Todd Bentley predicted big “like Finney” revival, which is long overdue to start, in Finland

By Rick Hiebert. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission

No, I didn’t mistype. I found a video of Todd Bentley predicting a revival in Finland which seems never to have happened.

Here is a Facebook page to promote an event, where he spoke in Keuruulla Finland on Sept. 3, 2012.A video went up on Sept. 1, with a note of where he was to appear on the 3rd. To accompany and promote the event, a short video was put on YouTube earlier this month as I write. A tip that the clip is old–I’d say at least five *years* old–is that he makes references to “back in Canada* and–sorry Todd–he has a full head of hair. No doubt this is n a North American church–I’m guessing, and it’s to promote his appearance in 2012.

Bentley’s name was spelled wrong,and the YouTube notes are in Finnish–which I do not know–but Todd talks in English, and that is all we need. You may see the video on YouTube here.

In case it disappears, here are the salient quotes, which are up at the start at the video. Bentley says this:

“And the Lord told me ‘A great revival is about the break out in Finland. It’ll be… (cheers) Listen! The conversions in Finland will be like [Charles Finney. The conversions in Finland will be like Finney….and I saw almost like an atomic explosion of glory come down over Finland and it started spreading into other places, missionaries going out of Finland into, Eastern Europe, Estonia, Latvia. other countries…”

So he prays for people going to Finland, with attendant things happening.

Todd at the end of his prayer: “All right, that was fun.”

As best I know, the Finns are still waiting for the revival, which would be five years and counting.

If only we had known of this before Lakeland, eh?

Well, the historical record is amended.

How long until Bentley apologizes in public for being flagrantly wrong–in the Lord’s name!–with this?

I’m not hopeful.

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37 Responses to Todd Bentley predicted big “like Finney” revival, which is long overdue to start, in Finland

  1. Kevin Kleint says:

    Still trying to figure out if Durban is still going, or if it fizzled like the rest. So much for Wendy Alec’s “unstoppable” prophecy!

  2. cindy says:

    The whole todd bentley persona is about hype, false claims, exaggeration in an attempt to get people to believe and thus enlarge his money and bank account. Nothing more or less. Why can’t the bigwigs that support him see through this? They don’t want to displease God by not believing. They don’t discern because they feel it’s sin to not believe. So gemstones fall, angels clean houses, gold dust covers uteruses, etc. People are passive, really. The Lord never told us to be passive. He said discern and do not tolerate false apostles/ministers. He is not pleased with this lack of discipline and responsibility in His body.

  3. fjc says:

    Lucky Finns.

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  5. Rick Hiebert says:

    Kevin….TB sent out an e-mail late summer/early fall that he was leaving SA and going on a vacation…. It was down to bwing hsoted by a church at the end….

  6. Rick Hiebert says:

    Kevin….TB sent out an e-mail late summer/early fall that he was leaving SA and going on a vacation…. It was down to being hosted by a church at the end….

  7. Rick Hiebert says:

    Guess “about to break out” means five years and counting.

    Maybe Todd thinks in terms of Geological ages. ;)

  8. terri b. says:

    God’s timing and our timing are very, very different. Ten years and more is nothing but a second, a brief moment, to God. I believe that the prophetic is nothing more than God sharing His heart, what He wants to do, His desire. There were many prophecies in the Old Testament that were conditional…they depended on the hunger and response and obedience and sincerity of the people He wanted to bless. It’s like what Jesus said, “Many are called, but few are chosen”…the word “chosen” in the Greek apparently means more along the lines of “responding wholeheartedly to the call”…meaning that God will do certain things IF…the question is IF…people repent, and seek Him with all of their heart. Its not God that stops revival, it’s people.

    “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14

    And yeah, God’s timing is definitely much different than man’s. Humans tend to be impatient and give up and stop believing when things don’t go as fast as they’d like.

    How many times in the Old Testament did God say He was “about to do” something, but the actual time span needed for it to come about was much longer than man would have anticipated?

    Charles Finney was awesome, btw.

  9. Hopesome says:

    You can’t put new wine into an old wineskin: So I reckon that like the rest of ‘us nations’! Finland will have to be cleansed first before it can receive NEW WINE !!! otherwise ‘like bentley’ it will only be a skin deep revival:

    Love does not dictate unless one of the flock ‘pass the line’! and put the others in jeopardy:

  10. Brano says:

    A dog returns to its vomit….nuff said

  11. terri b. says:

    May God’s will be done in Finland, on earth as it is in heaven. May the fires of revival and of righteousness fill that nation, like during the Welch revival, where sinners fell to their knees in the streets, under the irresistible power of the Holy Spirit, crying out in repentence, “What must I do to be saved?”

    And may God revive the church in the West, that we will not just be a body of people who know about God, but who really KNOW God…who fall on our faces before His majesty, in humility and in a holy fear and reverence…who are carriers of His presence.

    God bless Finland.

  12. Brano says:

    Thanks Terri,
    But how does Todd Bentley figure into your statement???

  13. terri b. says:

    Brano, i realize my comment may have been off the topic of this blog, at least in the sense of it being not about Todd Bentley. It was more about what he said about Finland. I was agreeing with God’s heart for that nation. That is God’s heart for all of us.

