Todd Bentley: I need $10,000 NOW!

By Rick Hiebert. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission

Well, perhaps it wasn’t stated as bluntly as in my headline. But Todd Bentley put on the pressure a couple hours ago by e-mail. And he only has about 45 hours to go.

Is he paying a ransom to kidnappers? Owe 10 large to gangsters? No. he’s trying to meet a deadline for a down payment on an “apostolic kingdom center” If he can come up with $10,000 US to meet the 48 hour deadline, he can have the facility, complete with 300 seat sanctuary.

Thus the e-mail tonight. He’s quite excited about the possibilities.

Bentley, we may recall, has been under the mentoring of Rick Joyner since the collapse of Lakeland. Bentley writes in the e-mail that he has been waning for several years to have his own facility eith offices, etc., so he coud hold events in Charlotte, N.C. etc.

If Joyner’s Morningstar holds the mortgage paper that Bentley would be assuming, that would be one thing. And that I do not know. But, after being helped by Morningstar for years, this facility would offer Bentley total defacto independence. Depending on what you think of Joyner’s mentoring, that could be an ominous portent.

I think that a little of Bentley’s excitement may be joy at the prospect of being able to snap his fingers at everyone, if he so chooses.

Let’s see how it plays out. Certainly, if he pulls it off, he will have to end his sabbatical to pay this mortgage. Whether he is ready or not to do so.

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41 Responses to Todd Bentley: I need $10,000 NOW!

  1. fjc says:

    Will he put out a message when he has reached his goal? I doubt it, he will keep the money flowing.

    Not a good idea to respond to this. If successful, it will only lead to more cash calls.

    Amazing to me how gullible and how malleable people can be.

    I wonder how many bedrooms his ‘apostolic kingdom’ will have.

  2. Hopesome says:

    Super excited at such a super cool prospect of a kingdom here on earth in the name of super not so cool Todd! Desperate people trying desperately to stay alive……………


    God forgive me it makes me want to vomit!

  3. Susan says:

    If he has to ask for money favors online, he really has a problem. That is, if he does not have some other support system out there, to back him up. Not to mention an account for such ventures. I mean really. For an investment, that’s small change. What ever happened to his cash flow from, I dare to ask, “Lakeland”? Maybe a quick cash flow from a congregation would be more lucrative. I would love to view his books.

  4. Riles says:

    Well phase 1 is complete. He found enough suckers. Here is the latest from Toad.

  5. Susan says:

    God’s word plainly states, that He would rather have obedience than sacrifice. I kind of figured it would take a lot more than the 10 G’s. Who’s building what in this instance? Is it God’s Kingdom or Todd’s? You know King Saul had issues with control too. Saul finally could not live with himself or the truth.

  6. Brano says:

    Fool me once…Fool me twice….aheem

  7. fjc says:

    Second cash call $30,000.

    You can be assured that if this number is hit quickly, the next call will be even larger.

    Can you imagine how a local food bank or homeless shelter could use that $ 40,000?

  8. Hopesome says:

    If you walk ‘in the Lord’ (s’ prescence) then you walk in his prescence and therefore have (I would imagine!) no need for a building large or small to accomodate his glory, if you walk in his prescence then you are the building ……………. or is that logic just too difficult for Mr Glory to understand!!

    In my opinion its the devil that likes centre stage – it feeds his need and ego to be glorified and worshipped.

    Money can’t buy me love ……………… it can only appease the need for it !!!

  9. Hopesome says:

    Personally I always try and make sure that me and mine are ‘covered’ be it financially, actually, or literally and if that means being ‘last’ myself so be it’

    I have never been last ………… its being ‘last’ that makes you beg ………………….

  10. Brano says:

    Seems like the die hard… Bentley, cult following fans,want more!??
    to be expected…..

  11. AtheistAtBirth says:

    Brano …

    “Fool me once…Fool me twice….aheem”

    How about several hundred times?

