Prairie Bible Institute alumni ‘Healing Team’ starts pr website

Not long after Prairie Bible Institute administrators went to media in November 2011 with this:

Recently, there have been presented alleged instances of abuse by individuals connected with Prairie Bible Institute.

To the extent of our information, the incidents in question date back several decades, and the individuals purportedly involved are no longer at Prairie. Nevertheless, we feel it is appropriate to respond and to emphasize our commitment to seeking truth and transparency.

We have taken a file containing many of these allegations to the RCMP, discussed the alleged incidents with them and assured them of our full co-operation should further inquiry be necessary.

a few PBI alumni went on FB announcing The Survivor Fund Project, asking for donations. This Project announcement soliciting donations occurred around the same time PBI President Mark Maxwell laid out exactly what PBI was going to do and not going to do about PBI abuse survivors. Part one of the three-point announced plan of the administration was the use of alumni; and not long after, The ‘Healing Team’ announced themselves. Already difficult relationships between PBI and abuse survivors became more strained as this small group of alumni stumbled with transparency and basic communication. None of the alumni is licensed, this ‘team’ presents themselves as an alternative to the independent third-party chosen by PBI (with a qualified and experienced PhD).

I call The Survivor Fund Project/Healing Team, PBI’s paid friends. I have been vocal in my concern about this small group of well-meaning alumni and the unintentional harm they may cause presenting themselves as mentors, listeners and friends of abuse survivors. I have been vocal about the goals of this group,  their ties to PBI, their pr attempts and the lack of appropriate legal and professional representation for abuse survivors they wish to take to PBI for ‘reconciliation.’ There is no financial transparency in their solicitation of funds, the undermining of the independent third-party (Calgary Centre Street Church came to a public head here in this blog with a comment by team member John Kepler, a US minister and member of The Survivor Fund Project/Healing Team:

As a member of the Healing Team I am appalled by this blog and the depths to which Benediction seems to have stooped in publishing it.

First of all, the e-mail from which this information was gleaned was a private e-mail from Jim Crites to Dr. Mollering. The fact that it has been released demonstrates that Dr. Mollering is unable to retain confidential information. I wonder how much other information she has given out from people she has spoken with. Is she telling stories about confidential interviews she had? Are people’s private stories going to be publicized? If she cannot keep a private e-mail private, then she has no credibility as a counselor.

Second of all, these were never given to Dr. Mollering as the guidelines by which funds would be dispersed. These were some questions sent in response to one specific request she sent to Jim in which she was seeking some information about one particular case. Not only has she violated a confidential communicatiion, she has misrepresented the Healing Team by making this information public.

Kepler has never publicly apologized for trashing Centre Street Church and for his appalling remarks about Dr. Miriam Mollering. His contempt, preumptuousness and anger is chilling. I couldn’t care less about his criticism of me or this blog, but to cast aspirations on a qualified professional who willingly stepped up to help survivors,  and his lack of a public apology for his public comment continues to leave me wondering how safe any abuse survivor is reaching out to this team.  PBI administration would have an understandable goal of avoiding potential civil lawsuits and The Survivor Fund Project/Healing Team will remain in place to ‘befriend and mentor’ any PBI abuse survivor contemplating justice.

I doubt anyone who has followed this saga believes the withdrawal of Centre Street Church  as independent third-party is as rosy as PBI’s pr announcement paints the independent third-party departure. The fact that PBI administration did not ask Kepler for a public apology to Dr. Mollering remains as troubling as his behaviour.

I think Centre Street Church stayed professional with their withdrawal and took a high road. I doubt anyone other than the key players will ever know what went down,  I doubt I’m alone in thinking Centre Street Church stayed professional and Christ-like in a difficult situation.

The up side to Centre Street Church stepping up for survivors is buried further in the PBI announcement:

Centre Street Church has provided a summary of findings and recommendations to PBI, which the leadership team is currently reviewing. It is our intention to combine CSC’s recommendations with our own policies, and the best practices in higher education, to ensure a safe environment that is vigilant against any form of abuse. We continue to believe that the Christian community should be a safe place for all to find healing and forgiveness, as well a place where justice prevails within an environment of grace.