  14. terri b. says:

    Again, this comment isn’t about Todd Bentley…but it IS a beautiful clip from a documentary about real revival that took place and is continuing in a small community in the United States, in Kentucky. It lasts about 16 or so minutes, but if anyone has the time to watch it, I think it will really encourage you, will show you the hope that exists when we join in prayer against the forces of darkness…!i=2204650246&k=ctLhMxF

  15. Brano says:

    Thanks Terri for the clarification,
    Gods heart is the same for all the nations!!
    Todd is simply stating the obvious…a monkey could do the same!?

  16. terri b. says:

    I’m sure Todd himself would agree with you on that one, lol.

    Reminds me of our dear brother, the late St. Francis of Assisi…lol…he used to call all living creatures, including animals, brother and sister…as in “Brother Wolf” & “Sister Bird” because they, too, had been created by God and were therefore sacred & holy.

    He used to laughingly & joyfully call himself “Brother Ass”, comparing himself to a lowly donkey…but since Jesus rode a donkey into Jerusalem, even a humble donkey has the distinction of having been a carrier of God’s presence…lol!

  17. Hopesome says:

    If Mr Bentley thinks of himself as a revivalist – prophet and priest – as he seems to; then GOD has lost discernment when it comes to maximum output with minimum effort and if it needs the past revivals to be constantly regurgitated as examples then GOD needs a dose of NEW WINE himself !!!!!!!!!

  18. Brano says:

    All this talk and nonsense from Todd….IS JUST ANOTHER CARROT

  19. terri b. says:

    Wow. May God bring you people hope and joy. Take care.

  20. terri b. says:

    May God bring you people hope & joy. Take care.

  21. fjc says:

    I really do not know why people talk about these folks… only encourages them and their followers. And who wants to encourage a bunch of shysters.

    They want and need the publicity to ply their ‘trade’. As long as their names keep appearing in the press and on blogs they are happy. No such thing as bad publicity for them….as long as the names are spelled correctly.

  22. Hopesome says:

    Mr Bentley an empty vessel makes a lot of noise – so they say !!! Maximum volume alongside minimum content)

  23. Hopesome says:

    In other words he makes a lot of noise (volume of voice!) minimum content ? – a voice that says much but achieves little -

    He who has ears let him hear what the spirit is saying to the churches!!!

    you have too much to say – with not enough content – to move a mountain, shift the axis of evil or remove territories that are held captive -

    In other words say less and do more …………………

    but first clean up your ACT ……………..

    otherwise as you walk into enemy territory they will hear your ‘filth, anger, hate, and increase its volume not HIS ………………… WHICH IS ALL MIGHTY LOVE:

  24. terri b. says:

    I believe you are right, Hopesome…we need to see territories shifted and set free…and our power to see that happen will increase as we learn to live and walk in love. Death to self…ouch!

  25. Hopesome says:

    Self always proclaims –

    when self has gone completely – then only he remains to proclaim!

    Love never fails when its in the right place for the right reason

    at precisely the right time.

  26. Hopesome says:

    Nations have been held captive – therefore the people of the nations are captive, (past tense – present tense )

    to move on means the past tense has to leave so the present tense can free itself – before moving on to a ‘future’ …………….. that is tied and bound by neither past present or ultimately ‘future’ itself …………….

    Freedom -

  27. Brano says:


  28. Hopesome says:

    Denial – was root and branch

    Deception the ‘leaves that clothed

    Hatred the disease that rotted all

  29. terri b. says:

    Guys, nobody is on here to be hating on you…and secondly, communication isn’t always about self-proclamation…communication helps people understand each other better. It’s how people reach out. Walls are created by ignorance, by people not communicating, and believing the worst of each other. That’s what the enemy of our souls wants. To keep people isolated and alone, not ever trusting anyone. I won’t comment anymore, because it really seems to bother you…you take what I say as an attack against you, and that’s not at all how I mean it. God bless.

  30. Hopesome says:

    No offense given
    None taken …………

    Communication is all about free will -

  31. Hopesome says:

    There is no sentiment in war:

    mans weapons are ……………..

    his weapons are ………………….

  32. Me says:

    Rick Joyner just claimed that a military takeover is the only thing that can save America and he knows there are good people in the military who love the Republic.
    Dominionism at its logical end.

  33. Brano says:


  34. Hopesome says:

    Joyner ……………….. wants a military takeover …

  35. Susan says:

    He seems quite zealous with his ventures. Those that have been or are still standing by him, I wonder how they see him. There are some things that I have seen, that are questionable in my heart.

  36. John Kinnunen says:

    I just listened to an interview dated January 27, 2014 given by David Hertzog on Sid Roth’s web site, about a recent revival in Finland. God moved powerfully like under Finney’s ministry.
    He noted that the Finns are strong friends of Israel and the Jewish people. Let’s get aligned with God on Israel and seek His presence with humility, pure hearts and true hunger, and He will send revival. To the glory of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus!

  37. Hermes Falcao Jr says:

    I am not here to defend the person of Todd Bentley nor am I associated with his ministry; however, I must say there is a mighty move of the Holy Ghost happening in Finland which I have witnessed in my own ministry there .. I have been there 7 times in the past 4 years doing extended meetings from north to south , east to west… I have traveled in over 20 cities in Finland seeing so many dramatic Salvations, amazing miracles, and lots of people free ! The level of hunger is incredible !
    Our ministry has a TV show there and many are coming to salvation and being healed ! First time I went there in 2010 there was not so many ministers going there , but now everyone wants to go because they hear of what’s going on ..
    To say that Finland is not experiencing revival is a wrong statement ! I believe God will still do much more there .. Blessings
    Pastor Hermes falcao Jr

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