Former MK speaks out – New Tribes Mission ‘retires’ abuser

8 years ago in 2006, Lori, a wife and mom living in the US,  and a former missionary kid (MK), wrote New Tribes Mission.

In 1981-82, I was 10-11 years old and a resident of the Earl Dorm at the New Tribes Mission base of Numonohi, Papua New Guinea. The Earl dorm parents were Gary and Annie Earl, and the dorm was called the Hibiscus Dorm (located in the far right front corner of the base). It was a small dorm: there were 7 dorm children (ages 8-17) and I think by then there were 4 Earl children (all under age 6).

One evening, I was outside playing on the base’s swing sets when one of the little children of my dorm came and told me to go back to the dorm. I went into the dorm and was alone in the house with the dorm dad, Gary Earl.

He said that his daughter, a 1st grader, told him I had not swept the floor that evening, as was my work detail assignment. I said that I did sweep the floor, but I admitted that I had not turned on a light to do it (because I was in a hurry to play!).

He became visibly angry at me and told me to go to his and Annie’s bedroom. I cannot, because of the trauma of the event, give you a dialogue of our discussion. I remember his red, angry face, his very loud booming voice, how huge he was, and that he began to spank me with a board -about 2′ long, 6″ wide, and 3/4-1″ thick -on my bottom and upper thighs.

After many strikes with that board, I thought the spanking was done, but he told me to stand up and asked me again if I swept the floor. I said, ”Yes, I did. I won’t lie.” He said I was lying, yelled at me to lie face down, and hit me over and over again.

Again, I had to stand up, answer if I swept the floor or not, and then lie down again because my answer was not right. I remember asking him at one point, in a respectful manner, if he wanted me to lie to him; is this what he was asking for? He told me he was to break my will. He told me that I was a liar, I could not possibly be a Christian, and did I know where the Bible says that liars go? They go to hell.

Over and over again, up and down, up and down. He screamed so loudly at me that I remember his spit. As time went on, I was too weak to get up and down. He grabbed me to stand me up to yell at me, and then pushed me to lie me back down.

In writing this, I cannot make you understand how long this event took, or how hard his strikes were. I remember looking at the digital clock on their bed’s shelf, and thinking, “This can’t go on forever. It isn’t possible for it to last forever.” I remember wanting my Daddy, who had given me a good many spankings but never one with a board, and never one that bruised (I had lived with my parents my first 9 years, in the States at language school).

I remember also that there were two occasions when he had to grab me from the bed and physically hold me in order to stand me up. I’m not sure but those two blackouts may have been times when I fainted. I had a heart murmur as a child, and at the time, I would often faint if crying hard.

As time went on, I remember thinking, “I don’t think he will kill me. I hope he doesn’t kill me.”

I remember running out of tears.

Lori was beaten bloody, and a fear took hold of her that day that still holds her in its grip. The physical scars of that beating will always be visible. The emotional and spiritual beatings left different scars.

For all of the years since then, until I graduated in 1989, Gary Earl always seemed to have something against me.

He often searched for me around with a flashlight, catching me in dark places. He belittled me, telling me once that I couldn’t sing well, and another time that I was not a Christian. He told me I would never be successful. He did not ever strike me again. He did yell at me one time when I sassed Annie. She intervened. In 1988, he kicked my brother, Calvin, and me out of his dorm. There was no explanation given to me. Even if others did not get into trouble, I did from him. This can be verified by many others.

You may be wondering why I never told anyone. For one, even to this day, I am absolutely afraid of that man. He had been a police officer prior to coming to Papua New Guinea, and he liked to tell his police stories. I had no doubt that he could kill me. He was a huge man; bigger than every other man I remember on the Numonohi base.

In breaking her silence in 2006, Lori began to deal with her childhood abuse on the mission field, and in telling her story she didn’t realize she’d face another kind of abuse that survivors aren’t prepared for – obfuscation, institutional incompetence and silence. She was 35 years old, the mother of four, and her story landed on the desk of New Tribes Mission lawyer Scott Ross in February of that year.

