The “Filipino-Canadian priest” who is front page news

By Rick Hiebert. All Rights Reserved. Used by permission.

The name of Father Fernando Suarez may be familiar to Catholics in the Toronto area. But Filipino community readers across Canada will certainly now know of him as he is the cover subject of The Filipino Post

Father Suarez, the Vancouver based free paper notes, made a bit of a splash in 2002 and 2003 when he was based in Ontario. He retains a Canadian-based non-profit charity, Mary Mother of the Poor. But he is probably best known, though, as the “Healing Priest”, who conducts faith-healing masses that, according to the Filipino Post, bring cities in the Phillipines to “a standstill.”

Suarez is still a priest in good standing in the Diocese of Ottawa but the Filipino Post notes that Suarez has been expelled from the Toronto Catholic Archdiocese, where Suarez was an associate priest at St. Timothy’s in North York in 2002 and 2003.”

Suarez returned to the Philippines a few years ago, and gained clout in the Catholic Church, as well as politically and financially. The Post adds that this apparent power has raised “fear and apprehension.”

He’s front page news in the Philippines in the past couple weeks, as the English-language national newspaper there, The Philippine Daily Inquirer, has done a series of stories on Suarez. [The Filipino Post story has "the Inquirer" all over it, so it seems they are trying to do a "matcher" story following the Inquirer's work]

Fortunately, the Philippine Daily Inquirer has a website, so I can direct you to two of their recent stories. Here, Suarez, defends himself against criticism of ‘how his Mary Mother of the Poor (MMP) Foundation has been handling its finances and to allegations that he is living a lavish lifestyle.”

Another story reports on how the “so-called healing” priest’s plans for a major building project in the Philippines was set aside by a local planning authority.Father Suarez had planned to include in the project a Marian shrine with a statue of Mary bigger than the Statue of Liberty.

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4 Responses to The “Filipino-Canadian priest” who is front page news

  1. fjc says:

    When it comes to faith healing, those Filipinos are very theatrical.

    They don’t settle for people jumping out of wheelchairs, or leaving crutches behind. Or even regained sight.

    They physically pull cancerous tumours out of sick people. Only problem is that those ‘tumours’ were found to be chicken livers and chicken hearts.

  2. All frauds attempting to make themselves appear to be more spiritual are eventually exposed by the Holy Spirit. The real move is an spiritual conn artist who is after money. This guy sounds that he has been trying to copy Benny Hinn but is being exposed. Praise the Lord! Many so called evangelists during early days 1900’s used to pay people to pretend that they were sick and healed and died and rose up praising God and made up all kinds of stories about them being healed by the “so-called great preacher” who did t is miracle. They were called “shills”who were paid well because the offerings would be big. Then, they would move on to the next town or city with their “traveling road shows”. The movie called, “Elmer Gantree” was based on those kind of “fake ministries”. The problem is that when this is done today people are again people do not want to believe they were taken advantage because they don’t want to believe the preach was a spiritual con artist. They loved the show because they had wonderful emotional experiences thinking that it was the Holy Spirit. As the saying was, “The hand is faster than the eye.” No, by what has been claimed about Suarez, he is the newest side show proclaimer and now, it’s his turn to take the stage and get the money and the bows.

  3. fjc says:

    Make no mistake, the frauds are still out there and very active. Especially the ones that ‘specialize’ in cancer and offer private consultations.

    It is a great business-especially when so much of it is cash based.

  4. Peter Lee says:

    I have personal knowledge regarding this man, and he is not worthy of the title of a “Priest”. I hope the Pope knows about him and the corruption he is filthily doing to the Catholic faith. God help us.

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