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By Rick Hiebert. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission

Todd Bentley’s infamous remarks saying that the death of British MP Malcolm Wicks was “the Lord’s justice” were, as noted in Bene D’s transcript here, were reportedly inspired by a dream that he had regarding the date Sept. 29th.

Bentley allegedly was told by God that the day would be very significant for some reason. I thought to myself–well maybe, given that, he would want to get the word out on that very day and afterwards, so that his friends could be watchful.

So, I had a look on his Twitter feed and found that on September 30, right after this crucially important dream, he was tweeting messages like this:

Todd Bentley ?@IamToddBentley

Down 60 pounds since this pic at 270

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12:25 PM – 30 Sep 12 · Details

Well, that’s nice, but what about your dream?

I’ve had a look at all his “tweets” from Sept. 29 onwards tp when I am posting and I haven’t spotted any mention of his dream, or of the passing of Malcolm Wicks and how sorry he may be about that.

There are tweets about what he eats, where he is going on his travels, his new digital book and such. He tweets about other dreams that he has had, so it can’t be that he doesn’t mention such things on his Twitter feed. He even tweets that his second wife Jessa went to a “salon for celebrities” and now looks like “Jessica the rabbit” (sic).

These various things are more significant than the particular dream and why Malcolm Wicks may have died. That was saved for a meeting that would later be saved in video form on Bentley’s website. So that we could be made well aware that he evidently aspires to inspire fear of crossing him–the possible Shaft of evangelists. Shut yo mouth, anyone inclined to restrain him.

Why wouldn’t Bentley have tweeted about that as well as Jessa’s new hairdo and his workout regimens?

Surely it is not because he is making up the dream after the fact?

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5 Responses to Twitter’s testimony about Todd

  1. jane says:

    the favourite verse of the New Apostolic Reformation puppeteers “”Do not touch My anointed ones, And do My prophets no harm.” Proverbs 105:15 (taken out of its context as they do to nearly all their pet Bible verses)

  2. Susan says:

    Obviously there is a following putting up with his gospel. There are plenty of warnings about the cunning and corrupt false leaders. I would keep an eye on the ones who humble themselves.

    There are stars that shine brightly, yet fades in the morning when the sun rises. Just like the fallen ones.

  3. hopesome says:

    I think Todds tweets show us that he is very important to himself : End of Story

    If I was struggling and financially hurting and read those tweets in the search for hope what would I find: Self

    If I was rich and could afford all the good things of life and read those tweets what would I find: Money talks !

    If I was Jesus where would you find me: Walking between both rich and poor and saying: neither rich or poor is of my doing its of yours

    Money: There is plenty to go round even in this recession: I am beginning to think we just like to see each other suffer because it makes our loss less so.

    We strip each others life lines and then expect someone to take up ours –

    To have hope needs the prescence of lack otherwise why would you need hope!

    I knew someone once who created chaos, confusion,and grief in order that he could then turn the tables into hope, come out as a hero, restore order and thereby bathe in its glory: Substance and value will be lost in the tweets of life unless we get substance and value ourselves and rise above the twitter.

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  5. Bene D says:

    Hi Jane:

    Here are my impressions of the MSNBC interview,the Howse interview and Mr. Reardon’s position.

    If the interview was scrubbed, why is it available?
    He did get his message out,live, twice. I think he is upset because it was only run once.
    I watched the MSNBC clip in question, and heard his comments about Obama, made as people were gathering to hear the President.

    I think it’s more a matter of him not knowing how media works covering live events. I’ve reported tragedies, and I don’t expect the interviewee to know how things work. You are often going to get upset people because they think they didn’t get to say what they wanted to. The tendency is to shoot the messenger. He gets to do that to his hearts content.

    These two guys from this church in Newtown, formerly from MacArthurs church were there, are there and will be there.
    They are free to hand out tracts, books, preach, set up funds etc.
    The real work begins when the cameras leave.

    On the radio show, Pastor Reardon was open about being fired from his former church, I commend him for that.
    He makes clear delineations between bible believers, biblical word view, contend for the faith, gospel outreach, biblical counselling, gospel effectiveness, sheparding etc. typical buzzwords for Calvinists and neo-Calvinists. He sees us/other, he blames media for errors in breaking reporting (a common response), doesn’t like how clergy didn’t give the ‘answers’ that he would to parents gahtered at the fire house. Yet he makes the point his church colleague did so freely.

    It’s a question of style, he is certainly not my cup of tea, and if he doesn’t like his fellow clergy, that’s his issue. He sees himself as ministering in the ‘graveyard for pastors’ and I get the feeling he’d like to be elsewhere. He doesn’t have much use for some other churches in his town, calling them ‘wide road’ and mentioned his church wasn’t full for a prayer meeting. He’s been there two years, I would think many of the other churches are better established.

    I commend him for freely admitting he isn’t part of the rest of the town (as he calls the ecumenical ‘movement’) So why complain if he wasn’t invited, and he wouldn’t participate anyway? He disapproves of how people grieve (calling spontaneous monuments ‘mosques’).

    I have no use for MacArthur, he does, and as he says he chose to “step up or shut up”. He said has been doing that, and went on Christian radio to say what he wanted to say.

    This guy was impacted by what occurred in his community, he’s dealing with it the way he has been trained to. He’s a preacher and has a need to talk. “Everything is a platform to preach the gospel, ” I fail to see how he is being prevented from relating to people the way he thinks he should.

    The pray in the name of Jesus was about a congregant in their workplace.
    Hello? I strongly disagree with any minister going into the workplace to ‘pray’ when co-workers are having a moment of silence.
    Red herring.

    He got his encouragement from callers in the echo chamber.
    It’s common for anyone who has been interviewed to do post mortems on their performance.

    He is keen on preaching to his people about asking ‘who’ instead of ‘why.’ I think he sees his role as ‘equipping the saints,’ since it’s clear he believes other Newtown churches aren’t.

    He really doesn’t like media, despite taking every opportunity to use it, and thinks because an interview was cancelled, it’s because of his message. He’s free to believe what he likes.

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