  12. AtheistAtBirth says:

    Hopesome ..

    Hopesome says:
    December 29, 2010 at 4:11 am
    My time with ‘you all’ is now come to an end – other ‘places’ call and different needs my priority. LOVE should never harbour resentment – bitterness – or hate – IT SHOULD ALWAYS GIFT IT –
    Atheist you are left only quoting -
    Tim and Marina you are ‘showing your nakedness’ and it can only get more ‘nasty’ unless you work on your own deficits and not ‘throw other peoples to the dogs’ for consumption.
    The trial is now over and who came out on top is not the issue only how it was achieved. Dignity failed you – honour failed you – words failed you (and you had to use google. com -what are we coming to !)
    Canada its been an experience knowing you and thank you ‘for letting me into your ‘world’ -
    AtheistAtBirth says:
    December 29, 2010 at 6:07 am
    I’ve heard you bid farewell before, but like an aging, egotistical actress you cannot resist your stage.

  13. AtheistAtBirth says:

    Called to mind in 1987, television preacher Oral Roberts issuing his plea of financial desperation that if his supporters did not send donations totaling $8 million dollars within three months, he warned that God would “call me home.”

    Many don’t remember the “end of the story” but Roberts received over $9 million, and God did not call him home. Tragic.

    Todd knows his audience.

  14. Hopesome says:

    Atheist at Birth : Called you out of the woodwork did I.

    There are many aspects to both you and Canada all of which we say either hello or goodbye too:

    Intimidation !! is not my weapon ………….. its yours.

  15. AtheistAtBirth says:

    Hopesome ..

    Hello to you too! Lets dance!

  16. Hopesome says:

    Atheist at Birth:

    You do realise that your words have just declared WAR

  17. Hopesome says:

    Atheist : Always make sure you know who you are dealing with before you DECLARE.


  18. AtheistAtBirth says:

    Matthew 26:52 ESV / 149 helpful votes

    Then Jesus said to him, “Put your sword back into its place. For all who take the sword will perish by the sword.

    Ecclesiastes 3:8 ESV

    A time to love, and a time to hate; a time for war, and a time for peace.

    Matthew 5:9 ESV

    “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.

    Hopesome … War? Isn’t that against Christian principle? Easy girl … you lost last time.

  19. AtheistAtBirth says:

    Bene will not take kindly to any personal vendettas being settled here .. Please review the site policies before doing anything foolish.

  20. Hopesome says:

    Christian Atheist!!

    I don’ wear labels or have to quote scripture when I run out of words.

    You must apologise to Bene for being crass

  21. AtheistAtBirth says:

    Hopesome …

    Calm down sweetie …”Refrain from anger and turn from wrath” Psalm 37:8.

  22. Hopesome says:

    I can be very sweet when I have to be

    Awesome when I have to be

    Profound when I need to be

    and the SWORD OF THE SPIRIT when faced with both crass and atheism

    Bentley has a lot to learn as do you

    and my word will not cost you a dollar or a building or a place in my heart you have just stabbed.

  23. Hopesome says:

    In orther words you have no idea who I am

  24. fjc says:

    The difference between Oral Roberts and Todd Bentley is fairly straightforward.

    Oral Roberts was a pro, well perhaps a pro that liked cavorting with prostitutes, but he was a pro at separating people from their money. And making them feel good about it. He was a master con man, an fabulous entertainer, and a good business man. But still, at the end of the day he was a con man.

    Todd Bentley is a low level piker. Still trying his hand at the shell games. He wants to play in the big league and reach out for the real money, but he has not honed his craft. Still at the bottom of the ladder but his wet nose is pushed firmly against the glass looking in at the vault.

  25. Hopesome says:

    I believe there is a scripture that says:-

    I am no mans debtor ………………. I don’t ask for wealth – I give you mine

    May God bless Canada and all those who ‘sail’ ‘in her’ hopes – Bentley and Fayteen included

  26. AtheistAtBirth says:

    Hopesome ..

