Ontario school board receives threats for bible distribution ban

Bluewater District School Board trustees are monitoring threats and hate mail which includes racist threats and questions of members patriotism as they prepare to formalize a policy banning the handing out of religious material. Several school boards in Canada have a similar policy in place. Canadian Press:

Trustee Fran Morgan called the “onslaught” of messages “really disturbing,” and said it has made her uneasy about driving the 30 kilometres to board meetings at night by herself.

“I really do feel threatened by it,” Morgan said from Griersville, Ont. “It’s been very unpleasant.”

The Bluewater board, with more than 18,000 students in 53 schools across a broad swath of southern Ontario territory, is expected to formalize the ban at its meeting April 17, following in the footsteps of several other boards across Canada.

Ban proponents argue distribution of the Bibles has no place in a secular school system, and that it potentially violates human-rights legislation.

The board nixed the idea of allowing any religion to hand out materials on the basis it would suck up scarce resources and could be legally risky.

The threats aren’t coming from the Gideons, who have handed out bibles to grade 5 students in Ontario public schools since 1936. Gideons International is based in Nashville Tennessee, the Canadian office is in Guelph Ontario. The Canadian branch opened in 1911.

“Over time, due to the religious fabric of our country being re-woven, school boards have begun to re-evaluate their policies on this tradition,” Warkentin said.

“The Gideons’ response to the school boards’ decisions to discontinue the distributions has always been complete acceptance.”

Grade 5 students received a permission slip to take home to parents Bluewater District School Board serves Blue and Grey counties, two rural areas with about 18,500 students and a combined population of about 152 thousand.

Racist threats and questions of patriotism sound like comments that would come from the southern US. Canadians can and do get just as ugly, it would be interesting to see the demographic breakdown of these emails.  I wonder how many people issuing threats have bibles at home? Waterloo District School board faced similar vitrol over a four year period as Gideon bible distribution was phased out.


Local coverage Owen Sound Times
Owen Sound Times

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7 Responses to Ontario school board receives threats for bible distribution ban

  1. Mark Byron says:

    I wonder how many people issuing threats have bibles at home?

    Probably most.
    How many of said people read them and follow them? Few if any.

  2. Frederic says:

    I wonder if the school would have done the same thing if the Muslim literature would have been distributed instead of the New Testament.

    Surely not, just as in Toronto not so long ago when a public school Cafeteria access was blocked to allow Muslims to perform a religious ceremonial and forcing the girls to stay in the back because they are seen as inferior. The Human Right Commission did not accept any compaint. They did absolutely nothing. They said it was to allow “cultural diversity”.

    It’s a war waged against whites period.

  3. Give it a rest says:

    Frederic are you saying the bible is only for whites???? This is an offensive statement!!

  4. Marina says:

    Just a hunch, but it would seem generational Canadians feel threatened by an increasing population of newcomers who do not share their established brand of faith. It would be my guess that growing numbers of Islam adherents are causing a bit of a kerfuffle for the predominantly Christian population. And perhaps rightly so. Islam is every bit as evangelical and has the same intention in taking over the world for their deity. So it’s no wonder professing Christians see taking the bibles out of public schools as losing ground to the “enemy”. And I’m not talking Satan.

    If I’m right, Christians who feel threatened by other religions encroaching on their territory, would be better off to agree to not having any religious materials enter the school, other than for academic purposes. Obviously if you allow one religion to proselytize, you have to let them all. Do they really want their children subjected to Muslim propaganda and the propaganda of every other religion with a voice out there?

    Furthermore, religion is a personal choice, like many things in life, such as choosing a career or a spouse. You can take it or leave it. A person is not born with the stamp of a particular religion on their forehead. It is not the same as having attributes like race or gender which cannot be changed. Idiosyncrasies like religion can come and go in a person’s lifetime so they are not pertinent to a school child’s formal education. Teaching the constants like language, mathematics, health, science and social studies, as well as phys-ed and art will keep the public school system neutral and out of the tangled web weaved by religion.

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  6. fjc says:

    I have lived in many of the major metro cities in Canada.

    At no time have I ever felt threatened by Canada’s immigration policies, immigrants, or their faith.

    Some immigrants come to this wonderful country to enjoy the freedom, including the freedom to practice their faith, that denied to them in their homeland. Others, like my parents, come simply to provide a better life for their children.

    I believe that people who feel threatened are not confident with their own faith. There is room for everyone in Canada-unfortunately even rascists. What we don’t need is a repeat of the good ship St. Louis.

  7. Son of Samosa says:

    The 8 W’s.
    1. why college program coordinators for media related programs in Ontario, mostly females and immigrants?
    2. why our Govt departments referred to as “ministry” (the service, functions, or profession of a minister of religion) (the body or class of ministers of religion; clergy).
    3. why colleges, universities say they are full and have no seats available in east, central Ontario, due to population, so go private instead and get gypped?
    4. Why OSAP seems to be consumed by mostly one group of people?
    5. Why Govt spends so much time, money and efforts to benefit those born outside of Canada but whom are living in Canada as citizens?
    6.Why colleges and universities and employers are willing to look at our race “visible minority” rather then our nationality, to meet the Govt quota? claims of diversity and multiculturalism.
    7. Why does our Govt subject us to unions who are corrupt and deal directly with our Govt?
    8. why does our Govt take “public” funds and distributed to catholic schools?

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