Senator Don Meredith and Charles McVety’s California State Christian University

A few years ago,  I wrote about the unaccredited ‘university’ that Charles McVety had in California. The issue of some evangelicals who give themselves or each other fake academic credentials through money grabbing diploma mills, or through bastardizing the practice of granting their buddies honourary degrees.

In the case of Senator Don Meredith, his Masters in Religious Studies from the unaccredited California State Christian University is being questioned by the Senates top Tory Claude Carignan; and rightfully so.

A Conservative senator earmarked as one of the Senate’s top spenders holds a master’s degree from a school whose phone number directs calls to a customer helpline for a website that sells iPads and printers.

Senator Don Meredith, a Toronto-area Pentecostal pastor, has a master’s degree in religious studies from California State Christian University (CSCU) – an unaccredited and unregulated private institution that has shifted addresses at least four times within the last ten years.

It’s an academic claim that has caught the attention of the office of the top Tory in the Senate and triggered a request for Meredith to provide details of his credentials, more than three years after his appointment to the red chamber by Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Meredith also belongs to a Canadian Christian Clinical Counsellors Association, Inc., (another McVety offering (business?) out of Calgary - Burlington – incorporated in 2001.

Canadian Christian Theological Seminary (CCTS) is a registered training institution of the CCCCA, which holds letters patented with the Government of Canada. It is recognized and affiliated with Christian International School, Canadian Theological Education Association, Order of Certified Pastoral Counselors, and Canadian College Russia.
CCTS offers theological degrees in a wide variety of genres through the CCCCA. All programs are module structured to fit the student’s schedule.
Many graduate Colleges & Universities accept CCTS credits toward further graduate degrees, including, California Christian University & School of Biblical Theology in Los Angeles and San Francisco, The State University of St. Petersburg (one of the top 10 Universities in the world), The VBCI College of Calgary, Montreal School of Ministry, The Tae Han Theological Seminary of Seoul Korea and Tokyo, Japan, and The Dae Han Theological College of Venice, California.

Inserted:  From Corporations Canada, Canadian Christian Clinical Counsellors Association, Inc. registration.

The Canadian Christian Clinical Counsellors Association, Inc., is connected to The Evangelical Order of Certified Pastoral Counsellors of America and shares the same Burlington address.  (Dr.) Stephen Hambly is a director for both organizations. According to Postmedia News, this honourary degree under question was granted in 2011 by CCTS at Crossroads Christian Communications in Burlington.

 Whats a few degrees between friends?

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15 Responses to Senator Don Meredith and Charles McVety’s California State Christian University

  1. anon says:

    Add another entry to the ‘batshit crazy’ file….

  2. fjc says:

    No surprise whatsoever.

    When I see people who ‘parade’ or ‘trade on’ their phoney degrees it speaks volumes to me about their intellectual, their academic, and most especially their personal integrity.

    You have to ask yourself…why would anyone spend time, effort, and money at an unaccredited institution that will lead nowhere. Probably to get a quickie degree that they can ‘trade’ on.

    Are people really impressed by this nonsense. Apparently they are. Hmmm, it might be worth starting an internet degree mill to fill in my retirement days.

  3. Torontonian says:

    It gets more interesting.
    A York Region newspaper mentions that
    Meredith’s site had a link to an adult chat line.

    Oh dear.

    Here’s the link:

    Maybe someone can find a way to shorten that link.

    Hi Torontonian – shortened.:^) BD

    These people with diplomas from “mills” are like
    those who live in houses with many mirrors so they
    can “check” themselves. They are either insecure or
    very vain. In the case of McVety and the others with
    these diplomas, it’s hard to tell which applies to each of them.
    These diplomas and other honours still don’t hold a candle
    to bad hairpieces or bad make-up.

  4. BD says:

    The story from York Region News re: the chat line has a correction:

    Editor’s note: This story was amended at 6:50 p.m. to correct an error. Senator Don Meredith’s government website 1-800 number connects callers to the government. We regret the error.