    “Bentley has a lot to learn as do you”

    You may commence my schooling at any time.

    flc …

    Good points. Todd has always reminded me of a low level gambler trying to make a reputation in The Temple Gardens Casino in Moose Jaw. Hoping one day to try Atlantic City.

  27. AtheistAtBirth says:

    “I believe there is a scripture that says:-

    I am no mans debtor ………………. I don’t ask for wealth – I give you mine”

    Hopesome. If I may ..

    I believe that is rooted in Philippians 4:18: ‘I have all, and abound: I am full, having received of Epaphroditus the things which were sent from you, an odour of a sweet smell, a sacrifice acceptable, well pleasing to God’.

    Foundationally, this scripture insinuates that God is no man’s debtor, and by your act of giving you will abound to give even more – however it has to be a gift! You must not rob the believer the inestimable privilege of giving sacrificially and worshipping the Lord through your financial devotion to God, and it can rob the Christian of that privilege of stewardship & rob God of the sweet smelling odour and savour of giving to Him financially.

    I am speaking here of the dangers in the “Name it and claim it” crowd to which I once belonged.

    OH dear Hopesome – you have NO idea who I am!

  28. Rick Hiebert says:

    As mentioned above in the comments, Bentley has raised his 10,000 and now needs another $30,ooo in the next 30 days according to a April 26 e-mail. A weekly Internet TV show is hoped for, among other things.

    Presumably his urgently needed sabbatical is over now.

  29. Susan says:

    When we went to Morningstar, they had very young people behind their camera’s. They seemed good at controlling them. Might be something like that I suppose. A Mini Me Morningstar.

  30. Hopesome says:

    Atheist at Birth:

    You reside in a place I no longer ‘visit’ as bitternes is not something I care to dwell in ony bring to the surface in order that the hope you have or need is not peppered with its hate:

    Love it seems has a price 10,000 dollars this week and who knows how much next week: In my book thats not unconditional Love ………………

    I have no problem with people having hope as long as they don’t steal mine in the process and bitter words whoever they are from STEAL HOPE:

  31. Hopesome says:

    i am no mans debtor:

    Atheist at Birth : You owe me an apology for your snide comments and assumption that you can trash that which I speak of:

    YOU OWE ME: you are in debt

    My church I carry with me as I walk into yours and (revelations saith the Lord Lodicea, ect., )reveal it needs a clean up.

    I have no doubt Mr Bentley and all of those churches moving into the television studios and media outlets will find fame …………. maybe even fortune : but favour with the Fathers love is a different matter altogether……………..

  32. AtheistAtBirth says:



    I’m not saying coming back to the blog is wrong, even though you were adamant you were leaving. At times, methinks you protest because you value the relationship and you love of God more than your ego, but frankly I am tired of apologizing for the things I didn’t do and to the people who don’t deserve it. If you don’t want a crass answer, then don’t make statements you have no intention of honoring!

    I’m sorry does nothing when you continue to make the same mistakes. I find it difficult to apologize for my feelings, it’s like apologizing for the truth.

    and why ask me for an apology when you know I won’t mean it.

    I believe your problem has less to do with my attitude, and more to do with a personality you just can’t handle.

  33. Hopesome says:

    Atheist at Birth:

    A good WARRIOR always knows when his visit is over in any particular genre ………. for any particular reason, any particular moment …………… I know when the welcome rug gets hauled in and by grace I say goodbye………… something you would do well to learn …………. I also know Libel and those who resort to its structure ………….. Maturity says I hear you – you say nah ne nah ne poo poo got you !!!

    I hear you say only ( and I am being polite here ) bog off ………..

    Honour is allI do …………

    Its a pity that when Jesus needs honour it costs us our pay check –

    I don’t subscribe to that Jesus; I honour those who do, yet ……………….. there comes a point when ……………. deception steps in and it needs to be sent packing …..