Scott Ross got back to her in August 2006, “I do want to follow through with your case.  It is very important and as you know, Gary is pretty influential so I want all my i’s dotted as I approach him.”

Then there was silence.

In 2007, another New Tribes Mission executive let Lori know Ross was busy, and would she meet with execs to discuss missionary boarding school abuse?

In July 2007, a meeting with Gary Earl and lawyer Scott Ross which was supposed to happen, hadn’t. Lori was told a child abuse investigative policy was being worked on.

Again, silence.

In January 2008, Lori was told Gary Earl had been approached and that he had written a letter of apology, “expressing his deep sorrow and sadness for what he did to you. He seems very sincere and heartbroken.”
Lori decided not to receive Gary Earl’s letter. It is still on file.


In 2010, Lori again wrote New Tribes Mission asking about the Child Protection committee and the Earl letter. By this time the G.R.A.C.E. (Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment) report on New Tribes Fanda Missionary School abuse was out. Evangelical media had picked up the story of abused missionary kids.

More silence.

It was now 2013, and Lori hadn’t heard another word from New Tribes Mission about the abuse she had reported.

In July 2013, investigative firm Pii International contacted her about the abuse at the New Tribes Mission Papua New Guinea school. Lori writes:

July – August 2013
Pii continues to email me, and I allow them to send questions, but after receipt of the questions, I felt that Pii was insensitive in how they asked for information from me. And since I only knew of my story with Gary Earl, and since I did not request they reopen my “case,” and since I had previously been disappointed by NTM’s lack of action, I did not respond to Pii.

I am also wary of Pii because they were hired by Scott Ross and are located in his geographical area. Scott Ross, in my previous experience, collected information only to protect New Tribes Mission. I didn’t feel like Pii would produce a report like GRACE did for the Fanda Eagles.

In December of 2013, Pii International sends Lori a Statement of Finding. (I find it interesting Pii International did not get much co-operation from survivors, nothing close to what G.R.A.C.E. had with the Fanda investigation.)

1. Affirmed: Based on all of the evidence considered by Professional Investigators International, including the credibility of the witnesses interviewed, it was determined that there was Clear and Convincing Evidence to find that Gary Earl engaged in physical misconduct. There is Clear and Convincing Evidence that Gary Earl engaged in misconduct in violation of applicable NTM-USA policy.

For the first time, Lori learns that others suffered physical and sexual abuse at her childhood school. In January 2014, Pii International informed Lori their report would not be released by New Tribe Mission.

Last month Lori again asked for communication from New Tribes Mission about the Pii International findings.

Brian Coombs, recently appointed New Tribes Mission Director of Personnel informs Lori that Gary Earl was asked to retire, and that his sending church in the USA had been informed, “Gary was found, in 2 separate cases, to have violated NTM’s child protection policy in regards to physical abuse.”

Lori writes New Tribe Mission headquarters again, saying she requires two things from them:

“To be clear: I want two things from NTM and that is all. 1) I want Gary Earl exposed in a statement* to all of NTM and all Earl supporters. 2) I want Gary Earl terminated from New Tribes Mission, no longer able to represent the thousands of good missionaries in NTM.”

Earl and his wife headed back to the Papua New Guinea school in December 2013 to ‘pack.’ They are still there, and sent out a letter to supporters in January informing them that, “As we retire from overseas in PNG and NTM, we have been asked to continue full-time with ROCK International ministries.”

New Tribes Mission tells Lori,”Gary is not allowed to volunteer with NTM, is not allowed to represent NTM in any way, and his retirement was not celebrated. This was/is a form of forced resignation that allowed Annie to continue with insurance since she is dealing with cancer. The benefits that were allowed are because of Annie, not Gary.”

Lori, shaken, scared and hurt, started posting her story of abuse and the  years of stonewalling by New Tribes Mission online March 26th, in the Fanda Eagles MK NTM boarding school abuse forum.

