GOD TV is totally fine with Todd Bentley again

By Rick Hiebert. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission

A brief e-mail from Todd Bentley’s ministry this afternoon reveals that the TV network thinks it quite alll right for the evangelist to appear on their network again starting tomorrow morning.

One of his helpers writes:

We are very excited to be announcing Todd Bentley’s return to GodTV. Rory and Wendy Alec believe the time is right for Todd and Jessa to join them in Israel to address the GodTV audience. This will be a time of restoration for many and we believe the Lord will show himself in a powerful way.….

Rory and Wendy Alec are the owners/guiding force behind GOD TV. This would naturally imply that whatever shenanigans on Todd’s behalf that were broadcast from Lakeland are just water under the bridge now.

The segment with Bentley starts at 10:30 am EST on January 20th.

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57 Responses to GOD TV is totally fine with Todd Bentley again

  1. MargieInOz says:

    Seeing as Wendy Alec is a false profit herself, claiming Jesus was going to show up, in person, at the Lakeland fiasco (interesting Toddy didn’t show up that night either) then it figures they’d be happy to entertain the sheeple with some bams, sheeka boombas and biker boot kicks, Just keep him out of Australia thanks, there’s enough religious fruitcakes here already!!

  2. Karl says:

    I hope Todd has gotten his act together and straightened up and walks right. It doesn’t bother me that ministers fall into sin or make mistakes but what he was doing was eerie and weird. I think he is redeemable, lets see what God does with him.

  3. hopesome says:

    Shows us the type of standards that dear Rory and Wendy have right!

    The clique ‘at its finest’ moving and shaking wheeling and dealing: Roll up roll up!!

    God forbid we get ‘caught up in another wave of Bull……………

  4. We all fall down and the lord picks us up. todd is no exceptional, praise god , im expecting miracles, who ever god chooses for his power to work through, is fine by me. praise God.

  5. Bj says:

    Explaining and navigating through our many sins is what most do when having an innocent affair that was not planned or any other sin that we do while having a relationship with God. It seems right at the time because our heart is filled with so much love and dedication to God. Yes, God can and will forgive.

    Just how many times do we call on God’s grace and continue our innocent sinful nature here and there? We can always explain our way out over and over again.

    I saw Todd one time on GodTV and something in my spirit spoke to me to turn him off. Two weeks later his ministry exploded. One family member told me I was wrong as they attended Lake Land and loved all that was going on. I said that I did not want any of my children receiving any of his impartations at that time.

    God forgives us all when we repent from the heart. God can use everyone that has sinned and I know that. Todd feels that people have cursed him? No, he chose and that has been his “curse”. We all chose our curses in some way. Not all have TV to explain why we sinned and blame others for curses laid upon us.

    God will have his way with all of us. I don’t need to travel thousands of miles to find God. I do not have to read every book on the market as the Bible is final word for me.
    Yes, I do love to read books, but I return to God’s word for real teachings. We all know the ending according to the bible. We know it is not going to be easy, but the human race will get there while enduring much suffering.

    Todd is paying for the consequences of his sins. We all pay for the consequences of our sins. Yet, most of us don’t have TV to explain and explain. I look to God, not Todd.

    Todd does not need my forgiveness for so much wrong he has done in his ministry. If God will use him and change him then it is done. Todd is in God’s hand and I pray that God will lead Todd to pray to God and not Emma or use any New Age portals.

  6. hopesome says:

    Water under the bridge!

    Todds biggest failing on all counts

    is his ASSUMPTION –

    He may think he is redeemed with these little acts of contrition by those in his ‘network’

    But THERE IS ONE WHO KNOWS TODD and his inermost thoughts

  7. Paintstripper says:

    Hi, just wondering why God seems to be restricted to moving via Todd and Jessa ( vision of Dancing elephant ….. Yeah right)
    Why do these guys want to get Todd back onto the world stage after major issues. He is not above reproach…in fact no where near being without controversy.
    I wonder if money has anything to do with it as these guys draw the crowds and release credit cards from wallets for phoning into give. The mob would be proud of these rackets.

    Paintstripper…. Get the whitewashed walls outta the church.

  8. Martin says:

    I occasionally drop in on God TV, which is becoming increasingly bizzare, so the return of Todd Bentley rather fits the pattern. I give you – Todd, Benny Hinn, Creflo Dollar, John Hagee etc. Mainly spouting prosperity nonsense and right wing politics. Wendy is worth watching for comedy value, but the rest bear little relationship to the Gospel that I grew up with.

