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This is excellent news. Missionary Kids Safety Net, a well known advocacy and resource organization for missionary kids and third culture kids who have been harmed by their experiences in the missionary movement, has set up a Canadian branch. MKSN has been registered with Revenue Canada.

The purpose statement of MK Safety Net Canada is: “To advance education and promote health by providing educational programs and mutual support groups for people who have experienced trauma.”

MK Safety Net Canada is a group of individuals who wish to reach out to survivors of abuse in various missionary environments. “We are interested in helping victims, their parents and families break the silence, and would like to create a community of support, healing and hope,” explains Beverly Shellrude Thompson, President Emeritus of MK Safety Net Canada.

Part of the mandate of MK Safety Net Canada is also to call mission organizations and their supporting churches to establish justice and healing, especially in those cases where the church has wounded its own children.

“Most North American evangelical mission agencies and denominations are now incorporated in Canada as well as in the U.S.” explains Thompson. “MK Safety Net welcomes this change because Canadian victims of both historical and current abuse in mission settings will now report to the Canadian head office of their mission rather than to the U.S. headquarters. Canadian laws differ from American law and this will assist in streamlining the reporting and investigatory process.”

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MK Safety Net USA has been operating since 1999.
MK Safety Net Canada

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6 Responses to MK Safety Net Canada

  1. Thanks for your welcome! I’m a proud Canadian, and am pleased that incorporating in Canada will provide further opportunities for community building amongst trauma survivors. Many of us were we isolated emotionally from one another as children. Even when we were living in close proximity to one each other, and much of the trauma we experienced happened in community, we kept many secrets. Now, our healing as adults often happens best when we are a part of a supportive community and when it is safe to talk about the abuse we experienced or saw around us. Survivor groups from PBI have led the way in Canada in the difficult, sometimes messy, work of creating safe, supportive places and we look forward to continuing to work in close relationship with them.

    And of course, if you would like to be involved in building our outreach or working on specific goals, please let us know. We are an all-volunteer organization and would love more “boots on the ground”!

    One more note: Linda Tripp, Board Member, did the hard work of incorporating MK Safety Net in Canada – many thanks to her!

    Beverly Shellrude Thompson
    President Emeritus

  2. BD says:

    You are most welcome – good launch. I know the compassionate folk of MK Safety Net Canada will be a powerful force for education, providing safe space to those finding their voices, and for healing and wholeness for those who have been isolated. Your presence as a charity in Canada is needed. I hope and pray you see justice in places where justice has been denied. Go under the mercy, God is awake.

  3. fjc says:

    It is all ‘love and kisses’ now.

    But just wait until this organization bravely brings some abuse to the public forum -naming organizations and individuals. Then you will see a complete about face by some supporters. Everyone is in favour until some of the dirt and coverup is discovered in their own organization.

  4. guereza2wdw says:

    It seems very appropriate to have mksafety net in Canada. After all SIM ran a boarding facility in Ontario for MKs where significant abuse occurred.

  5. Hey FJC, I’ve got to say I love being liked, so the ‘love and kisses’ phase suits me well. But truth-telling and justice trumps the need for approval so it will be very welcome when Canadian survivors and their families are comfortable reporting historical and current abuse. It is a part of the healing process and for justice that thus far has been denied.
    Beverly Shellrude Thompson
    MK Safety Net Canada, President emeritus

  6. DaveW,
    Could you send information to about the boarding facility in Ontario for MKs which SIM ran? Your e-mail is amazingly well timed. MK Safety Net Canada is now working with a retired police officer who headed up criminal investigations into sexual crimes (she is joining the board – announcement to follow soon). She will be invaluable in helping Canadians who are survivors of historical abuse navigate the process of reporting abuse.
    Beverly Shellrude Thompson
    MK Safety Net Canada, President emeritus

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