Fred Phelps dies

By Rick Hiebert. All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission

Fred_Phelps_10-29-2002 WikipediaFred Phelps, the former pastor (as he had recently been excommunicated by his extremist Westboro Baptist Church), died today.

The National Post reports that he passed away in the wee hours of March 19-20. He was in a hospice and had been suffering from serious health problems recently.

No doubt you are well aware of the infamies of his ministry, but if not, Wikipedia has a useful introduction.

Phelps had been banned, along with other members of Westboro Baptist, from entering Canada in 2008 after announcing his plans to stage an anti-Canada protest at the funeral of a Winnipeg man.

Also, it was rediscovered last fall that Fred Phelps graduated from Prairie Bible Institute.

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7 Responses to Fred Phelps dies

  1. Torontonian says:

    I hope someone can fix the link for the passage
    “Fred Phelps graduated from the Prairie Bible Institute.”

    I have tried to open it on three different browsers and
    nothing happens. The Browsers are Internet Explorer
    Google Chrome and Firefox.

  2. fjc says:

    Makes one wonder how someone can become such a vile, hateful person as Mr. Phelps.

    Notwithstanding his outlandish statements about Canada, I am very pleased that we did not allow pond scum like this into our country.

    We have enough of his ilk that are home grown already.

  3. Rick Hiebert says:

    Thanks for adding the pic BD

  4. Marina Thibault says:

    Nice to see the world, that god hates so much, is taking the high road.

    But having left this religion after many years of trying to live it, I do have to say that WBC are really only following the commandments of bible god. They point out the fact that the church and Christians proclaiming to be followers of the god of the bible, are hypocrites. And you know what? They’re right! God’s words clearly state his hatred of homosexuals, unbelievers and believers in other gods. He seems especially perturbed by those who say they are his messengers, but are only half-hearted. Even Jesus said there was a place for those who honour him with only with their lips, ie. lukewarm followers of his word. It was those whom he publicly rebuked and scorned. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen a whole lot of public rebuking of Christian to Christian, holding one another accountable for not upholding the word of their mighty god.

    Believers do not have the luxury to cherry pick the verses they will live by. The bible in so many ways states that you’re all in or you’re out. Jesus didn’t point his finger at the world, but at the others who proclaimed to belong to god and claim to “see”.

    So Christians who find WBC offensive when the message is directed at them, speaks of either an ignorance and a dissonance, or both. Even more importantly it demonstrates that religion is no more a product of human invention; an invention that has mutated according to social norms and laws. Are you offended by the protests of the WBC? Why? The behaviour and language that the WBC exhibits, comes directly from the same bible Christianity is rooted in. The same bible Christendom claims hails from the mouth of god! The WBC does not change his words or the interpretation thereof to make them palatable. God’s law supposedly doesn’t change and neither does his morality. Supposedly. He doesn’t soften according to what society deems appropriate. Or does he? If god hated homosexuality thousands of years ago, has he now changed his mind just because the world has accepted this sexual identity as legit? If so, then bible god is a weak god, insecure, untrustworthy. And the words of the bible that portray this god, are less than reliable. And if the words of the bible are not reliable, what then does Christianity have to go on, but what it can contrive?

    The WBC may not be pretty and I sure as heck don’t endorse them or any other religious group, but you’ve got to give them credit – they’re pretty genuine about what they claim to believe in. (I am sure there are a good many bible verses that they conveniently overlook too-even THEY can’t go quite as far as what god expected back in bible days on account that we have laws that forbid a lot of god’s punishments!) But they don’t care about what anyone thinks because they are totally sold out to bible god. Extremist? Well I’d say Jesus and his disciples were pretty extreme too and I doubt any of the modern religious folk wouldn’t like them much either if he showed up on the street.

  5. fjc says:

    I actually wonder if some of the words in the Bible are still relevant in today’s society.

    I have absolutely no doubt that many church leaders, most especially Evangelicals, interpret and or string together selected verses in a way that suits their purpose. They do it in order to differentiate their products (ministry) or to boost their egos. It was just one reason why we chose not to bring our children up in an Evangelical setting.

  6. Tim W. Callaway says:

    POINT OF CLARIFICATION: my research established that Fred Phelps ATTENDED Prairie Bible Institute; I do not believe he ever graduated from the school

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