Bob Jones dies

By Rick Hiebert. All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission

Charisma News is reporting that “prophet” Bob Jones passed away on Valentines Day.

In the Charisma piece. Rick Joyner is quoted as the expert on Jones, as the latter was closely connected to Morningstar in recent years.

Jones was prominent and instrumental in the “Kansas City Prophets”.

Jones was occasionally noted for the vague sort of prophecies that could not be confirmed. In this prophecy about the 2040s and 2050s, for example. Jones could not be personally assessed for his prophetic gifting unless he had lived to be well over 100 years old.

Let Us Reason noted an odd quote by Jones, in which Jones says that the Devil told him that if he would just stay away from fighting abortion and homosexuality, Satan would let Jones do all the “signs and wonders” he wanted to:

Jones relates his concern about the rise of abortion and homosexuality, and a conversation he had with a devil: “He told me the next time that I prophesied and told anybody about it, he would kill me. He said, ‘If you knock that off we’ll move back into all the signs and wonders you want to. You can heal people and you can prophesy day and night if you want to, if you leave these two subjects alone” (Mike Bickle, Bob Jones, Visions and Revelations, 1988, found in Vengeance is Ours by Al Dager)

He was removed from ministry for a time for having women take off their clothes to “stand naked before the Lord”. Jones would then give them a “prophetic word”.

Apologetics Index, which notes that Jones was a promoter of the “Latter Rain” and “Manifest Sons of God” theologies, has a fine rundown of Jones’ aberrant tendencies on their website. This ApostasyWatch piece may also be of interest.”

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6 Responses to Bob Jones dies

  1. Rick Hiebert says:

    This Bob Jones had nothing to do with Bob Jones University, which is more of a fundamentalist school.

  2. Kevin Kleint says:

    Have fun with this one, I’m getting a lot of emails from people who are angry about my stand against Bob Jones, recently revisited by my latest post.

    It amazes me how people can be blinded by the “sweet old man” persona and neglect what the Word of God has to say on the matter.

    It’s ridiculous. Even a surface-level study of the scripture shows that Bob Jones was no true prophet.

    Kevin Kleint

    “Thoughts Inspired by the Passing of Bob Jones”

  3. Bene D says:


    Our experience also. People who follow N.A.R. teachings – third wave, latter day rain etc., don’t strike me as much different from people who go to psychics, and I find their desire to defend their positions matched only by their anger or contempt. Jones gave people a very experience and emotionally oriented encounter, and no skills to align what they witness and believe against scripture.

  4. Kevin Kleint says:

    Oh I agree! People get downright “volatile” when you start trashing their idols with completely logical and scriptural points. They love the thrills and chills, but somehow the Truth eludes them.

  5. Mark Byron says:

    My dad runs in an NAR-ish crowd and I can recall him seeing Jones when he was in the area (Flint, MI I recall and we’re an hour north of there).

    There are a lot of what I lovingly call “Holy Spirit Junkies” and can exhibit a bit of addictive behavior; when pressed on their “pusher” of the hour (that can fit in the drug-dealer sense and the guy laying hand-to-forehead to get a slain-in-the-spirit go-down), they can get ornery, as Bene notes.

    One less questionable “prophet;” being a fly on the wall at Judgment day when BJ gets his debriefing would be interesting.

  6. Rick Hiebert says:

    Today, the Elijah List resent out a very recent “word” by Jones to commemorate the passing of a “true prophet”.

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