Prairie Bible Institute releases statement on closed Facebook group

It’s appropriate PBI respond to a partial statement made by Three Hills RCMP (the jurisdictional detachment for PBI); it is puzzling that the avenue the administration chose to release this statement targeted at a select and relatively disinterested group. The statement was released by way of The Friends of PBI – a closed alumni group on Facebook.

Hello everyone, We got a call on Tuesday from the Calgary Herald saying “they had heard from the RCMP that it would be releasing news next week that the investigation on Prairie was being closed and that no charges were being laid. The RCMP said they would be available for press interviews at that time.” We have not seen the RCMP report ourselves. We told the Calgary Herald that we plan to continue to be cooperative with the RCMP, to be available to those who want to connect with us directly, and to be as transparent as possible with all our stakeholders. We have been grateful for the help we got from Centre Street Church, both in providing an independent safe place for people to go to be heard and for the advice they have given us in improving our campus policies. We pointed out that this is a different campus than in the past primarily because it is now just a college campus. The Calgary Herald article that came out yesterday can be found at (here).

Naturally we are grateful that no charges are being laid. That does not mean we have lived perfect lives, so we still seek healing with any who feel they have been injured while in our community. This summer, we are updating our “policies and procedures for response to harassment, abuse and assault” to include best practices across the college and university industry, to include advice we have received and to include lessons we have learned over the past year. This will include campus-wide abuse-awareness training, with special emphasis at the beginning of each school year, in the fall. Feel free to forward this note to any people you think would be interested. Many thanks for standing with us as we have walked through this together.

Mark L. Maxwell

Prairie Bible Institute

The RCMP did not notify complainants or  PBI  that  the Calgary RCMP were closing down the investigation. More about the semi-statement in The Calgary Herald June 19th.

In the above PBI statement, PBI admin is staying the course set back in December, placing stakeholders first.  PBI is facing a year end financial shortfall, and the requests by PBI abuse survivors for the services of G.R.A.C.E. out of the US, was rejected. It  appears the PBI alumni group, The Survivor Fund Project/Healing Team is still sanctioned to continue soliciting alumni for funds to ‘befriend’ unknown abuse survivors. The one known survivor who solicited the services of the alumni team was featured on PBI radio March 26th. It remains difficult to know what PBI and the alumni team mean by ‘healing’, since there is no evidence PBI or it’s Survivor Fund Project has offered therapy for any abuse survivor from qualified mental health professionals, or was willing to provide therapy through Centre Street Church staff. Given how PBI has handled this issue – it’s possible no abuse survivor has or would ask for assistance from PBI.

Once again PBI abuse survivors – those who went to the RCMP, were slighted and shunned by Prairie administration with the decision to release the statement to a closed Facebook Group where many of the alumni, including most of the ‘Healing Team’, block abuse survivors.

On June 19th, RCMP Three Hills said,

Three Hills RCMP Sgt. Joe Sangster said Tuesday police recently concluded their investigation and are planning on providing a public update as early as next week.

The PBI abuse survivor spokesperson has been maligned online again since The Calgary Herald story came out. The latest follows a pattern of abusive behavior from PBI alumni toward survivors who have come forward seeking justice.

A rough draft of the policy Maxwell mentions above (policies and procedures for response to harassment, abuse and assault)  has been posted on an open Prairie Bible Institute alumni Facebook group.  Two abuse survivor spokespeople were invited through a third party to provide input. The current PBI policy is here.

Update: It’s possible the Maxwell statement was sent out to alumni by email and posted by alumni in the closed group. That begs the question – who it was sent to? If it was sent to all alumni why didn’t some receive it? If I’m wrong about the delivery, it will be corrected.

PBI abuse survivors are asking alumni to withhold donations to the school.

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Have courage for the great sorrows, And patience for the small ones. And when you have laboriously accomplished your tasks, go to sleep in peace. God is awake.
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88 Responses to Prairie Bible Institute releases statement on closed Facebook group

  1. The Lord Ben Chung says:

    Regarding to what I said, Linda, I think you have taken it out of context. It is in the context of the animal kingdom. That the alpha male will have intercourse with every female, whether she likes it or not. In the human animal, I think that is also true. There are these very devote religious leaders who have intercourse with everything that moves. They are indeed very pious and their god has blessed their ministry, but there is one thing less talked about, that is, in ethological terms, we have alpha males on board. This has nothing to do with god, but they are designated as alpha males.