  9. Martin says:

    As an occasional God TV viewer, the return of Todd Bentley reinforces the perception that the output is increasingly bizzare. I give you Todd, Benny Hinn, Creflo Dollar, John Hagee, a worrying mixture of prosperity nonsense and right-wing politics. Alec is worth watching for comedy value, but it bears little relationship to the Gospel I grew up with.

  10. confused says:

    For me, the infidelity of Todd was the most insignificant part of the problem. I am glad he has repented and am sure the Lord can and has forgiven and restored him. However, his “doctrines” of talking to the dead, and angelic visitations are far more worrying. These are far more important to be repented of, as bad doctrine affects the whole church.

  11. Susan says:

    Todd and Jessa, there are many profitable healing ministries out there. So many that claim healings and finacial miracles. However, keep in mind how Jesus started his ministry. Jesus started out telling us to walk in repentance. He started out informing us that the kingdom of the heavens has come near. Repentace is where he started. Mathew 4:17

    Rory and Wendy, the scripture of the paralytic man being lowered down to Jesus through the roof, where many took notice, is very important. Jesus told the man your sins are forgiven. Yet for the upstanding religious leaders it was not enough. They wanted proof. So, as we know Jesus healed this man, told the man to take up his bed and walk. Yet, I believe the true miracle was that this man needed to hear he was forgiven. The physical healing was just proof for the leaders. You see, sometimes the real healing comes inside a heart. The physical healing does not alway occur. When that man picked up his bed, I bet his heart needed the healing more than his legs. Look at Paul, a man of great faith, he asked God to heal him. It did not happen. God’s grace was enough and Paul kept moving forward in God’s grace. When the healings do not come God’s people need to know this.

  12. Brano says:

    Who watches “GODTV”,anyway….seriously!?
    Todd cannot “minister” anywhere…nobody wants him
    Hey,if GODTV wants him,so be it
    Good Riddance
    *Be careful of all this nonsense friends!!

  13. MargieInOz says:

    It seems some here don’t believe or understand just what the Apostle Paul was saying in Galations 1: 6-9. Some are preaching another gospel and another jesus and those that do are accursed!! Todd does not preach the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Paul also warned (with tears for 3 years) of ravenous wolves who would ravage the sheep from within. Matthew 7:18 Jesus said a good tree cannot bear bad fruit…. Todds fruit is rotten. Repentant – no he’s not, he’s an adulterer, and still being promoted by wolves. My Jesus would never tell anyone to kick an old lady in the face with their biker boot or knee a cancer patient in the stomach. Todd is still a blasphemous puffed up liar, adulterer and thief (he admitted he lied to raise money at Lakeland but has never returned that money). He claimed 33 resurrections, NOT ONE WAS PROVEN, that makes him a liar also. He’s never repented of those lies. Any who follow him are strongly deluded. Anyone remember all those false prophet$ who commissioned him, said great swelling words about how he and his first wife were god’s team to take the gospel to the world, (god got that one seriously wrong seeing as he must have meant Jessa) and prophesied absolute rubbish and lies over him They weren’t prophesying the truth so what/who was the true source of their false words. And it is them who are still promoting him!!

  14. hopesome says:

    I don’t think hes quality in spite of his posh barbie, subscription to the gym, fancy food and a wife with a posh hollywood hair do!!!

    Which leads me to believe that neither can his Jesus be up to much especially if he allows him to drink coffee whilst preaching from the pulpit:

    We may be guilty of pomp in Britain but I would rather have pomp in the proceedings than ‘starbucks’………

    Wheres the reverence ……………

  15. Brano says:

    GOD TV…is simply doing a business move
    Get higher ratings=Get something bizarre,outrageous=Get Todd Bentley
    …and the lemmings will continue to lap up the garbage!?

  16. Peter Adams says:

    I think whether people think Todd Bentley or God Tv are bizare or good or bad or not doesnt matter too much to God . What I look at are things like.
    !.Does Todd love Jesus and Lift up His name—Yes I believe so!
    2,Did Todd and the people at the revival meetings seem to carry on a bit and get over excited—-Yep, King David and I are guilty of that one!
    3.Did Todd fall into sin.Yes, sorry,Dave and I have done that heaps too, have you?
    4.Were there genuine healings at those revival meetings—yes there were! ( however just like with Gods kids some may get excited and think therve been healed but the healing didnt seem to manifest–(speak those things that arent as if they are!)
    Do you get the point, Body of Christ? Just forgive and get on with your life—you dont have to watch those shows if you dont want to.Gods not going to be biting his finger nails even if those revival meetings take off again. If one sinner gets saved or one person is healed that will be great!!
    Maybe if God was to put some of YOUR carrying ons on a big TV screen for everyone to see, you would be embarrased. (by the way,have you repented?)
    The last time I knew– it was God good –devil bad!
    People excited and screamin out for more of Jesus and jumpin around everywhere—good!
    People depressed and listless …bad!
    People just wanting more of God—-good!
    People content with their old familiar religious ways–bad!
    C’mon!! time is short lets just work out our own salvation with fear and trembling and remember as we judge so shall we be judged.
    Please pray for love and unity for the bretheren in these days love Pete.Queensland OZ. xxx

