British Columbia coast earthquake

People in Terrace, Prince Rupert,Port McNeill, Kitimat, Smithers, Sayward, and Quesnel report significant shaking from a 7.7 quake, near  Haida Gwaii, (formerly Queen Charlotte Islands) 198 kilometres south-southwest of Prince Rupert, depth of 7 km. – U.S. Geological Survey Aftershocks are occurring at depths of about 10 kilometres.

This map of a potential tsunami path comes from Global Disaster Alert and Co-ordination System.

Readers in BC  - what did you experience? Comments are open.

Update: Tsunami warning ended CBC British Columbia

Earthquake Report


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2 Responses to British Columbia coast earthquake

  1. Rick Hiebert says:

    Too far north for me to be affected, but I pray that all up there are okay

  2. ronmac says:

    What’s most shocking is that no nuclear reactor was located near the fault zone. Nuclear power plants have shown themselves to be great devices for located quake zones.

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