    Now as to the abused, I like to say that there may be something wrong with you, or there may be not. These animals will find any one to at least molest once. But the repeated offense to the same person suggests there is something that gets built in, whether it damages one’s psyche, or it has been hermatically sealed, but it is there. I do not think the abused are holier than the animal that abused you, but there is a lack of the will and courage. That is where the psyche has been damaged in this process. I do believe that our abused here has a religion that promotes abused and make people stay in an abused situation, because of god and god said so. I no longer believe. I do like to point this out to the abused, that no god or angels or saviours will come to your aid. You are better off, do it yourself. god is not there, and has not heard much of your prayers. Otherwise, he would have shown up and take away your abuser. But human courage, the will that cannot be suppressed and defiance and with a hint of anger will get you out of the hole. I see no other options, you are an apparition and other than 3-6 people that comment from time to time, perhaps the challenge is to prove the accursed Mark Maxwell wrong by your epiphany. It is time to throw off your fear otherwise, Bene and a lot of people are wasting their time, and maybe John Kepler and Crites are right. THAT, is my two cents.

  2. Ben I will have to disagree with you again. We survivors have nothing to prove to Mark Maxwell, or anyone else. We were abused whether we tell our stories publicly or not. Those who are speaking out are not better than those who haven’t. We are all in this together.

    In a perfect world, Mark Maxwell would have hired GRACE and given us a dignified process to tell our stories, hold the perps accountable and make lasting changes at PBI that will ensure that what happened to us will never happen again. Instead Mark has opted to throw us into the media spotlight and allowed the hostile alumni to antagonize us with no restraint. He has feigned being open and transparent but that is just smoke and mirrors as he ignores the majority of the survivors. We are doing the best we can under the circumstances Ben. I resent you badgering these survivors and trying to intimidating them into coming forward. They will speak when they are ready to speak and not a day sooner.

    As for the admonitions to forsake God and christianity, that is up to each individual survivor to decide for themselves. What works for you won’t necessarily work for everyone. There are several survivors who still have their faith and are just grappling with the complexities of trying to understand why God did not intervene in their abuse and make it stop. These survivors are finding their way and for some of them this journey will only strengthen their faith, not weaken it. We need to support our survivors regardless of where their spiritual journey takes them. And I will never tell a single one of them to forget God. For me, God played an integral part in my journey and much healing came when I was able to incorporate God’s comfort into my pain.

  3. The Lord Ben Chung says:


    I am not a foe, I am a friend. I have spent a bit of time with your group and have been extremely supportive, even now. I think we differ significantly in how this is handled. I have also the gift to be prophetic, and so here I put forth my two cents from time to time.

    I would have to say that, as much as you were trying to handle this situation, you have been dealt with a bad hand. Yes, you have much maligned and ridiculed and made essentially a laughing stock. Yet you have persisted. I see no reason other than your own sense of humanity and your sense in a divine being. However, what we feel on the inside and how we believe may have also furthered this problem. So far, we have little or no respect from Mark the accursed. You have been to him, kissed his ring, and for a limited time, with the help of Callaway, made peace with him. What have we gained from such? I am not sure, I think you had their ears when you threatened then with a lawsuit. Now you have nothing but a feeble voice, and since you have gone willingly to Abbot Mark, does he care what you think? I think not. Brenda is off for awhile, I think her fatigue syndrome has caught up with her. She cannot handled this much. At this time, Linda, I hope you realize that you cannot play this card indefinitely, without anything: no picketing, no lawsuits, or protests. PBI has weathered many storms, and this is just a small bubble. I am sure with the help of Lawyer Stephens, and the other Callaway (Phil), you haven’t got a hand that could win this.

    Let’s admit that we have no will to do anything. Let’s admit that we still believe in a god that caused the sexual abuses and abusers to stay silent. Let’s admit that god has nothing to do with this, it is the stomach that is their god, their sexual appetite.

    There is nothing wrong with differences of opinions, and I have nothing to gain from your action or your inaction. Matter of fact, I have to put in time, and money. And back when if some of you abused would set out to do a protest at the HomeComing, I would have to leave my business, family and chickens behind and spent close to a thousand dollars to be there. To do what? So you abused folks would have a voice. If that is not enough, I am sure what would. So, have your friends, but hold your enemies closest to your heart. They point out your inadequacy, and they do you a favor.

    Here I am saying that Linda, what you do is not enough. When there is a lot of sound and fury but nothing in substance. It is almost like the crazy old Christian story that god loves the world that he gave his the one son. Instead, you have a story like god loves the world, but god is still trying to the rest of the world into loving him, and god is helpless. And god is decidely impotent and silent.

  4. MEC says:

    Honestly Ben, you may be a good dentist but as a dentist you make a terrible therapist. What you have exposed in your last posts is almost complete ignorance about how to bring sexual abuse victims into recovery.
    The survivors in this group get enough attack from the PBI mafia without needing to get more from within the group.
    Why don’t you just go back to your farming and tooth drilling and keep quiet til you have something informed and encouraging to say? To equate victims of sexual abuse who were abused before they even knew the names of their body parts with submissive animals is ludicrous. Please just keep your crazy ideas to yourself unless you can be positive and supportive in the true meanings of the words.

