Rise of the mini-Faytenes

By Rick Hiebert. All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission

What’s new with Fraytene Grasseschi these days?

Well, those who follow her Canadian political initiative MY Canada (as it is now named) may be interested that the former Faytene Kryskow is forming local chapters of that group in several Canadian cities.

Called MY City, you may check out more about these local groups at their page on the MY Canada website here. It’s implicitly political as locals may be “volunteering for MPs in your city”, among other options.

It’s a good way to find and enlist people to help with national priorities of My Canada.

And I would think that there would probably be a lot more people who wind up volunteering for Tory MPs than for Liberals, New Democrat or Bloc MPs, but that is just an educated guess on my part.

Faytene’s Facebook Wall No. 2 announced just a few days ago that two branches of MY City have just started.

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17 Responses to Rise of the mini-Faytenes

  1. John Payzant says:

    I’m not suprised could almost see it coming in a way.

  2. Rick Hiebert says:

    Also, more people up here to do the work would allow Faytene to spend more and more time in the US, were she so inclined…

  3. Mark Byron says:

    Every town has a mini-Faytene or four (not all of them female); this lets you see who they are.

  4. Brano says:

    …I believe these new groups are called.”Extreme Faytene”,if I am not mistaken…

  5. hopesome says:

    I hope it doesn’t ‘catch on in Britain’!

    Being ‘Christian’ is fine but using it to lobby MP’s is not good, it muddys the waters, however no doubt Faytene will wallow in all the attention and glory and the miraculous wonders performed in the Canadian Parliament will be justification enough to rally her little army of ‘Sops’ into ever more …………

    If you need to ‘use’ being a christian then ‘ are you hiding behind its label’ in the hope that people will think you have all the right credentials!!

    In some cases I am afraid that is exactly the case –

    Love, honour, duty, does not wear or need a label it just is………………

  6. Brano says:

    If Faytene had any brains what so ever,She would switch to the “Red Team”.{although they are all one and the same}…at least be on a winning team!?…Blue is out…Red is coming back!

  7. John Payzant says:

    I don’t feel comfortable about this rise of the mini-faytenes

    I’ve had some pretty bad experiences with these kinds of people

    It’s a lot of an extreme Stream of Christian Worship combined with politics

  8. Brano says:

    Agreed!,a rather toxic mix..

    Faytene is a loose canon,She is not under Authority…there are no Checks & Balances

    Faytene “would say” that, Pat Cocking was her “mentor” {which is untrue},however,HOW SCARY IS THAT!

  9. hopesome says:

    Religion, any religion is a format: Its a format that ‘secures’ and allows us to feel that there is ‘back up’ when we need it: Its a framework with certain criteria wthin that framework that asks of us certain requirements.

    When back up in that manner fails us (fallen preachers ect;) then we lose heart and the framework religion supplies generally fails to ‘keep us together’ and in the process you can create within a person an ‘anti- christ ie: they become anti religious and therefore anti-christ.

    A christian run parliament therefore has the potential to create ‘as a fall out from its fervour ANTI – it also has the potential to get ‘up the noses’ of other religions and that can then easily escalate into a war of sorts as we have seen throughout history.

    We have seen the duality of many within a relgious setting and therefore it you want access to a greater passion, love, and faith along with hope to guide it you have to leave the confines of formats and frameworks – they can and do hold you captive in the end: Love should not have boundries – its the cause of most wars – The war in the east right now is about fighting against boundries – Assad wants to keep his and others don’t want him to – with all and sundry either taking sides or pitching in, religious fervour included.

    I am all for a parliament and nation that honours and respects the people that have been, in the process, entrusted to it – but religion can give the proceedings another weapon to fight with and we should be about disarming not ‘arming’ shouldn’t we:

    I have know doubt that faytene believes in what she is doing – but what if shes wrong: Joyner has also been trying to influence government-

  10. FCJ says:

    Politics and religion are a terrible mix…like oil and water.

    If you doubt this simply take a look at the sad state of the Republican Party in the US.
    Canadians have more common sense. It is why they reject the Christian Heritage Party over and over again in each election.
    If this does not convince you then take a look at politics in Isreal or perhaps Iran…wherein both instances politics mixed with religion have ended in disaster for it’s respective citizens

  11. Brano says:

    Faytene will be left in the dust,as Justin Trudeau will lead team red to victory!

    I wonder if Faytene will switch teams?

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  13. Nat1 says:

    Yesterday I watched on God tv pastor Todd Bentley preaching in Tongal Duban . I prayed in my living room .. Before I went to bed I asked God to show me if Todd is a real man of God . In my dream pastor Toddy came and Gave me 10 eggs which I took and put in my fridge .. Pls what does this Dream mean? Am confused y I should dream of receiving eggs from a pastor.

  14. Bene Diction says:

    Maybe it means you wanted (or need) eggs for breakfast – or need calcium, protein and vitamin A.

    If you want to know if Todd is a man of God, read.
    The bible says we are known by our fruit.
    What is Bentleys fruit? His character?

  15. Rick Hiebert says:

    What came to my mind was that eggs might start out good, but always go bad with time.

  16. Jackie V. says:


    The Bible condems tattoos and piercings and from what I have read, Bentley got them AFTER being saved, not before (and evidently has no conviction to have them removed). Therefore one need only look at Toddy to know something was amiss—as if ‘kicking someone in the face’ wasn’t enough of a clue.

    Type his name into Google and You Tube along with various keywords like charlatan, false prophet, snake oil, huckster (and other such synonyms)–and it will answer all your questions. Follow the same idea for any other tv evangelist you want to investigate. (‘Jesus-Is-Savior-.Com’ is an excellent website for research.) You cannot refute documented evidence from credible news sources, further substatiated with video footage.

    Here are some sage words of advice: Throw away your tv and switch to the Internet alone. Start reading the Bible (or get it on CD) and match what you read against what you hear from given preacher (s). If their doctrine does not line up with Scripture, turn them off (even if they’re popular, rich and multi-talented, with a global following), because Scripture alone is our ultimate authority (ie. sola Scriptura). Jesus saves and heals for free. Do not fall for the ’100 fold return’ line (ie. give money to get more money back) because we are not promised riches in this life. Neither are we guaranted healing. Remember that Jesus is ‘our strength made perfect in weakness.’

    Perhaps you had that dream so that I could swoop down and hatch this message, to help other newborn chicks. (LOL)

  17. Nat1 says:

    But why does he use the name Jesus if he is a devil?
    Today he couldn’t read the word blood he just said ohh cant read this word but its a nice word.
    I don’t want to judge anyone

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