The “Welcome To Mississauga!” New Testament


By Rick Hiebert.All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission

I come across interesting things in thrift stores, such as this New Testament.

It’s title: The Greatest Is Love.” Published in 1971 by the Canadian Home Bible League, as it then was, it’s interesting for at least two reasons.

I wonder if there is anyone still at the Christian Reformed Church of Clarkson remembers back to 1971 when they were Clarkson Christian Reformed Church and handed out this and other copies of *this* New Testament

I say this, as it was specially commissioned by the church, with a breezy “Welcome to Mississauga!’ blurb on the back inviting them to the church.

It’s directed to people who are new to Canada, as it has pictures of Canada in two page sections throughout. I wonder if any of these specific testaments are distributed domestically still?

I live on the West Coast. I should not have ever seen and acquired this. But I am pleased, after all these years to remember this outreach tool.

As does Jesus.

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4 Responses to The “Welcome To Mississauga!” New Testament

  1. Weazel says:


  2. fjc says:

    But did it work?

  3. Rick Hiebert says:

    Perhaps it worked, in that this meant so much to the recipient that they brought it across the country for me to find 43 years later…

    No name inside though, that I have spotted…

    Although, in an unrelated matter, I found a circa 1917 book about Billy Sunday, signed and inscribed by a previous owner. I took it to show my small group, and one of the ladies looked at the inscription and said “I went to church with [previous owner]!”

  4. Weazel says:

    Still a load of nonsense!!!

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