Todd Friel “kicked out” over Todd Bentley stance?

By Rick Hiebert. All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission

During his first radio broadcast of the year on January 6, Todd Friel–host of the American theologically conservative Wretched Radio and its accompanying TV show–alluded to the price you can pay when you can stick up for the right thing.

In an aside, Friel mentioned to his listeners that several radio stations had dropped the Wretched program–I thought during 2013 but it may have been during the aftermath of Lakeland— and the same went for Wretched TV. The most significant reason for doing so, Friel added, seemed to be his criticism of Todd Bentley and the Lakeland Revival. “We were kicked out,” his radio sidekick said. I heard it as they they hadn’t been able to get the stations back.

Friel went on to say that the dropping stations seemed to be mostly upset that he assailed Bentley for abusing alcohol during the events there, and for having an “affair” there as well.

Sorry for working off my memory–I heard it on streaming audio–but I think his critics are misremembering what Friel said then.

I recall that Friel was being very careful to try and critique Bentley’s public behaviour and theology. I myself made a note of one time back in 2010, when he was certainly dismayed on his radio show. He flat out implied Bentley and Jessa had had an affair (which I wouldn’t have done, but he went on to spend most of his time critiquing what he saw as the foolishness of what Todd and Jessa were doing as shown on YouTube.

I wouldn’t necessarily make the “affair” call as all Todd and Jessa have admitted to is an “inappropriate relationship”, whatever that means, but I do want to commend what Friel was trying to do.

Christians need to take out their garbage, when needed.

As Bene D has been kind enough to mention, back in 2001, I wrote a profile on Bentley for B.C. Report Magazine. B.C. Report was a sister magazine to Alberta Report, both of which were Western Canadian conservative news-magazines owned by Christians.

After my story ran, I was compelled to write a follow-up story.

It gets better. In 2002, Bentley was profiled by Charisma magazine. He lied to them as well, and I did a third story which forced Charisma, in turn, to do a one page follow-up story of their own, doing a bit of a buck-and-wing, but getting across that he had lied like a rug.

Could this be over 11 and 12 years ago now? Wow. Suffice it to say that although I am no longer a journalist, I like to keep an eye on him.

{If only the Lakeland revival hosts had known of my stories. Oh well…)

All that to say that I totally understand why Friel might say, “That boy ain’t right”.  Not to mention his frankness on the subject of Todd Bentley, even if it does make for exciting talk radio.”

So he merits an “attaboy!” from me, especially for his willingness to say the right thing, as best he knows, even if he suffers as a result.

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  2. Jane says:

    The radio program where Todd Friel talked about getting kicked off radio stations was Jan 7 (not 6th) and it was during or shortly after the Lakeland event ( in 2008 not 2013) that Wretched was kicked off of radio stations for their remarks about Todd Bentley. Todd Friel mentioned that after it officially came to light that Bentley was in fact drunk while performing his antics and was in fact having an affair with the nanny of his children while in Lakeland that they (Wretched) were put back on the air on those radio stations…it was a joke…Wretched Radio was not given back their air slots on those stations. ( I am a paying subscriber and just went back and listened to the show). Hope this clarification helps.

  3. Rick Hiebert says:

    Thanks for what you were able to add…

    If it was a joke, they were playing it really straight. I didn’t read it as such, and it would make sense that they would have been spiked for “controversy”.

    Have they issued a clarifying statement…

    And why `joke`about something like that. Losing stations is surely a kiss of death for a radio program. and you don`t want to plant the idea in station managers minds. Hopefully, if this was a joke, Friel has been told never to do this again…

    You may be right about the date. I listen for free and may have thought I was listening on a one day delay when it was live.


  4. Rick Hiebert says: case I misheard *when* they were dropped, I amended my post to allow for that.

    My commendation still stands though. And thanks for chiming in.

    Radio programs never mention being dropped, for the `kiss of death`reasons I mentioned above, so it remains noteworthy.

  5. Marie says:

    Praise the LORD someone is exposing the unfruitful works of darkness in the institutional church system! I had a woman in my charismatic church become angry with me when I mentioned the internet programs/sermons that I listen too regularly saying “We need to be very discerning as to what we listen too!” I was in agreement with that statement, however “A double minded man/woman is unstable in ALL of their ways” declares our LORD in His Scriptures; and I was completely confounded when I learned this woman and her Bible study (?) attendees were watching the “Todd Bentley Lakeland” gatherings on the internet, as well as pridefully and arrogantly promoting the fact that her siblings and relatives flew in especially to get some of that good old fashioned “imparting!”

    Needless to say, perhaps she may want to turn some of that anger on herself and test the Scriptures to know if what they were watching proved sound with the Scriptures.
    It is amazing to me the hyprocrisy that lives inside of what are coined “Christians.”

    May Jesus Christ be praised above all Names…and Him alone…not the Bentleys thank-you very much.

  6. James says:

    It would be interesting to know what stations (Christian), that dropped Todd’s show.
    I wonder if they are airing any programs by cults and unorthodox teachers themselves?
    Many Christian stations will air programs that expose these issues, and at the same time air cults and unorthodox teachers programs. I know of one program, “Born To Win” that now has been cancelled from over twenty Christian stations. There are many other Christian stations that don’t care about the unorthodox teachings of the speaker of this program. I guess as long as the check clears the bank, almost any one can air.

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