On March 28th Brian Coombs of New Tribe Mission sent out a confidential email to New Tribes Mission USA members informing them of Gary Earls retirement. Among other things this was said:

We are also aware that a former MK has posted documents on the internet. This MK had told us in advance that she would do this unless we acquiesced to two demands she had of us. It is our intent to take action and publish appropriate notifications in light of policy and best practice standards and not because of demands.

Let’s look at Lori’s ‘demands’ again, and why she requested this support from New Tribes Mission.

“To be clear: I want two things from NTM and that is all. 1) I want Gary Earl exposed in a statement* to all of NTM and all Earl supporters. 2) I want Gary Earl terminated from New Tribes Mission, no longer able to represent the thousands of good missionaries in NTM.

I don’t request revenge, money, court, counseling, publicity, vacation … I only want the two things above. They are easy; they can be done quickly.

My reasons:
Sin can only thrive in darkness; it cannot survive in light. Since NTM won’t expose Gary Earl, I will. This puts me in a vulnerable position, and makes me have to relive the horror, but SOMEbody has to do it. I believe his employer, New Tribes Mission, should do this. But if NTM won’t expose Gary Earl, I will, and in doing so, I will have to also expose NTM.

Exposing Gary is necessary in three ways: it will be more difficult for him to find a future victim; it will let other victims know they are not the only one; it will give Gary an opportunity to seek rehabilitation. As long as his sin is in secret, he will never be free of it or able to be begin rehabilitation.

New Tribes Mission may want to call Lori’s needs ‘demands they won’t acquise to’, but to their credit, once MK Safety Net send out a press release four days ago regarding New Tribes Mission handling of abuser Gary Earl; ROCK International acted swiftly.

April 6, 2014: ROCK’s Response to recent press release:

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Gary Earl is neither employed by nor associated with ROCK International. He had applied to serve in the administrative side of ROCK beginning in the fall of 2014. He has withdrawn that application.  —ROCK International Board of Directors 

Lori has received over 200 messages of support since she went public 2 weeks ago.

New Tribes Mission has gone silent again.

MK Safety Net press release is below the fold: Another missionary with New Tribes Mission guilty of abusing children.

Another missionary with New Tribes Mission guilty of abusing children.
Lori McAlister reported in 2006 that Gary Earl had abused her when he was her dorm parent in Papua New Guinea. Two investigations have confirmed Gary Earl had physically and sexually abused Lori McAlister and other children.  Gary Earl was “forced to retire” from NTM, is currently back in Papua, New Guinea, and has applied to work for another mission, ROCK International,,  which cares for children.

Lori McAlister has posted correspondence spanning 8 years which trace NTM’s internal investigations conducted by Scott Ross and by Professional International Investigations (Pii)  Lori McAlister decided to go public with her story to try to stop her perpetrator from having any access to any other child.

As a missionary kid in Numonohi, Papua New Guinea, McAlister was severely beaten and sexually traumatized in 1981 by Gary Earl, the dorm father.  Lori reported the abuse to New Tribes Mission (NTM) in 2006.  Scott Ross, legal counsel to NTM, investigated the abuse and found Gary Earl was guilty of abusing Lori.  No action was taken by the mission and Earl continued working as a missionary with NTM.

In 2013, McAlister heard that NTM had hired Pii (Professional International Investigations) to investigate abuse allegations again. McAlister received the Statement of Findings from the Pii investigation, which included a finding of abuse against multiple children. New Tribes Mission’s response was to give Gary Earl, 67 years old, a ‘Forced Retirement”.  Gary Earl has applied to another mission, ROCK International, which works with children and continues to receive financial support through New Tribes Mission’s website.

New Tribes Mission has a history of abuse in their organization. One of their past missionaries, Les Emory, confessed he sexually assaulted girls while in the Philippines

Scott Kennell was recently imprisoned for 58 years for sexual assault and creating pornography in Brazil.
A report into NTM’s Fanda school documents widespread, systemic abuse.

