Obama’s possible failings our fault, says the Lord

By Rick Hiebert. All Rights Reserved, Used by Permission.

If you are not a supporter of Barack Obama, you could be making the President fail. Thus saith the Lord. Per Wendy Alec, at any rate.

As you no doubt know, conservatives in the United States can be very critical of Obama. And Wendy Alec, in an e-mail and prophetic word she just sent out this morning, says that she has been worried about this since the President was first elected in 2008.

In her cover e-mail accompanying the link to her word, Alec writes this:

….I sense that the Lord has been very grieved by the flow of criticism by the Church concerning Barack Obama these past four years. Instead of fervent prayers for the President of the United States, many times it has been criticism instead that has risen to His throne.

In fact beloved, I sensed that the Father said that our words as Christians have in fact somewhat imprisoned President Obama, which has enabled a Jezebelic spirit to intensify over certain aspects of the Whitehouse..

I’d agree with Alec that we should be prayerful first, but to never critique while trying to have a Christlike attitude is wrong. We need to speak truth to power, as it were.

If Alec, in the summer of 2008, had told progressive Christians that their critiques of President Bush had caused the ongoing issues in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as the banking crisis, it would be just as wrongheaded, I believe.

There is a balance to be struck in such things, but to say: “the Lord says don’t do this at all…”? Well I don’t know about that.

I also don’t think our words have that sort of voodoo power over people, but that is a subject for another post, perhaps.

What do you think?

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32 Responses to Obama’s possible failings our fault, says the Lord

  1. jane says:

    These people are false ‘profits’ . The way this ‘prophecy’ is given would give the impression that it is on the same level of Scripture. The Bible is sufficient for all Godly living. They NEVER preach a biblical message of sin and redemption…of the command to repent and believe only on the Lord Jesus Christ. They always overlook the issue of eternal damnation of millions of souls…rather they just want what is in their wallet. Hogwash!! If people believe this stuff then there is a Scripture for that 2 Timothy 4:3 For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions,

  2. Brano says:

    whatever lord Alec is hearing from is NOT the Lord Jesus Christ!
    I believe Heretic is the word…She utters rubbish
    The painful part is watching all the lemmings on “godtv”,lap it up

  3. The Lord Ben Chung says:

    I am so happy to have found this message. I am the Lord! I encourage everyone to be the Lord! Amen!

  4. Paul D. says:

    I think… charismatics have no idea what prayer or prophecy is.

  5. Mark Byron says:

    Yes, folks, we’re probably dealing with a spiritual outlier, to be kind. However, I’d like to tackle the message rather than the messenger.

    There is something to be said for castigating the bad attitudes of a lot of conservatives, whose idea of praying for the president was praying that he fall flat on his face, or at least serve only one term. It helped create a toxic political environment where the government was seen as the enemy.

    That toxic effect of anti-Obama sentiment is far more damaging than any double-whammy that came from the prayers. Now that we’re stuck with him through early 2017, those folks might want to go to more positive prayers.

  6. Brano says:

    …This nonsense with Alec is a direct parallel,with Pat cocking

    Pat cocking,”heard” & “felt’,the lord say that the reason that Todd Bentley fell was that people were not supporting him enough and talking bad about him..bla bla bla

    Cultic,Heretical foolishness…and then some

    I wouldlike to attack the Messenger,as these people are not under Godly authority…Character or the lack thereof,needs to be examined! HELLO

  7. Susan says:

    That’s an amazing complex piece of knowledge at work there. I will prefer to stay away from it. Lots of stuff going on in that prophecy. However, I will pray for these nations and leaders. I best stay spiritually grounded for this one. In the strict sense.

  8. Brano says:

    Paint the colours you want:Deception is Deception!
    It reminds me of a Medieval movie when the Council was deciding to go to war or not.
    A leader saw two black crows flying eastward…he “Felt” and “heard” that was a bad sign
    Needless to say they lost the war…and they all became slaves…
    Tired of Mickey Mouse ,WannaBe ,profits

  9. Susan says:

    Even as early as the second century. Those with the enticing alure to knowledge about such ideas. Could be some peril if one ventures to far out of the way. Hopefully, there will be someone there to help others so they don’t stray to far.

  10. The Lord Ben Chung says:

    Susan, if you want to go all the wayback to the first century, you will find that many gospel writers copied each other, and the forged the letters of St Paul. Jude is not a proper letter, it quotes the Book of Enoch. Much of the Old Testament is a forgery, for example, the writing style of Eccl. is not from Solomon, and the book of Daniel has at least two writers. Much of what I write here is common and every day knowledge. What you hold to, is a narrow view prompted by theological perspective. Like this clown that prophesied in the name of the Lord (hebrew god?), why not have this courage, and be God, and do as you please? If they write the scriptures as they pleased, and deceived the followers of this sect, why can’t I be the Lord?

