understand by now, I do work a fair bit in the healing process for some in our society who have been emotionally wounded the most. I have shared the link to Rising Above Ministries, with whom I am associated, on more than one occasion, and am, quite frankly, surprised at the apathy and the lack of response on this blog to what is a very effective and helpful ministry for healing survivors of sexual abuse. There seems to be no interest in it.

    What I do know is that people who actually are part of a healing journey are willing to integrate head and heart, reason and emotion. Unfortunately, on this site, I see little if any evidence of that happening, but anger and bitterness only. That will get us nowhere.

    What mystifies me is that while both you and Linda claim to be Christians who adhere to an evangelical doctrinal statement, that some one like Marina can come on to this blog and trash everything in the church in an unscholarly manner, and even question the historicity of the Person of Jesus Christ.

    Yet neither of you ever take issue with that, or seem to have a problem with that, but yet when I respond to it, I am accused of getting off topic. On her web-site, Linda even goes so far as to say, “I Am Whole Incorporated, is a 501C-3 non-profit organization dedicated to helping victims of sexual abuse find freedom from their pain by providing resource matgerials, education and support so that their lives that have been shattered by abuse can be restored to wholeness through Jesus Christ.”

    If Jesus Christ is that central to the healing process, I simply cannot understand why comments that deny the historicity of Jesus Christ could go unchallenged, but yet I get challenged all the time, and I talk about the healing ministry of Jesus Christ for survivors of the residential schools through ministries such as Rising Above Ministries. The evidence of the good that this ministry is doing is incontestible, and it is working.

    I was initially attracted and supportive of Linda’s frequent assertion that “I Am Whole,” and even the name of her ministry, “I Am Whole Inc.” She even defines “whole” on her web-site this way. “Whole: [i.e. not broken, damaged, or impaired; intact].”

    Yet, in her latest post to me, she concludes, “Well the only proof we have Roger, is our broken hearts.”

    People who are genuine with me know that I have a very compassionate heart, but again, I believe in integrating heart and mind, and so I ask the questions which call for intellectual honesty. You cannot go around saying “I am whole” on the one hand, and define “wholeness” as being “unbroken,” and then say, in another breath, that I am broken.

    Both statements simply cannot be true. But then, again, I guess that I am getting off topic. Have a good day, Bene Diction. I realize that I might appear as a bit of an irritant at times, but I am only looking for honest answers to honest questions, which cannot be probed if we respond by simply shutting the comments down.

  14. Roger, apparently you don’t understand the concept of an advocate. An advocate is someone who pleads on behalf of others, like an intercessor does – thus the statement: “the only proof we have Roger, is our broken hearts.” I have chosen to be identified with the vast majority of the survivors from PBI who have not yet been heard. It would be a mistake for anyone to think that all the survivors have come forward – not even close. Those who have yet to find their voices have stories of immense pain that frankly most alumni aren’t ready to hear yet. I am in this for the long haul and I really don’t care what people think of me or how they characterize my advocacy work. Those that don’t understand, don’t know my heart. No one judges me but God.

    I called you out on your lack of response to this video because you are so willing to voice your opinions about everything else and I was curious why you did not respond to this posting. Then when you responded, you had such a feeble comment that was not your style. I asked you to tell me whether you thought the lack of response was due to apathy or fear and once again you avoided answering my question. I assume it is because you too are afraid.

    What mystifies me Roger is how people can argue the historicity of Jesus, the trinity and even speak up for the unborn when they clearly have nothing to say about the living. How you could watch this video and have such a feeble response is beyond my comprehension. Dear God, I know everyone of these victims and have heard their stories many times but each time I watch this video I am just chocked up with tears. I find myself sobbing on behalf of a school which has sunk so low in depravity and heinous evil that it has allowed its most vulnerable children to be sacrificed for the sake of maintaining a phony facade. I find myself pleading for God to open up the blinded eyes and shatter the wall of pride and arrogance that keeps people from seeing the truth.

    It seems that so many alumni want to put a lid on all of this and never confront the perps, never have the school hold the perps responsible. It is the job of the school to rebuke and censure ALL THESE PERPS – not just the ones that the RCMP can arrest. But what I keep hearing is this rush to get this over with – the survivors have all been heard and the perps live happily ever after going on to abuse many more children. Now will you all just go away and leave us alone. And you think this is the godly way to handle this?