  5. The Lord Ben Chung says:

    My Dear MEC:

    Your statement is fine with me. It is honour to farm, and drill teeth, but I think I at least do honest work. What I do see here in these posts, is what I said. There is a lot of talk, but nothing substantial. I might a good dentist, but a terrible prophet, fact is, you will not ever get anything out of PBI unless you are willing to pin it down. They have it all covered. First of all, the sexual abuses were done by people associated with PBI, but the school has been ‘exonerated’ from all wrong doing. When they took the case to the RCMP, they have now shown that the school is not at fault. Meanwhile, you have folks in your group that claims that abuses took place, and with the collusion of the school administrators. You will never be able to prove that since a) no one names the perpes, b) there are no abused standing forward except the ten with RCMP, but they will not go further than that. In fact, there is no will to hold the school accountable with a lawsuit. Perhaps we do not have a case. If that were the case, it is better to make peace with PBI, as the sacred words of Jesus that taught if you cannot win the battle, then it is better to make peace while the troops are on the way.

    Look, MEC, I have spent money and time, I have cut my ties with the school, and I think I have put into the pot more than you have. Over the years I always put the ‘work of the lord’ first, and put money to school when we were having trouble paying our bills. I think you have a good place and like a lot of PBees, they are fair weather friends. They will not lift a finger or put into the thing more than just talk. Talk is cheap, I think I do have to point that out, I will not attack you, but I no longer think god is real and I think CMA is a cult. That is how it is. I wish you well, and if you have a god, bless you!

    For now, I would like to point out that we are wasting our time, and the abused will just sit and pray. I think this is going no where, and if that gets me crucified, then so be it. Someone has to say it. We have lost the will and the courage to do the right thing. And god is dead, but no one is willing to step up to the plate and take his place. Will you, that is the question.

  6. Katherine C. says:

    Linda, I want you to thank you for all that you’ve done and we cheer you on. Peace!

  7. fjc says:

    This enire issue is stuck in neutral.

    The only way it will move forward, and some victims receive justice and the help they need, is through a successful civil suit.

    My hope is that such a suit is actioned-one that has merit and forces people to not only speak the truth but face the truth. I am not optimistic that this will happen.

    Years of bullying, self guilt, and angst have taken probably taken their toll. This would call for the action of an incredibly brave person who is willing to bare his or her soul in public for the good of those who have been abused in the past and those victims everywhere who may be abused in the future. And it would require skilled and experienced legal counsel. This is not something for the faint of heart. IMHO, this is probably the worst nightmare for each member of the PBI leadership team-past and present.

  8. The Lord Ben Chung says:

    Let me cheer Linda in this fashion.

    Please accept the above statement in good faith. I am not a foe, I am a friend. I have cut the ties with the school, and in the past I place your well being above mine and have given much of my free time to fight for the abused. Even now.

    However, what I have said above, can be taken as an attack on the abused. This is not meant to attack Linda in any way. What is said is to point out the fallacy of our approach. Look, this is going no where. The early we admit that, the better. If you want results from PBI, and by results, I mean the school publicly admit wrongs (they have already), the school changes policies (they have already begun the good work of putting together written and seminars about sexual abuses), and the school has even elected to meet the abused with the help of Callaway.

    What other results would you like? I think the school will not pay for therapies unless you are willing to beg the money from the Healing Team. It is the only way, or the high way. You have a few choices here, Linda. You can:
    a) publicly admit that you have humiliated these Team members with your words and recant your statements about the school,money will begin to flow in your direction.
    b) re-negotiate with Callaway and see whether you can secure some money for our abused
    c) keep status quo, do nothing, other than blogging about it. No help will come.
    d) admit defeat and quit. Definitely no help will EVER come.
    e) do something courageous, and I leave that to your imagination. Look, the alumni will not come to your rescue, they never have and never will. They are not going to spare you money for your abused.

    I am sure you are doing something, and I wish you the best of luck. I just do not think you can keep on blogging without having people getting sick and tired about hearing the same thing over and over again. And I do not understand why that when I differ in opinions about your approach, I can be seen as placing an attack on this whole thing? Where does it say that we all have to toe the line and appear as a political united front? Is it a sin to disagree? When have I became a foe in your book? I am crazy enough to believe you when I first heard this abused situation, and I have put into it tremendous amount of energy and time, written letters to every PBI leadership, and stuck up for you whenever you became maligned by abusers from PBI.

    Let ‘god’ be true and every man a liar!

