Todd Bentley–MP died because he worked to have me banned from Britain

By Rick Hiebert All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.

Don’t mess with Todd Bentley. He’ll have you “whacked” by the Lord.

One of the local papers in Croydon, England–where Todd Bentley was to evanglize earlier this year before he was banned from entering by immigration authorities–is rightly appalled by Bentley’s latest action.

Local MP Malcolm Wicks, who had lobbied to have Bentley restricted passed away of cancer on September 29. The Croydon Guardian, noting that Bentley has recently released a video touching on this, is aghast after what Bentley says on the subject:

Footage has now emerged of Mr Bentley telling followers that 65-year-old Mr Wicks’s death on September 29, after a battle with the disease, was “the Lord’s justice” for his opposition.

In the video, Mr Bentley says God had told him in a dream after the ban that “something very significant” would happen on September 29.

He says: “One thing that is significant about the whole thing is the Lord’s justice.

“On September 29 I was preaching in Ohio when I got a report that the man who lead the campaign against us in England had died suddenly of cancer.

“This was a clear release of God’s presence and power. The fear of the Lord is going to come.”

The leader of Croydon’s munincipal Labour politicians sees this as “sick and abhorrent.”

[UPDATE Big huge elephant-sized thanks to Bene D for transcribing the relevant quotes here in the comments. I’m sure he has it bang on. The Croydon Guardian pulled them from the video which is on the front page of Bentley’s website as I update this here until Bently thinks to pull or edit it.

Thanks, thanks thanks. My six day 50 hours a week job does interfere with my blogging. ;) Thanks to Bene D for stepping in, and back to what I had previously observed.]

I heartily agree, but I’d like to add a few things.

How does Bentley expect to ever be let into Britain again if immigration authorities realize that he’s basically said. “The Lord killed the man who had me banned. Good.” How stupid is he?

Why didn’t the Lord kill me after my Report newsmagzine stories on Bentley, which Bentley saw as so damaging that he has to slam them in his autobiography?

It’s ironic that only recently Bentley was talking about the Lord restoring and being merciful. Buit only for him, I guess. God has no mercy for Labour MPs? No restoration for them?

“As ye sow, so shall ye reap,”, Mr. Bentley.

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30 Responses to Todd Bentley–MP died because he worked to have me banned from Britain

  1. Rick Hiebert says:

    Big thanks to the Croydon Guardian for noticing this so that I could too.

  2. Rick Hiebert says:

    At work, but will try to find the video clip in question if I can…

  3. hopesome says:

    The video clip is on todds web site:

    Once again I AM APPALLED and to listen to Bentley and Joyners justification of the events that took place in Britain renders me in a fury that far outways any that maybe winging its way in our direction from the Americans resentment of British discernment for once being spot on. Joyner, this ‘great man of god’ insights venom and resentment every time he opens his mouth be it against muslims, the president or now it seems Britain. I will say this to both Joyner and Bentley you are so out of order on this one that any revival in the British hope is now out of your jurisdiction; we do not want your kinda Jesus in Britain or the divine justice he seem to dish out we deserve more that a two bit healer’s threats or prayers when they are tinged with hatred. Amen and Amen

  4. Brano says:

    Todd is simply trying to get ANY media attention that he can get
    Sensationalism = Bookings=$$$

  5. anastasis says:

    One thing that is significant about the whole thing is that Todd didn’t make his claim that “God had told him in a dream after the ban that ‘something very significant’ would happen on September 29″ until after September 29 !

    So, Todd, how do we know that this isn’t just another one of your many lies? I always remember Robert Ricciardelli saying back in 2008 that those closest to you considered you to be a “pathological liar”.

  6. John Smith says:

    These statements you are making are complete rubbish. As someone who was actually in attendance at this meeting Todd did nothing but honor this gentleman. They held a time of silence and reflection as well as praying for the family and all those involved. Get your facts straight before you victimize and attack someone or a situation you have no business even injecting upon. I suggest possibly a hobby if you can not find something better to do with your time. Blessings and may the Lord truly manifest in your life where you give the same grace and mercy he has poured out on you.