The ‘Healing Team’ gave BDBO a couple of interviews which can be read here.
Everything blogged about The Survivor Fund Project/Healing Team can be found here.

Seven months after Mark Maxwell announced this group, The Healing Team has  launched their own website, called Alumni Caring and Connecting, where they are seeking to provide resources and solicit stories of PBI alumni. With the launch of this website The Survivor Fund Project/Healing Team is making it clear they are the only PBI sanctioned alternative for abuse survivors. They continue to solicit ’mentors,’  ’listeners’ and ‘friends’ as well as money, and the disclaimer lays out the Team’s rules for comments and guest authors.

I have no ties to PBI, and I don’t think, nor have I ever thought that BDBO was or is the best place to disseminate information about The Survivor Fund Project/Healing Team. With a website, the alumni can do their own communicating with their rules and the decision to go online is better late than never.  I continue to believe that intentionally or unintentionally, these alumni are being used by administration to diffuse potentially difficult situations for PBI, and I believe that this team has created and fostered an unequal power relationship for PBI abuse survivors. I have a great deal of difficulty believing that untrained and unlicensed alumni are what PBI abuse survivors need or deserve.  It doesn’t matter what I think,  the Healing Team is in place with the blessing of PBI and aren’t going anywhere.  Not long after Kepler’s online outburst I received an email after  I made an inquiry about this:

Update from the Healing Team:

In our previous communication, we have stated the goals that we established when we first formed: 1) healing for survivors; 2) justice for perpetrators. Over the past weeks, we have been privileged to have a number of abuse survivors come to us for help in accomplishing one or both of these goals. It has been a great honor to be entrusted with their stories of tragedies and triumphs as we have connected with them through phone, Skype, email, and in some cases, in person in our homes. We have shared memories, hugs, and tears. A number of survivors are pursuing additional avenues of healing and we are in the process of helping them walk further in their journeys. Many other alumni have come forward to offer to be “listeners” as well, and we are truly grateful for the wonderful team of “wounded soldiers” that God is building.

This communication is deliberately vague. Can this team define justice? (PBI abuse survivors have). Since none of this team are professionals, what does healing look like to them? How many abuse survivors have availed themselves of this team and why hasn’t anyone from the team indicated the reasons these now ‘healed’ survivors aren’t speaking up and encouraging others? What does pursuing additional avenues of healing even mean? Who are these ‘many other alumni’?  To come back to the present, if the ‘many other’ even exist, why aren’t they named on the website as members of The Survivor Fund Project/Healing Team?   I don’t see ‘many other alumni’, no one has to my knowledge, and there were no new team members in April. What else has this team exaggerated?

There have been no changes to the members of the Healing Team.

The Healing Team has made the following decisions moving forward:

1. We will communicate only with known persons. While we respect your right to privacy, the Healing Team is about building personal relationships. Since you have chosen to remain anonymous, that becomes impossible for us.
2. We will provide our own communication at our discretion rather than having others attempt to speak on our behalf.  We are particularly concerned about the growing misrepresentation of facts generally, and specifically regarding our role in the lives of survivors.
3. We believe that the public “battles” have become hindrances to survivors moving toward healthy places of healing. Therefore, we will largely ignore the ongoing debates as we choose to focus on the much bigger and exciting picture of what God is doing behind the scenes in people’s lives.


I agree with the decision of this group to step up and start communicating on their own site btw.
The Survivor Fund Project/Healing Team finally starting a website is a mixed blessing. A none involved blog was not a good place to try to post the conflicting messages sent by this team over the past several months.  They can deal with their own misrepresentations and block anyone they chose (as the Healing Team members do with PBI abuse survivors on FB).