    What I find interesting is that you seem to have no problem railing on the government for failing to help the students of the residential schools who were abused but there is a very conspicuous silence when it comes to calling for the public rebuking of these PBI perps.

  15. brano says:

    Thank you Wanda for your comment,

    That was not directed at you. It just seems that Roger cannot say anything here without being shot down by others.

    I find that with so many atheists on this blog,there are way too many silly sideline issues that get in the way of meaningful and fruitful discussions

  16. Roger Armbruster says:

    Linda, an “intercessor” is somebody who can relate to BOTH sides where there is enmity and hostility, and I see no evidence of where you have done that, or are doing that, so please don’t call yourself an “intercessor” unless you can successfully mediate between two sides who are in conflict and who are hostile. Intercession is a two-way street, and the intercessory ministry of Jesus included an intercession for the transgressors, to bring the transgressor and the victim together into peace through His supreme Sacrifice for ALL.

    As for myself, you lost a lot of credibility with me when you failed to follow through on your promise to take legal action against Prairie if they did not respond to your demands by December 31, 2011. I am still not making a judgment on how that may turn out, as I simply do not know, but at this point, it does raise the question within my mind as to how much I can trust what you say you will do. The jury is still out on that, and I am not making a judgment.

    You are also not being very honest by trying to portray me as a loyal Prairie supporter. I was on staff for a total of 10 months (September, 1973 to June, 1974), and was an irritant to the authorities during those days, and was subseqently banned from speaking at the Prairie Tabernacle within three years, by June of 1977.

    Your attempt to portray me in the image you are distorting to be able to set up a straw man to hit at is despicable. With all of your talk about compassion, I am horrified that you have no compassion for the unborn who have died, apparently just because they are dead. In my books, this is the worst form of child abuse that there is, but do you even care? Apparently not.

  17. A MEDIATOR is someone who works with both sides and I have never identified myself as a mediator.

    Thanks for reaffirming my belief from the beginning Roger as you have now once again failed to answer the simple question about why so few people have responded to this video. Your silence is not golden Roger – it is plain yellow.

  18. bchungdmd says:

    This is my response to Linda, Wanda, Bene and Roger:

    I would like to publicly apologize for the atrocities committed in the school that I served as a board member during 2003-2004. I have not enough words to express my own sorrow of those whose lives were shattered and at the hard-heartedness of those who were/are in power. Instead of arguing over who is injured, or is there anymore survivor(s) coming forward, we should commit ourselves to make sure that this would never happen again at Prairie. And as for Elisa and her beautiful and wonderful daughter Carmen, I would also ask the present school administrators to come forward and cast aside their lawyers advice, meet up with them and find a way to make whole process a healing and wholesome one. After all, it is said in the Gospels, that he came to open the eyes of the blind, and to bind up broken hearts, and to release those who has been imprisoned and to proclaim the year of God’s favor.

    We can begin to act more Christianly by first apologize to the victims as an institution, not to make comments such as “those who feel they had been abused,” etc. Please, do so, in the name of God, the most compassionate and merciful!

  19. Thank you Benjamin. If only we could hear this heartfelt sorrow from the administration and the board. And yet as you know we continue to wait to be heard and acknowledged while the alumni continue to make excuses for the school. I used to think that LE Maxwell would be appalled at what is going on with the alumni but now I think he would be right in there covering for the school as his predecessors are now. Mark Maxwell claims to want to be honest and transparent and he either can’t (because of the board) or he won’t (because he is protecting the Maxwell name). In either case, it is just plain sad. I will not leave until every voice has been heard.

  20. Wanda Janz says:


    Thank you for eloquently saying what I meant by my first statement – bang on! And again, I was right. Not only does the she attack you but when you comment against her, she says no one knows ‘her heart’ but GOD. I guess that’s one way out when hiding from the truth… lol.


