PBI Survivor Fund Project/Healing Team communication policy

Recently I wrote The Survivor Fund Project/Healing Team and asked for an updated list of team members.  I appreciate the response. The alumni, who operate under the umbrella of PBI now have a communications policy in place.

There have been no changes to the members of the Healing Team.
The Healing Team has made the following decisions moving forward:
1. We will communicate only with known persons. While we respect your right to privacy, the Healing Team is about building personal relationships. Since you have chosen to remain anonymous, that becomes impossible for us.
2. We will provide our own communication at our discretion rather than having others attempt to speak on our behalf.  We are particularly concerned about the growing misrepresentation of facts generally, and specifically regarding our role in the lives of survivors.
3. We believe that the public “battles” have become hindrances to survivors moving toward healthy places of healing. Therefore, we will largely ignore the ongoing debates as we choose to focus on the much bigger and exciting picture of what God is doing behind the scenes in people’s lives.

This appears to be a team decision since it wasn’t signed by one of the five known members.  This communications strategy is a wise decision. The teams online communication skills have not been productive for them, and I think it’s best they stay away from  the open communication of the internet. Even their supporters haven’t been doing them any favours online.

Professional abuse therapists and concerned others have spoken to PBI admin about the wisdom of providing this ‘team’. Their concerns have fallen on deaf ears, and this alumni team model will remain in place until PBI says otherwise.

The team has chosen not to name the “Many other alumni have come forward to offer to be “listeners” as well” and remain unaccountable.

Putting a communication strategy in place at this late date ( alumni survivor involvement  was announced by PBI admin in December) doesn’t change anything. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

The Survivor Fund Project/Healing Team is now fully in control for any survivor contacting them or by extension contacting PBI, survivors are not on equal footing with these paid friends and no not have adequate representation.  I would encourage any PBI survivor to seek out other survivors, do homework and get caught up on the process PBI has put in place. It is your journey, while these well meaning alumni know the milieu your abuse took place in, they too are products of the same often toxic environment.

This FB administrator expresses valid and ethical concerns better than I can:

Unfortunately, under the present circumstances, the only way for victims of abuse to receive financial assistance with abuse recovery therapy would be to go through the Healing Team, or possibly the Center Street Church. What this means is that PBI is only willing to provide this level of assistance to individuals who go through one of their chosen, unofficial channels, in a manner that they deem acceptable and in-line with their model of how abuse should be dealt with in a Christian environment. Given that PBI is being investigated for failing to properly deal with abuse, it would be difficult to suggest that they can suddenly be fully trusted to know how to deal with it now. This asymmetrical approach is flawed in fairly obvious ways and will need to be addressed going forward – for the benefit of all parties. There are people continuously working behind the scenes to address these ongoing concerns.

I wish these alumni well, and offer my hope this team will be able to disband sooner than later.

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Have courage for the great sorrows, And patience for the small ones. And when you have laboriously accomplished your tasks, go to sleep in peace. God is awake.
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  1. Roger Armbruster says:

    Katharine, you may be right. I will leave it to Ben to define who he was talking about. Either way, I consider Ben a good friend, and none of this alters my view or my attitude towards him as a person of dignity and worth, even though different sides to his personality show up from time to time. At heart, he is a caring human being, but we have differing views in some areas, but still have enjoyed our discussions over the last few months.

  2. give it a rest says:

    Please let’s NOT have the abortion debate here!!! Many many victims of abuse have also had abortions (some forced on them by the very religious abusers – like it or not it’s true!!)

  3. dew says:

    I don’t know why we even respond to you – at conception, we already have a living being – God created. Every woman who miscarries mourns the loss of a child, not a “potential” child. But of course, if you don’t believe it God and creation, what can I say. I pity you.

  4. Tez says:

    The question is “when does it gain person-hood status”?, not “when is it living and capable of living independently of the mother’s uterus?”.

  5. Tez says:

    I said nothing about miscarriage or still birth.
    My views on a person’s right to choose what they do with their own body, does not negate the fact that people mourn the loss of their pregnancy.
    Truly, your pity is wasted. Keep your religion and the sanctimonious attitude you have, along with it. One of the biggest reasons I have such strong distaste for religion, is people like you who are so arrogant to believe that since you believe in fairy tales, you’re somehow better than me. “I don’t know why we even respond to you” Well, I don’t either, no one is making you, so…….

    True, many people who have been abused, have had abortions forced on them. That is sad, that is forcing an unwanted action on a person and is just as abusive as other forms of power assertion.
    Which is the same as what people who are trying to force an unwanted pregnancy to term are doing. One cannot have one end of a stick and not have two, there is not a point where a stick has only one end, no matter how narrowly it is cut…

  6. The Lord Ben Chung says:

    OMG, I am so sorry, The Hammer is Doug for me. I love Brother Armbruster. I just cannot stand Brother Doug who says he is a Hammer. Sorry everyone. DEW, I always love you, but I mock god. Thanks. The Lord Ben Chung. And yes, I will refrain from calling Doug a Hammer, stupid etc. I will try not to do that.