    And as for MEC, please reign in your anger. We can differ in opinions, but without sacrificing the friendship and basic common human decency we share. Let us not abuse one another just because we differ in the approach. Our goal is the same, we seek to bring PBI to its knees should they harbour and hide living perps and if there be any live ones on the campus. Yes, let me go now and drill some teeth, and hope you will brush yours carefully, faithfully and totally. Amen.

  9. Thanks Ben, no one understands the frustration of being in limbo more than me. I am the least patient of all in how slow this is moving. What complicates the process is that we have many survivors and perps involved. Unlike the Penn State situation where there was one common perp with multiple victims, we have multiple perps with multiple victims. In essence, each survivor has to act alone in outing their perp.

    I share your frustration but also need you to understand that this is a process that takes time. We did not push this into the public arena – Mark Maxwell did when he made his first press release after going to the RCMP. That has certainly made it more difficult on the survivors to come forward. It is hard enough to do this without having to walk through the hostile alumni gauntlet and media scrutiny. Our survivors have been given a daunting task to come forward in this environment.

    Be assured Ben that I am not just bellowing in the breeze. There will be a day when the truth will be revealed. I would like to give you a timetable but I can’t. This is a very fluid situation. I appreciate the support you have given us in the past. Hang in there, it will all work out.

  10. The Lord Ben Chung says:

    I will publicly support the PBI abused, and I will also like to point out like I have so many times, that cursed be the one who harbours and hides the abuser. I do not believe in god who is not there when abuse took place, but I do believe in getting even and justice. So a day will come, when religion is weakening and becoming irrelevant to our discussion, and people’s patience is wearing thin about magics and none-sense. And a day will come, when people realize that their faith is precisely keep them bondaged, that will be the courageous day, a day of independence we all celebrate. Let me throw out a line to the abused. You have been abused by evil men and women in the past, but the worst form of abuse is to keep telling yourselves that it is OK, that god will come and help. It will not. No help will come. But there is help from human community, but if you do not get off your bud and do something yourself, I see no reason why, ever, the help will come. It says so right in my bible that god only help those who help themselves. I know yours does not. That is why I encourage you to leave you blind faith in god behind and be courageous at once, have the faith in the human community and get even. That is what I think should be done, have the atheist courage to say that no god or angels or saviours will ever come. But we must throw the shackles of fear and the fear itself away. Come, learn from the wisdom of Marina, from the Lord Ben Chung, from the Atheistsatbirth, and forget god. It is not there, and for the reading of the bible that is full of hate and fate and inconsistencies. Let me be a Yahu babble. Amen.

  11. fjc says:

    If anyone wants a comparsion take a look at how Scouts Canada handled their issue vs. how PBI responded. Absolutely day and night difference. One shone the light of day, the other retreated into darkness.

    Shame on PBI and their leadership team……and I use the term ‘leadership’ very loosely.

  12. Wanda Janz says:


    Just a thought… GOD did not cause abuse to happen, man’s own fleshly desires are responsible.

    You have free will to love and nurture your child and to be kind to other children, and so are abusers… they just choose not to.

    As for His showing up? GOD does show up… in all kinds of places and ways you may be too blind to see. It has increasingly saddened me that the faith that you once had, however fleeting, was never strong enough to overcome your anger and disappointment towards another human being. To place the blame for the loss of your own faith onto a human being shows me that it wasn’t worth much to begin with and instead of fighting for it, you have opted to let it go…

    For this I grieve for you (whether you would like me to or not).

    Sincerely always,

  13. The Lord Ben Chung says:

    Dear Wanda:

    I humbly thank you for your kindness. I no longer look to the Christian god for comfort or help, nor do I pray to him. One of the main reasons is that this lord and I grew apart, as our life experiences varied. As I said, I was raised as a fundamentalist, and reared in the context of charismatic movement and this evangelical-fundie movement. I was taught the Word of God is perfect, without mistakes in it, and where science contradicts the ‘Word of God,’ I should disregard science. I no longer do. Most people do not read the holy bible. I do, and I actually read and memorized many passages. I have read the entire thing over many times. I even study it in Hebrew, Syriac, Latin and Greek. I no longer can subscribe the inhumanity it offers. I know you have passages that offer comfort and love. I read the passages of violence and hate. It is the same author ‘god’ I guess. What I gradually find out, is that the words of the bible are not perfect, and they reflect an outdated worldview, where slaves, polygamy, and a three tier universe (heaven/earth/hell). None of these I subscribe anymore. And when I see that people of faith actually molest kids and cover up, and the abused refused to come forward for the fear of god and the destruction of christ’s ministry. This is why I lose it. I think their god is a false god (if there is one), and that their lack of courage is a reflection on their own god, and I see no way out of this mess. As I said many times, it takes a human community to stand up and say, “Enough,” and shut the school down, or the churches down (the abusers churches), and put these away. I see no other way, I think it is a god-given right to get even, and without it, no matter what you say or do, is not enough. Your body tells it like it is. You subconscience tells it like it is. Fact is, there is no such a god and better to face it with our courage. If there is God out there, please join us in our endeavor. I would add here, that courage is divine, it is a quality of God, for me, it is God.