    You are forgiven. No one can fault you for your contributions to the school or on here. You are a wonderful person with a big heart. As for the policies at PCA, you need not worry so much. My kids go there, my friend’s kids go there. They have gone there for the past 4 years and there is no abuse going on whatsoever. The problems circulating around PBI are problems in the past; they are NOT happening now. This whole thing has been taken from the past and put onto the students of today… and they have nothing to do with it but are paying for it everytime they mention where it is they go to school. What is meant to be a wonderful time in their lives has turned into a joke played on them by attention-seeking wannabe’s.
    Personally, this whole thing has been handled terribly and of course, there is only one person to blame for it. I wonder if her book sales have anything to do with her ‘advocating’? Surely that is her goal as there is no one left with whom she represents – they are finding other avenues toward healing and who can blame them? Like I said, it has been handled with the utmost of stupidity since day one. Also, those like yourself, are also caught up in the ‘web’ as your heart is true but you have no real knowledge of anything as she ‘plays her hand’ close to the vest. The truth is withheld from you. I wonder how she answers for the ‘threats’ of lawsuits and whatnot when nothing has come to fruition to date. Wasn’t there some ‘big to do’ suppose to happen after Christmas last year? Another attempt.. it is nothing but a sad and despicable thing she has done.
    Do not feel bad, my friend. Your heart and your character is plain to see to the rest of us. You have meant well.

  21. anonymous says:

    The lawsuits will be forthcoming.

    To say there is no abuse now is not only naive but very dangerous. Please educate your children about the many faces of abuse and abusers. These residential schools are not nor have they ever been safe places for our children. Prairie is no exception.

    Wanda and Linda please stop fighting with each other. You are on the same side. The truth will eventually come out even if it’s in the next world or life time. Both of you are detracting from what needs to be done.

  22. Thank you Anonymous. I am sorry for detracting from what needs to be done – you are absolutely right. God bless you whoever you are!

  23. dew says:

    perhaps saying that there is no abuse is naive. Let’s face it, every parent wants to believe that their child/teen is safe, whether in a residential school or a public school. We are to be wise as serpents, harmless as doves. But neither are we to be fear mongering, believing that there is danger everywhere we/our kids go. That is not of God. He wants us to trust Him.

  24. Wanda Janz says:

    Saying there is no abuse from the teachers, the staff, or other children is NOT being naive! This is a small community and I am confident of the parents, the school, and the other staff at PCA. And I am one of the most over-protective parents there is! Unless your kids or your family are involved in PCA, then your comments are obsolete. Unless you live in this town, and participate today, in the school or its students, then you have no opinion! Leave us alone with your bs. We have not asked you for it nor do we want it. Just letting you know that you do not know what you are speaking about! And making your biased comments, just makes you look silly! Leave the school and us parents and our children out of your vendetta… why you bother is beyond us ALL! Sheesh. Time to move on, I think!

  25. Anonymous says:

    I know more than you think I do.

  26. dew says:

    I’m sorry, I’m not trying to judge one way or the other – I am one of the ones who finds it hard to believe there EVER was abuse, and I do believe you, Wanda. I’m trying to generalize here more than anything….and trying to keep the focus on the fact that God is in control, He permits the good and the bad, and He loves us more than we can imagine.

  27. Wanda Janz says:


    I, too, know that GOD is in control. It is why I do not fear like I use to. You are not the one I was talking to and I am sorry if I implied it. You are right to say that it is hard to believe that there ever was abuse but there was. Only it came from the parents or the friends of the parents… it was NOT ordained by the schools in any way, shape, or form. That is the problem we have with this whole situation: We do not hold the school responsible for what happened to the children in their own homes or others’ home. We hold the individuals responsible. This whole thing has become out of control and annoying to listen to constantly. Those of us who live here do not appreciate all the garbage being thrown around at us; it’s becoming absurd and obsolete. So, as far as the parents are concerned (those whose kids GO here now), this whole issue is over and done. Let others yak their tongues off, we are just too tired of it all.

  28. dew says:

    I’m sure you are tired of it!

  29. Wanda Janz says:


  30. Diana Stooshnov says:

    Laugh on, the laugh is on us. And while we lash out at one another, no one notices who the real culprit is, as he sits down in his easy chair and picks up his newspaper and waits for us to go to bed, go shopping, visit our friends in Calgary.