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Have courage for the great sorrows, And patience for the small ones. And when you have laboriously accomplished your tasks, go to sleep in peace. God is awake.
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33 Responses to Former MK speaks out – New Tribes Mission ‘retires’ abuser

  1. Peter says:

    Why did Lori decide not to receive Earl’s letter of remorse?

    Does she have a spirit of unforgiveness?

  2. James says:

    Peter, your response after reading this complete summary is appalling. You are judging the victim. No wonder many victims stay silent. You, Peter, are part of the problem.

  3. Another MK says:

    I read Lori’s article and was incredibly impressed by her courage. The risk involved in allowing her name to be known is so much bigger than most people would understand. As an MK myself, I know well the threats of doing anything that would expose the abuses that occur. The pressure of being responsible for “ruining” a godly ministry and sending people to hell is great. I believe it is a pressure familiar to all MKs. At all cost, protect the ministry.
    To me, Lori is a hero. Somehow, she was able to learn that protecting others meant the opposite of all that she was likely taught. She exposed an abuser, a destroyer. She did not ruin a ministry. The abuser did that. She merely exposed truth and I am incredibly thankful to have read her story.

  4. Raz says:

    Thank you for sharing this story with your readers. Lori has been so courageous. NTM has been exposed for their failure to deal with this situation in the right way. They have now required Gary Earl to resign, but we continue to insist that he should be retroactively terminated.

  5. Raz says:

    The YouTube link for the Leslie Emory interview where this former missionary admits he molested children in the Philippines should be

  6. aubrey adams says:

    Thank you for your post. Heartbreaking to see more people abuse in such horrific ways. I’m an mk from Senegal West Africa.

    Just so you know your link for Les Emory does not work. I think it’s so important for people to be able to see and know the whole horrible truth.

    This link about Emory is absolutely horrible, but it’s shining light on a very dark evil and the victims who have suffered much.

  7. Tim W. Callaway says:

    Thanks, Bene, for telling this heart-breaking story with such clarity and candor.

  8. Oscar says:

    I too was an MK in PNG with New Tribes Mission.
    I knew Gary Earl well and I also knew the other men that were there at the time. Gary is just another one who was a child abuser and that all but one had their crimes covered up and escaped without the intervention of the law.

    What these men did was criminal, what New Tribes Mission has not done in cleaning up this mess is woefully negligent.

    Note that Lori has been demoted to a “former MK” by New Tribes Mission. There is no such thing, one is an MK for life, it is just another insult from a mission that does not care about all the damage it has caused.
    The abuse of MKs and local populaitons children has been going on within NTM for decades around the world, the latest case being Scott Kennell, who was jailed this year, which calls into serious doubt the claim that new policies are preventing further abuse occurring.
    Lori made the right decision to not receive Gary Earls letter of remorse, because it would have come with the expectation that then the matter would be dropped and he would have been free to carry on “in his vital ministry” and NTM would have escaped accountability again.
    Lori has been very brave in exposing a large organisation with a woeful history of child abuse, that has done very little to help it’s victims. An organisation that will fight tooth and nail to keep the donations rolling in, by keeping the lid on it’s horrendous past.

    Having read this article, we all have a choice to make. Do we also join the fight to end child abuse in the religious circles we find ourselves, or do we just close our eyes and pretend we know nothing? Because child abuse is rife in religious institutions worldwide, for they are magnets for those who seek not to be exposed and like an easy harvest.

  9. fjc says:

    Very sad.

    What is even worse. The amount of time it took to expose this individual. Makes me wonder how many other children were abused by him in the intervening period between the fist complaint and the resignation.

    Secondly, why let him resign or why just fire him. Surely the criminal authorities should have been involved. This man will probably relocate somewhere else, ingratiate himself into anther group, and abuse all over again. This is the sad, sad history of these cases. Forgive but not involve the authorities. It is a major cop out and an insult to the victims.