PBI abuse survivors have been sharing resources for a couple of years, The Healing Team offering more resources is logical, and better late than never. The Team is upfront about their ongoing request for finances, and when PBI files the next T3010 with Revenue Canada, survivors and the public will have a clearer picture of the finances the paid friends have raised.

I’m an abuse survivor. I didn’t get a good start in live and things were not healthy in my adoptive family. As a Canadian with access to appropriate health care,  when I was ready, I was able to access and receive professional help. I had some bad experiences with well-meaning church folk who, like the paid friends, thought they could step up and basically tell me what they thought I needed. I didn’t know any better. I learned quickly about power imbalances, spiritualizing, control, hidden motives etc. I have life long friends who didn’t set themselves up to save me, and who encouraged me to seek out qualified mental health professionals. I thank God often for their humbleness and common sense. I didn’t need any more know it all well meaning Christians, I needed help.

The site has a story of a courageous mom who gave a child up for adoption. She tells her story her way, and writes about the fear she had of people finding out about her decision. Sheila is a PBI alumni. She  breaks her fear of her secret, finds her child and thanks God for His plans and provision. Those of us who didn’t have happy endings openly rejoice with her.
I don’t quite see what Sheila’s journey has to do with spiritual, emotional, physical or sexual abuse at PBI,  or justice, healing and reconciliation, but that’s okay. I am glad she shared, and that her family is complete. I also don’t know what her story has to do with The Survivor Fund Project/Healing Team,  but that is her prerogative to share.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. I think The Survivor Fund Project/Healing Team is taking cues from PBI President Mark Maxwell. A troubling conversation on FB tonight at Prairie Bible Institute Open Group indicates to me that divide and conquer, control and wrong headed good intentions continues to trickle down from the top.

An administrator for a FB abuse survivor group named Wanda Janz met with PBI President Mark Maxwell for 2 hours today.  According to Wanda, Maxwell chose to trash the FB administrator of the open PBI group in their conversation. That the man heading PBI’s response to abuse survivors would blatently do this is another dreary example of PBI’s need for control and inability to clean its own house. Mark Maxwell hasn’t as yet clarified and explained himself.

I’ll end with these reminders to abuse survivors.
1. Anyone who was abused at PBI is encouraged to contact Const. Mark MacDonald of the Calgary RCMP.
2. Any PBI abuse survivor unsure of their  rights and legal options is encouraged to contact a Calgary law firm which has stepped forward to help. I’ll supply the firm contact information when I receive it asap.

About Bene Diction

Have courage for the great sorrows, And patience for the small ones. And when you have laboriously accomplished your tasks, go to sleep in peace. God is awake.
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19 Responses to Prairie Bible Institute alumni ‘Healing Team’ starts pr website

  1. The Lord Ben Chung says:


    The creation of this rude and foolish and arrogant ‘The Lord Ben Chung’ came from the stories of sexual and physical/spiritual abuses at Prairie. I am not a survivor, nor have been, but I was responsible for the position of Prairie’s Board of Directors at one time. Seeing it up close, and with the tutelage of Dr Jon Ohlhuaser, I gradually became a part time atheist, or a deist.

    I will check carefully to see what these Keplers are up to. I do not have a meaningful relationship with these team members. I do however, respect and honour Wanda Janz, whom I have met here and at other sites. She has at times made comments that anger and alienated the other group of survivors. But I believe in the goodness that lies within Wanda and all other survivors, that walking through this shadowland, these collected experiences make them into what they are today, whether drug addicts, atheists, or a fervent believers. Personally, I no longer believe in a personal god or hold a meaningful relationship, or this intimacy that you enjoy. I see all that an illusion. I do however, trust in the goodness of humanity and in the goodness of ourselves, if you will, that is God for me. Justice, mercy, humility and the ability to rectify the wrongs. That is God. The rest of the god qualities that fundies and evangelicals recite frequently here, I no longer see that as real, like: almighty, all-knowing, and all wise. I see that their gods lack all these, so they have to prop this god as an idol, and defend it rigorously. Why not let this god die and find the God behind god?