  31. dew says:

    no, the laugh is not on us, Diana. As we trust God, lean on Him, He takes care of us. But we must remember, that because we live in a sinful world. bad things happen. Bad things happened to Job….God did not cause them, but He permitted them to happen for Job’s own good – God cares for us through our trials. We must be prudent, wise, and trusting of Him.

  32. NO a thousand times NO!!!! God never “lets a child be abused for their own good”. What kind of God would he be if he allowed little innocent children’s bodies to be violated by sick perverts who prey on them for their own deviant sexual gratification? Certainly not any kind of God I would ever want anything to do with. Abuse is not a “trial to make us stronger” it is a crime that is meant to destroy us.

  33. Wanda Janz says:

    Well said, Dew.

    And also knowing those who are vigilant (the staff, the teachers, other parents) also helps us to be aware of what is going on around us. I just dropped off my children at the school. I sat in my vehicle and watched the hundreds of kids pouring into the school and felt no fear. I know they are watched over, not just by their teachers but also by GOD Himself. We are doing everything we can to ensure the safety of our children; we are watchful and smart and caring.

    We are also living under the ‘curtain’ of these blogs and the voice of one. They constantly put our school on the chopping block, almost daily, without concern for those who work at the school or those who now attend. They ‘say’ they are ‘protecting’ the next generation… they are mistaken. They sit at their computers typing their venom in little trailers in another country without concern of those who reside here. They do it in the name of ‘justice’. For who exactly are they seeking justice for? Those who no longer live here or attend the school. And while they seek their brand of justice, it is us who pay the price for sending our children to the school that is under their fire. Where is our justice in all of this? No where. We are the casualties of their fight.

  34. dew says:

    I didn’t say that – I said “Job” – and you missed my words “prudent” “wise” and “trust”. Ad you’ve made this into a war where if everyone doesn’t join you in your personal battle, we’re the enemy. And that is not what the Christian life is about. Dear me, if my kids had grown up thinking everybody was the bad guy, they would be some messed up people. And Heaven forbid, they themselves would never have been the wonderful childworkers that they themselves are – volunteers at various events.

  35. fjc says:

    For the life of me I do not understand what on earth Christianity or atheism, or for that matter any other faith or belief has to do with the issue/crime of sexual abuse of minors?????

    Do people care more about the beliefs of the perpetrator or the environment in which the crime occurred than they do about the victim????

    It is one of the reasons that I agree with Linda about Mr. Armbruster’s long winded responses that invariably take to reader completely away from the issue at hand.

    I do not think that there were many responses to this post because there who many who want this issue to just go away. I hope that it will not and I hope that a civil or criminal action will clear the air and bring the facts into the open.

    But just as important, it may force the PBI leadership team, and leadership teams in similar organizations, to get their collective heads ‘out of the sand’ and implement policies and procedures that will help prevent future sexual abuse to minors and identify abusers to the public at large. Prayers will not do it. Trusting to the Lord will not do it. Denying that it can occur or insisting that it does not occur is
    even worse. That is exactly the instutional environment that abusers seek out.

  36. dew says:

    One more thing, Linda. Do you or do you not agree that God permits these atrocities to happen? If He does not permit them, then He is not all powerful. If He does permit them, then either He is cruel, or He has an ultimate purpose in allowing them to happen. Romans 8:28 says that all things happen for the good of those who love Him. That “good” might not occur for decades. Think about this, please.

  37. Wanda Janz says:

    Once again, if you do not live here or your family is not involved here, why do you feel it necessary to comment on a situation that does not affect you?
    We understand that child abuse is rampant everywhere, but we are also aware that as parents, we are responsible for our own children. We set the boundaries in which our children grow, not you the outsider. We are vigilant in our jobs as those parents to take care of our own children and their needs, not you the outsider. We are aware of things that happen in our community whether we post or not about it. The outsider is not. But what the outsiders fail to realize in all this is that they are making us and our children the victims where they have no right nor any business in doing so. Too bad the written word is not a crime. Maybe then others would take care with whom they are attacking because it is no longer an ‘institution’ that has to pay, but each and every student who attends here. Enough said.