  10. Leila Bolster says:

    I am an MK. I fully understand why they cover up abuse. They stand to lose thousands of support dollars. If they cannot pay their missionaries, they cannot continue their mission. As always the covering up of abuse is dollar and power driven. It is time for Christian organizations to become transparent, to honor the name of Christ by not tolerating any abuse, any dishonesty, any cover up, any overt sin that harms another person. Christ valued children BUT THE MISSION BOARDS DO NOT honor their children. THEY FORGET THAT MK’S HAVE LONG MEMORIES AND OFTEN GROW UP INTO SUCCESSFUL, INTELLIGENT AND POWERFUL ADULTS. As for Lori’s even being asked to read the letter of apology, I understand. That apology just brings back all the pain he caused her and since it was not written until there was a threat of his losing his job, I cannot see it as real.

  11. Peter, you are out of line. She does not have a spirit of unforgiveness; she’s the victim here, not him.

  12. dreamwords says:

    No, Peter. When abuse occurs, in some areas we stop growing and stay that age. When I imagine reading something of Gary’s, I feel scared and ten years old. In 2008, when NTM offered it, I panicked at the thought of holding a paper he had held, or reading words he had written after he had been caught. I didn’t need to read it; it wasn’t necessary for forgiveness.

    In 2010, I felt curious and stronger and did request it. I planned on handing it to my husband to determine if it was a hurtful or helpful letter. NTM didn’t send it.

    In 2014, when I heard of more abuse by Gary, and thus felt very strong, I requested it again, but have not received it yet.

  13. Bene Diction says:


    I respect your question.

    Emotions are emotions, neither right nor wrong in themselves. Christians who iqnore developmental delays, who do not understand damage, are quick to assign moral components more often than not. In this case, you are wondering if refusal to read an ‘apology’ equals bitterness, equals sin.

    When we as followers of Jesus Christ behave wrongly on an emotion, then we fall into sin we have to confess. God knows our hearts, and I trust the Holy Spirit in our lives to convict.

    On the contrary , I see Lori took her power back, and behaved as an adult. To refuse to be manipulated, to refuse to be vulnerable when she was aware she was vulnerable is an act of courage.

    And Lori responded to you – she is now in a place where she has support, growth, awareness and has the ability to read that letter and work through whatever psychological, social, emotional and spiritual fallout she might face.

    I think God is pleased with the growth and bravery of His child, and He will continue to hide her under His wings.

  14. Peter says:

    Hi everyone, I want to apologize and ask forgiveness for what I wrote this morning. I would say I read the article quickly but not closely and in any case I don’t see how what I wrote could produce anything positive.

    I ask for forgiveness from you and from God.

  15. John Thompson says:

    Hey Peter — I respect someone who can admit to being wrong. At least you are being open and honest about it. Thank you.

  16. Bene Diction says:

    Hi Peter:

    It is a longer than usual blog post, I can appreciate a quick read.
    I think something positive does come from your question. It is an opportunity to educate people who have not been abused.

    God has forgiven you – I forgive you, go in peace and be well.

  17. Oscar says:

    I saw Jesus on Facebook
    He looked a cool sort of guy
    So I sent Him a message
    “Want to be friends with I”

    “Sure” He replied
    “Would you come on a journey with me
    For I’m looking for companions
    To set children free?”

    “Count me in” I messaged
    “I like children too
    What do you have in mind
    For the likes of me to do?”

    “Long story” said Jesus
    “Alas my missions have let me down
    And I need to expose child abuse
    From city to little town”

    “O.k.” I said nervously
    “You want me to expose sin
    And confront pastors and faithful
    With secrets hidden deep within?”

    “Yes” emailed Jesus
    “This disgrace I want to end”
    But I realised how busy I was
    And I removed Him as a friend

  18. udom Suksanaih says:

    I would recommond legal action. I know it worked in my case.

  19. fjc says:

    I agree that legal action is a must.

    All this repenting and forgiveness business does nothing to stop the abuser. It only ensures that he will be move on and abuse more people. This approach actually enables the abusers.

    Abusers do not stop abusing. They may move, but the abuse continues.