  7. hopesome says:

    Having looked and studied the video it seems to me that Todd ‘s words and the language he uses are what keeps the audience spell bound – His speech is fast and furious and calls everyones attention to his words – His voice is coated with hope and wonder and that entraps one into listening with avid intent and then enraptured to go in search of his so called healing powers. The actual healing is minimal by comparison – in other words he talks huge and produces very little – subterfuge

    theres a saying that (sorry about this) bull……… baffles brains its true ……………. you get so caught up in his manna you lose all sense of real.

  8. anastasis says:

    hopesome, what you’ve just described is hypnotism!

  9. hopesome says:


    Lulling people into a sense of – is a form of hypnotism – listen to the music playing when you walk into a shop, psychologicaly its supposed to make you want to purchase more! Our senses get assaulted with ‘good things, especially sounds the whole time and the voice at the end of the day is a sound, its clever when you think about it – its probably the senses that keep us, for the most part happy, sound, taste, smell touch and so on.

  10. Rick Hiebert says:

    Hopesome–I am looking, but could you point me to which video and where in the message he says this?

    I knew that the British paper could not be totally making this up, but if we could point right to it…

    I am thinking that my doing a transcript of the releavnt part might be in order…

  11. hopesome says:

    The video I was comenting on was on Fresh Fire’s web page: Theres an article in the Croydon Guardian where some of the clergy are expressing outrage at Todds interpretation of the MP’s death. Todd lacked sensitivity on this one.

  12. John Hayworth says:

    The late Croydon M.P. wasn’t the only person to campaign against BentLies coming to UK. We should not forget that Mr. BentLie is totally unrepentant of his divorce and quick remarriage which, according to the words of Jesus Christ, makes him an adulterer.

    “And He said to them, “Whoever divorces his wife and marries another woman commits adultery against her;” (Mark 10:11)

    Which also carries another sanction:

    “Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers…….” (1 Corinthians 6:9)

    Also being a self-confessed child molester should also be justification from keeping him out of the UK!

  13. I was also one of the people who petitioned the government to the Home office to have Todd Bentley banned from the UK.

    Thus saith the Lord “Todd Bentley his mouth has been stopped” through his word has confermed what the Lord has done with Todd he is going to be dealt with by God him self, Pedophiles who are still on the child protection register should never be given access to any child, well at least from the UK, my prayers have been answered, the MP who died probly had suffered with cancer long before this whole fiasco.

    TITUS 1

    10 For there are many unruly and vain talkers and deceivers, specially they of the circumcision:

    11 Whose mouths must be stopped, who subvert whole houses, teaching things which they ought not, for filthy lucre’s sake.

    12 One of themselves, even a prophet of their own, said, the Cretians are alway liars, evil beasts, slow bellies.

    13 This witness is true. Wherefore rebuke them sharply, that they may be sound in the faith;

  14. Bene Diction says:

    transcription from video Fresh Fire USA
    (the player doesn’t imbed it is currently the latest video on the front page)

    Bentley is talking about a dream he had.


    The fact we were right here in Morningstar is significant, because this represents the prophetic movement, and a lot of what God is doing, not only here, but in a lot of great prophetic churches and ministries and prophets all over the world, but for many years Morningstar has been on the cutting edge, pioneering, and I believe coming into a new season again pioneering a lot of what is happening in the prophetic movement, so, that’s been the ministry here, um, before our time.

    And so, the fact we were in this venue has a lot to do with the international anointing that’s here, and the restoration, but in this dream when I said to the man, “God doesn’t talk to me like that,” he said, “The Lord said this time, mark your calenders September 29th, it’s the day of new beginnings. Everything is going to become new, something is going to be released.”

