100 Huntley Street US

The, Oh My God! from April Hernandez in the promo at 1:42 is um…er… ah…sets a tone for 100 Huntley Street US brought to you by the Canadian evangelical charity/broadcaster Crossroads Christian Communications Inc.

The show, hosted by April Hernandez and Eric Metaxas is currently scheduled to run on CW+ and ReelZ starting March 9th.

Twitter: @100HuntleyUS
YouTube http://us.100huntley.com/index

Update: The video with Ms. Hernandez reacting with “Oh, my God!” has been edited. I don’t think breaking the third commandment would go over well with viewers. The expletive has been removed.

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10 Responses to 100 Huntley Street US

  1. Weazel says:

    Is God awake when the little boys are be abused by the Christian clergy?

  2. Torontonian says:

    One of the broadcasters is CW+ and not CW.
    The Wikipedia article about CW+ states that it
    services markets that are not in the top 99 in
    the US. I therefore think that its reach will not be
    very significant.

    Here is the Wikipedia link for CW+


    I wonder just how much impact the telecast will have
    with the likes of small-town America.

  3. Bene Diction says:

    Hi Torontonian:

    Thank you. Fixed.
    The show has a 6:00 am Sunday time slot on Reelz; not that it matters with pvrs and YouTube.

    Eric Metaxas is a rising star in the religious right subculture, they have deep pockets. It will be some time before industry watchers know if there has been enough market penetration to sustain a US operation. Hernandez might appeal to celebrity watching evangelical Americans, perhaps she was hired to draw in the younger female crowd. Classic pairing and hardly unique in an overcrowded religious entertainment field.

  4. Jane says:

    video removed

  5. fjc says:

    It is just show biz

  6. Bene Diction says:

    Thanks Jane, it was – just like it never happened. It was edited and put back up. No apology, no explanation, (ie: case of nerves) nothing. Poof.

  7. Bene Diction says:

    Hey fjc:

    Yes, it’s show biz.
    Hilarious, the first episode guest lists this: Dr. Jerry Johnston Doctor of Ministry.

    He actually is now, but the majority of viewers outside Kansas won’t know he went around using “Dr.” in front of his name (or not correcting others when they used it) when he was no such thing, he had an honorary degree from Falwell’s Liberty U. He finally earned a DoM from Acadia Divinity College, and Crossroads mentioned in a pr that he earned it in May 2012, possibly because his past pretension had to be explained.

  8. fjc says:

    An honorary degree does not impress me.

    An honorary degree from Liberty U impresses me even less.

    I think that the current rate for picking these certificates runs to about $350. depending on the degree factory.

  9. Interesting. When I try the website in the video, 100huntley.com
    I am switched to ca.100huntley.com – the Canadian website.

    In the Toronto area, I’m noticing that CW+ does not include Buffalo or Rochester, NY which is unfortunate because I’d be more inclined to watch this US edition than anything they air domestically.

  10. Bene D says:

    Hi Paul:

    I’m directed to Canada too – try us.100huntley.com

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