“I’m NOT praying for you” doesn’t mean “Sometimes people don’t get healed.”

By Rick Hiebert. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission.

Justin Peters’ confrontation with Todd Bentley, blogged about here a few days ago, appears to be  a story that “has legs” as we used to put it back in my old newsroom.

Latest on it is the Christian Post, which moves the story forward by quoting extensively from a video that Bentley has just cited on his website. Lots of talk about people not being healed, no matter what you try to do.

But sadly, this latest information helps to reveal that Todd Bentley hasn’t thought out his theology. He doesn’t act as if he believes it. So Justin Peters had to leave as he interfered with Todd Bentley’s “show.”

But as the headline writer at Christian Post noted, Bentley told Peters at about 0:25 of the video, Bentley says “I’m not giving you my anointing because I have nothing to give.” Meaning that he wasn’t going to pray for him.

The video shows Peters being taken away from a mike. Bentley makes no motion to pray for him.

Bentley saying that he has “nothing to give” denies God’s omniscience and omnipotence. Surely Charismatics like Bentley believe that God can heal at any time, and is not limited by circumstance?

If it is up to God, why not give it a try? Faith like a “mustard seed”, you know, especially for charismatics.

And besides, isn’t the Todd Bentley show based on miracles, so much so that he can promise them in his ads? “Bait and switch” is for used car salesmen.

Rather “I’m NOT” giving my anointing, properly understood means he will not do it, or he can’t do healings. I interpret this as ‘”won’t” as he doesn’t qualify “my anointing” at that moment.

If “anointings” can come and go, then Bentley needs to let people know up front and let them leave his meeting.

“I’m not going to give you my anointing” implies a sureness in order to encourage his audience. Implying a sureness you do not feel–as evidenced by his new video. It is a bit dishonest.

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12 Responses to “I’m NOT praying for you” doesn’t mean “Sometimes people don’t get healed.”

  1. Rick Hiebert says:

    It’s “my anointing” not “the anointing”. Checked the video.

  2. Mark Byron says:

    King Saul comes to mind. He lose his anointing through disobedience and arrogance. Both seem to in play here.

  3. wow says:

    Todd lied about his visitations and encounters. Imagine God whisking you to heaven where you are operated on by angels who deposit character into your being so you don’t have to go through santification because time is short. Imagine anyone believing that. Todd made up all this stuff to gain fame, like the rest of them. What’s missing in these circles is true discernment and rebuke, which the bible says is good. The charismatic folks have decided rebuke is evil and sinful, instead of embracing it if it is the truth. It’s all positive and victory, or it’s of the devil. My sister is caught up in this. She won’t listen to rebuke or truth: only positivity. I am of the devil and shunned by her because I told her the truth about some things like angel feathers falling. She even refused to repent for some sins she committed against me because it was too negative of me to bring it up! Wow. And Benny Hinn is telling people that Todd Koontz hears from God? These three men, Benny, Todd, and Todd are downright scammers. Maybe Todd thinks he’s hearing from God that it’s okay to make things up, but it’s not. Preaching to people lies is not godly!

  4. Hopesome says:


    Charismatic ‘positive thinking is actually denial with a smile !!

  5. Cobbled Stones says:

    I don’t understand why it’s so difficult to believe in ethereal surgery when Christians believe Sarah was close to one hundred years old when she gave birth, and Abraham was well over the century mark (Genesis 18:11-15, 21:1-2, 25:1-2). Even worse, Noah was five hundred years old when he had three sons (Genesis 5:32), and God allegedly created the animals designed to consume plants rather than meat (Genesis 1:30). Moses and Aaron transform an entire river into blood by touching it with their rods.
    Elijah obtained his meals from ravens that “brought him bread and flesh in the morning, and bread and flesh in the evening” (1 Kings 17:6). Joshua’s army can destroy the city walls of Jericho by marching around them and blowing horns (Joshua 6)????? Please….

    Todd never complimented David & bought Saul’s daughter with two hundred foreskins (1 Samuel 18:27).

    Angel’s feathers seem tame compared Moses camping atop Mt. Sinai waiting for God to deliver his commandments, foregoing food and water for forty days and forty nights (Exodus 34:28), or a 9’ 9” monster named Goliath supporting a 125-pound brass mail (1 Samuel 17:4-5).

    And you believe Todd makes things up?