  17. Brano says:

    A Classic deception response!
    Get your head out the sand Pete…

  18. Kevin Kleint says:

    I’m all for forgiveness and restoration, and praise God that (if he’s sincere) he’ll be in heaven. But, if we’re all honest here, Todd was already “restored” in the eyes of his listeners LONG BEFORE this “restoration process” was completed. He was still doing conferences and such 1-2 years after the incident …

    Todd Bentley had a following long before Lakeland …. and, when it was revealed that Todd was an adulterer, his followers couldn’t wait to get him “restored” so that they could have their idol put back in it’s place.

    This part isn’t Todd’s fault …. it was his followers (along with Joyner and Johnson, who had a major role to play in this process).

    Again, I really am happy if Todd has truly repented. But we really need to check ourselves to see who we are following. Let’s not make the same mistake again.

    Kevin Kleint

    My Experience with Todd Bentley

  19. peter adams says:

    So what do you think God would want to do to with Todd or anyone of us.for that matter who.has missed the mark?

  20. peter adams says:

    doesnt God tell us to restore others back to Him as they did? Is there a set time one must wait to minister after they have sinned?Is there anyone here who knows exactly what happened and where TOdds heart is with God.I wouldnt think so.regards pete

  21. Kevin Kleint says:

    Pete, I’m all for forgiveness and restoration … and I’m not one to put a time limit on things, however we need to use some sense here. And our track record in the Body of Christ is pretty lame when it comes to “common sense”. When this whole thing went down with Bentley, people were talking “restoration” before anyone even had the specifics. They are currently doing that with Sam Hinn (Benny’s brother) right now! He stepped down after an affair (again, no specifics have come forth) and they are already talking about restoration.

    Sexual sin is a big deal, both to God and (should be) to man. This isn’t about forgiveness, it’s about TRUST. I’ll FORGIVE my son for trying to light a fire in my bathroom … but it’ll be awhile before I TRUST him with a lighter. He needs to gain maturity and prove that he can handle the responsibility (true story, btw). And the first thing that I will test him on is his obedience level to my other commands.

    So far, since the Lakeland/affair incident went down, Todd has not proved himself in any way, except to get more controversial. Time will tell if the Body has “jumped the gun” again.

    I pray I’m wrong.

  22. Jim H says:

    I watched Todd on God TV last night, he publicly repented of his sin and tried to make good all that he had done wrong as far as words could go. I decided to find some footage of Todd’s recent ministry on Youtube there is some of a meeting on 30th and 31st Dec 2012. Guess what! same old stuff, imparting the Holy Spirit using the standard catchphrase of “bam” or “Sheeka Boomba” there was plenty of “cold reading” i.e “There is someone here going to Africa on mission (nothing) or planning a trip to Africa (nothing) or you are considering going to Africa……. and so on until someone maybe responds, this sort of thing is witchcraft and common place in Spiritualism. There was little of true Holy Spirit ministry or kingdom reality.

    I have no issue with someone genuinely repenting, being restored and moving on. But I have a major issue with someone who continually ministers falsely and from at best the flesh and at worst a spirit if disception. So many gullible Christians are taken in by having their emotions tickled enough to believe it is the Holy Spirit. For me, I will continue to uphold the beauty of love, forgiveness, mercy and restoration but I will fight strongly against false and unscriptural ministry.

  23. hopesome says:

    Todd hides behind a veneer of Holy Restoration and verbal dexterity

  24. Brano says:

    Something hides behind a veneer of UnHoly Restoration and doublespeak

  25. MargieInOz says:

    How does one repent of adultery? I’m sorry god, now its all okay. Responsible leaders have attempted to correct him but he is in rebellion and moves in the occult realm as do his promoters and they love it so. Defend him all you wish he is the welcome wolf in your midst. Get a copy of the DVD The Audacity of Lakeland from http://www.letusreason.org and if you can watch that and still follow him then you are one who has been deceived. Matthew 24:5. For MANY shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ (annointed); and shall deceive many. I grieve at the foolish and undiscerning people who fail to hold Gods word as the final authority, heeding the many warnings of deception.

