Todd Bentley’s first try to get a reality show, and the angel that missed the plane

By Rick Hiebert. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission

{The first part of what will probably be a lengthy post on Todd Bentley’s appearance on History TV Canada July 1, 2, and 4)

Did you know that the “Reno Outpouring featured on the recent episode of Miracles Decoded with Todd Bentley could have had its own TV reality show featuring Todd Bentley…back in 2010.

Would History TV Canada have smelled a rat had they known this when Bentley was filing with them?
Pastor Eric Moen of the “Reno Outpouring calls himself a “friend” of evangelist Todd Bentley and that helped him get some time on the episode of Miracles Decoded devoted to Bentley this month.

But had they did a little more research, I wonder if History TV Canada would have let Moen on the show.

Back in 2010, when Todd Bentley was trying to bring his ministry back from the dead, he and Moen developed a working relationship.

I first noticed Bentley’s work there when he tried to start a revival out of a local casino’s facilities.

Moen’s church, River Rock Christian Fellowship–at least at that time–had access to another facility, but chose to take space for Todd’s revival at the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino.

I found this ruefully amusing..

but something interesting developed there, although it wasn’t the full blown revival that Bentley was hoping for.

On October 6, 2010, he sent out this tweet on his personal Twitter feed.

It read:

Had some great Sushi. Wow. Ready to meet and greet some pastors and leaders. Pray for us Discovery studios joining us in Reno.

He was meeting with representatives of the Discovery Channel about his own possible reality show.

Todd backed this up by posting a picture of himself being filmed by “Discovery Studios”, which we posted in this post. It was captioned “”Discovery Studios trailer shoot for potential upcoming reality series.”

(Shortly afterwards, Bentley spent time pressing the flesh with pastors in the Reno area. Evidently, he was preparing the ground if the revival took off. Dousing potential fires and such. However, back in 2009, Bentley had said that it was precisely this networking that helped to kill the Lakeland Revival.

So we have Moen. Someone who, and whose church, swung behind Bentley to build up a revival in 2010 to hopefully get Bentley a TV show.

Forward to today. Did History TV Canada know of this previous try for a TV show in this very church in Reno Nevada? Were they told?  Did they do work that would lead them to find this out?

I can see a producer thinking “Heyyy…they are using this episode of Miracles Decoded to make an audition tape for the future…”

Can’t blame History TV Canada for not finding this failed prophecy by Eric Moen though.

Back in July 2013, Moen was speaking at his church on “Awakening”. (It was posted on YouTube July 7 2013 and it looks to have been put up promptly based on the context.)

It’s on YouTube here.

In his introductory remarks, Moen recalls his trip to South Africa in May 2013.  Four minutes in, he says:

Ìn the first week of May, the Lord told me to go to South Africa to be with my friend Todd Bentley….While I was there Todd and I got to renew our friendship…’

At 4:38, he adds this:

“As I was getting ready to leave he [Todd] had a prophetic word for me, several prophetic words, but one of the key ones was he said ‘The Lord is assigning an awakening angel to you to bring back to the United Sates when you go.’ Now bear in mind when I was down there I was the only pastor that I know of from the US…. [Bentley said] ‘I’m going to send an awakening angel home with you.’”

Moen, noting that some things had been predicted at the Bentley events in South Africa and appeared to come to pass 90 days later implied that Bentley’s prediction about the awakening angel would come to pass in “the middle of August [2013]”

If you need another citation, at 8:17, Moen quotes Bentley as saying,”You’re going home with the awakening angel from Zechariah 4:1.”

I haven’t heard of a revival centered on Moen’s church in Reno. Had one happened, we would have likely heard of it.

The angel missed the plane?

Of course, Bentley has falsely predicted revivals before. One foreseen for Fresno last year comes to mind. Unfortunately for Bentley, tape was rolling.

Say anything. Keep the show on the road.

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12 Responses to Todd Bentley’s first try to get a reality show, and the angel that missed the plane

  1. Just because you have healing and miracles doesn’t mean it’s revival as claimed by fools in the Third Wave including Todd Bentley? That is part of normal Christianity!