    The matters at hand require real repentance, genuine accountability, and criminals need to be prosecuted, but this soft and often false approach to healing or forgiveness, or god apparent lack of any power. That is what I reject.

    So I will make another attempt to dialog with Bruce Miller: Bruce, I see and heard your prayers at recent Prairie’s Commencement. Now follow through with that, and come clean and help to prosecute the past crimes committed to Prairie, make this community a genuine and safe place so no one from henceforth will be harmed at your school. Have the courage to do right, in the faces of the odds, and forget god and his apparently pack of glory. Honour the God in you and the sense of justice and mercy that is found in your soul. In that, when you do right, honour the truth, you are closest to God, whom no one has seen, nor has anyone seen him. Amen.

  2. Wow Bene Diction what a powerful posting! I have much to comment on later. I just want to say that I am so honored that you shared that you too are a survivor! I had no idea! You and I do not know each other. I have no idea of your real identity. I have been so grateful that you have taken an interest in documenting the arduous process that the PBI survivors have gone through trying to be heard and acknowledged. You have done an excellent job with this and have taken alot of flak for it. I have admired your journalistic professionalism in covering an important story in the face of the brutal way people have lashed out at you. But now to find out that in addition to this, you are an abuse survivor yourself, just blows me away! No wonder you “get it” – you have lived our journey! Thank you for sharing this powerful truth with us. I am honored that a survivor would chronicle our story. God bless you!

  3. The Lord Ben Chung says:

    Dear Benediction:

    I must have skimmed this post and now became fully alerted that you too have a story. Although many have seen me as an atheist, I actually believe in God, it is just He is a lot less talked about these days, and the idol of the Evangelical god has been propped up as the one and true god. I differ.

    However, I have not stopped believing in the goodness of each and every human beings. These qualities of what we called God is always there, sometimes in the time of need. I see that quality particularly clear in the human of that small town peasant and the powerful teaching that he taught. I find God in that. I also pray and hope your journey will continue to both help others and yourself. As you have so aptly pointed out, you are not looking for a quick exit/healing. So, in this frail housing called humanity, we all dwell. It is in these despicable tents we hold onto life, the gift of life. And the fragrance of each morning, and the sunray that come to all of us, sinners or not. Thank you for sharing your journey and your continual help in this journey we called life.

  4. The Lord Ben Chung says:

    I will also echo what I have been saying about Mark.

    Those in leadership always know what went on. Mark knew what Ohlhauser was doing to the school as he dismantled the past. He knew a lot about the little details of everyone. He is sort of like a Stalin, he knows all and has the power to do the harm if he chooses to. Wayne Nelson seems likely his right handed man. He carries out all these without questions or at least quietly with dissension. He reports to Mark.

    I do believe the biggest obstacle here is Mark Maxwell. He must also have other power hands choking him so he is unable to do right. I would propose here that one of the powerful sexual abuser is alive and well and in some way connected to Prairie. So I pronounced a curse on Mark. This time, the Lord’s own curse is on him. The Lord Almighty, the Maker of Heavens and the Earth. It is time to do right, or the school dies. Perhaps the decay has already begun, just see how small the centering and graduating classes have been. Perhaps this is the will of God. Mark, if you are reading every word I type here, respond quietly within your own soul, name the prepes that you know (be it your own family or some powerful families at Prairie), put then into the civil authorities, otherwise the curses of the Lord is upon sinners that know but deny God’s full reality in all that they do. Bruce, as a Chairman, you have to have the courage to remove Mark if he falters. That responsibility falls on your shoulder. Do right, like so many of my Board members that resigned last few years. And may God have mercy on your soul.

  5. Philip Dyck says:

    This is disheartning to say the least. Even granting the benefit of the doubt that they are well intentioned, this seems to confirm suspicions that they just don’t get it. Thank you for posting and Linda said it best, ” You have done an excellent job with this and have taken alot of flak for it. I have admired your journalistic professionalism in covering an important story in the face of the brutal way people have lashed out at you.” God bless. Phil

  6. Rick Hiebert says:

    Comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable. How dare you!