  26. MargieInOz says:

    No Brano, nothing is hiding, it is clearly out in the open for all to see, some are just willingly blind, or under the strong delusion that God has allowed. Jesus said: “For there shall arise false Christ’s, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. Behold, I have told you before.” Matthew 24:24

    Paul said: “or I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock. Also of your own selves shall men arise, speaking perverse things, to draw away disciples after them.” Acts 20:29


  27. Brano says:

    Thank you,..if you look at my comment,It refers to the comment above it
    There is a strong anti-christian spirit that is operating,and Much more!

  28. hopesome says:

    There is certainly no better place to hide as an anti – christian than within christian beliefs and vulnerabilities – hence the veneer

  29. Brano says:

    A common trait among the “Todd types”….Dominionism …Elijah List,and the rest of that nonsense crowd!

  30. hopesome says:

    Its cross pollination – They all feed in and off each other – now it seems God Channel has joined forces!

    I agree; they are, seems to me, trying to dominate not only church but how we should love them for doing so. Come all is forgiven – Todds ‘forgiveness’ was all done for him by Joyner and the troupe who ‘walk with him’ for the majority of his ‘indiscretion’ and hidden in aegis ie; religious interpretation, which warmly wrapped the bull and denied any real purpose questioning by saying it was devil and demon driven by those who ‘had it in for him’, If only life were that tidy……………. I could do with the odd rapture into neverland now and again believe me. Its too trite and too ‘off pat’ for me and as for dear wendy and rory ‘they seem to have an awfully comfy sofa to rest on; I wonder where I’m going wrong!

  31. Brano says:

    Shame on GODTV..for enabling this dog & pony show to go on!

  32. MargieInOz says:

    Hopesome, it’s interesting about the cross pollinating. I remember when I was involved in the madness and at a meeting a lady was swatting invisible things in the air. She claimed there were spiritual bees pollinating the people with the holy spirit! Oh yeah, they were cross pollinating alright. I can only praise God for waking me up and setting me free from the idiocy of it all.

  33. peter adams says:

    common guys most of you are talkin outta unrighteous anger.dont dress it up.give us a break

  34. Brano says:


  35. MargieInOz says:

    This ain’t no dress up this is the warnings in scripture being played out right now, even down under in my little island of Oz.

  36. Brano says:


  37. hopesome says:

    Peter Adams: Unexpressed anger in self rigjteousne clothing held together with a dash (and only a dash) of humility ‘just like sauce they only use a dash to FLAVOUR their ‘food/MANNA) with the ‘poor me give me a dollar pot’ walking before them and seeming lavish expenditure thereof -with a healed knee here and there or is it myalgia he favours and with sweet dulcet tones from Rory and Wendy calmly blowing breath – give you a break – Do give us a little more intelligence than you seem to use whitewashing ‘truth’. But then deep in your heart maybe you know all that and are just winding us up!!

    Most liken themselves to being Jesus -however in a likeness of him they are way of track, its them who are being duped my friend and you if you believe it. Whilst they are walking through our lives with false assumptions ask yourself whats really going on behind this miraculous smoke screen of never ending biblical manipulation – your life may depend on it!

    I for one don’t do dress up

  38. Brano says:

    Spot on!

    Basic Math:
    Bentley will increase the ratings for god tv- I call it CIRCUS APPEAL
    Bentley goes on godtv..sells his book’s,cd’s,and other wares
    Bentley makes money
    Bentley gets more bookings The lemmings are amused and Bentley makes more money….

  39. hopesome says:

    Precisely – Its all about Bentley – and those who back him up are either blind or part of the deception or both.

  40. FCJ says:

    It is about money. Think of it as an entertainment business. Instant PR is needed o rise awareness, interest, and most especially to keep those offerings coming in.

  41. FCJ says:

    It is about money. Think of it as an entertainment business. Constant PR is needed o rise awareness, interest, and most especially to keep those offerings coming in.

  42. Karl says:

    To be perfectly frank, I don’t really care. I don’t care about Todd Bentley. He is just a man with screwed up imaginations. I have too much on my plate to worry about if Todd Bentley is deceiving anyone. This is God’s business, if this yo yo is stringing people along its because they want to be strung along. Jesus said that “My Sheep Hear My Voice, None Other Will They Follow”. When we hear people say, “Oh come to our church, our Pastor is dynamite, he is on fire, he is this that and the other”. That person is following a man, it’s the Pastors voice they are hearing, they are not hearing Jesus. If they were, they would change their tone. Instead of lifting up the Pastor, they would be lifting up Jesus Christ. They would be saying, “Come to Jesus”, “Come and hear the gospel of Jesus Christ”. John said, “I must decrease, He must increase”.