  11. The Lord Ben Chung says:

    forgeries in the Bible, by my Lord Bart Ehrman.

  12. Susan says:

    I was thinking of Gnosis.

  13. Hopesome says:

    Wendy is sounding awfully sanctimonious to me ……… Poor Obama – we the christian people must so love him ………………. he is so ‘up the creek without a paddle’ and we the christian people must annoint him ……………..

    Wendy ‘do give us a break’

    The problem is they failed to get their version of a ‘christian government and that ranckles

  14. Hopesome says:

    I am all for ‘Mea Culpa’ but not from a profit (Prophet) of their caliber, lack or suspect intentions

  15. Susan says:

    Well, I certainly have eyes to see and ears to hear that. I will enjoy researching that word. It’s good to see you Hopesome!

  16. Hopesome says:

    The battle for supremacy always leaves casualties along its pathway and the race to be in supreme power does the same ……………. a lot of christians who had backed Romney lost face in the race to the White House and are now trying to make up the ground in, as usual, a prophetic stretching of their initial direction ….Romney was much weaker on a lot of the ground than Obama and would have been co-erced by those christians who were determined to get him into power (their power) rather than gifted by them – our old ministry friends among them! The times we are in call for someone way above the circumstances to be gifting us a way out of the hell we seem to be fast sinking into and the biggest battle for supremacy takes place where …..

    across all the earth as he draws nearer to us ……….. they say the Lord sends earthquakes and floods, he doesn’ t ………….. they do, sometimes I think they would rather destroy the land than give it over to him , they have enjoyed their own power and pleasure of it and in it far too much ……….. Satan is on the run and pulling out all the stops to prevent us having HOPE as he does so; for he would take great pleasure if only charred remains were left when the Lord comes in.

    Hi Susan – am still hanging in there in the battle for life .. you too I see

  17. The Lord Ben Chung says:

    Here is a recent “Fresh Air” that talks about having a relation with God, evangelical style. Much of this is imagination, much of it is not true:


  18. Susan says:

    Is it an imagination that a human soul can be thirsty? Jesus explained, to drink of His life giving water. We need the physical nourishment, that’s true. Is that all there is, the physical? His Spirit like the wind and gifts from a devine love. Can His Holy Spirit not enrich a human life? I kept wanting to hear that. I believe He is “the washing of the water with the word” for our soul.

    I do believe that a lot of emotions come into play with the mysteries in God’s word. We humans are quite emotional. Yet, His Word touches my heart. I see this in all the Chapters in the Bible.

  19. Hopesome says:

    Mediums reflect, they say, the voices they hear and that some seek comfort from the hope that gives – people who are labelled schizophrenic, physcotic and the like also say they hear voices and most are tormented by them and take medication to eliminate the sounds of their incessant insistance to be heard. It is wise therefore to question what and who and where these ‘voices’ are said to originate from. By their fruits ye shall know them we are told and yet sometimes with a sour grape comes a sweet pill to help us digest the sometimes ‘horror’ that we are (not ) being told. Manipulation in the board room is rife and most of us are suffering as a result – so who is ‘guiding them’ into ever more greed! Where are they ‘tuned’ into – ONLY THERE OWN HOPE it seems to me, in other words they love there ‘self’ Satan as the world manifests as avarice, greed and all the dark sides of life with the sweet pill being ! shop, drink, enjoy, have another dress! new nails and the latest I pod is a must plus of course the needs of the flesh! The problem is we are now less able to enjoy the sweet pill as his manifest presence devours more and more of our hope; Whats left – anger, frustration, the desire for revenge and ultimately as we see in the east WAR in all its satanic glory. We are in ‘self destruct’ Who’evers voice is out there is not necessarily on our side it seems! Be wise as serpents for he is a great deceiver the one who CLAIMS he is GOD.

  20. The Lord Ben Chung says:

    Susan, are you the evangelical that Tanya Luhrmann describes in her book, “When God Talks Back.” Do you believe ina god that talks back, and to you specifically? What proves your experience is real comparing to all other god talks in every culture?

  21. Brano says:

    GOD talk lines up with SCRIPTURE,and the Nature and Character of GOD.God talk is always subject to Authority…There are many checks and balances…unlike other gods…aheem

  22. Susan says:

    I’ve not read her book. I did listen to the video. As for me, I try very hard to keep my life grounded in His Word. I get my nourishment from God’s Word. Just like a plant that draws nourishment from the soil. No philosophies or strang powers. His Word, a simple trust in the Holy Spirit. A Word that speaks to anyone and everyone who’s listening for Him. Remember the water. This Word, like the ocean, if full of water. It’s there in abundance.

    His love is a great mystery. I believe that when the Father reveals His love to His beloved, that sometimes were are not looking. Yet, because He is faithful He wraps us in His love, Himself.