    But I humbly thank you for your kinds, if it helps you to pray, please do so often. I no longer do. But I like you and your family. I offer my best wishes on raising them in a safe and loving environment. Thank you once more.


  14. Angelyn says:

    There seem to be two concurrent themes going on here – one, the issues of sexual abuse at PBI, and two, faith/religious beliefs.

    About the sexual abuse issues, I would add that sexuality and personal power are entwined in human nature. When one with greater power imposes a sexual experience on one with lesser power (less physical power, less information, less experience, etc.) the survivor’s sense of legitimate personal empowerment is damaged. It is the same whether the abuse comes about through violent coercion or seduction.

    Therefore, to become an activist in one’s own cause is far down the road for most survivors. Many NEVER retrieve a healthy sense of personal empowerment after being sexually abused, especially as a child or youngster. And without a healthy sense of one’s legitimate personal power, one cannot wage such a battle – and in our society today, it IS a battle, as we are seeing.

    Society reinforces the victim role for survivors. How? Through our patriarchal mindset. Patriarchy mandates a hierarchy – “we” are more powerful than “them,” and “they” must never forget that, even if it means that “we” have to abuse “them” into submission. In a short 50 years, this patriarchal mindset has been called to our attention society-wide, but it still wields its domination. In the bigger picture, the abuses are just beginning to seep out of the closet into the light of day. Society has barely begun to look at these issues.

    As a therapist, I’ve been called to witness in court regarding suspected child abuse cases, and it is disheartening to see the level of ignorance on the part of the legal and judicial systems. The light is just beginning to dawn, and the first step into daylight won’t be taken by survivors who can or will tell their story loudly and clearly (exceptions prove the rule).

    So, Ben, I think you are right about victims needing to tell their story in order to stem the tide of the abuses; I also think you are ahead of the times. However, I applaud you for looking down the road and seeing that this is a necessary step to be taken, but only when society at large has grown up enough to provide the support the survivors will need when, society-wide, we are ready to take that step. I agree that when victims can shout their hurt from the housetops, AND – this is key – WHEN THEY ARE SUPPORTED AND BELIEVED BY MOST – the abuses will stop. In this PBI case we see how survivors are driven back into the closet.

    As for the patriarchal mindset that keeps the predator/victim dynamic in place, it fosters a judgmental approach to human “others.” I see it is rampant in fundamentalist religious circles, no matter how much it is cloaked in “love,” “forgiveness,” “grace,” etc. In my 30 years of working with survivors (and others), I was routinely impressed by the fact that so much of the covert abuse went hand-in-hand with those entrenched in fundamentalism.

    I appreciate your work, Linda; and Ben, you have encouraged me to try to track the predator in my acquaintance at PBI – he would have to be upwards of 90 years old now, if he’s still alive. Of course this wouldn’t be with any lawsuit in mind, just to bring a little more light into this whole dark area of our times in my own personal arena.

    The work of eradicating this blight of sexual abuse has barely begun, and it won’t move ahead in leaps and bounds. Hopefully, though, it WILL move ahead.

  15. Bene Diction says:


    Well said. One of the things which prompted me to start documenting, was a chapel service held the end of November at PBI.

    Apparently students had requested the service to pray for PBI Survivors.
    I can appreciate the student body was scared their potential degrees might be worthless, understandably young people in a closed milieu leap to catastrophic thinking and need reassurance from those tasked with educating them.

    This service was not the kind of education I’d want anyone I care about receiving.

    Peter Mal and Phil Callaway stood up and read emails from supporters and the message was clear – ‘look who our powerful friends are.’ It was one of the most ill-advised and blatant displays of power I have witnessed. I know for a fact that permission to read the emails was not sought from the writers.
    It was such a power trip the few emails which didn’t take sides and expressed empathy for Survivors stood out. Operative word – few.
    The name dropping would have been funny if it hadn’t been done with the utmost seriousness.

    The devil was blamed, the chapel service was one the most interesting displays of patriarchy power dynamics I’ve witnessed, and I don’t believe for a nano-second the glaring ignorance was wilful. It is what PBI culture is in all it’s glory; the us/them dynamic, in which one of the underlying messages is, ‘look who we are, don’t mess with us. We have God, you are of the devil, and isn’t it great of us to pray for you.
    We have powerful supporters and we have God.’
    It was interesting to see one group of people sacrificed on the power alter for another group. Tribalism at PBI is alive and well.
    I remain amazed that Mal and Callaway were so clueless.
    I lost a great deal of respect for Phil Callaway that day.