    And I woke up from the dream and I said, “Lord, I don’t even, I don’t know what it means, all I know is this shift, like a divine plumbline that is going to come September 29th, and something is going to happen that is very significant, I didn’t know if it was for the world, I didn’t know if it was for an individual, I didn’t know if it was for, I didn’t, I knew it would be for me in some capacity, but I didn’t have the full revelation at that time. And, so, I’ve been waiting for that day to come, September 29th.
    In the meantime, many of you who have followed our ministry and prayed for our ministry, and we just thank you for that, are aware in the last six weeks or so, that we had a world tour that we were going to be over in England, and uh, some of those countries over there, Wales, Ireland, in the UK, we love England, we love the UK, I don’t know if we have anyone here visiting, but we just absolutely pray for revival, we believe a great revival is happening and is going to come in England and in the UK, great destiny, and I really need to say that.


    But, uh, we came against some resistance, and I know it wasn’t the Lord, but uh, it got the media and uh a lot of people around the world, especially there in the United Kingdom, newspapers and different things like Huffington Post and The Guardian and BBC and all these major media outlets, which we haven’t really seen, the media having such and interest in what we were doing since the height of the revival in Lakeland Florida when it was at it’s strongest, that was the, that was really the last time there was such a media frenzy.
    And one of the controversies that was all over was one of the headlines that made the newspaper over there in London was ‘faith kicking evangelist that kicks a woman in the face to cure cancer.’ And it kinda made all these newspapers and they, it went viral and they started picking up all these stories about, you know, unorthodox methods of healing, and that uh, this man has a violent ministry, and uh, started to portray some things in the media, and uh, it was surprising to me how quickly it became front page news in all the newspapers, and started spreading all over the world.


    There was an individual who was an MP in England (Rick Joyner interrupts with “a Member of Parliament) yeah, a Member of Parliament, outside of uh, uh, the city of London in a place called Croydon, which is one of the areas where they were going to host us for four days in one of the city halls that we had there, and there was some people who heard we were coming and uh, Rick’s always said over the years I probably had a gift of controversy, and uh, I think we helped the devil out sometimes more than we needed to, but uh, never the less, some of these things in reports, you know, uh, got to one of these individuals that was involved in gov, for over 20 years, one of the highest uh, uh men that was part the Labour m? at one time in London,

    Anyways, he got some reports from some people in the city that I was coming, and they begun to look at my background and my testimony and begun to look at some things that were on the internet of course and uh, got very concerned that this kind of an individual was going to come into their country and come into their city, and so, he led a campaign, a band, that made it up to the highest levels of government in England, and they, make a long story short, they banned us from the country. Not denying us a visa, there was no visa process, there was no, it was just an outright ban, from the highest level of government. In fact I picked up my telephone 12 hours before I was going to get on my flight to spend this month in the UK, and when my telephone rang and I answered it, it was the court, reading out in the court, in England, right up to the highest level of government, and basically saying, you, you, we don’t want your threat to British society, and we don’t permit you, you’re banned, without any appeal, there can be no process.
    In fact a lawyer that thought, well that’s not the case, theres always a process, started getting involved and took up our case and then finally came back to us just a week or so ago and said, “Yeah, I’m sorry, but in this instance, there really is no process, this is from the highest authority, this is like getting all the way to the President, this is like from the top,” and I just, you know, saw such a resistance, because really what we’re standing against is healing, and miracles and signs and wonders. And uh, it made the headlines, especially over there in the UK.

    So I said,”well Lord, we put it in Your hands, we’re going to pray for the goverment in the UK, we’re going to bless England, we’re going to love them, and when God closes one door, He opens another, and the door was opened and we went into Norway, we went into Finland, we went into Austria, Germany, and we went into Rome, and uh, and uh, then we went to Jerusalem and God just opened wide the rest of Scandinavia and central Europe, and we saw some of the most incredible, notable, remarkable miracles take place, um, in just those few weeks, that were over there in Europe, God really opened some doors and really showed up in power and thats the way that it is, when one door closes, God opens another door.


    And I think (turns to Rick Joyner) Is there anything you want to say?
    (keeps talking)

    I think one thing that’s significant about the whole thing is uh, the Lords justice is a word that we have in our spirit, and I’m going to share a testimony with you thats very sobering and very alarming, and I think we’re going to take a moment and pray today for some people in government in England, in the UK and we’re going to pray for a gentleman’s family.


