DayStar TV muscles into Canada through Grace TV

DayStarIf you tune into Peter Youngrens Grace TV from now to September 2nd,  you will be regaled with Marcus and Joni Lambs Daystar fundraiser.

Daystar is an aggressive US religious broadcaster out of Dallas Texas. In June Youngren made a deal with Lambs broadcasting company – 65% of Grace TV programming now comes straight from this Texas broadcaster.

The 24/7 begging telethon from DayStar started on Grace TV August 19th. Daystar Television has a Canadian website.

GRACE TV Daystar

If I could beg Canadian Christians I would, but I’d be wasting my breath. I know there is a market for this quasi-evangelical sleaze and there are people who think this is what faith is all about.
I don’t believe for a nanosecond we need Daystar programs in Canada, if you think you have to watch Daystar, that is what streaming on your PC is for. Oh, and there is also an app for that, of course.  I’d beg you not to send your hard earned money to Grace TV or Daystar, but if you believe you are evangelising, my voice is lost in the glitzy, faux-emotional, drama that US televangelists are famous for and rich because of.

We already have questionable ‘Christian’ content being broadcast in Canada, as taxpayers we don’t need more.

Not that long ago, Youngren set up a US office in California. In February of this year, Youngren’s Finnish operation was found guilty of soliciting funds without a permit. Tainia Youngren was given a 30 day suspended sentence, and AEM (World Impact Ministries Finland) was fined $65663.00 Cdn.  I was told at the time that another case against the Youngrens had not been completed in the Finnish courts. I’m bumping up this comment from another thread:

Peter Youngren and his wife Mrs Youngren (3rd) will appear in a Court of Appeal in Lahti, Finland on  27.8.  They are going direct from Indonesia to Finland.  This information is publicly available.  I found this through Google. I suppose they will be appealing against the conviction that was given earlier this year?

It appears this is an appeal against just the AEM conviction. While all this is going on Youngren has 5 puff pieces in Charisma Magazine. Quelle surprise. American citizens for the most part wouldn’t know him or about him if they tripped over him, and their wallets are ripe for plucking.

I’m also bumping up this comment.

By the way, in an interesting twist of events, concurrent with the ‘strategic partnership’ (so-called) with the U.S. based Daystar Television, there was a recent meeting of Peter Youngren and the board of directors of World Impact Ministries, where Grace TV was formally REMOVED from the books of World Impact Ministries, and made to continue operations by itself, as a separate entity.

As well, Grace Television, which has been forever heralded as ‘Canada’s Gospel Voice to the World’ … is now labelled “YOUR Gospel Voice to the World”. After all, we don’t want to offend the Americans who now control the network, do we?

Finally, I have noted that on the Grace Television website, it states that the ‘strategic partnership’ with Daystar Television allows both for U.S. producers to have access to a Canadian audience … and Grace Television will have ‘good quality programming’.

What that really means is that the U.S. producers will now have a Canadian audience from whom they will be able to harass over and over again for money. But what I am wondering about in terms of Grace Television is: Does this not imply that prior to the partnership with Daystar, programming offered was not of ‘good quality’?

Unless Grace TV has technicians editing the telethon, I’m willing to bet a dozen Timbits and a double double that some fundraising content will violate the CRTC Religious Policy, and the CBSC Code of Ethics.

Programming Practices
Licensees who broadcast religious programs should ensure that the following practices are observed:

1. No programs shall have the effect of abusing or misrepresenting any individual or group.
2. No group shall be targeted for the purpose of conversion or proselytism.
3. While groups and ministries are free to express their views about activities that they deem to be “sinful”, they shall not call into question the human rights or dignity of any individual or group.
4. When programs are planned that deal with or comment on the beliefs, practices, liturgy or behaviour of another religious group, the licensee shall ensure the accuracy and appropriate context of such content.

The Commission may impose the above guidelines on ethics as a condition of licence, particularly if it receives complaints concerning a licensee’s religious programs.

As a Canadian viewer and taxpayer, if you seeing violations of the policy (particularly during the Daystar fundraiser) you have the right to file a complaint, which would be taken under consideration during Grace TV’s licence renewal.   Grace TV is also member of the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council, and as such, programming is also subject to the Code of Ethics.

Peter Youngren is an astute businessman, and if the information is true that Grace TV is now a separate entity from World Impact Ministries, I wonder what is next?
(Rev.Can Charities T3010  lists World Impact Ministries board of directors as: Peter Youngren, Glen Goertzen, Betty Norris and  Nathan Thurber. Thurber is also Chief Operating Officer, Grace TV.)

Grace TV Licence Renewal

65.   World Impact Ministries
Across Canada
Application 2012-1236-5

Application by World Impact Ministries to renew the broadcasting licence for the national English-language Category 2 specialty programming undertaking Grace TV, which expires 31 August 2013.

The licensee has confirmed that it will adhere to the standard conditions of licence for specialty Category B services set out in Standard conditions of licence, expectations and encouragements for Category B pay and specialty services – Corrected Appendices 1 and 2, Broadcasting Regulatory Policy CRTC 2010-786-1, 18 July 2011, but proposes changes with respect to the requirements concerning the minimum percentage of Canadian program exhibition and the provision of described video.

