His Mom has extra reasons to cheer?

By Rick Hiebert. All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.

Fans of the Calgary Stampeders in Sunday’s Grey Cup may be interested to know that one of their players takes a position on the long running Anglican debate over whether gays should be ministers in that church.

Jon Cornish has good reason to do so, reports Cam Cole in today’s Vancouver Sun. His mom, Margaret is an Anglican minister, with a female partner, and his repect for the both of them has led him to become involved in You Can Play movement.

Says Cornish:

“I’m actually pretty outspoken. I don’t like certain slurs being used, and any time I hear them, I speak up,” he said. “I think for the most part, my team’s pretty respectful. We have a lot of smart people on this team.

“People are always surprised when I tell them about my mom’s situation, but for me, it’s something I’m proud of. Because she’d been through a lot, and she finally found someone who she loved, and for me, there’s nothing more positive in the world.”

Stamps coach John Hufnagel, quoted in the same story, is concerned that any gay player can throw, run fast, and catch, but adds “It’s a free country.”

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13 Responses to His Mom has extra reasons to cheer?

  1. Rick Hiebert says:

    The story refers to another paper’s reference to Margaret’s “wife”, so they are almost certainly married.

  2. ronmac says:

    Leafs GM Brian Burke could certainly identify with him. Come to think of it, Cornish and the rest of the Stamps were so bad in the GC that they were playing like the Leafs.

  3. Mark Byron says:

    Interesting story; it seems the most discrimination Cornish sees is that he’s Canadian in a sport that assumes that Americans are better and has to have quotas on “imports.”

    It’s interesting to see Hufnagel as the coach; I recall him as a smart-but-under-talented Penn State quarterback of four decades ago. As much as it’s easy to rag on Paterno with 20/20 hindsight, he did tend to produce well-rounded gentlemen who look at the content of folk’s character rather than their demographic group.

  4. John Payzant says:

    Time will tell when it comes to these sorts of things.

    We all need good persons around us

    Good friends & company are nice

    Persons who are mentors are good to have.

    The Book of Proverbs has many passages on Wisdom, Understanding, Discernment and Knowledge.

    This mentions about wise choices in friends too.

    We all need good friends and need to be good at choosing friends as well.

    I don’t think this above situation is too common

  5. John Payzant says:

    This is a matter as to what God’s Will and Plans are for us all in our lives.

    Praying to the Heavenly Father Jehovah God

    Asking the Holy Spirit to speak to us through the Word of God

    Ending the prayer in Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

    Taking the time to Pray the Psalms as well is good.

    Christian Fellowship is important too.

  6. hopesome says:

    Standard Practice is what! -

    Standard Practice is becoming what! -

  7. John Payzant says:

    hopesome re standard practice

    I was born in 1960 and my parents were born in 1931

    In those days most persons married and stayed that way.

    There were father and sons nights at Boy Scouts and practically everybody showed up

    My parents separated when I was 10 was very hard on me.

    So, I had nobody to go with me at Father and Sons night

    My mom was part of a Formally Married Club that met in North Vancouver.

    She found someone from the Formally Married Club to go with me to Father and Sons night

    We all need human company but is marriage necessary to fulfill this need?

    I’ve heard that divorce rates can be high amongst clergy whereas Roman Catholic clergy don’t marry.

  8. John Payzant says:


    I read the Book of Proverbs is the Book of Wisdom

    There are passages about wisdom, understanding, discernment and knowledge.

    Marriage is a labour of love is a lot of work.

  9. hopesome says:


    Standard Practice is what we have …………….. A diverse world full of contradiction; a world we fight over and devour and abandon when the going gets tough…………. a world full of diverse pathways easily justified and taken because we NEED …….. that practice can easily get more and more into and of itself if we are not careful………… one half of us throwing caution to the wind and saying ‘what the heck’ the other half becoming more and more self righteous as a result and the middle section of us all sitting on the fence constantly oscillating between the two …………… more of that would eventually devour us as decent human beings as we battle for our own corner of existence and belief ……… Is that what we want – ‘ more of the same’ but wrapped up in a better package ……. Heaven forbid I hope not ……….. Lies abound us and I am tired of battling my way through them am tired of being scarred by their hatred but as I look around I wonder if we are ready for the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth because maybe the deception has been so great that its unveiling would kill us …………… Lord have mercy is something we as the people we are in the places we sit will never understand untill we take a walk with NO MERCY

  10. hopesome says:

    For me standard practice is not enough …………… but the vessel I am has to be cleaned before I can go beyond its boundries

  11. John Payzant says:


    put on the full armour of God

    The Helmet of Salvation is the mind of Christ, shield of Faith, Breastplate of Righteousness is the Spiritual Hedge, Loins girded in the Truth, Feet shod in the Gospel.

    Trust and have a personal Faith for Salvation in God

    Love God and Neighbour

    The Joy of the Lord is our Strength

    Following Jesus in Newness of Life

    We’re new creations in Christ, the old has gone, the new has come

  12. hopesome says:


    Thank you

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