So much for sneaking into B.C….

By Rick Hiebert. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission

If Todd Bentley had been hoping to sneak into Langley B.C., that might not be happening now.

Douglas Todd, the veteran religion reporter for The Vancouver Sun, has noticed that Todd Bentley has announced his plans to minister in B.C. this week, for the first time in five years–or since the collapse of the Lakeland Revival–this week.

He has a detailed post on his blog, which you may see here.

And thanks to him for the kind hat tip. :)

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2 Responses to So much for sneaking into B.C….

  1. Weazel says:

    Religious idiotic noncense!

  2. fjc says:

    Abbotsford will be ‘good pickins’ for Todd-as will parts of Langley.

    Lots of evangelicals out that way who are anxious to be parted with their money by anyone who says the phrase ‘praise the Lord’ and smiles.

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