  7. I think it’s time we get real about the healing team. There is alot that is wrong about the whole concept of this group but let’s start with the fact that they are just an extension of PBI and operate completely under the auspices of the school. Yes, they can say all they want about how they are independent and just fellow alumnus who care, blah, blah, blah. But let us remember what happened when PBI was forced to get a third-party. PBI did not bring CSC on board out of the goodness of their hearts, they did it because we had them over a barrel. They were forced to have a third-party. However, PBI did everything in their power to sabotage the process from day one. You can put me down on the record that I know for a fact that PBI did NOT pay for any of therapy recommended by CSC. They did however pay for therapy recommended by the healing team. PBI made it very clear that their loyalty was to the healing team and not to the healing team. From the standpoint of a survivor, PBI made sure that the survivors who chose the healing team over the third-party were given distinct advantages. That is just plain wrong – any way you slice it.

    PBI did not even give Dr. Mollering a chance to make this work. One survivor was already in therapy when the decision was made by PBI that they would not pay the bill. Talk about awkward! CSC paid out of their own pocket for this survivor’s therapy, rather than let this survivor suffer. It was a very decent thing for CSC to do but a horrible thing for PBI to do. Never mind that CSC took the high road and did not even make an issue of it. However, when other survivors needed therapy Dr. Mollering was put in a very ugly situation where she was trying to negotiate with PBI to be reason and pay and because she could not make the decision without PBI’s input, she had to put these survivors in limbo. The survivors sensed that something was wrong and made assumptions about Dr. Mollering that were not true. Again she did not throw it back in PBI’s face. She took the high road.

    Regardless of the spin PBI put on the story of CSC leaving, the truth is that CSC left because they couldn’t stomach the lack of integrity on the part of PBI. It was so obvious that PBI was giving preferential treatment to the healing team survivors versus the CSC ones. Now we are left with no one and the healing team can tell me until they are blue in the face that they operate independent of the school but it doesn’t take any effort to see that they are essentially in bed with PBI. PBI is using the healing team whether they realize it or not.

    As to why anyone would use the healing team, that is a real mystery to me. For months the identities of the team was so secret that the survivors were not even allowed to ask who they were. And with good reason! When I look over the roster for the healing team, I cringe at all the things that these very people said to us survivors. And now we are suppose to trust them? There is no way in hell this will ever happen. The healing team did irreparable damage to the survivors and it is impossible for them to undo that now. Once that trust was lost, there is no getting it back. I think it is quite telling that they launch this website and never even acknowledge how much they have hurt the very survivors they are trying to help. That is pretty arrogant if you ask me. But they didn’t ask me. You would have thought that they would have at least tried to throw us a bone and apologize to us for all the hurtful things they said to us. They didn’t even bother.

    I think there is a distinct danger in having a healing team. There are many of the survivors who have just been crying to be heard and I think a trip to “healing team la-la land” might be quite euphoric for them – to finally be heard and acknowledged. The danger I see is that the mindset of several of these healing team members is one of “get over it already” “let’s talk about happy positive things and not get bogged down in the past” “all you need it to forgive your abuser”, etc. I think the danger is that many of these vulnerable survivors might get caught up in “feeling good about being heard” and never really deal with their abuse. This attitude that “girls just want to have fun so let’s laugh together” really glosses over the hard work that these survivors need to do. They need to look their abuse in the face eyeball-to-eyeball and deal with the impact it has had on their life. There are no shortcuts to this process. It is not a fun one and really sucks when you are in the middle of it. You feel anything but positive and most days feel like you are living in a cesspool. But it is all part of healing from the abuse. I just don’t see that being emphasized with the healing team. I worry what happens to these survivors after this is all said and done and they find the past flashing before them again and there is no healing team to rah-rah them back to their happy place.