  38. Diana Stooshnov says:

    I remember the discussion so well, when I first had the nerve to tell my mother what her favorite pastor did to me. After a few tears and hugs and further discussion on how our uncle had also done things, she shared how she too, had to endure unspeakable things growing up. She then, said, it was worth it, because he gave such wonderful presents and since her family was not particularly fluid in cash, that was the only way she got her pretty things. She treasures those pretty things to this day, they are the trophies saying she won, she really did win in the end. Never would I want to take away, what in her mind, meant winning. Her pretty things….

  39. fjc, I so appreciate you when you comment. Yes, the comments you read here are exactly what we survivors have had to deal with from the beginning. Prairie had a long history of isolation from the outside world. They sought to create this utopia in the middle of the wheat fields of Alberta, far away from the cities with its vices. They created an environment where men could do pretty much anything they wanted under the guise of “authority and discipline”. And there wasn’t anything PBI couldn’t or wouldn’t sweep under the rug to protect the reputation of their beloved school. This was all LE Maxwell’s doing and it is ironic that after the man is dead and gone, his dogma continues to this day.

    What matters most to PBI is that this gets over and done with as soon as possible, the survivors be damned. Oh, yes Mark Maxwell feigns concern and care about the survivors but it is all lip service. He does nothing to put action to those words.

    In the PBI environment, all a person has to do is pray to God for forgiveness and then “all the sins are under the blood never to be brought up again”. There is no concept of the consequences of abusing a child. You will notice that there is never a call for the perps to come forward, to turn themselves in or any attempt to identify these perps. The focus is always on the “godless survivors who won’t forgive their perps”. I have nothing against forgiveness and I think most survivors at some point in their journey reach that point where they do so for their own benefit – not for the perps. But what I have a big problem with is that there is no focus put on these perps and no calls for repentance, restitution or anything like that – say nothing about reporting the crime to the police. No, that is not allowed because in the minds of most Prairians, the perps (if they even exist) have all prayed the prayer of repentance to God and that takes care of everything. They can now walk about in blessed bliss while the survivor is left to pick up the shattered pieces of their lives. And God help the person who dares to disclose any of this dirty laundry to the outside world. They are the evil ones – not the perps.

    I know that the truth will eventually come out – there is too much resolve on the part of the survivors to give up now. Right now this rhetoric plays real well inside the PBI bubble but the day is coming when PBI will see what people in the real world think about all this religious mumbo-jumbo. fjc, it must sound bizarre to you having not lived at PBI but believe me this all makes perfect sense to us who grew up and lived there. It was like living in a cult and we were brain-washed.

  40. dew says:

    you know, Linda, it’s funny – your last few comments. Because I have talked to more than one person who DID grow up there – who never knew a thing about what you are talking about til years later….. We were NOT brain washed, and we were not living in a cult

  41. The Lord Ben Chung says:

    I am sitting here, looking at the Blog, and this is too good to miss. Ah, my friend ‘dew’ has appeared and made a few comments about God. Here I am, a deist at best, a very irreverent person that dew’s god might strike as an example for all. But I cannot keep quiet.

    One of the main reasons I doubt that Prairie’s god exists, is because of these victims. I cannot and will give this god a blind pass. He’s foupled up and missed many things here. So, let’s remind him of his not so powerful, and not so just ways. Bryan has made a beautiful Youtube that detailed the many many little kids who were victims of this Prairie Bible Institute. Of wife abuse, of constant beating, pf coat hanger abortion (s), and many boys and girls were damned to live a life that is god, but in reality, a living hell. If that were that god whose words that said, “everything works for the good of those who loved him and are called according to his purposes,” These are the words of death, and god has died. He is impotent. He is vile, and I think his absence when these atrocities were committed, is the reason why I called myself, The Lord Ben Chung. I know this reeks and ranks low with my friend dew. But hear me out, if a god who permitted this type of atrocities to honour him, I rather be an atheist. Indeed, the more I think about it, the more disgusted I am, why would a god permit this, and also allow the perpetrators roam free, and even bless them, as the Psalmist Asaph wrote in his psalm. I cannot, at least I am human, and I would invite god to participate with our struggle for justice. If he is not there, or he is impotent, then find a better god or make one. Because I find these sacred words, “Ye are God, but you shall die like men. Exercise justice! and perform the righteous judgement!” and your response, dew?