The licensee proposes to operate the undertaking under the same terms and conditions as those in effect under the current licence, with the exception of the changes resulting from the acceptance of the standard conditions of licence and the amendments mentioned above.

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Have courage for the great sorrows, And patience for the small ones. And when you have laboriously accomplished your tasks, go to sleep in peace. God is awake.
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61 Responses to DayStar TV muscles into Canada through Grace TV

  1. George says:

    On the outside, to perhaps someone who follows his TV-programs it looks as though Peter Youngren is teaching and talking grace. He uses all the “right” words and phrases. He is a professional “talker”. But his life, behaviour and track-record reveal the truth about him. The way he has treated his close family – the way in particular he has treated staff and co-wokers over the years (including other ministers and missionaries) – the business side of things – his attitudes to those that disagree with him – and in general the way he deals with people, reveal a mean and angry man.

    We are a long line of witnesses who have personally experienced this mans moods, anger and revenge. He will answer for all of this when that day arrives which Paul calls “The Judgement seat of Christ”. Untill that day arrives – warn others and keep as far away as you can.

  2. J Anderson says:

    It looks like we are into another Daystar hard sell fundraising promotion. It’s called “Heart for the World”, which will be running from February 3rd to 8th. Mike Murdock was in fine form pumping his $58.00 monthly donation scam once again. I imagine that the usual cast of characters from last years Sharathon will be coming back for an encore performance in the next few days.

  3. Rusty Trammell says:

    These are good people. Go to Dallas and see for yourself. It’s painful to see my family berated :(

  4. Bene Diction says:


    I believe it probably is painful for you to read Canadians who do not want your families tv network in Canada.

    Talk to them about what you feel, they chose a very public platform (a tv network) which is right up there with political life.

    Perhaps they are good people – I’m not berating them, I am critical of a) the programming and b) the money grab. There are plenty of worthy Canadian charities and ministries that don’t need the donation bleed a bully pulpit like Daystar creates.

    I take it you aren’t in the family business, your hurt is as meaningless to the bottom line as my criticism of Daystar coming into the Canadian market is.
    Daystar is a multi-million dollar business and I hope your family cares that you are a non-public person who did not chose the attention they have.

  5. J. Anderson says:

    Rusty finds in painful to see his family berated? I am not aware if he has direct family ties to Marcus and Joni Lamb or not, but I personally find it very painful to see Daystar viewers being exploited to the extreme degree that I have seen in last years fundraiser and the one just ended. My wife and I were exploited financially for years by a hardline religious group, and I see the same type of financial manipulation being played out again and again! While Daystar supporters may tout some of the good works being done, it doesn’t excuse the blatant manipulative fundraising techniques that have been employed, and often those donating are the ones who can least afford to do so.

    There has been no end to the high pressure, monetary schemes to get viewers to part from their cash. Grace TV used to pump their viewers to donate money so that olive trees could be planted in Israel for the “Grace Forest” (at $30.00 a pop – twelve trees for $360.00), or for Grace TV viewers to donate $500.00 or more so that donors could have their names emblazoned on a small brass plaque glued to a brick wall (called the “Victory Wall”) at Grace TV HQ. And then there was Peter Youngren’s communion cup fundraising appeal that ran for a period of time, followed later on by repeated hard sell promises of a mega 100 fold blessing in early 2013 by employing the familiar “widow’s two mites” ploy to solicit donations. Then Grace TV suddenly disappeared and Daystar Canada emerged, and with it came an extremely slick, hard sell fundraising approach as was evident in the 2013 Sharathon!

    One of Daystar’s hard sell promotions exploited their viewers emotional and spiritual ties to Israel by promising that they will receive an “official” deed to land in Israel if they pledged $100.00 per month for twelve months ($1,200.00 total). Unfortunately, the total area of the land being purchased was only one square foot!! Viewers were reassured more than once that these appeals had God’s backing, and that Satan might actually be trying to influence them not to call in and donate! I noticed that a during a few of their appeals, there was countdown timer running – I guess whatever the promised blessing was, it must have expired when the timer reached zero seconds!

    During the Daystar 2013 Fall Sharahon, a believer’s emotional attachment to the Holy Land was further exploited by staging a faux religious rite in which a shofar was sounded over pledge offerings sent in by viewers that were piled up on what they laughingly called an “altar” (which was adorned on the front with the Star of David). All of these phony pseudo-religious theatrics were certainly pulling in an enormous amount of pledge money from gullible viewers to the Daystar network.

    This type of aggressive fundraising, by Daystar and other religious TV ministries, is always accompanied by the assurance of health and wealth blessings to all who sow a “financial seed” and have faith for their miracle. Mike Murdock has been promising such untold blessings for years by persuading his viewers to commit to a $58.00 monthly donation. Other religious snake oil peddlers push $40.00 monthly donations based on various biblical themes involving the number 40, or they may employ other numerology schemes (monthly donations of $77.00, $84.00, $88.00 or whatever). However, all of these fund raising tactics are outright scams, no matter how they package their appeals, or how “religious” they may seem.