    These so-called revival meetings in Canada & the USA with outlandish claims of many have been saved, healed and delivered, confirmed by gold dust, gold teeth, jerking, animal noises and movements, and false prophecies have been total failures. If people need healing then any Person who is Baptized with the Holy Spirit can pray for healing. Plus we have the Spiritual Gifts of healing and miracles. These people get off the track when they think that they can do a so-called meetings that do not follow Paul’s instructions about what should happen in meetings (1 Cor. 12 – 14). When we have a normal Christian Life led by the Holy Spirit, healings and miracles are all a part of what Jesus has planned for us. These Third Wave fools are false brethren and not real Christians!

    One of the most common Bible verses used by people who claim we should not be critical or judge other believers is Matthew 7:1:

    Do not judge, and you will not be judged ….

    The Bible can be made to say pretty much anything someone wants it to say if it is taken out of context, so every Bible verse should be properly read in its context if we are to correctly understand it and â??rightly divide the Word of truthâ? (2 Timothy 2:15). Matthew 7:1 should therefore not be read or used in isolation from the surrounding verses which provide the context. Verses 2-5 clearly show that verse 1 is referring to hypocritical judgment

    The lesson is clear: you should not judge others for their sin if you are guilty of the same sin. If Matthew 7:1 means do not judge at all, it would render what Paul wrote in 2 Timothy 3:16, together with much of what Paul wrote in his epistles, totally null and void. Much of what Paul wrote was to correct error that had arisen within the church; and Paul was not shy in naming specific people. The fact is that Paul used Scripture in exactly the way he advised Timothy it should be used. He used it for doctrine, reproof, correction, for instruction in righteousness . Notice Paul places doctrine first and that reproof, correction and instruction in righteousness can only come from right doctrine.

    I would prefer the Beatitudes step by step walk with Jesus which allows us to live the Sermon on the Mount. Many of the Third Wave teaching are ego selfish building or should I say replacements for the New Testament. False signs wonders & miracles are the result (Matt. 24: 24; Mk. 13: 22).

    Anyway the so called Third Wave leaders who are also supposed to be Apostles, Prophets and men of God not only have no integrity but are liars, thieves, manipulators and scoundrels. Their leaders suffer from Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) in which a person is excessively preoccupied with personal adequacy, power, prestige and vanity, mentally unable to see the destructive damage they are causing to themselves and to others in the process and they include scoundrels Rodney Howard Browne, Richard Roberts, Stephen Strader, Todd Bentley, Bill Johnson, Benny Hinn and Patricia King. And let’s not forget Rick Joyner, Stacey Campbell, Dutch Sheets, and Peter C. Wagner).

  2. Mark Byron says:

    Nice rogues’ gallery of folks, Gordon. They mostly seem to deserve the ire you send their way, but I may recommend they get a second opinion on the NPD diagnosis; doing that at a distance borders on false witness.

  3. The proof is in the pudding. They are very egotistic, devoid of integrity and don’t preach the New Testament but on wealth transfer!

  4. If these demonized fools were true men of God, devoid of NPD, they would not be begging for money from the sheep but would be giving money to the sheep demonstrating the reality and benefits of their personal wealth transfer which they cannot do?

  5. Hopesome says:

    My garden is in the process of revival….. its in the middle of revival….

    Whoever sits in the epi centre of the creation we know as ………….. is the only one who can truly say I bring revival…… why …….. you need the root and core to change before you can claim a revival …. TRUTH

    However my garden is in a small revival ……. TRUTH

    I am healing not only my view of the garden but the garden itself ………..TRUTH

    I am making my garden an environment that has no hard edges, no hidden demons (disease ) that bares fruit (my bluberry bushes, fig tree etc.,) and that does not ‘bully’ the vision or senses…. whilst bearing in mind that neighbours are sensitive to my actions and achievements (so am careful to make the changes in the right manner and manna; so that Idon’t upset the applecart as we say! In other words ‘no pride present please’ . TRUTH

    Jesus came to do the same …………..