    Criminal charges outs these people. It gives them a ‘record’ that is permanent. It precludes them from some international travel. In some countries it places them on a register. But is also serves as a very public notice that the individual is dangerous, should not be allowed around children, and should we watched carefully. It publically points out those organizations who either do not have an abuse policy or fail to enforce the policy that they have.

    Civil action has the potential to hurt organizations that hide abusers or protect them where it hurts the most. In the their bank accounts. The larger the award the better. Let’s get as much money as possible into professional abuse counselling organizations.

    I have no doubt that if it were possible to criminally charge every known abuser as well as impose very high financial penalties/awards on those organizations and individually on people within those organizations who enable the crime by their knowledge and subsequent inaction, that we would be much further along on this journey.

    As a parent I simply shake my head at those who actually think that a feigned apology and a repentance is a just way to deal with this scourge. The opposite is true.

    Abuse is a criminal issue not a faith issue.

  20. Barbara Kahler says:

    I am absolutely speechless to read this and that nothing has been done by NTM, the McAlisters , other parents of MK’s and other MK’s in Gary Earl’s dorm and other class mates at the school who would have seen visible evidence of the ongoing abuse. It is even worse to think that Lori confided in someone at the time and she/he did nothing.

  21. fjc says:

    Does not surprise me at all. This is par for the course in many such organizations. Very few of them have an abuse policy, let alone monitoring it.

    Yes it is shameful. And especially shameful when some of these organizations point the finger of blame at those who are abused.

    I hate to think of how many people were abused between the time of the complaint and the time of the final investigative report. This is exactly why the only way to deal with it is to report all criminal activity like this to the authorities.

  22. BD says:

    The link between Scott Ross (New Tribes Mission lawyer who dropped the ball with Lori in 2006) and Pii Investigations is clearer.

    Rhonda Kitchen who works for Pii International, also works at Fort Sherman Academy.

    Scott Ross also works for Fort Sherman Academy.

    Monte Miller who works for New Tribes Mission works for the Ross Group His daughter Heidi Keele also works for Scott Ross.

    As the person who pointed out these cozy connections says, “How independent can any investigation by PII be when it is investigating NTM?

    Indeed. It can’t.

  23. fjc says:

    One has to wonder why these individuals would not have the integrity to excuse themselves from the investigation based on this conflict.

    It is the answer to why it took so long…..they were probably hoping that he entire issue would blow over and be forgotten over time.

    Sound familiar?

  24. fjc says:

    When a criminal offense occurs, or when there are allegations of a criminal offense who usually moves forward with the investigation?

    Who do you feel will complete the most unbiased investigation in a timely manner?

    Who do you feel will have the most power to compel honest testimony with the threat of perjury?

    The police /criminal justice system? The faith group pastor or elders? Third party so called investigation team closely linked to the faith group?

    I know who I would depend on. And I know who I would not trust.

  25. Oscar says:

    And all those donors think their hard earned money is going to reach lost tribes in foreign lands? Oops how much never leaves the country because it is diverted into paying for coverups and legal defences of the indefensible.
    Also how many of NTM’s “missionaries” are not even overseas? According to their website, 42% are in the USA. Then add in those who are in the U.K., New Zealand, Germany e.t.c. and that figure is closer to 50% of “missionaries” are not even on the field!
    Then there is the issue of NTM Australia, which has wiped all reference to it’s past link to NTM by changing it’s name (it now calls itself Crossview Australia) and will threaten legal action if asked about it’s past. Yet it is still taking donations through the NTM website and one of it’s “missionaries” is the government representative for NTM on one of it’s fields.

    Anyone considering donating to NTM, might be well advised to think again!

  26. fjc says:

    Why would anyone contribute to an organization that condones abuse of minors and the cover up of same simply by dragging their collective feet and doing nothing?

    Would this be acceptable if it was your daughter, son, grandchild, niece, or nephew?

    And they are not alone….there are too many organizations that follow this same path.