    But, uh, September 29th, I was preaching in Ohio, and just before midnight, I got a report that the man that led the ban and the campaign against us in England died suddenly of cancer, on September 29th.


    Remember the Lord said, mark your calendar. Now this is an important revelation.


    And I almost, even just sharing the story with trepidation, I, I, I, started weeping. And I thought, Lord, this man had been battling with stage 4 cancer, and led the campaign and all the news reports were faith kicking evangelist that cures cancer, and it was all against whether there’s been anybody who has really been healed of cancer.
    And I thought, Lord, I’ve never been banned from a country, I’ve never been, you know this is like Smith-Wigglesworth kind of things, and I don’t have time to address all the controversy, I’m sure there are people who are going, ‘yeah, what about that, did you kick a woman with your biker boot in the face, what about those people that you punched and slapped and kicked, and you know, the untold story is that out of the 13 isolated incidents in faith healing ministry in the last 15 years, where I’ve operated in the gift of faith, which I would call like Smith-Wigglesworth, every one of those cases were healed. And that none of the individuals on the other side, had any problem at that time, nor has our ministry received one lawsuit, for any kind of violent ministry. You’d think that if we had this ministry that was really hurting people, we would probably have a few arrests, or a few police, or you know, something, but uh, in 15 years we haven’t had one individual that’s ever claimed an injury, brought a lawsuit, but you know you don’t hear the other side of the story, but never the less…


    You hear a lot of rumours that there are lawsuits and all this. Not true.


    Yeah. But when the Lord came to the dream I had no idea what was coming because the only promise that I received was, in the ninth month, September, 29. And I kept thinking about the scripture, Haggai 2:9. And it was in the ninth month that God gave the promise that the greater glory, that the latter house shall be greater than the former house and all I know is God saying, staring September 29th there is something of the realm of my Glory, my Presence and power that’s going to show up and all things are going to become new and the church is going to be able two years from now look back and mark that from that day there was a clear release of God’s presence and power. And I had no idea, and I’d like to just take a moment if we could, can we take one minute and pray for this gentleman by the name of Malcolm Wicks that died on September 29th from cancer.


    Now I really believe that his family needs our prayers and we just need to take a moment right now and say Lord, let Your glory, You turn all things together for good, that we want Jesus to be lifted up and glorified, and we just want to take a moment right now and bless and pray for Gods outpouring in England, for the revival that’s going to happen in England and in the UK and we wanna thank you right now Father for a sovereign move, a sovereign outpouring of grace and power, and that we wanna ask right now Father for those that are grieving, what a loss it is oh God, and we need to pray for those that are in authority, Lord, and so we wanna pray today for every individual that was affected by this mans life and this mans death, we pray that they would have the revelation of Jesus Christ in their heart, that You could reach them oh God, that you can make Jesus real the them Holy Spirit. We pray today that they would have the comfort that heaven brings, that they would have the revelation that heaven brings, that they would have the healing that heaven brings, in Jesus name, and Father we pray that the greatest revival in Europe that it would come out of England that it would come out of the UK God, and that that government would come into revival God, we pray for them today, we bless them today, in Jesus name.



    It said, mark your calendar. Now I think this represents the major opposition, this was the biggest opposition I’ve seen, a whole country banned somebody, a preacher of the gospel, now, look at some of the crazy people that get in that country. Terrorists, and I mean, but this, mark this day, God is removing opposition from his people. He is going to take the opposition out of the way. And listen, we need to let the pure and holy fear of the Lord come upon us too.

    Bently goes on to preach about revival using Ananias and Sapphira and how his ministry is increased since September 29th (ie: an amputees stump grew 3 inches, a man gets a new heart, and another a new knee etc) And he goes on about another dream he had September 29th.

  15. Miguel Hayworth says:

    Bene I dont fall for all this supersticious nonscence Bentley has been exposed.

  16. Bene Diction says:

    John Smith:

    The statements have been transcribed from that meeting – Bentley said he was putting it out there for people listening to make up their own minds.

  17. Bene Diction says:

    Thanks Miguel, I agree.