  16. The Lord Ben Chung says:

    Bene and Angelyn:

    I lost my respect for Phil Callaway a long time ago. He served under our infamous Ohlhauser and he cooperated with him fully, and was secured in his position while everyone was fired. You know something was wrong. He cooperates whoever in power, and now it is blatantly obvious that he sides with the powers that be, and forget god and forget the abused. I think he is despicable.

    As for my own journey, it is always a blessing to have a proper therapist on board. I think my own journey is reflected in these posts, and as a former fundie with a sincere faith in god and his followers, I became faithless after serving Ohlhauser, and given my miniscule portion of my two ‘minas’ and what little we had to the school and only to have the guts ripped out of us by the stories of the abused.

    I am beginning to see that there is a trait in the abused, either in the childhood while they were abused, or it has been developing this way, and it is something like a fog holding onto a person, subdued, worthless and faithless and fearful without courage. This is what our abusers count on to keep on abusing others. If you think that God is truth, and immaterial, and when we operate in truth we are it or closest to it, that is why I think it is best to throw the concept of their god out the window, be courageous first to do that, and then to hold the abusers accountable. Look, everyone dies, and when it happens to our abused, why would you want to spend the eternity with the sexual molesters anyway? Isn’t that a form of godly abuse? So it makes less sense to me every day to hold onto the concept of the Christian evangelical god. I think it is the courageous thing to assume godhood yourself, and act, truthfully and courageously. When you die, you will not regret this life. As I said many times over, don’t blindly worship god, but let god worship you. That is what I mean, so says the Lord, I mean, the Lord Ben Chung.

  17. fjc says:

    Ben…there are many people at PBI who just ‘rolled over’ either because it was in their own personal interest or because it was the easiest path.

    Sometimes the easy path is not the right path. I sometimes wonder just how many people (other than the victims) at PBI knew the truth and failed to come forward or worse encouraged victims to remain silent.

    I cannot image living with this knowledge, knowing that you could have done something, or spoken out, but did not. I can only hope that these people live in their own Hell because they have earned it.

    Sympathy. I only have sympathy for the victims. |There is no room in my heart for the perps or the cowards who shielded them.

  18. The Lord Ben Chung says:

    I lost my faith, in Prairie, Prairie folks, the abused who refused to come forward, the enablers like Mark Maxwell, and the god which I no longer respect. That is why I call myself the Lord Ben Chung. TLBC is a hard pill to swallow for the devout evangelicals, but unto us a sign is given, and the government and truth shall be upon his shoulder. That is, TLBC!

  19. Angelyn says:

    Ben, I think it would help you to understand those you call “the abused who refuse to come forward” if you were to discover the little booklet “Sex and Religious Fundamentalism – an academic approach to the effects of religious fundamentalism on the development of human sexuality.” It’s available on Amazon books, just $6.45, and there’s currently a new one listed for $4.54 – less on Kindle.

    Also, fyi, I have learned through the vast internet library that the man who assaulted me at PBI 50 years ago died in 1994. He worked in the boiler room and his wife (also now deceased) was my Sunday School teacher and made a practice of inviting “her girls” to hang out at their home. If anyone reading this had a similar experience I can validate your memories.

    Actually, that personal saga was one step in my leaving the fundamentalist camp – not only for what he did, but also, and even moreso, for the disbelieving responses from trusted, upstanding people I told at the time, and for the victim-blaming and abuser-sheltering authorities. For it was clear to me, even in the culture of the 1950-60′s and in my naive teens, that if I took the information any further I’d be the messenger who was shot down for delivering an unwanted message.

    In the last couple of decades I have taught many survivors these things, and in this order:

    1) They are not to blame for the abuse. When they grasp this cognitively AND on an emotional level (the work lies in training the feelings)…

    2) Sexual abuse is a theft of their legitimate personal power. Therefore, when they are sexually abused, life has taken that power, stolen by the abuser, and the survivor’s task is now to retrieve that power that rightfully belongs to them and is hidden from them.

    3) Once retrieved, that power is available to them and when paired with the wisdom they have acquired during the intervening months/years/decades, it has awesome potential.

    4) That potential can be utilized by the survivor to the extent that s/he “pretends responsibility” for everything that has ever happened to him/her. This follows the steps listed above. In this very knowledge is power, and the danger lies in others prematurely expecting this of survivors, which results in re-abusing, or victim-blaming. For the survivors, there is awesome release and empowerment when they are able to reach and take this fourth step.

