Faytene adds a new hat (Two actually)

By Rick Hiebert. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission

Faytene Grasseschi’s latest idea may be a “reboot” of an idea she tried up in Canada.

During the first weekend in October 2013, she held an event for youth. The Movement 133 (M133) Student summit, was intended to bring students (“from all over America” (with a quick mention of ‘North America) to Pasadena, California. Fellow guest speakers included Lou Engle and Cindy Jacobs, so I don’t anticipate that what was taught would be much different than previously. “Movement 133, she noted on Facebook, is tied to Psalms 133–blessed are the brethren who live together in unity, I assume with “Houses of Prayer” and “Justice movements” across the country.

I was reminded of something that took place back in March 2013 at York University in Toronto, Canada. There, several followers of Faytene had an all day event on campus where the student organizers of The CampusCRY, especially on Facebook talked about “taking over their campus for Jesus.’

Perhaps Canada doesn’t provide enough of a “critical mass” to do more with The CampusCRYs in Canada, unless the hope is to get a bunch of possible organizers to work their way up to next spring.  Then several CampusCRYs will happen at the same time, leading the student press to go “Whaaa?” (I’m a former student press reporter so I am allowed to say that.) :)

Don’t wheel out The CampusCRY” term now, in case they don’t happen, but act pleasantly surprised in case several do? Don’t know, but it’s a possibility.

And then there is V-Kol Media Ministries. No, I don’t believe that Faytene and her husband Robert are going all Vulcan/Star Trekky on us. :) They seek to meet their various goals through”hosting events, speaking internationally, developing print, graphic and film resources, networking and through personal mentor-ship.” Can’t find the cite as I write, but she has mentioned on Facebook that “v-kol” relates to a Biblical term in Hebrew.

I’ve often heard Faytene while preaching say something like, “This is political, so you have to make your donation out to…” so this new initiative likely something for tax purposes. Although, I do need to note that this could be a useful plan B–as Todd Bentley has with his Sound of Fire company–in case there is an attempt at a hostile takeover of the ministry governing body overseeing her ministry work.

Don’t think she has anything to fear. But, “Be Prepared is the boy scout marching song” according to Tom Lehrer. ;)

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11 Responses to Faytene adds a new hat (Two actually)

  1. John Payzant says:

    Oh, Oh, Oh, my goodness what’s going to come next with Faytene?

    She’ll probably find some more people to ‘rebuke in the name of Jesus’ just like she did to me for some crazy reason and not admit it like she did to me

  2. Brano says:

    I really hope & wish that Faytene would go back to the book store in Vancouver!
    She is a hard core Dominionist,and has a lot of “friends” now

  3. l.e. says:

    John, not sure what the rebuking was all about, but ive had people rebuke stuff ive said in the past. They weren’t rebuking me personally, just the attitude that was coming from me. Sort of like when Jesus rebuked Peter when he was trying to get him from doing Gods perfect will…was seeing things more from a human perspective than from a divine one. There actually is a place for that sort of thing sometimes.

  4. Brano says:

    Most often,this kind of “rebuking”,is nothing more than an Anti-Christian spirit manifesting…..aheeem

  5. Hopesome says:

    ‘slapping someone verbally’ in human terms is not how you rebuke a demons intent!

    Its another one of the misleading facts that keep those in the dark – in the dark!

    To smack what the biblical calls a demon takes power, love and hope and a knowledge of what makes demons demonic.

    You do not mess with demons …………. ‘its not funny, a game or bull unless of course you walk with them.

  6. Hopesome says:

    When you have people in the hands of sadistic, when you have people in the hands of someones derranged mental state, when you have people held in the hands of a sick determined psychopaths intent, ………………….

    Why is the question……………..

    How; is the next question…………..

    and the last should be ……………. What is grace ………………. who’s grace……………

    why – because grace covers us all …………….. in one form or another does it NOT.

    Men’s weakness for the most part is the ways of the female grace ………….. Jezebels grace was domination……………. (she was ‘graced to bully, intimidate and so on)

    I get livid when I witness bullying ………………. and women do bully ‘men’.. you only have to witness them in the stores shopping to know that!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My father was gentle and kind to a fault……………… I loved his calm ways but when you needed him to be strong ……………… his gentleness wouldn’t allow him …………. he in the end was a victim of his own ‘gentleness’ …….. he had no fight in him (I don’t mean the smack in the face kind of fight either)

    I have had to be strong – without being in the hands of jezebel ………………

    Love does not dominate ……………… unless ……………….. it needs to protect and even then with hope for a brighter outcome ONLY ………….

    Love and the meaning has gone astray for both males and females ………………..

  7. Hopesome says:

    Faytene is indeed wearing two hats:

    Be interesting to see which one dominates : The America or Canadan!!

    Stand strong Canada you may well lose your identity as the multi gifted nation full of interesting multi national peoples:

    Love thy neighbour!! Depends on how.

  8. Brano says:

    Faytene is simply following the $$$$…..Just like her mentor Pat Cocking “King”……

  9. Rick Hiebert says:

    Faytene and Robert have just announced an initiative for the new year here:


    Their “Media Training Institute” will offer training in the areas of film and video production. Faytene has dabbled in the field (various posts here, passim) and Robert presumably has a working knowledge of these fields from his days in modelling.

    They will be partnering with Lou Engle, FWIW.

  10. John Payzant says:

    Junk food heretic Christianity is what this is and they should -not be allowed to go near young people- and people should be warned of these bad people.

    These people carry hate and do not like people.


  11. Brano says:

    Faytene and Robert have NO CLUE about Media….let alone Training in that area!

    More dancing with the stars I guess??….Bizarre

    Not surprising they are “partnering” with Lou Ingle…..


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