Peter Youngren’s Finnish organization AEM – guilty



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  1. Jasmine Robichaud says:

    I attended this called man of Gods church Grace…I even made it my home church…this man baptised me in 2009. I was woken by the Holy Spirit this morning with this mans name strong on my heart…Sam if you are reading this please contact me at my email address ” I have good news to share with you!! ” also “people” Sam preaches the GOSPLE of CHRIST JESUS!!!! not the GOSPLE of Sam Youngren !!! ALL HAVE FALLEN SHORT OF THE GLORY OF GOD!!!! why are you casting stones when ALL of you have sin in you too?!!!!! I AM THANKFUL TO “GOD” THAT HE USED SAM TO BAPTISE ME!!! And GOD loves Sam Youngren and He is well pleased with him based on JESUS’S RIGHTEOUSNESS not Sam’s or yours, or mine!!!! so put down your stones and cross over the lines and love like JESUS!!! Sam is FORGIVEN and so are we!!!!

  2. Bene Diction says:


    Being forgiven (which is available to all of us) does not mean going back into leadership.

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