  42. dew says:

    The Bible tells us that God’s ways are not our ways, God’s times are not our times. Sin is part of this world, it always will be til the end of time. Perhaps the good that can come for some who were abused on this blog, are that they can be used by God to help others – rather than wallow in self pity, let God use them to help and encourage others. I see some that are doing that. If they open their eyes and look at Jesus, let Him who suffered so much for us, show what He wants them/us to see.

    I do not pretend to have the answer. I only know that trusting in God and His loving ways in the only way that we can have peace. I cannot begin to comprehend how you can turn away from Him, who loves us so much.

  43. Diana Stooshnov says:

    Dew, I just have a really hard time justifying anything Godly about abuse. I am trying to listen to what you are saying, and in my mind, I can see my mother standing in the doorway with her Bible in her hand, watching the good pastor sexually abuse me, her hand raised in prayer and supplication pleading with God to show me his godliness in what is now happening to me. praying that I will rise the next morning praising God for this wonderful experience that showed me his grace. And we say, amen, God is good. And carry on, with his good works. Praise the Lord, i see the light.

  44. fjc says:

    I am concerned about crime-and most particularly evil sexual abuse crimes inflicted on children-whether they are in my community or not. Fact is that abusers move around. The abuser in any community may be about to loose his job for this reason, but not be charged or have the real reason for his job ‘release’ reflected in his/her dismissal or reference. And that person may turn up at a church I attend or a school that my child or grandchild attends. Or where your children attend. I would rather be proactive in recognizing and preventing than I would in providing counselling assistance for victims.

    You only have to look at the recent criminal conviction of the person that Bene reported on to understand this. He was apparently on the short list for a Pastor’s position. Would you have preferred that he not be charged and subsequently convicted even though the crime did not occur at PBI or in Three Hills? Would you really like someone like this working with children in any capacity in your community?

    At the end of the day, who has a problem with truth and with justice?

    In my short life experience, I would say that people who want to hide truth and avoid justice or cause it not to occur are the same people who are really not walking in their own faith. I know of no faith that does not prescribe to truth and justice.

  45. dew says:

    Diana, I am NOT saying there is anything Godly about abuse – but can’t you see, God can still bring good from it. Otherwise, you have to say that God is not wise, God is not loving, God is not good. He doesn’t bring the abuse, but He does allow it because we are in a sinful world. But ultimately, He can still use it, use how we respond to it, for His glory. Be He is God all the time and He is good all the time. We have to trust Him no matter what.

  46. Wanda Janz says:

    I suffered horrible abuse at the hands of my dad and a few neighbors. I then suffered some from various boyfriends as well. When I became a Christian at 29, I was mad at GOD for ‘allowing’ the things that did happen, to happen at all. Finally, around four years ago, I stopped being ‘mad’ at GOD and started focusing on my real healing. What I have found is this: When I lived without GOD, nothing in this world could heal me; not the shrinks, not the do-gooders, not the well-intentioned. When I lived with Jesus but still retained my anger at GOD, I was angry all the time. It wasn’t until I realized that GOD has a purpose for my life. What it is has yet to be seen. However, I feel Love from Him daily (even when I, the human in the equation, screw up), and know that without Him in my life, there is no healing. GOD created forgiveness, therefore forgiveness cannot be given without Him. He created Love, therefore love cannot exist without Him. Whether we acknowledge Him or not, He still exists. And for those who do not acknowledge His healing in their lives, no healing will exist. This is just fact.
    So Ben, do not continue in your way to demand from GOD something you will not receive, my friend. He knows what He is doing. Would I prefer that my life not had abuse in it – absolutely! BUT, it is a part of who I am. What I do with it is what matters. He gets the glory because once in a while when I do it right, it is that that makes life worthwhile. Take it from someone who has seen the ‘errors’ of man (even those in high, moral positions), and still LOVES GOD inspite of what happened. He has a wonderful, meaningful life planned for me and others I know who have just recently found help and hope from their past at PBI… He is there with us, and He LOVES us very much, and our healing is in His hands.

