Tonight! Todd Bentley on History TV Canada! Or perhaps not!

By Rick Hiebert. All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission

Canadian-born evangelist Todd Bentley will appear on the History TV Canada program “Miracles Decoded” June 1. Unless something happens as happened last night, May 25, when the episode Bentley was on was pulled from being broadcast, perhaps at the last second.

My Mom, who loves Canada’s equivalent of the “History Channel”, tipped me off about the program. [For American readers, History TV Canada is available across the country, and is the equivalent of being on nationwide TV up here.]

So, I was looking forward to watching the program on May 25 at 10 PM Pacific Time. Sometimes, however, Canadian networks mean 10 PM Eastern Time in such contests, so I had the channel on at 7 PM just in case. I was recording.

An episode of Pawn Stars was on, and then came the first commercial break, about 10 minutes in.

History TV Canada aired this promo ad for Miracles Decoded at 10 PM my time:

False History TV Canada ad for Todd Bentley show

As you see, Todd Bentley is all over this ad. Please note that the episode with Todd Bentley was certainly planned to be the first episode of this new series. [The ad had been airing heavily on History TV Canada over the previous few days]. It uses GOD TV footage of the Lakeland Revival.

Starting at 0:28, the announcer says (emphasis mine) “Miracles Decoded! Series Premiere, tonight at 10, on History!

Came 10 PM, however another episode of Miracles Decoded aired as the “premiere episode” with a magical “Black Madonna” icon, an exorcist shaman from Mexico, and snake-handling churchgoers from Kentucky. No Todd Bentley at all, although towards the very end of the show–which reaired starting at 3 PM Pacific the next day) they had brief footage of Todd Bentley with a voiceover that he would appear on the next episode. Which will air June 1.

As I write right now, I have History TV Canada on. They’ve showed an ad for the next Miracles Decoded featuring footage of the “obscure” Todd Bentley.

Let’s look forward to that, but in the meantime, look at History TV Canada’s gaffe.

For some reason, Todd Bentley could not appear on History TV Canada On May 25. Perhaps they needed a release for certain footage that they had planned to use. Perhaps they needed to reedit the section of the program about Todd Bentley.

Would be interesting to have been a fly on the wall, don’t you think?

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10 Responses to Tonight! Todd Bentley on History TV Canada! Or perhaps not!

  1. unknown says:

    Todd WILL be aired, he is not on every episode!!!!!! No re-editing!!!! I think Todd knows, unlike you!

  2. unknown says:

    You don’t know what your talking about. Todd is not supposed to be on every episode. They did not pull him. If you don’t know what your talking about then just don’t say anything. I pray for you, to be talking against A Man of God.

  3. fjc says:

    Perhaps you were watching the wrong channel or wrong network

    I would have thought that Todd Bentley really belonged on the Comedy Channel/Network.

    Or perhaps more appropriately on one of the “American Greed” show segments.

  4. Rick Hiebert says:

    I recorded everything I quote and make reference to, including the howlingly erroneous promo which I posted to YouTube, It’s correct.

  5. fjc says:

    The promo represents the modern day ‘shill’ of a snake oil salesman.

  6. Susan says:

    I don’t think about him as a Man of God. He performs on the platform, his same religious rituals. As if saying this is enough, I’ve been restored. All the while saying, Lakeland is in the past and I’ll move forward. People can try all kinds of ways to please God. Yet, God always says in His word, for His people to do what is right. It was impossible for Todd and others at Lakeland, to be living a transformed life by the Holy Spirit, while hiding behind the lies at Lakeland.

  7. Bene D says:

    The snake handler featured in the first show – Jamie Coots – died of a snake bite three months ago. His son Cody took over his church and got bitten Monday while cleaning cages. He hasn’t sought medical treatment.

  8. Cobbled Stones says:

    The picture attached is interesting … blow torch and flammable liquids (?) in the background.

  9. fjc says:

    He and his ilk are such obvious con men. I really do not know what to say to people who defend them, and all of their kind. Boggles the mind really.

    They are not dissimilar, in my mind, to the book burners who are out there. Simply putting on a show for the folks to increase their popularity, get some attention, feed their egos, and perhaps make a few bucks.

  10. fjc says:

    I saw Todd Bentley on the show earlier in the week.

    It as a ‘gong show’ through and through.

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