    Personally, I even assume responsibility for the parents to whom I was born, as well as every experience that has followed in my life, because in the present I cannot take control of the effects of those past areas to which I assign either blame or responsibility to someone else. “Acting-as-if” I were responsible, I can NOW control and re-direct the effects of my various experiences – I am not at their effect.

  20. The Lord Ben Chung says:

    Angelyn: I humbly thank you for a voice of sanity in the jungle of the Prairie folks’ denial. I will check into that book. As a rule, I no longer read when it comes to the subject of god, I am a theologian and this is hard to swallow for the devout folks, but I prefer to read the bible and make up my own mind. Evangelicals try to ram me and force their imperfect god ideas down my throat. I no longer believe, I am, a theologian by my own birth right. But I will check out your suggestion. Thanks. Ben.

  21. The Lord Ben Chung says:

    Brano: I have a shelf full of biblical texts: hebrew/syriac, coine greek, and vulgate. To celebrate my new found freedom, I am going to remove all of them and put up my digital camera collection! Praise god!

  22. Thank you Angelyn for your strong voice! We are naming our perps on our website at pbisurvivors(dot)com. Please send me a short statement about your abuse and I would be happy to post the allegations on our website. You can reach me at Linda@LindaFossen(dot)com. Thanks!

  23. fjc says:

    People who believe that PBI leadership acted properly over the years, and who believe that the current PBI leadership team acted properly might want to take a look at the just released Penn State report and coverage on the website.

    “Penn State’s leaders showed “total disregard” for victims of child sex abuse and failed to protect children, an internal review has found.” (

    This mirrors the tone of the Scouts Canada sexual abuse findings.

    Does anyore really believe that if a similar independent review of PBI, on more relative scale, were conducted that the outcome would be measurable different.????

    If so, I want some of what you are smoking!

  24. brano says:

    …The parallels of abuse are very similar,and most sickening!

    The independent panel investigating Pennsylvania State University’s role in the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal has determined that the school’s top leaders, including legendary football coach Joe Paterno, tried to cover up the abuse for 14 years.

    “Our most saddening and sobering finding is the total disregard for the safety and welfare of Sandusky’s child victims by the most senior leaders at Penn State,” Freeh said. “The most powerful men at Penn State failed to take any steps for 14 years to protect the children who Sandusky victimized.”

  25. Angelyn says:

    “…saddening, sickening, and sobering,” yes. For all the honest findings, the burden is slowly lifted, in increments, from the shoulders of the survivors and placed where it belongs. That is the good news.

    Linda, you’ll be hearing from me with a brief statement.

    Ben, an amusing anecdote about the booklet I recommended…

    It’s an update of a paper I wrote in grad school in 1991. I was a single mom, commuting 100 miles to school, plus making a living at the time, so I handed in the same paper in two different classes. In one class I received a C- and was told I should never have gotten in to grad school – it was a “Women’s Issues” class, and the professor was, I suspected, religious if not fundamentalist. In the other class, on “Human Sexuality,” I received an A+ and the professor asked if he could make my paper required reading for his future classes. Same paper. I think that you’ll find it refreshing, and that it will give you more factual data to support your own findings.

  26. fjc says:

    I hope that someone distributes the report to PBI alumni (not that some would read it, believe, or see any parallels to PBI) and to the current PBI student body.

    Not worth sending it to any members of the Leadership Team. IMHO, one of them would probably try to discredit the report as the ‘work of the devil’ or some such nonsense.

    It would make for interesting discussions at PBI….if the leadership even permits open and honest discussion of issues.

  27. The Lord Ben Chung says:

    I have a question, can pigs learn to fly??

  28. The Lord Ben Chung says:

    For you Prairie alumni out there, I, the Lord Ben Chung, will not be there on the campus at this time. I despise a school administration that is silent and enables the abusers of past and present to be part of the Prairie family. Please do right and worship the Lord.

  29. fjc says:

    At least 14 years of child sexual abuse was covered up to protect the schools ‘reputation’.

    Sound familiar to anyone?

    Ben….it would seem that pigs do fly in Three Hills.

    Are the alumni such a gutless and cowardly group that they too seem unwilling to force their alma mater to do the ‘right thing’? Perhaps their education was in vain.

  30. Angelyn says:


    I’ve recently come to the table, after Googling PBI for the first time since I got a computer somewhere back in the last century. Was taken aback by the scandals, but glad that the truth is rolling out amid cries of “Ouch! Stop it!” from people in power who don’t want the dirty truths to be exposed.

    Anyway, I just want to go on record that I am a PBI alumnus, class of 1963. My education there was not in vain, though it didn’t have the intended effect, that is, I quit being a good little “Christian soldier.”

    I won’t try to force PBI to “do the right thing” because I’d die trying. It won’t do the right thing left to itself. It will have to be forced from some other avenue. However, I have told my story of abuse on and named my abuser. I hope others tell their stories. If these accounts have the effect of putting pressure on PBI then great. I’m getting on with my life.