    Meanwhile PBI has moved on, all the perps have been given a pass and life goes on for everyone else but the survivors. They are back to square one only now they have more guilt and self-loathing because they can’t understand why they can’t get over it like someone else did. Didn’t they say the little prayer that made all the pain go away?

    Most of the survivors need long-term professional therapy. They do not need a listener, mentor or counselor – they need a genuine professional therapist who is very experienced in working with abuse survivors. I understand that the healing team doesn’t treat clients but refers them out to therapists. God only knows who is on their list of approved therapists. Again that is classified top secret! Are they all friends of PBI? Are they all Christians? In Three Hills, there is a general practitioner doctor who is operating as a psychologist without actually having the license to do so. He is no doubt is on the approved list of therapists to see. That troubles me. I worry about how non-experienced, non-professional alumnus can decipher who needs what kind of therapy. Isn’t that diagnosing patients? And should non-professionals be allowed to do this? It is a definite slippery slope that I think exposes PBI to legal responsibilities that they probably have not even thought of. Like what happens if a survivor commits suicide while being helped by the healing team. There are a million of things that could go wrong and PBI would be responsible. These survivors need and deserve the very best professional medical treatment and an ad-hoc group of wanna be counselors while probably well intended are not the answer. This is something best left to professionals who have the training, experience and malpractice insurance to cover for every eventuality. If I was on PBI’s legal team, I would recommend to abolish the healing team like NOW. It is a disaster waiting to happen.

  8. BD says:

    Would someone provide me with the name and address of the Calgary law firm?

    Thanks Ben and Phil.:^)

    Hi Linda:
    Yes, I am an abuse survivor.
    My birth parents were alcoholics. Our birth mother died a few days after my 4th birthday and 2 siblings and I wound up in the system. My birth fathers sister found out and we were adopted when we were six. It was one bad situation to another, different dysfunctions. My abuse was physical and emotional.

    I believe God is the Healer, but I don’t see that belief as either/or as so many do who went through the PBI belief system. To believe God is not part of mental health advances and to believe that tried and tested therapies aren’t effective for those who had poor starts in life, is to negate God as Healer, and to negate people created in His image and likeness who have intellectual and healing gifts.

    General practitioners in Canada can counsel and prescribe psychiatric drugs – eats up a lot of family practise time though – and depending on the region and the hospitals, can admit to a psych ward. Contrary to popular belief, Three Hills isn’t the centre of the universe, the closest mental health professionals appear to be in Calgary.

    The website was registered by Diana Anderson, I believe she started the PBI survivors blog and passed it on to other survivors. I like her, she is bright, compassionate, and is a licenced psychologist in California.

  9. Thanks for sharing more of your story Bene Diction. Very proud of all you have come through in your life.

    The healing team website was registered by Deborah Anderson. I have not ever heard of her being a licensed psychologist.

  10. BD says:

    My mistake, I meant Deborah.

    The register is in Beverly Hills.
    This Deborah Anderson?

  11. BD says:

    Linda: Do you have the contact information for the Calgary law firm?

  12. Bene Diction,
    I do have the Calgary law firm information but will hold off on publishing that here so as not to jeopardize any pending litigation. As soon as I am able to get that information out in the public arena, I will gladly do so.

    The Dr Deborah Anderson you have posted is not the same person as who registered the website for the healing team.

  13. Bene Diction says:

    Okay, thanks.

  14. fjc says:

    The ONLY way that survivors of abuse in the PBI environment will get the help they truly need, ie on going help from PROFESSIONALS who can deal effectively with this issue, is to seek out legal advice and force the issue. I believe that PBI will only respond to pressures brought about in a legal framework-civil or criminal.

    It is very, very clear that PBI has no intention of truly helping these survivors. Their intent is to lead them to ‘forgiveness’ in the hope that this will preclude the expense of on going professional help that they need and the potential cost of litigation.

