Todd Bentley denies God’s omnipresence?

By Rick Hiebert. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission.

One of the tenets of charismatic theological thinking is that the Holy Spirit may work today as He did in the days of the Apostles.

Unless you are at a Todd Bentley meeting, then all bets are off.

In Todd Bentley’s confrontation with Justin Peters, Bentley says something odd at 0:25 of the video that I suspect people will miss.

To get rid of Peters, he says “I’m not giving you my anointing because I have nothing to give.”

Uh, Todd, aren’t Christians indwelt by the Holy Spirit and always have something to give, even if it is the size of a “mustard seed”.

People may fairly disagree about whether the Holy Spirit works today as He did in apostolic Times, but for Bentley to say that nothing can be done is theologically inaccurate and implies that the Holy Spirit is not present at all times and may act. (However you believe that he does.)

If anyone believes that the Holy Spirit is omnipresent it should be a charismatic like Todd Bentley.

He meant “I’m NOT praying for you!” and should have said as much.

Oh, you may say, Todd was having a bad day. But his ministry has the same problem, as shown by this June 9 “e-blast” featuring Todd’s new wife Jessa. It’s sent out by Fresh Fire, so assume it is how Todd Bentley wants to be represented:


Sue: On May 31st

Hi could u please pray for my sister she has been told she has a fast moving cancer. Shes in intensive care, I’m scared. They dont know the source of the cancer. Its bad, I’m scared and I know God can heal but why doesn’t he heal all?

Jessa: Answers back during the service before ministry time

I’ll have Todd pray tonight “live” on the feed when the anointing is on him to pray!!!

Sue : Oh thank u! That makes me cry, it means so much!

“I’ll have him pray”, full stop would be okay. But why does she have to wait for “the anointing” to be on Todd Bentley for something to happen. Five seconds before the anointing, the poor lady is out of luck?

Clearly, Todd Bentley wants an out when his prayers don’t work. “I had chili cheese fries before the service, so I didn’t have the anointing, just gas, when I prayed for you,” he might say.


Do you recall when Peter and John were put on the spot in a similar way in the Scriptures?

“Silver and gold have I none…” .

Justin Peters can’t expect to leave a Todd Bentley meeting “walking and leaping and praising God” if Bentley is too annoyed to even try, can he?

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13 Responses to Todd Bentley denies God’s omnipresence?

  1. Paul D. says:

    It’s like a hypnotist or psychic cold reader refusing to perform his act if the audience is hostile. Bentley is just a second-rate stage conjurer.

  2. Jane says:

    Justin went specifically to confront Bentley. Justin is a solid Bible teacher who has studied the Word of Faith teachers for many years. He was born with Cerebral Palsy and walks with canes or crutches. When he was a teenager a neighbour invited him to come to a Nora Lamb healing service to get healed of his CP. Well…you know how that worked out. Justin has some great discernment videos looking at the shenanigans of Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, Bill Johnson of Bethel Church in Redding CA and of course Todd Bentley.
    It’s amazing that Justin was able to get in…his face is pretty well know by now and the security at these events are pretty alert . Go Justin :)

  3. Rick Hiebert says:

    Justin Peters is a good egg.
    I notice he had facial hair, which helped a lot

  4. fjc says:

    I saw the show. I actually started laughing-thought at first that it was some kind of a comedy act or gag.

    But is isn’t.

    Just one more scheme to part those with more money than common sense from their money.

  5. VanPastorMan says:

    False teachers will only prosper when the Church of Jesus Christ allows them to. False teaching is so insidious. What it does is it gets your eyes off the truth, and then you waste your God given time,talent, and treasure on those who are teaching it. It also always leads to ruin. How many people have I seen who have wrecked their Christian walk because they denied the truth of God’s Word? Plenty.

  6. Susan says:

    I think what Todd & others saw coming from this man, was something that this man would have expected from a faithful follower of Jesus. He was expressing his disbelief in Todd’s motives. Todd totally overlooks the motives as to why this man questions him as a faithful teacher & healer of God’s word. I think a lot of people out there are feeling the same way, as to just what Todd & Jessa are really seeking. I don’t think this man was trying to start trouble. I totally got what he said.

  7. Hopesome says:

    Mr Bentley feeds (or so it seems) on controversy its a vital part of his ‘staying alive’….. its a part of the atmosphere that he and his ‘camp in’……..

    Otherwise surely shame would have stepped in long ago and bid Mr Bentley to ‘step down’..

    It would appear that shame missed more than a moment or two (to say the least ) to rectify matters

  8. Hopesome says:

    Having said that I hope Mr Peters receives some gift to hope his circumstance as he seems to have been somewhat short changed by the whole’thing’.

    God Bless

  9. fjc says:

    Justin was actually helping Todd Bentley.

    Todd’s endeavours require publicity-lots of it. That is what generates interest and revenue. Offerings and other assorted revenues are what drives Todd’s business.

  10. Hopesome says:


    I agree, to some extent, that that element was in play during the whole altercation – but Mr Peters probably did indeed go with hope in his heart that a healing would take place and that he would walk a little more freely through ‘life’ as a result …….

    Don’t we all want to know that we are ‘loved’ – Yes – and thats how in some ways Todd ‘gets in’ to our hearts, and conscience’s ………..

    Most of the time we love ourselves with treats, outings, new this that or the other and generally somewhere down the line ‘we pay a price’ this ‘healing’ is no different !!

    Jesus represents love, unconditional – thats what they are trying to tell us is on offer – but it wasn’t to Mr Peters; because he challenged and Mr Bentley had no actionable answer to put forward so hope was denied once again ……………… thats what gets to me – there always seems to be a stop sign ………… its either a grand game in the scheme of things or they are totally oblivious to reality’s call or maybe both elements are n play and thats why we battle daily to be heard, either way it stinks……….

  11. Hopesome says:

    In my ‘book’ we all deserve a free passage to hope and all its gifts………..

  12. fjc says:

    One way to look at it is that if it is not Todd Bentley that it picking their pockets it would just be someone else….Hagee, Hinn, or perhaps some other rising star.

    And if it was not would be investing in scams like Iraqi Dinars or any of the other Ponzi schemes being visited so successfully upon Evangelical denominations.

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