G.R.A.C.E. responds to being fired by the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism

Investigating historical child abuse in a Christian organization can be messy. Last week in the US, things got a lot messier when ABWE, which botched reports of severe sexual abuse of missionary kids in the field, and delayed and neglected to deal with employees who harmed children, decided to publicly fire the investigative group it had hired.

I’ve posted the G.R.A.C.E. response to their termination by ABWE on Scribd to help out folks who may have difficulty opening a .pdf.

Point by careful point G.R.A.C.E. addresses the concerns ABWE publicly laid out about the supposed flaws in their investigation. Given G.R.A.C.E. was due to release the report in a few weeks, it is even more interesting that ABWE terminated the contract now.

Several  things jump out at me in this letter. What are you seeing?

Background: ABWE hired a firm (Pii) which appears to be connected to another missionary group (New Tribe Missions).

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3 Responses to G.R.A.C.E. responds to being fired by the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism

  1. This stinks to high heaven! What I see is coverup and more coverup. ABWE just didn’t have the guts to look at the truth about itself. I think GRACE was doing “too good of a job” uncovering the truth and ABWE freaked out and decided to shoot the messengers. In the end, they look like the lousy, good-for-nothing mission they already are and they have lost all respect from anyone who has a reasonable mind. I hope they lose all their financial support.

    Then to hire PII which has ties to New Tribes Mission is so ludicrous it is hard to believe. NTM has the worst reputation to date of any mission organization with respect to dealing with the child molesters on their staff and the dismal way they have treated the survivors who have come to them. NTM needs to finish implementing all the changes recommended by GRACE before they have any voice to speak to another organization on how to do it right.

    On another note…we PBI survivors have preemptively notified PBI that we will not cooperate with any investigation involving PII. Here is the notice we sent President Mark Maxwell:

    February 10, 2013

    Mark Maxwell
    Prairie Bible Institute
    P. O. Box 4000
    Three Hills, AB TOM 2NO

    Dear Mark:

    This is to inform you that the PBI survivors will not accept the Professional Investigators International (PII) group as a third-party under any circumstances. We feel they lack the transparency that is necessary for such an investigation. We are disappointed to see that the ABWE chose to remove GRACE and install PII as their third party. We find it totally unacceptable that PII does not publicize the results of their investigations. Their ties to New Tribes Mission is disturbing because as you know NTM has the worst track record of any mission organization to date in proactively dealing with the child molesters on their staff and have failed miserably to demonstrate compassion towards the survivors who have come to them in good faith. Under no circumstances will be engage with anyone from PII or its affiliates. We remain resolute that we trust GRACE to handle the investigation into the sex abuse allegations of staff and student children who were abused on PBI’s campus. We are not giving up in our commitment to see that Prairie Bible Institute hears and acknowledges each and every survivor of abuse.

    Until every voice is heard,

    Catherine Darnell

    Linda M. Fossen

  2. The ABWE firing GRACE and hiring PII is like the Paterno family discounting the Freeh report commissioning their own. You can get whatever bullshit you are willing to pay for.

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