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Dr. James Duncan – Why we sued another believer

The Daily Beast has a comprehensive article, Calvary Chapel’s Tangled Web about Calvary Chapels in the US, and the trail of lawsuits, including background on the latest lawsuit where a Calvary Chapel minister is suing his son Alex for libel, slander, intentional infliction of emotional distress and conspiracy to defame.  Alex has been blogging about his childhood and the alleged physical, spiritual and emotional abuse of his step-father, Bob Grenier. Grenier, who was born in Winnipeg, is the pastor at Calvary Chapel Visalia in California. Alex blogs at Calvary Chapel Abuse, and has spent years seeking accountability and polity changes in the association of about 1000 churches. Alex heads to court February 19th to deal with his step-father and his mothers lawsuit. He is not the first blogger to be sued, last year I wrote about Julie Anne and her former pastors lawsuit against her. Julie Anne and her fellow plaintiffs won.

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