    Don’t forget in John’s Revelation dream, which is conveyed to be imminent and realistic he sees crown-wearing locusts with faces of men, hair of women, teeth of lions, tails of scorpions, and wings sounding like chariots. These locusts also adorn iron breastplates in preparation for battle (9:7-10). Draw your own conclusions but at least Todd doesn’t seem this bizarre. Jesus also claims that anyone who says “thou fool” is in danger of Hellfire (Matthew 5:22). Yet, in Luke 11:40, he calls a group of people “fools.”

    Really people …. Is Todd THAT bizarre? Check your bible.

  6. Hopesome says:

    Yes it all sounds crazy ! but only as crazy as the people who interpret the WORD(S )
    without any real knowledge of what the hell they mean ……………. Todds bible and biblical interpretations scatter far and wide but rarely come up with the goods …….

  7. Cobbled Stones says:


    If Gods word is truth, why are there now 20 states in the USA where gays can legally marry ?

  8. Hopesome says:

    Appeasement Cobbled Stones is the name of the ‘Gay Game’…. (Do we love them or do we not)

    As for Gods word being Truth – then it all depends on how you ‘look at it’ and in what place you happen to be when you do.

    There are as many versions of truth as there are of what God is and how he justifies the carnage that we are all seemingly becoming immune to; otherwise surely the carnage would stop … ( if God is so powerful then how and why will he not stop man from continuously pressing the self destruct button and don’t tell me its for mans own good!

    The bible is judgemental – is oppressive – talks of war and family feuds, and then we have the arrival of a saviour who is going to save us from ourselves !! and turn us into ……. loving humans beings that will love each others hate ……….. Nice thought ….. he is going to have to ‘re -knew our minds though in order to do so, apparently !! in which case Gay would be …………… what – taken from the mind set !!! logic would say so and straight would be what ……… ; one thing is for sure we have been given ARGUMENT

    The bible is one thing the interpretation of it quite another so discernment on a grand scale is what you need to sift the wheat from the chaff of mans bull ………..

    Appeasement is sickness and we are all guilty in one way or another of appeasement, generally we do it in order to get peace in some way but we sell our soul in the process and our integrity; Love says we should give gays as many rights as others to marry; Hate says its sick ……………. I say panic …………….. why …………… there is always a potential in the middle for either peace or war …………….. anger surrounds in reality, and appeasement steps in to avert ……….

    Truth is moveable, manageable, and fickle just like the humans who speak it ……….

    Someone should ask GOD ……….. where his mind sits ………….

  9. Cobbled Stones says:

    Hopesome …

    Just answer the fucking question.

  10. Hopesome says:

    Cobbled Stones:

    I think I did !

    The fact that you are so closed to an answer says to me: –

    1. Open the eyes of my heart Lord – is what you should be seeking

    2. Take my hope out of death Lord and give me Life – is what you should be asking

    3. Pin me to the cross Lord and take my life and give me yours is what you want
    deep in that cold heart of yours

    4. Lord show me what love is – for real

    I did cobbled stones – and though I never looked back – there are those that wish to take me there to keep the wounds of grief ever open and my heart ever in grief at their request ..

    Did I find Jesus throughout my journey Oh yes ‘lots of them’ unfortunately non of them came up with the answers to the deep desires in my heart, only hate that Iwould lay down my life for one who had never had one: Truth Cobbled Stones can be raw and rip you to shreds ….. it did me but if you clothe its sting with hope and wait until the perfect moment to speak it will hope not harm…….

    Unfortunately church has gone to another love in which to cloth itself !

    The answer you want is:- give me proof – proove it to me- and if I did F.U. would be your reply!

  11. Hopesome says:

    Belief is transient – love is linked to the emotions and senses – desire roots both – love shold not be for sale as Bentley would have us believe …..

    Lets look at quest for an answer another way: According to some we are created for God’s pleasure; logically then he must like gays: – and yet they are in biblical verse an abomination;

    It’s no wonder then that we are confused and constantly at war trying to fathom it out:

    The ‘real truth’ answer cobbled stones would destroy any hope you have had along with any hope you hope for – thats why Jesus took it upon himsel to go forward and give us only a criptic version of; even love could not protect you in your present state from the abominations and so you will have to wait until (my) love is greater than the hate that always comes to destroy real truth and real hope.

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