  27. serendipity says:

    Lori, I’m so sorry for what you went through and the secret you felt you had to hold on to for so long. My heart breaks for you. No child should ever have to go through what you did. My mum and I were talking about you this morning as we knew the Earl’s. My mum cried tears for you and also your parents (as they couldnt protect you) must be feeling. You are so brave to speak out and I support you the whole way. I hope all MK’s who have experienced abuse find the courage to speak out as you have. I went through Bible College with NTM and know that they do a lot of good work but I feel ashamed and disgusted that just like the Catholic church and other religious organisations this and many other cases would just be covered up for the “sake” of support and and the spreading of the Gospel. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

  28. SAS says:

    I am mk from Aust/NZ. Abuse was widespread. I scoff at the suggestion of justice being done through termination. He should be in jail.

  29. serendipity says:

    I think you are right. Termination from an organisation is not enough punishment! People cant get away with things like this. Too many do.

  30. Guest post by Tamara Rice ~

    “While those abused outside the Church have sometimes found healing within its walls, those whose abusers have been among the holy have too often found the Church itself to be the wall—a wall of injustice that cannot be penetrated.” Tamara Rice

  31. Oscar says:

    How do you feel
    When you read post after post
    Do they go well with coffee
    Or do you choke on the toast

    Do you want to dive
    Into the Word of God
    To find a little verse
    To solve this little problem odd

    Do you wait for the Holy Spirit
    To show you what to say
    Hoping you hear nothing
    And that it will all go away

    Do you look across the fence
    And see others have done worse
    Like them naughty Catholics
    Who in sin did fully immerse

    Do you want to scream “forgive”
    And then it will all go away
    Because it can be all forgotten
    And you can get on your way

    Do you want to blame the law
    Or the natives in foreign land
    Do you want to sing “We Welcome You”
    Drown out the posts with big brass band

    Do you never want to imagine
    If this was your little girl
    Robbed of her childhood
    Caught up in evils whirl

    Do you want to go on reading
    Prayer letters of dire need
    And tick the like on facebook
    Of each servant who sows the seed

    Do you want to apply labels
    To posters you know not
    Like “bitter”, “unforgiving”
    And “ungrateful for their lot”

    Or do you want to vomit
    When you read of all the pain
    The pain inflicted by the wolves
    Who claimed in Jesus name

    Do you want to hunt them down
    And strip away the fleece
    Show the world who they really are
    And some justice finally release

    Do you want to hear your conscience
    Scream above every religious word
    Resist the temptation to patronize
    And let your feelings be really heard

    Do you want to weep with survivors
    And mourn those who mourn their dead
    Do you want to shake the world
    From it’s comfortable little bed

    Do you want to find millstones
    And apply them in Jesus name
    To those who killed little souls
    In their perverted little game

    So what do you want to do
    As you finish this poetic post
    What will you do my friend
    As you have your tea and toast?

  32. Memories says:

    Dear Lori,
    Thank you for having the courage to speak up and share your heart. As an MK who was abused by Frank Parker at the New Tribes Vianopolis Boarding School, my heart cries out for you and for what you suffered and continue to suffer because of their lack of action. I think a Civil Lawsuit is definitely an option that you should consider. In a way, it would help to hold him and New Tribes accountable for what happened since he won’t ever go to jail for what he did though he should have gone to jail. Frank Parker is dead so I can’t do that myself, but would have taken that option if he were still living! We carry the scars and they live free…doesn’t seem right.

    Isaiah 61:3
    and provide for those who grieve in Zion– to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the LORD for the display of his splendor.

  33. Togare says:

    Just found this post and am in tears. I was in school with Lori for 3 years. I knew Gary Earl well. I never knew this happened to her. I knew Gary had beaten a young native boy for straying too far onto the property after curfew. My dad heard about this and confronted him but Gary denied it. My parents left the field largely due to this man.

    I simply cannot imagine beautiful young Lori going through that horror.

    I was also beaten by the principal of the school 3 times, but as a dude, it was a bit of a badge of honor. What a perverse culture we lived in where a man could beat a child in the name of God.

    Lori, I wish I could give you a huge hug and tell you how proud I am of you.

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