Fumbling this political football?

By Rick Hiebert. All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission

Damian Goddard, the sportscaster who was dismissed from SportsNet for sharing his views on gay marriage, knows exactly why the Argos won the Grey Cup this year.

It’s due to Argo team discipline and taking few penalties, he says in this video. And, you can extrapolate that, he goes on to argue, to support various so-con views.

Two questions.

Had the Stamps won, would Goddard say that that proves the inherent moral superiority of ordaining gays and lesbians in the Anglican church? Jon Cornish’s mom is a lesbian Anglican minister, and he is very supportive. Had he starred in the game, would that prove that Cornish’s position on the gay ministers question was right? Goddard would fall all over himself to not say so–so why use *that* sort of logic here? Follows here, follows if the other gay-positive star’s team wins, right?

What if–in a hypothetical different matchup–the Argos had also been disciplined in regards to penalties, but had been playing my beloved B.C. Lions instead? Had the Lions won in that example, as I would say would have been likely…would Goddard have made a “The Argos lost in a way that supports my own personal values…” video? Doubtful.

In contrast, I appreciate Cornish’s own view, as cited in my previous post. Whether he is a star or a third-stringer, he loves his Mom and believes as he does because he holds those to be the best views. Full stop.

I wonder–was Goddard sacked because his former bosses saw that he had a general propensity for logical own goals when straying away from straight factual reporting?

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2 Responses to Fumbling this political football?

  1. Bene Diction says:

    One of the difficulties with Damian Goddard’s version of being sacked by Rogers is that – it is Goddard’s version in the media.
    His last update on his case was October 28th (in mediation).

    Rogers hasn’t commented on his employment, since the CHRC is involved, other than what I put in a post at the time.

    So all we have is Goddard’s opinion as we do re: the Grey Cup win.

  2. Rick Hiebert says:

    Indeed, BD, thanks for the clarification. This video say, may show that he could have a problem with thinking things through as any journalist should, whatever their ideology.

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