Your “Nazis equal gays” candidate for Massachusetts governor

By Rick Hiebert All Rights Reserved Used by Permission.

Today as I write, I heard, over the Internet, an independent candidate who is running for governor of Massachusetts speaking at an all-candidates meeting organized by the LGBT community.

Scott Lively, a very conservative Christian activist, naturally tried to make the case that governments should try to be more neutral on homosexuality. His audience wasn’t pleased.

Before I moved on, I was thinking “Where do I know the name ‘Scott Lively’ from?” Oh Right, he co-wrote The Pink Swastika. a book which argues that Nazism in Germany was rife with homosexuality.

Has someone put two and two together and realized that Lively is running for governor? Boston magazine was well ahead of the curve, writing on him when he was just thinking of running. Their piece is well detailed.

They report that Lively was in Uganda helping several leaders in Uganda who would go on to pass anti-gay legislation in that country. Interesting precedent should he, by some fluke, be elected.

I wonder if someone brought a copy of The Pink Swastika to the candidates meeting.

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5 Responses to Your “Nazis equal gays” candidate for Massachusetts governor

  1. Mark Byron says:

    If I recall The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich right, there were quite a few gay Nazis, especially in the early going. That doesn’t equate the two, especially when they rounded up gays along with Roma and Jews, but there is a germ of truth to warp into that lively but flawed take.

  2. fjc says:

    One would have to be ‘one brick short of a load’ to believe nonsense like this.

    If I were the intended audience I would be insulted that someone would think me dim enough to buy this.

  3. Rick Hiebert says:


  4. Cobbled Stones says:

    The “official position” of the Nazis was that homosexuality could be cured. (Zimmerman, Jonathan (August 27, 2011). “Did Nazis persecute gays, or were they gay themselves?”. The Bakersfield Californian/History News Service.)

    It is titillating that in our age, those who most vehemently persecute gays, are often caught in an airport baggage handling area with a strapping young man fetching their bags. (No pun intended)

  5. Cobbled Stones says:


    I am an ordained minister of the FSM Church. I sincerely believe this and warn you that if you do not convert, your life will be an empty shell devoid of truth and pasta inspiration.

    You can read about my church and it’s tenants here. Repent and confess now and we will save you a place at the table of carbohydrates.

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