Will Hugh Hefner outlive his magazines?

By Rick Hiebert. All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission

Another of the spinoff “Special Editions” of Playboy has announced that it is shutting down.

I was at my corner store last night when I noticed that “Playboy’s Lingerie” also was wrapped with plastic wrapping, this time stating “FINAL LINGERIE Issue”. The front cover had a “Farewell” on it, so you didn’t have to buy the magazine to realize what was happening.

As I wrote in a post on the folding of Playboy’s special College edition, a few days ago, this may not be wholly good news for those averse to the “Playboy philosophy”. Probably the exact same reasons that played into the death of that magazine–explored in that post–are at play here so I won’t repeat myself.

One quick note though. An insert card for a subscription offer had come out of a Lingerie magazine and was visible through the plastic.

It advertised an introductory offer of 12 issues of Playboy magazine itself–the main, famous, magazine which these edition closures and probable layoffs of staff is designed to save–for only $12.

Desperation time?

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5 Responses to Will Hugh Hefner outlive his magazines?

  1. Rick Hiebert says:

    Not to dwell on the point, but I thought that a brief follow-up was merited.

    Bet that Playboy is going all out to save Playboy itself, at least to keep it in a print edition until after Hefner dies. After a suitable morning period, and a Hefner memorial edition, I’d guess it would go to an e-edition only pretty quickly. But who can say?

  2. Rick Hiebert says:

    I’ll also predict that Playboy’s editions will also be down to only Playboy itself by the spring–or summer at latest—if things are as “bad” for them as I suspect.

  3. I know that personally, the loss of the lingerie edition is going be a major lifestyle change for me. So glad this was reported here.

    Perhaps, given an aging readership and the availability of similar fare to people who own computers, you should have said “… to keep it in a GIANT print edition.”

  4. Brano says:

    The competition has grown exponentially since the early days of Hugh!
    My bet is the digital magazine,and some other re:marketing,will continue the sale$$$$$

  5. ZMT says:

    LMAO that Mr. Hiebert just “happened” to notice so much about a playboy he saw “in the store”.

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