  43. Brano says:

    To be perfectly frank,I do really care!
    These are people’s souls at risk…

  44. hopesome says:

    Karl: There are far to many people who don’t care which is how these false profits have got away with lies for so long, its why we get ripped off and left for dead, bamboozled and bullied, live on the brink of war never knowing if we have hope enough for tomorrows burdens, or whether god is as fearsome as he seems or as good as we hope. I can’t live with that – I have to know – Love is something we all should have but we don’t we too easily go ‘to war’ when we feel threatened, hurt or misunderstood, we get jealouse and angry and we ‘wish’ far too much, love does not abandon and yet we abandon on a daily basis if not truth within us then someone elses. I get sick to the stomach at the horror and yet determined to find out why creation dealt us a bum deal – We don’t need any more crap we are swimming in it; WE NEED LIFTING OUT IT – and the way they say Jesus loves a cheerful giver so hand over your cheque is like a red rag to a bull to me – If there lord is all we have to look forward to then all I can say is HELP ………… and hope that I find out he’s not.

  45. hopesome says:

    its been a long day – sorry about the errors -

  46. MargieInOz says:

    So thankful someone cared enough for me, you who don’t care would sit back and watch the wolves devour the sheep. Just love, don’t worry god will judge, keep your warnings to yourself and don’t upset anybody, right?

  47. FCJ says:

    Get a grip. The man is as phoney as a three dollar bill.

  48. Karl says:

    You don’t understand what I mean. Until the Holy Spirit makes that concern real in my spirit, my concerns would be based upon my works of righteousness and not from God. The care for other peoples souls MUST come from God. The preacher that cried out saying “Give me souls or else let me die” is crying from a well that is not of himself but from the Holy Spirit. For any of us to “try” to act concerned is a waste of time. If we really want to care about this situation, we’d be crying to the LORD in proxy for Todd for God to save him, not criticizing, not putting him down, we’d look at him as a soul that needs it’s eyes open. Criticism is for those who should no better. No doubt, the Church prayed for Saul of Tarsus before his conversion. The Church being in one accord in those days were praying for people not gathering around in a corner complaining. We complain because we have nothing better to do. If we really are concerned and praying, we would never complain. We would never say anything bad about anything because love thinketh no ill towards it’s neighbour. Todd Bentley is in error, we all know that. But God is looking for something from us. Are we to be a Miriam, or are we going to be like Moses? Miriam complained, Moses stood in the gap, crying out to God to have mercy on that wicked and adulterous generation. It’s not by might nor by power by it’s by My Spirit saith the LORD. Everything must come from Him, even a mouth to criticize. Everything outside of that is flesh. If I act concerned but have no real concern to do something about it, it’s flesh. Jesus was moved with compassion and healed people. His compassion moved Him to work. I am being real before my Father by stating that I have no care of my own to offer anyone, unless it comes from Him. When it comes from Him, it won’t stand still, it will move and perform like what Jude says, Jude 1:23 And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh. God Bless Beloved

  49. Karl says:

    Let me give you an example of what I mean. Years ago I had an overwhelming sense that my Aunt was in a terrible place and I did not want her to die without God. She has no great love for me. At one time she took a knife and tried to stab me with it. She can’t stand me to be in her presence and to this day I have no idea why she hates me so. I had to boil it all down to spiritual. But I loved her and continue to be kind to her even though she can’t stand it. So I prayed earnestly for her salvation. I was fervent in my request and stormed heaven on her behalf. After a short period of time, God spoke and gave me assurances that my prayer was heard and that He would grant her salvation before she died. The moment that I heard that, the intense desire to pray for her ceased. I had no more concern. I was happy like Hannah that God heard me and granted my request. If my concern doesn’t move me to pray, I am not really concerned for Todd. I just want to complain.

  50. hopesome says:


    I see where you are coming from – thank you

    I care because I was asked to by someone who, quite rightly, gave me the burden.

    I just didn’t know either the weight, depth, or complexity of that burden or what it would take to not only walk with it but overcome it as I did so and then be judged because I had.. I was being asked for truth – So I went in search of it. Care he said I need to know the truth. To get to truth you have to walk through deception yet not be tainted by it or caught in its web. My walk through deception is still on-going.

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