    His garden is the worlds manifestation (s) ie; us …………….

    therefore he must go to the beginning to revive us before the devil and Co., get there first…THE BATTLE –

    When he meets with resistance it hurts to the very core of him………because he knows how evil things can be and get and his longing is to prevent it from happening ……. and so he dies daily from the constant onslaught of lies, hate, demonic activity that batters his hope as he walks among us trying to release there will for his ………… The power of evil no one but he can resist………….. TRUTH ……….

    Right now his revival is holding it all together at the same time as doing battle for us all to have a freedom from …………. what ……………… the captivity we all find ourselves in at sometime or another …………. Christianity is not a revival in and of itself ……. because it would demand that we all become christians in the end ………… and religion is not love ………… its a format of love that prevails the hope that Jesus was to bring …

    TRUTH …………

    or not …………. are you in a position of such discernment that you KNOW ……… TRUTH ……. AND ………ARE YOU INSISTING ON HANGING ON TO THE truth ……….. THAT WE HAVE ALL BEEN LED TO BELIEVE……… in the wake of Jesus’s coming.

    The love we have lies and cheats, smoulders, entices, beguiles and demands……….. that is not the kind of love I either want or need ……..

    True revival is being fought for right now ………. the world has and is going to more and more captivity in not only personnel freedom but hope ………… TRUTH

    and yes Ido have a fig tree in my garden that I am hoping will at some point bare fruit…… As I travel through NO HOPE – it reminds me that it and the person who brought it to me are saying this is a small place for you to get revival ………. so please continue on your journey because I want TRUTH not false hope, or false witness or to die in the horror of someone elses war …………. TRUTH costs ……….. time, hope, and above all my life, as I keep on searching for the anti ………. that would prevent truth.

    DENIAL is who the ANTI (christ) is ……. and its he who rips into your faith and hope and being…….

  6. fjc says:

    It is a good gig. I keep telling my wife that I am going to get a radio program and solicit cash donations from those who want to be ‘saved’.

    I will be happy to save the money that they send it. Crisp, new bills please. Don’t like cheques or Visa because it can be easily traced.

  7. wow says:

    I have been saved nearly 30 years and have never heard God talk about an awakening angel, an angel named Emma, an angel that gives operations for character, a banking angel, a prosperity angel, and angel that throws down gold dust, an angel that throws down gemstones. The only thing that the Holy Ghost keeps talking to me about is Jesus and how wonderful He is and how much I need Him. This Todd Bentley may think he is hearing from God or he’s a terrific con man. I don’t know which, but God does.

  8. @WOW Most Third Wave demonized fools like Todd Bentley don’t hear from God but from demons i.e. familiar spirits. And when they say that the LORD told me “this and this” they are saying that a familiar spirit told them “this and this!” They are not full of the Holy Spirit but full of demons!

    People who go to meetings at the Toronto Airport and these other meetings such as Todd Bentley or Rodney Howard-Brown (so-called Lakeland revivals) when they have hands laid on them they receive demons instead of the Holy Spirit and they receive this so-called “uncontrollable holy laughter”. The result is demon possession. The Holy Spirit gives us self-control (Gal. 5: 24). The uncontrollable laughter is a counterfeit of the joy of the Lord. I have lost count of the numbers of people that I have had to cast the demons out of them so they can receive the real Holy Spirit. Unfortunately, we cannot conclude that everybody who receives this phony laughter does not have a brain tumour because any who have seen doctors have found no physical reason for it. The cause is demon possession which disturbs and disrupts worship and mocks God so that contrary to what Paul says, “Let everything be done decently and in order” (1Cor. 14: 40) everything is done “indecently and out of order”.

  9. KELLIE Goodman says:

    I have known Eric Moen and Todd Bentley since before the beginning get of the Reno Outpouring meetings. Never haseen Eric been heard to even imply you have to tithe or give to the church I. Any way to be saved. Shame on you for spreading get lies. I have however known many people who have received GODS healing of infirmaties and deliverance from bondages. Try attenending a meeting for yourself but leave your legalistic spirit at home

  10. Rick Hiebert says:

    Tithing or giving to the church not mentioned in the post itself, from what I can see, for what it’s worth.

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