  47. dew says:

    Wanda: You have said it better than I ever could.

  48. fjc says:

    God may be in control.

    But we mortals have the ability and the responsibility to search out, to identify, and to bring to justice these evil child sex abusers. We also have the obligation to assist the victims.

    Let’s not make feeble excuses as to why we should not hold people in authority, and people who possess knowledge of these abuses responsible for bringing them to light and thus preventing future abuses and the claiming of more victims.

    There can absolutely be no excuse for failing to act. With the exception of the victim him/her self , failure to act on these issues makes the individual or the institution a party to the crime and party to all future crimes committed by that abuser.

    If we do not protect our children, who will?

  49. Wanda Janz says:


    We are not assisting the abusers! Where are you getting your info. from??? We are saying that we are done listening to the bs. that you and others are projecting on the school. The abusers are no longer there, so let the school and those who live here alone. The abusers are old, dead, or have gone onto greener pastures. If you want, go and find them. No one is stopping you.

  50. The Lord Ben Chung says:

    dew, bear with me, let me do my own wondering. Your answers are great to help me through my own thought process.

    “The Bible tells us that God’s ways are not our ways, God’s times are not our times.”

    The bible does not seem to know the purpose of suffering, especially when it comes to Job, remember, his children died, with his servants and the animals were all plundered. If you read it word for word, god bragged about Job, and what was this Satan doing there in his presence, and who records the sayings of these divine beings. You will have to be there physically to record these words. One cannot. The only answer god gave to Job was that he was so great so that Job should just realize it and suck or blow. That is what I got out of it, completely absurd when Job’s children died. They were as if they are in the bible, properties, to be discarded. So, in this logic, god brags about one of our survivors, and have someone rapes her/him, and while the rapist was at it, also burn down her house and killed her parents. Now god can achieve his purpose and win his bet with Satan. That is completely absurd to me. This is not the God of love you talked about, this is a fishy pushy character of the biblical god that I want nothing to do with.

    “Sin is part of this world, it always will be til the end of time.”

    One of the fundagelical argument of theodicy (idea of suffering), is that we suffer because of sin. This is equally absurd because there are natural disasters that kill people, and that disaster has nothing to do with sin or God. It has something to do with tectonic plates moving past each other. My own uncle was crushed in an earthquake in 1999. He was one of the most filial pious son in his family, always took care of my great aunt. He was crushed, and his brother who did nothing for his mother, lived. There is no justice, god did not make this happen, neither is sin. It was the plates in the earth that did it. Tsunami is like that, it has nothing to do with sin, since the waves washes away righteous and the unrighteous. Sin as the reason why people suffered. This is absurd, as well.

    “Perhaps the good that can come for some who were abused on this blog, are that they can be used by God to help others – rather than wallow in self pity, let God use them to help and encourage others. I see some that are doing that. ”

    I see an evil in god if that is what he wants. He lets little girls and boys be raped so that others maybe helped. That is completely none sense. I cannot see why a god of love lets evil happen to his children and then demands goodness out of those who were injured. If you were a parent, would you burn you own children, and expect them to help burn victims? I cannot.

    “If they open their eyes and look at Jesus, let Him who suffered so much for us, show what He wants them/us to see.

    I do not pretend to have the answer. I only know that trusting in God and His loving ways in the only way that we can have peace. I cannot begin to comprehend how you can turn away from Him, who loves us so much.”

    This is why I am completely shy of this god. Please, see and open your eyes, god is not there. He does not have eyes or feet. god is impotent, and he cannot help our victims. We can, and only when we realize that we are gods, as in the bible. Jesus taught that in the Gospel of John. He says “You are God!” and I believe that, when we do justice and that is his will, we are gods. Maybe this is why I turn away from false gods that pretend to help no one here. And atheists and gays everywhere stand with the abused. Is this not absurd, when you have a god is so loving, but he cannot and will not do a thing to lift a finger to help the abused. You, the follower of this god of love, have you done anything yet to help those abused? Is this time for anger, rather than self-pity, wallowing in mud and filth?

    Please take this in a very positive way, dew, I know you have a heart like I do.

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