Charisma’s Feb. 2013 cover story is about Faytene

By Rick Hiebert. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission

Faytene Grasseschi could be said to have hit the big leagues now.

The evangelist, a regular subject here, is profiled in the next issue of Charisma, the periodical of record for U.S. charismatics.

Charisma’s cover will show a smiling Faytene with the tagline: A Call For Canada: How Faytene Grasseschi is bringing her homeland back to Biblical values with activist intercession.

Where is Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show when you need them? :)

Will no doubt post on it after I get the paper magazine in a few days.

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14 Responses to Charisma’s Feb. 2013 cover story is about Faytene

  1. Mark Byron says:

    Cover of the Holy Roller Stone, perchance?

  2. Rick Hiebert says:

    Mark: Ha!

    (singing) “…[she's] gonna send five copies to her father!” :)

  3. Brano says:

    I will bet that faytene will follow up the Cover,with a tour,including,Extreme MediaXP,Elijah List…bla bla bla
    faytene must know that team Blue ain,t gonna cut in the next election….Therefore I think she is looking for a sunny & warm BACKDOOR….Hello Phoenix,AZ $$$
    just saying…

  4. Jane says:

    Faytene is always on tour….last week it was back in Los Angeles for some holy spirit craziness…decreeing this and that about such and such….none of which will come to pass.

  5. Brano says:

    Chasing after the stars,I suppose
    Does she have ant solid biblical teaching at all?..or is she just an Artist,a Poet,a Politician,a Prophet,an Evangelist,a Healer,a Social Media Guru…
    WHO and WHAT is faytene???

  6. hopesome says:

    Faytene is LOVE (she thinks) and is going to save the world!

    I beg to differ!

  7. Rick says:

    God will use whoever will listen to Him and do the work of the continuing ministry of Jesus Christ. Greater is He that is in her than he that is in the world. God Bless the call God has on her life.

  8. Rick Hiebert says:

    Faytene on one of her FB Walls a couple of hours ago:

    “We are on the cover of Charisma February. Neat….”

    Considering it’s only her on the cover, IIRC, I am wondering if she is transmogrifying into Queen Victoria…


  9. Rick Hiebert says:

    One of Faytene’s FB friends is already using the Charisma cover story to promote an upcoming appearance by Faytene on Faytene’s Wall…

  10. Brano says:

    You can bet she will get lots of bookings and engagements out of this magazine cover

  11. Jane says:

    sorry – tried to keep this short
    She is so sure that what she does is the truth according to the Bible. It’s not and what she teaches is actually an ‘infection’ in the church. Her video testimony of her healing from the auto immune hepatitis is nothing but sincere. I don’t doubt at all that God can and does heal and do it miraculously. I have never heard her talk about coming under conviction of her sin and knowing that the Jesus death and resurrection was her only hope. She talks about this generic (corporate) repentence…but never talks about what sin against God really is. How can people rightly receive Christ (the cure), knowing him as their Redeemer without first hearing what the ‘illness’ lying, thieving, adultery etc (10 Commandments). A doctor doesn’t willy nilly pass out a cure to a person without testing and diagnosing them first and making clear to them their illness and the prognosis (hell in this case).
    The other issue is that she (and others like Lou Engle of The CALL) hold to a Dominion Theology…that Jesus will return but not until the ‘church’ has gotten itself cleaned up and is ready to receive him. That’s nuts…I haven’t a clue how they justify that from a plain reading of the Bible.
    Sadly though Faytene et al will wave off people who disagree with them with “touch not the Lord’s anointed” (taken out of context) and other Scriptures that are equally twisted. So…aside from the Holy Spirit doing the work in them to bring them in line with what the Word says…this is what we have. They desire a moral nation but it has to start with repentant, regenerated hearts not meetings with MPs and grand shows on the steps of Parliament.

  12. hopesome says:

    She sits in RAPTUROUS love – A place of sublime divine, shining glory and gorgeous.

    I hear teenagers in the same mode speaking about their boyfriends – Oh my god he’s so gorgeous people ……….

    Frankly if she was walking with either GOD or JESUS then surely she would be weeping at the desire’s of man and daily picking darts out of her heart that on a moments notice seem come our way.

    Rapturous love is wonderful when you sit in its centre or get fanned by its prescence but lacks substance in a ‘reality check’ safety system’ and can leave you saying haaa and mmm’ for all the wrong reasons.

    Theres more charisma about in those kind of circles than is good for them!!

  13. goliaththewhitedog says:

    Charisma supports some of these people because they have followers and Charisma needs the subscriptions. Lee Grady used to write about how Bentley and some of these scammers needed to shut up, but then the same week Charisma would post an article by a scammer. It’s about subscriptions, why else the double postings? I’ve been saved 25 years. Walking with God is about fellowship with Him, not running after the next thing in charismatic circles. It’s all God’s power, God’s anointing, God’s grace. These worship leaders and musicians who take credit for writing spiritual songs; that is all by the grace of God alone. The church must wake up to the fact that we are only spoons; he is the meat on the spoon.

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