  5. BD says:

    Stephen Hambly, associated with the Evangelical Order of Certified Pastoral Counsellors of America and the group Canadian Christian Clinical Counsellors Association Inc. which gave Senator Meredith his ‘doctorate’, was ordered by the Ontario Superior Court in 2008 not to call himself Dr. or practice psychotherapy.

    His bio states:

    He also is the holder of 7 honorary doctorate degrees including D.D. and D.Litt from the State University of St. Petersburg, Russia, the alma-mater of Ivan Pavlov. He holds another honorary degree from the Dae Han Theological Seminary in Korea. McVety’s turf. He is listed as Dr. Stephen Hambly at Canadian Christian Clinical Counsellors College

  6. Acartia says:

    To my knowledge, McVety has only attended one recognized College or University. He attended U of T for two years, but never finished. For some reason, he doesn’t mention why he left. Was it his decision or was the decision made for him? He then went on to get a “degree” from his dad’s college. would you want to be the teacher working for old Elmer who failed his son? He then obtained a master’s degree from the same institution. And then his doctorate from the California diploma mill. And, finally, an honorary doctorate fro Russia.

    Does anybody really want to send their kids to a college run by this mental giant?

    For a really interesting read, you should also check out the financials that are posted on the CRA web site for the Canada Christian College. A quick look will show you that they do not appear to be on solid financial ground.

  7. BD says:


    That was interesting – I was surprised at how low the fund raising is and how low giving is. And 2 of the 4 directors are McVetys.

  8. Acartia says:

    BD, it is also amazing how much they pay for fund raising relative to the actual amount they raise. Not exactly efficient. As well, according to the financials, they don’t spend any money on charity and don’t spend any for advocacy. The last I looked, McVety is all about advocacy.

    I would also love to know where all the donations to the Institute for Canadian Values and the other McVety fronts goes to because none of them are registered charities.

  9. fjc says:

    Senator Meredith served Harpers purpose.

    Harper desperately needs to secure 416/905 area code votes if he is to stay in power. This appointment was about appealing to a certain group of voters-Evangelicals. He had to firm the group up in the Toronto area.

    While he did this, Kenney was dancing with every immigrant group that he could find. Just plain old grass roots politics.

    I cannot imagine that Harper really cared (if he new) that Meredith may have been considered a bit of a fraud. He only cared about the votes. Meredith probably coveted the position. Who wouldn’t. And if you read the news reports about the highest spending Senators of late, it is obvious that Meredith cared very much about the expense account that went with the appointment.

    So it seems to me that this is really about two hypocrites most likely using each other to get what they each wanted. Meredith is so arrogant that he refuses to speak to the media. Or perhaps ashamed or embarrassed that the truth with become widely know in those circles in which he travels. All mouth, no trousers.

  10. Bob Orr says:

    We have broken off all liaisons with Dr Hambly and he and his cohorts have violated the laws governing post secondary education. I told him repeatedly that doing what he did was illegal. Cscu is getting a new 501c3 from the federal government to enable it to break the old ties. We have letters on file from the state government about what degrees we can offer and we will not violate those standards. These records from Don Merith are from 2004 and earlier 10 years ago., they are treated like they happened yesterday. Cscu has changed and we can prove it. We when we receive it will be taking our letters of degree approval to BBPE to be listed anew with the State Government although we are religiously exempt and do not have too. Any examination of current operations will show CsCU no longer affiliates with or supports the undermining of degree standards awarded by the Canadians who claimed to be working with us. I repeat. We have no relationship with or will have with Dr Hambly and his organizations and students who do not have valid transcripts for legitatmite work done will not have their course recognized nor be issued degrees

  11. Acartia says:


    Maybe you can clear up some confusion. Charles McVety claims a doctorate from your institution. If this is true could you let us know if this is true? If he obtained it through correspondence rather than attending? And what the title of his dissertation was.

  12. Ohhh Nooo says:

    Did anyone ever meet Don’s siblings in Jamaica?

  13. Ohhh Nooo says:

    Does anyone know if Dr. Don has siblings in his homeland, Jamaica?

  14. Bene Diction says:

    Don’t know. Why?

  15. Ohhh Nooo says:

    Just never heard any mentioned

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