    Oh yes – what I started to say was – I am a PBI alumnus, and I DO NOT align, or ally, myself with any alumni who are involved in a coverup, in bias in favor of PBI, in “smoothing-over” with some sort of “reconciliation” and so-called “healing.” I wonder, why would they ever call it a “reconciliation”? Reconcile with PBI? With faith? Whatever does that mean? To me it’s a big red flag that such a group is not there with the best interests of the survivors in mind.

    And as for getting a third-party to intervene – depends entirely on the motives and bias of the third party. Which BEGS THE QUESTION: Is PBI itself so “gutless and cowardly” (as you aptly put it) that it won’t police itself? That it harbors and supports the offenders? That it cries in relief when the offenders get off scot-free? That it steps on the necks of those who have been offended while gazing heavenward with hands folded in prayer? Give me a break.

    Putting it off on “gutless and cowardly” alumni is like a criminal dad calling on a devoted son to atone for his own crimes. In terms of any real help for the survivors, it’s barking up the wrong tree, and the administration knows that. It’s spot-on, for continuing the cover-up.

  31. The Lord Ben Chung says:

    Angelyn, thank you for the courage to name this man. Perhaps the divine courage that gave you the ability to do so, will also allow others who tremble in silence. And as for the perpes that are still alive, watch out, you slime. The light of christ will expose you. And on that day, Mark Maxwell will resign, and others who were there were be brought up on charges. So be it, go to it, god! Amen.

  32. fjc says:

    The are two ways that member of the alumni and other supporters of PBI can voice their disgust.

    One is to simply withhold financial support. Move that support to other faith based educational institutions.

    Another is to reach out to your loved ones and others you know in order to recomment that they enroll in an institution that has a leadership team with more integrity.

    Money talks, especially with this crew.

  33. The Lord Ben Chung says:


    I think there is no god. In that case, he is not in charge, or responsible or can do a thing about a school that abused kids and the Lord. The best I can do, is to help others to abandon their faith in this type of god, and when that happens, they will have faith in the human community and courage to do the right thing. I know this is a hard pill to swallow, but for all Prairie people out there. There is no god, no angels, no saviour. You are God, and you should have the courage to do right. That is God and this is the teaching of the sacred scriptures of the Bible. Have that courage to throw off this prison, and do yourself a favor and act as a courageous human beings. Come out of hiding, and stop blaming or bitching. It gets no where. Prairie administrators will only listen, if they have this courage. They ignore you when you pray, cuz they know you will do nothing and god will not do a thing.

  34. dew says:

    for certain, Ben, Satan has blinded your eyes. I hope for your sake and for those that you have influenced, that you will return to God. You have turned away from Him and I truly hope that your eternity will not be spent away from Him. I know you don’t believe in the God who made heaven and earth, but may He have mercy on your soul.

  35. Marina says:

    You have not one shred of evidence for the existence of “Satan” and you have the audacity to call Lord Ben Chung blinded? Ben has provided ample evidence for why this merciful god does not exist but you refuse to see. Tell me why anyone who has regained their sight would ever ever go back to being blind again?

  36. The Lord Ben Chung says:

    As the bible teaches, I once was blind, but now I see. There is no god. No demons, angels, or saviours. If he were there, why did he do nothing, and continues to be absent?

  37. Angelyn says:

    “for certain,” dew?

    When I left the belief system you espouse, it was like exiting a dark barn with light coming through a knot hole. Everyone inside was told that the knot hole admitted all the light that existed, and if anyone left the barn they would be in outer darkness and drop into hellfire forever and ever. I left, and found full daylight from horizon to horizon. “God” became so big to me that I no longer use that term – it’s too contaminated with jargon, threats, smallness, etc.

    Aren’t you the one who said that the offenders have their reward in the by-and-by? That makes everything a-okay and PBI should be protected from those who would like to see the abuse stop yesterday with the offenders held to account in the here-and-now, right? Let’s get real.

  38. fjc says:

    Abuse policies mean absolutely nothing if they are not followed. Is there any indication that PBI intends to follow them? For example, is there any effective non PBI oversight?

    I have no doubt that Penn State had a very well developled and well crafted abuse policy covering everything from bullying to sexual abuse. Was it followed? No, in fact if you do a little research you will find that those oficials who wanted to uphold the policy were bullied by the powerful football leadership. Sound familar?

    What would happen at PBI? I suspect the brooms and shovels would come out, the carpets lifted, and the dirt hidden. I suspect the old song about ‘doing the work of the devil’ would be trotted out and use on anyone who did not followed the story line.

    The only avenue left if for supporters to withhold all financial support. Money talks.

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