No thanks for the fishes – yet

Sorry for the down time here at BDBO – we ran into a bit of server payment mix up. I was going to let BDBO go, but here we are, and Rick and I are going to keep at it for another year. My gratitude to cre8d-design, Rachel and Regan are not only running a top notch company, I count them as friends.

Speaking of going down, an alert  reader got hold of me.

It looks like Charles McVety is no longer on Vision TV.

fishHe got himself kicked off CTS in 2011, and tried to make a fuss about being “attacked for preaching against “the radical sex agenda of the elites””. I can’t call Crossroad Television System ‘elite’ or radical – does anyone?

In July of 2012 McVety announced his return to the Canadian airwaves on OneNewsNow with classic hyperbole. The show, The Canadian Times ran in a night slot on Vision TV.

Now it doesn’t, it appears McVety is off air again and has been for awhile. He has been relatively quiet lately, the last I saw of him was a re-act to Ontario Hydro buying a building he had been eyeing for his Canada Christian College. I’ve wondered if  his buddy Frank Klees call for an Ontario Conservative Party leadership review this summer has contributed to declining revenues and relevance. As well, Vision TV Category 4 (religion) broadcasting mandate with the CRTC was been changed from 90% to 75% in August and there is no pressing necessity to  keep some show running.

While I’m not prepared to believe McVetys broadcasting career is singing with the fishes,   his disappearance this time hasn’t caused a ripple. There aren’t a lot of stations left for him to hop to and it is not his nature to  stay out of a spotlight. We’ll see.

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  1. Acartia says:

    The world will not suffer from McVety’s lack of a venue for his unique brand of intolerance. His last surfacing prior to his recent comment on real estate was to try to ban a professor from giving a presentation in Canada because he had a controversial theory about pedophilia. The professor claims that we are a partially responsible because of the way the media and society sexualize children. But rather than allow discussion on this, McVety claimed that the professor was advocating for pedophilia.

    If we never hear from McVety again, the world wi be better off.

  2. Torontonian says:

    McVety has been quite concerned about the city’s re-zoning plans
    that would prevent churches from springing up in certain areas and
    have too many of them clustering in those areas. There is a current
    zoning requirement that group homes or other types of institutions
    cannot be closer than 150 or 200 metres. The city wants this to
    apply to churches and other religious institutions. The intent is
    to prevent the “ghettoization” of neighbourhoods with several
    group homes or recovery and other special purpose institutions
    in neighbourhoods.

    Enter McVety who wants to move into a lower rent area
    in an industrially zoned area. Either he wants to expand his
    operation with a building that could support studios or greatly
    expanded floor area for his various undertakings.

    One would have to get into his archives to find the broadcasts
    where he excoriated city council and put up petitions for signing.
    Non-conforming end-use is a concern of zoning committees
    and McVety puts his intent ahead of city zoning and planning regulators.

  3. Torontonian says:

    I should clarify one statement by adding a few words:

    The text should read

    There is a current zoning requirement that group
    homes or other types of institutions cannot be closer than
    150 or 200 metres from each other.

    From each other clarifies the statement and I’m
    sorry to not have included it in the first place.

  4. Rick Hiebert says:

    FWIW, since you mentioned it in public, I’m a very happy guest at BDBO and I hope we keep puttering along for at least a little bit.

  5. Bene D says:

    Thanks for the Bee Gee song Susan.

    McVety mentioned in the building article that he was looking at a space for the college that could accommodate a gym. And who knows – perhaps a studio bigger than a closet.

    I think we can putter for another year Rick. Glad you’re here.

    Acartia – you are correct – that was in October – Dr. James Kincaid.

  6. Acartia says:

    Although he claims that he is looking for new real estate so that he can expand his college, I suspect that his foray into the Hydro purchase has more to do with his compulsive need to be in the limelight.

    I have also noted that there is very little activity on his Canadian Times web-site. This site is patterned after the LifeSiteNews web-site, but all they do is link to LSN articles. And I also noted that the number of people commenting is almost non-existant.

    Could it be that McVety has exceeded his best before date? About the only media outlet that will occasionally publish quotes from him is the Sun, and even they have reduced these references considerably. There was even a recent negative article about McVety in the National Post which highlighted his hypocrisy.

    Finally, an examination of his publicly available financial statements (from CRA web-site) show that his net revenues in 2011 were $1,652,540, a quite healthy sum. But in 2012 the net revenues were -$159,150. However, there were some noticeable omissions on the 2011 detailed statement, including compensation for staff (which was $917,000 in 2012) and Other expenditures not covered elsewhere (which was $457,000 in 2012), which strongly suggests that 2011 was not as healthy as indicated. Assuming that these two line items in 2011 were similar to 2012, the net revenue in 2011 would be approximately $280,000, not the 1.7 million indicated.

    But the thing of most interest about the college’s financial statements is that total revenues from all sources has decreased by almost one million dollars between 2010 and 2012, a 30% reduction, yet expenditures have gone up almost 23%. In any business, this performance would be a serious cause for concern.

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