ResultSource – Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill NYT Best Seller List – ministries buying their way to the top

Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill church in Seattle have been getting attention again, this time for the choice to use a company called ResultSource to push one of Driscolls books onto the New York Times bestseller list.

The focus the past week has been on Driscoll, which begs the question, who is behind ResultSource?
It turns out, the company which for a fee helps authors make bestseller lists was started by a man named Kevin Small.


Small attended Liberty University from 1990 to 1993, and in 1995 went to work for a pastor/leadership guru named John C. Maxwell.


An INJOY partner is EQUIP. (More in a moment) From a site called Marriage Mentoring where Small chairs the Board of Directors:

In 1996, Kevin Small was recruited by the leadership development author John C. Maxwell. Kevin was tasked with the creation of a platform that would be used to bring Maxwell’s leadership books to market. As the President of Maxwell’s company, Kevin launched a satellite event training series that would enroll over 1 million students while rolling out an integrated publishing platform that launched four New York Times bestselling leadership titles.

Maxwell’s annual book sales grew to over 1.2 million books. Under his leadership, the company grew dramatically over the next four years – from 10 to 125 people, and from $2 million to $25 million in revenue. Kevin managed the company’s sale in November 2004.
In March of 2005 Kevin founded The Marcus Buckingham Company around bestselling author and Gallup Researcher, Marcus Buckingham. For the next three years Kevin built a research and training company around Buckingham’s body of work developed after Buckingham left The Gallup Organization. Kevin served as the Executive Producer for Buckingham’s award winning film, Trombone Player Wanted, and launched the book, Go Put Your Strengths To Work, which was debuted with a dedicated Oprah show and a national book tour.

Meanwhile, the book business was changing quickly. Publishers were less and less able to commit the usual level of resources to authors’ launches. Kevin recognized that market conditions would soon require that authors have their own marketing representation in order to have impact — despite the strength of their ideas, or their platform. Kevin’s response was to form ResultSource, a boutique marketing firm that works with today’s thought leaders to build bestsellers.

Today Kevin Small serves as the Managing Partner to ResultSource as well as where he agents business, self help and Christian Living books.

INJOY is now part of The John Maxwell Company. John C.  Maxwell claims to have published 71 books, and some since Small came on the scene made best seller lists.  Maxwell is a teaching pastor at Christ Fellowship out of Florida.

John C. Maxwell church bio

Sure enough, if you head over to ResultSource, a couple of Maxwell’s books are front and centre. So, how expensive is it to buy your way onto a US bestseller list? According to the contract Mars Hill signed with ResultSource, it costs about 210 thousand dollars.

ResultSource is open about how they get evangelicals to pay up for one of Maxwell’s books, including bulk buying.

Maxwell book

The John C. Maxwell Leadership Center

As well as pastoring and running his corporation, Maxwell started a non-profit leadership organization named above called EQUIP. The current CEO of Crossroads Christian Communications Inc., Dr. John Hull, took the helm of EQUIP in 2000.


In September 2013,  John Hull became the Global Chief Executive Officer of Crossroads. He appears on 100 Huntley Street regularly. Right now, 100 Huntley is peddling Hull’s book, published by Thomas Nelson, the same publisher of the Driscoll Real Marriage book which is the focus of the current kerfuffle.

Hull book

Pivotal Praying was published in 2002, back when Kevin Small still worked for John C. Maxwell. I need to be fair here, I see no evidence that Hull/Elmore used Small’s talents to push their book or paid him to peddle their product; after all Hull was running a non-profit. Like Mars Hill is. I see no evidence Hull used Small to develop his ‘brand’ like Maxwell and Driscoll, or flew around in a Lear jet on a whirlwind book tour.  Ministry is big business in some sectors in the US with well cultivated fan bases and eager consumers.

Real Marriage scrubbed pageWhich brings us back to Mark Driscoll, Mars Hill and Real Marriage. I mentioned that hiring a firm like ResultSource is not illegal, but the case can be made it isn’t ethical. Oh wait, the IRS has a rule for non-profits called inurement.   Some ministry leaders who can afford to buy their way to the top, seem to be doing so, rendering key best seller lists irrelevant, eroding trust and blurring so many lines, I can see why people question what is different about Christians. We Christian consumers have to take some blame, we’re so blinded by celebrity and marketed definitions of success, we can’t see and discern the values of the Kingdom.

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7 Responses to ResultSource – Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill NYT Best Seller List – ministries buying their way to the top

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  2. Mark Byron says:

    The proper accounting technique would have had Driscoll cutting the PR firm the check and giving the net proceeds from the book (royalties-marketing costs) back to Mars Hill. Instead, Mars Hills cut the PR firm the check and gets (according to Driscoll) the proceeds from the books as a donation from Driscoll.

    The net effect doesn’t change, assuming all the royalties are donated. Big assumption, one that a tax court might not agree with.

    However, given the flak the IRS is currently under for giving conservative non-profits undue paperwork and slowdowns and the no-harm-no-foul nature of the transactions involved, I could see the IRS showing a bit of restraint in this case, telling them to have Driscoll (or his firm) cut the marketing checks if Driscoll gets the royalties from it.

    That leaves the greater question- should Driscoll need a marketing firm for his book? That’s a very good question, especially when a lot of folks won’t be thrilled with his caveman complementarianism; Russell Wilson, the Seattle QB, gets in trouble even hanging out with his fellow Seattle evangelical celebrity.

  3. Bene Diction says:

    Thanks Mark, I appreciate you chiming in. It helps to have your expertise.

    Question for you. If a Mars Hill member complained to the IRS, what happens?

    Thing is, his congregation won’t know, and neither will we.
    Mars Hill makes declarations and expects everyone to just believe them.

    We know Thomas Nelson publishers had nothing to do with ResultSource being hired, so the firm wasn’t seen as needed from that end.
    This fiasco has exposed deeper leadership and accountability issues at Mars Hill that kind of awareness is needed – the book pusher, not so much.

  4. Missing Facts says:

    Good job promoting Mark’s book for free. :)

  5. fjc says:

    Why on earth would anyone buy this book? Or read anything by this author?

  6. Hopedsome says:

    Your missing the point people – Its complicite complacency ………….. one should be raging about!

  7. George Gnosis says:

    An interesting side story is the fact that one of Maxwell’s friends – Kevin Myers, pastor of 12Stone church, recently released a book (of which Maxwell co-authors) that used this very technique of “stacking the deck” on NY Best Sellers list, but it backfired. The book was offered to other denominations (if the leaders would buy all their pastors this book, they would receive a coupon which would “refund” the full price of the book – in essence giving each pastor this book for free – a gracious act, but also a very strategic way to ensure that thousands of copies of the book were legitimately purchased, thereby ensuring that the book ended up on the best sellers list). When the listing agents refused to list the book (based on the fact that there were too few points of sales), Myers cried foul – claimed he was being “blackballed.” The truth is that he was simply caught in his own game – certainly a game encouraged by his mentor, Maxwell, who has become a master at marketing.

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