    Notwithstanding all of the nonsense from the PBI leadership team and their multiple press releases, they have not given, to my knowledge, any survivor carte blanche access to help-counselling, legal whatever. Shame on them, IMHO they bring disrespect and shame on the entire institution.

    I am in awe of survivors who come to tell the anguish of their experience in a public forum. They are very brave, and whether they know it or not they are true leaders. Brave and leadership are not two words that I would use in the same sentence with any members of the PBI leadership team.

    So, Bravo to the law firm that has apparently stepped up to the ‘plate’. Hopefully the members of this firm will be able to pursue true justice for the victims-first off in the provision of proper, ongoing counselling/assistance, whatever. It only takes one or two brave souls to get the ball moving.

    At the end of the day one question remains. Linda Fossen referred to it. Who is afraid to let the light of day shine on this issue? And why? Why are people afraid of the truth-what truths and what people? Perhaps the answer to this question will allow people to understand PBI’s response to date.

  15. Thank you fjc for your very heartwarming words! We survivors thank you for your support and for speaking out with us. Bene Diction took the lead in reporting on the sex abuse scandal facing PBI and has taken alot of grief for it. But Bene Diction knows that PBI is just the beginning of what will happen all across Canada as these small independent bible colleges are faced with their own survivors stepping forward. I pray to God that they turn to these blogs chronicled here and avoid the mistakes that PBI has made. At one time, PBI could have blazed a trail for other schools to follow on how to deal with wounded abuse survivors in a compassionate and godly way. Sadly, they have done so wrong for too long that there is no hope of them getting it at this point. PBI will stand as an example to other schools of what NOT to do…

  16. fjc says:

    Bene….I went on the Healing Team site and did have a look at Sheila’s story.

    Some may think that this story is out of place but I would provide another frame of reference for you to consider.

    This story is about moving the spotlight. Moving it away from abuse in order to de-focus readers on sexual abuse issues swirling around PBI and to focus them (divert their attention) on other issues such as Sheila’s story.

    This is not to take away from Sheila’s story. IMHO she was used in order to accomplish this end. I would predict another story in the near future on a subject relating to substance abuse. Anything that moves the spotlight. I am surprised that they don’t have an article on house training your pet giraffe.

    Anything to move the focus away from sexual and physical abuse issue. IMHO the goal is to just make this go away.

  17. Very insightful fjc, I agree with you. It is much more palatable to hear a story about a child born out of wedlock then it is to hear about a father who impregnates his child and the mother performs a coat-hanger abortion to get rid of the evidence of his abuse. It is much easier to hear a story like Sheila’s than it is to hear about children who are stripped, beaten and chained to their beds without food and water for three days.

    As much as the healing team tries to convince us otherwise, they are being used by PBI to diffuse the abuse scandal. There will never be an accounting for the survivors whose stories they hear or the perps that these survivors identify. What a perfect way for PBI to cover up their abusive history right in plain sight of everyone who is mesmerized by Mark Maxwell’s “honesty and transparency”. It is all smoke and mirrors folks!

    fjc, you continue to amaze me with your grasp of the way that PBI continues to control and manipulate the process.

  18. I would like to make a public statement about the comments that were reportedly made by Mark Maxwell regarding Darren DeRidder acting as an intercessor between Mark and me. First of all, Darren and I have no such arrangement. He and I mutually respect each other and I would no more try to act as intercessor between him and the administration than he would with me. I consider Darren to be an exceptional man with a very kind and caring heart. He is level-headed and if there were any rude or sarcastic words exchanged with Mark Maxwell, they were deserved. Darren is not a man to act impulsively. I respect him and have the utmost faith in him.

    I also found it troubling that Mark Maxwell would stoop to this level of trying to pit people against each other and creating animosity where none exists. I think Mark owes Darren a sincere public apology. He had no right to disparage Darren’s character in this way or to even talk about their private conversations.

    I agree that this is just another example of Mark Maxwell trying to control the process. At what point will he get it that the survivors have no faith in him? PBI needs professional help and we believe that GRACE is fully capable of handling the job.

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