  34. AtheistAtBirth says:

    Hopesome ..

    Point taken my dear!

    Then lets get off this silly argument and back to the topic of the thread .. Apologies to Bene for this diversion.

  35. Hopesome says:

    Well you know what they say: If a town does not welcome you then wipe your feet on (them) the way out:!

    At least Bene got an apology ………..

  36. Brano says:

    Ahhhh….That would be implied Dewd

    RE:AtheistAtBirth says:
    April 27, 2014 at 8:07 am
    Brano …

    “Fool me once…Fool me twice….aheem”

    How about several hundred times?

  37. fjc says:

    What confounds me is that there are apparently so many suckers out there who not only believe this nonsense but actually respond by sending money.

  38. Susan says:

    Todd you may keep peddling your requests for money online to build your FFM in Pineview N.C., but you cannot produce anything supernatural from God. Quit selling God with all your tweets and false promises online. 200 chairs for 7,000.00. Have you ever worked a day in your life? When will you and others like you stop? Shame on you. I have my prayers in my heart and God knows them, that one day people like you who twist God’s word will stop it!

  39. Brano says:

    fyc….there is an ass for every saddle

  40. Hopesome says:

    Jesus, through Mr Bentley, is forever asking us for our money to further his cause’s.

    Pay up and the blessings will flow:-

    We have yet to have sound evidence that he followed through with his promise;

    Satan tempted him …………… (Jesus that is) showing him who he was in the process …. greed avarice, arrogant, pleasure seeking full of his own glory, accomplishments and superficical to say the least !! (theres certainly pleanty of people with those traits in the ‘world’)

    The devil is threat ……………. you will suffer (in hell) if you do not …………… (plently of people with those traits in the world)

    Lucifer was assumption ………….. ie: I can get away with ……………… (plenty of people with those traits in the world) and so on -

    So if you want to leave (the temptations of the) the world you have to leave the traits that hold you there ………………

    In my book Jesus goes into those ‘territories’ of threat and says I hear you, back off before you get hurt ……….. Satan says yeh right ………… Lucifer says so what, and the devil says ‘try me’ ………… Jesus has patience ……… he says listen, but they are so full of ……………… they don’t hear him (all those who have ears to hear!! few and far between it seems …………….

    Jesus then says ok ………… I will open your ears, they say …………. yeh right, so what, and the devil then says trust me ………. you can try but ………….

    Then Jesus in view of the brick wall he seems to be up against says ……………… ZAP

    You have shown me filth, arrogance, smug assumption, rebellion, bull, and tried to assume authority over me …………….. I will stop ……….. a furtherance of your ……………..

    comments, perhaps, the power of the word, perhaps……………………..

    All that is hidden will be revealed !!!

    Money is what the pharisees were after I believe ………….

    Jesus have a nice day ………………… I love you……….. they ……………. well who knows – use you, belittle you, trash you.

    Thats just my opinion ………… obviously………… In view of those who would ‘try me’ through LIBEL and leave me pinned to its cross.

    Love never fails ……….. the thing is we don’t know what love is .

    Mr Bentley’s ‘new’ media outlet depends on your contribution ………………. I do not.

  41. cindy says:

    I don’t know what to say about this. I think ministry becomes a business, an ego booster, and a way to feel superior to others for most American ministers. I honestly think most in ministry today should work for a living and do ministry in their spare time. I have a relative who is a pastor and they live high off the hog while their attendees give and give to the church. Even small pastors like my relatives are celebrities to the flock. These relatives won’t even talk to me any longer, as I am not in the same Christian/spiritual class as them. There’s no love, just spiritual pride. I’ve come to the point where Jesus is the only person I trust. I guess it took twenty five years of crazy Charismatic sinfulness in churches to bring me to that point. Well, thanks for listening. Time to go count my gemstones, angel feathers, and chunks of gold that I collected at Mr. Bentley’s last meeting. I am so spiritual. I am so, so spiritual.

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