  7. Roger Armbruster says:

    Well, give it a rest, I think I can see why you don’t want to have an abortion debate, even though the issues we are talking about here have to do with compassion, mercy and justice for the weakest, and most vulnerable and defenceless in our society. When we get on to this topic, we start to see how much compassion there truly is for the weakest at the mercy of those who hold power over others who cannot speak for themselves.

    And before you start accusing me of being one of those religious nuts who just criticizes abortions without lending a helping hand to those mothers who choose to keep their little ones, you need to know that I, together with my family, am vitally involved with the Crisis Pregnancy Centre, the only agency that I know that gives women a REAL CHOICE, and comes along side to help when they choose life for the child. My family has rasied support, finances and material aid, including hundreds of layettes, to give to mothers who need to know that somebody care for them after their boyfriends have abandoned them, and not taken an iota of responsibility for the children that they have sired. We are long past trying to get the government to change the abortion laws, but are doing everything in our power to help real people in real life in the here and now.

    And Tez, you have still avoided the question as to specifically when human life begins. I have given you a scientific and a logical answer, while you claim logic is on your side. Where is your logic?

    I am not going to impose my belief that children are created in the image of God, but I am simply pointing out that even the purely material scientific evidence supports the conclusion that a zygote is a human organism, and that the life of a new human being commences at a scientifically well-defined “moment of conception.”

    The zygote immediately initiates a complex sequence of events that establish the molecular conditions required for continued embryonic development. Now get this, Tez. The embryo is not something that is being passively built by the process of development, with some unspecified external “builder” controlling the assembly of embryonic components. Rather, the embryo is manufacturing itself. So when you kill the embryo, you are killing the self-organizing life itself!

    The organized pattern of development doesn’t produce the embryo. It is produced BY the embryo as a consequences of the zygote’s internal, self-organizing power. Indeed, the power of the zygote both to generate all the cells of the body and simultaneously to organize those cells into coherent, interacting bodily structures, is the defining feature of the embryo.

    When the embryo comes into existence at sperm-egg fusion, a human organizism is fully present from the beginning, controlling and directing all of the developmental events that occur through life. This view of the embryo is objective, based on the universally accepted scientific method of distinguishing different cell types from each other, and it is consistent with the factual evidence. It is entirely independent of any specific ethical, moral, political or religious view of human life or of human embryos.

    A neutral examination of the factual evidence merely ewstablishes the onset of a new human life at a scientifically well defined “moment of conception,” a conclusion that unequivocally indicates that human embryos from the zygote stage forward are indeed living individuals of the human species–human beings.

    I would not belabour this point, as I believed that most of you must surely be opposed to making abortion a trivial matter, and do have compassion and feelings for the unborn. I am simply responding, here, to Tez, who charges into this discussion like a bull in a china shop, without having his facts straight.

    He claims to be logical, but the only thing he logically knows is human life does NOT begin at conception, but he will not state or defend a position on when human life does begin. This is crucial to having a scientific foundation for fundamental human rights and human dignity.

    To Tez, I say, with your apparent lack of concern for the most vulnerable and the most defenceless, where’s the feeling, where’s the concern, where’s the compassion?

  8. Roger Armbruster says:

    Tez raises the question, “when does it gain person-hood status”?, not “when is it living and capable of living independently of the mother’s uterus?”.

    OK. Personality involves, emotions, feelings, and the ability to sense things that are beyond physical touch. They grimace when they hear loud sounds or yelling that is too unsettling. They get used to certain sounds and this can calm them down, for example, a tv show the mother watches every day. They are definitely concious and use their senses.

    Babies in the womb become more peaceful when they live in a peaceful environment, or become traumatized when they are in the midst of anger and strife. Their personality is damaged by this, and is in need of healing.

    Babies in the womb can feel whatever the mother is feeling and the father also. That is why it is good to read a book or listern to music. When you are happy, your baby will generally be happy too. What you do and say the baby is what the babe is learning from, and can begin to dispose (not ultimately determine) how the personality will develop. The best thing I can tell youu is that your babies in the womb have feelings too.

    Unborn babies feel and react to a variety of stimulants. They can also feel pain. I know when the mother is getting an abortion, the baby cries and tries to move away from the vaccuum, struggling desperately for life and breath. Is this fair?

  9. MEC says:

    Why can we not keep to the main topic- how to find healing for the abused rather than arguing everything else under the sun? What does abortion have to do with what went on at PBI – other than the girl whose mother did a coat hanger abortion on her, on campus?

  10. Roger Armbruster says:

    This is about compassion for all of the most vulnerable, and those who have been treated unjustly by those who hold power over them. The Alan Gutmacher Institute, a leading proponent of abortion on demand, claims that there have been more than 50 million abortions in the U.S. since Roe Vs. Wade. And in Canada, we add to that number by some 100,000 every year.

    It is a holocaust of mega proportions that has out-holocausted the holocaust. How can we accept this as normal in a civilized society? The innocent blood cries out from the ground for justice!

  11. Bene D says:

    Okay folks – this has veered off topic – abortion, conception and contraception are not on the table, take it elsewhere.

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