  18. Rick Hiebert says:

    John–Didn’t mean to imply that Wicks was the *only* fellow on the ball, but your correction is duly noted.

    Post is amended to thank BD for his help. :) Hopefully the video doesn’t go Pfft, but we are covered if it does. ;)

  19. Rick Hiebert says:

    I see in Bene D’s transcript that Rick Joyner was listening during Bentley’s remarks on the MP’s death.

    So doing a rhetorical touchdown dance around Wick’s grave is fine by you, Mr. Joyner? :)

  20. me says:

    Big congrats to Bene D and Rick for surviving! Thumbs up!

  21. sinvee says:

    Sometimes God just closes doors. This is what God did to Todd in London. He closed the door. Todd lied his way to the top of his spiritual social class. He still fabricates. I wish he would just get a job and learn how to be a Christian out of the limelight. Some of the ministers I know got into fulltime ministry and lost themselves in the limelight. Pastors with 100-member churches needing body guards. Pastors who steal from sheep by using the lying tithing doctrine as their mantra. It all sickens me. I am a lone ranger Christian due to much of this. Although I am never alone with Christ.

  22. hopesome says:

    Rick Joyner has a lot to answer for keeping the ‘lie’ in place, he is a manipulation of the biblical and the people he is supposed to be ‘fathering’ – Morningstar needs a good clean out it goes round and round feeding off itself and others needs, a bit ike the church has become in America, and the only sharing that goes on there is to keep the somewhat sinking ship afloat and Joyner and his ‘friends’ in the forefront of our salvation; Heaven forbid I would rather go smell the roses for my salvation and get a good cup of coffee instead of starbucks bilge water, that be subject to ‘the American Dream’ of ruling the world and us minions in it.

    Salvation comes in many forms I just don’t think theirs is Kosher frankly.

  23. anastasis says:

    Hopesome, it is very hard to know what’s going on inside Bentley and Joyner. I’m reluctant to say this but there has been so much falsehood that I find it impossible to believe that they are just deluded – they must be aware that they are conning people. The issue is, of course, that their activities bring status and money. They’re not going to admit it’s all a scam and see their empires crumble.

    As you suggest, it seems unlikely that someone who is truly saved can constantly tell lies like this.

  24. hopesome says:


    The bible says we should have our minds renewed: The church would like us all to be in their ‘mind’ because salvation and godliness have usually meant ‘an ok state of mind to be in’, which at the moment as its house is being cleaned is proving to be less than the truth.

    Your right they won’t give up easily but as people see more and more that godly though America is it needs salvation from the double edged sword it gifts us ie: The Lords protection on the one hand (so called) and guns blowing brains out on the other then I hope they will begin to question who is in charge of who and why! We all have a God in us somewhere and we need to flush it out! Bentley and Joyner just have a rather larger portion of their ‘GODs’ than most of us it seems.

    No way would I like to be famous its bad enough living in a cul-de-sac with everyone wanting to know what your up to the whole time!!

  25. Rob says:

    Wow, all this crying over getting banned and not being able to visit one little town in GB.

    I assume, that a man with Bentley’s giftings must have an invitation list a mile long from venues all over the world. Surely, there are more places that need his ministry than he will ever be able to visit in this lifetime. For the sake of expediency, he must just scratch GB off his list, and move on to the next town/country that is desperately awaiting a visitation.

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  27. Susan says:

    Amos 3:7
    Indeed, the Sovereign Lord never does anything until he reveals his plans to his servants the phophets.

    So, Todd thinks this man was being punished? Todd you don’t really know.

  28. David Sloan says:

    This man is an unscritural unlerned servant of he devil, who should listten to his own preaching. GODS justice will fall as sure as night follows day, and we are to be most carefull in the things we claim in HIS name. The Bible tells us the faer of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, something I find in short supply in the church today and none existant in the money grabbing conmen like Bentley and his ilk

  29. Julian says:

    Todd Bentley is one of the grand deceivers of our time. He has in a way given himself over to a reprobate mentality and perverse spirit. He will be held to great accountability and that is a certainty gauranteed!

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