    This stuff never ends, and there always seems to be far too many who get sucked in, either by desperation or greed, every time another one of these mega-fundraising schemes is launched!

  6. Bene Diction says:

    Joni Lamb has a brother named Rusty.

    We can only hope that Daystar will run so far afoul of Canadian Broadcasting laws, the people will complain and that they’ll be sent packing. Same with TBN and their relationship with The Miracle Channel.

    There are so many people vulnerable to the fundrasing tactics and attending spiritual pressure networks like Daystar are known for, that any hope Daystar won’t find donors in Canada is futile.

  7. Albert C says:

    Guys, Youngren suffers from narcissistic personality disorder. He is a sick man. The guy is probably enjoying all the attention. He’s an attention whore.

    Smart people don’t waste their time listening to people like him, Benny Hinn, and as well as other TV preachers. They only prey on gullable, uninformed, sheeple. Youngren is an expert at exploiting people’s ignorance, fear, hope and desire etc. I know this becasue I was one of his victims. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  8. John Thompson says:

    Youngren recently did two mailings this week — one in which he begged for money to save souls in Africa. Yeah, like we need more people going to Africa .. like that’s never been done before in history. There are probably far more missionaries in Africa, than there are African people … because Africa is to ‘christianity’ what the Vatican is to the Pope.

    It was the second mailing that was far more parasitic in nature, and truly showed just how far Peter Youngren has fallen spiritually – and the depths to which he is willing to sink in order to fleece the public (including TICC members) of their money.

    Last December he sent out a mailing in one of the most emotional times of the year to many people, in which he strongly urged them to sow a ‘CHRISTMAS SEED’ … and so it naturally follows that – being the Easter season – Youngren is now urging the people who attend his church (TICC) of their need to sow a ‘RESURRECTION SEED’.

    Youngren promised (implied or otherwise), that if you sow a ‘RESURRECTION SEED’ then God will bring the dead things in your world back to life.

    You know how ‘Easter Sunday’ is also referred to as ‘Resurrection Sunday’ where the focus is on the resurrection of Christ from the dead? Well Peter Youngren decided to re-brand it as “RESURRECTION SEED SUNDAY” — where the focus is no longer on Jesus Christ … but rather on Peter Youngren’s insatiable financial lust.

    In his letter — and I kid you not — Youngren outlines several different ways in which people can get some extra money and give it to him, such as:

    1. Refrain from social activities (coffee / drinks / movies), and give him the money.

    2. Get a part-time / seasonal job, and give him all the money from it.

    3. Charge your neighbour to clean their house, and send him all the money from it.

    4. Take on extra work shifts at your job, and send him all your money from it.

    5. Sell off part of your clothes and your furniture, and send him the money from it.

    6. Sell off your jewelry and your gold, and send him the money from it.

    7. Sell off some of your investments, and send him the money from it.

    8. Send him your (2014) tax refund.

    Imagine telling people to work extra shifts / go out and get a job, or to sell off their clothing and furniture, their jewelry, gold, and other investments – among so many other things – and give all the $$$$ to him!

    The parasitic arrogancy, and ‘Jesse James’ nature of such a request is unbelievable.

    Peter Youngren isn’t revealing Jesus – he is revealing himself; and his central focus isn’t on gaining souls … it’s on how to get more money for himself.

    The Spirit of Christ GIVES to people … like Jesus spent His life doing.

    The spirit of antichrist TAKES from people … like Youngren spends his life doing.

  9. John Thompson says:

    By the way — Youngren is hoping to raise close to half-a-million dollars in his latest role as fleecer of the sheep, in order to (among other things):

    1. Pave the already paved parking lot — I assume he means at TICC.

    2. Reduce the apparent ‘$1,250,000 mortgage’ — on what it’s owed he doesn’t say.

    Here is my advice to people: Don’t give Peter Youngren a penny.

    Tell him if he is so desperate to get more money, to get a part-time job, or to sell off his own clothing (he has a lot of it), or his own furniture, or his own gold / jewelry etcetera.

    The best thing that one could do if they really DID feel stupid enough to have to send Youngren money, is to first HIRE A LAWYER to check into the true ownership of the so-called ‘TICC property’ at 190 Railside; as well as the ‘HOLDER’ of the mortgage.

    Grace Television and the former Grace TV building in St. Catharines, have shown us that things are not always what they seem.

  10. Hagere says:

    Circa 1997, I brought to the attention of Mr. Youngren (through his associates, of course, as one can’t speak to him directly) the racism that I’ve experienced while attending his Church, also known as Word Of Life Church at that time. He basically used his pulpit on a particular Sunday morning to play “shaming the victim” game instead of addressing the issue in a manner that brings peace and reconciliation. I don’t believe Youngren cares about people as much as he cares about building and preserving his empire. Thankfully, about more than a decade later, the topic is openly discussed by so many people around the globe for the purpose of creating a better world; and I am glad to know that there are still people out there who have not lost touch with their humanity.

  11. J Anderson says:

    Daystar’s at it again! Another sleazy “Heart for the World” high pressure fundraiser with the usual cast of characters.

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