  23. The Lord Ben Chung says:

    Susan, your wonder with this bible is amazing. I find it fascinating, and at time, totally absurd. I was one of you, that talked the talk and walked the walk. Unfortunately, I think I know the scriptures every bit that you do, just I no longer believe it as real. This Luhrmann is nice enough not to ridicule the experience, much of it, is imagination. I do not find a make believe world real, nor is real. Luhrmann is nice and none-judgemental. I am. I am the Lord, I talk to myself many times a day. And when people say they check their god talk with the word, I would ask, which part of the word, is it the best part about a woman at the well? An adulterous girl that was caught in John (which is not found in the original scripts, in other word, a forgery)? Or is it the command to kill every man, woman and child, including the unfortunate animals of that land? Or an Exodus event that never took place, or the resurrection details confused, and most likely a made up story? Which one of the verses of the bible is the perfect word of god, and which ones are you not ready to obey? Kill the gay folks? Kill the sexually active girl on marital night? Yelling at one’s parents? Sleeping with the mother in law? The bloody command to rid of the entire Canaan of its inhabitants (none of it can be verified in archaeology).

    The word of god is hateful, diseased, sick, and defective, and parts of it is forged. How can I trust God talk like this one about Obama, or yours? Is it not from an active imaginative mind? To say so properly, is it a fantasy? I say it is. This is the words of the Lord Ben Chung. Instead, worship yourself, let your god worship you, do not be afraid of such, for these are forgeries. None of it is real. Amen!

  24. Hopesome says:

    All words can be hatefull depending on who’s mouth and mind they speak our of! Wrath speaks out at times and puts the ‘fear’ of ‘GOD’ into us – maybe its supossed to; to ‘keep us in line’ on the other hand some religions see the wrath as being their justification for a religious war should the opportunity arise – many look for that opportunity and Israel is teetering in that place of shall we or shan’t we ( bring it into a full blown war or not!) right now. Everyone in the election in both camps knew that somewhere within its borders was Israel – lurking like a huge threat ready to pounce, a huge territorial mess a bit like the bible can be depending on which ‘territory you occupy at any given time! Wendy’s prophecy, so called, failed to see the behind the scenes prophecy that was taking form – hers was the sweet pill clothed in ‘sugar pie sweet honey’that walked before the ‘hidden’ ………… it was meant to distract us from the reality of exactly what is taking place …….. Some members of ministry in the wake of defeat took that defeat to a place that they could in some way save face in and in so doing took that portion of the bible they had rested in as prohpecy or whatever with them and changed the persepctive yet one more time of the written and spoken word into another distortion of the truth. Muddy the waters and keep them guessing! is a remit of who……… confusion – and who likes to keep us confused …… that seed of hatred called mans inhumanity to man ……… so who planted and created that seed and why. Maybe those prophets of so much doom and double edge swords can enlighten us!!

  25. Susan says:

    I read a story about a cessna that had crashed. The picture used in the image was a different plane. For some reason they used the wrong image for the cessna. Not sure why.

    I don’t think I see more or less than anyone else about God’s word. I do see this, that these authors of the NT , in the first century, did not foresee they were writing scripture. I think because of the application of the Masorah, I have a more clear image. Because of those who took great strain to press on with God’s word, we have a book that everyone can read.

  26. Hopesome says:

    QUOD ERAT DEMONSTRANDUM then is a definition of ……………..

    the biblical

    We await the outcome ………..

  27. Susan says:

    Philippians 4:8
    And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise. (NLT)

  28. Hopesome says:

    I am all for that Susan whilst at the same time am totally aware that there are those that are hidden behind the veil of such sweetness and deception that like the gorgon who had to be defeated through her ‘reflection’, for she hid her reality from us by being clothed in ……………….. so must we remember that all on the surface is not what it may seem, be, or worthy of our love, life, or passions. If you want to deceive people you give them a ‘line’ or prophecy whilst behind the scenes you are wheeling and dealing (just like the banks! energy companies and so on as is being revealed right now) to keep them deflected and diverted from any pathway but your own. Deception is rife and discernment the precious gift we are all but denied save for the ‘basics’ that keep us happy and feeling like we ‘know’.

    We all have a capacity to deceive; some are better at it than others!

  29. DG says:

    So according to this logic John the Baptist was wrong to point out Herod’s sin and he should have been more ‘supportive’. Interesting perspective, to say the least.

  30. Hopesome says:


    I don’t perceive base line logic —— you do!

    Neither do I perceive base line analysis —– you do!

    If indeed its my comment you refer to

  31. Brano says:

    Define,’base line logic” & base line analysis”…sounds very pseudo intellectual

  32. Hopesome says:

    Opposite of Base Line : to rise above

    I rose above his comment: it took my word – to his place -and ‘de-railed’ its content and he knew it.

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