Two of the most scary video soundbites that I have recently heard

By Rick Hiebert. All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission

It takes some doing for Todd Bentley or a friend/supporter of his to leave me a bit gobsmacked by something they say.

Let’s turn a last time to Todd Bentley’s appearance on the History TV Canada program Miracles Decoded June 1, 2 and 4

A couple of soundbites contained in the Todd Bentley segment of that episode of Miracles Decoded are a bit unnerving, to say the least. I’ll try to save the relevant clips on YouTube, but in case they disappear, I’ll type them out.

Todd Bentley says something unnerving at 35:15 of the show.

He says this:

“I can’t expect people just to accept that what I say and do is real. People need to have evidence and they need to have science. They need to have verification and we’re good with that.”

Frankly Todd, you don’t act like it. I’ll explain…

1. Thanks to the YouTube poster who saved and annotated this clip from the ABC Nightline profile of Todd Bentley during the Lakeland Revival.

Todd lies about praying for a little boy with Spina Bifida
Todd lies about whether he said onstage, and on God TV, that the boy was healed. Moreover, Todd tries to argue that he boy had faith for healing. He had nothing really to do with it if you’re holding him accountable for it.
Shortly after the boy was healed, he still had spina Bifida according to his Mom.

If Todd is “good with” verification, why did he lave it for ABC News to do?

Did he explain what happened to the boy on the Lakeland stage? I’d bet dollars for doughnuts he didn’t.

2. And then there is the noted World magazine article which noted that people that Todd Bentley’s ministry proclaimed were healed died shortly after Lakeland of what they had been healed of.

If you’re “good with” verification, why did World magazine do this and not you, Todd Bentley?

Accountability for what you do doesn’t end once the person leaves your stage.

3. Todd Bentley addressed the question of whether he brought people back from the dead in a May 2010 video distributed by his mentor Rick Joyner.

Unfortunately the video is now behind a subscriber wall, but fortunately I quoted it at some length in this post.

Bentley appears to be quoting some kind of report about the 22 people who came back from the dead as of 2010–down from 31, I note at Lakeland.

We still don’t know who did the report. No names so we can asked this or these doctor(s) directly.

Bentley, as far as I know, has never released this report. He has just quoted it once in this video. Allegedly.

I noted that the only thing the report’s experts were willing to do was commit to possible resuscitations, not resurrections.

As I noted back then:

Todd Bentley is hoping that you don’t listen carefully, as resuscitation doesn’t mean resurrection.

A Princeton University online dictionary offers a very interesting definition for our purpose:

(n) resuscitation (the act of reviving a person and returning them to consciousness) “although he was apparently drowned, resuscitation was accomplished by artificial respiration”

I’ll bet that these two doctors and their report, commissioned by Todd Bentley and his friends, will never see the light of day.
Doctors X and Y are playing it very safe. I’ll bet dollars for doughnuts that they don’t use the exact phrase “miraculous resuscitations”. I’ll bet it is “resuscitations”.

It could refer to a miracle, but the doctors are playing it safe. “This person was apparently unconscious and is now conscious. We do not know why,” is probably a layman’s explanation of what they are trying to say.

And Todd Bentley takes it and runs with it, swaddling what the doctors were willing to say in “back from the dead” verbiage.


Todd Bentley says he is “good with” verification so that you will think that he is. He says it, must be true. But there is evidence he is not.

Release the doctor’s report, Bentley. Unedited, with the names and contact information for the doctors

The second one is where Summer M. Cottam comments on her Mom’s “healing” with a presumed assist by Todd Bentley.

At the 57:00 mark of the show, she says:

“I mean, it doesn’t matter if it is true or not that she was healed by God. No matter what she was healed…however it came about. It can’t be wrong or right.”

Now, back in the days of the Apostles, healings–as part of signs and wonders–were intended to back up the preaching of the Gospel.

If we presume that this is a true healing, Summer has missed the central point of what has happened. And it is completely Todd bentley’s fault. A glaring fault of how he does ministry.

Anyone presumably healed should absolutely walk away from that with several facts. Onlookers too.

1. Jesus (or “God”) must get credit for what happens, especially if it is good. Summer should know that “God” is to be praised. She should know that it is credited to Him, and that it was Him who is responsible.

Bentley does not talk enough about Jesus in his meetings,if those who are blessed in this way can be unclear.

Jesus being presumably responsible for the healing should have been drilled into Summer`s head again and again and again. She could have tried to figure out what happened, as she does here, but she should be able to recite why and how this happened as shared and taught from the front, even if she disagrees with it.

2. A miracle should lead to the preaching of the Gospel. Jesus did something even better for you, and now that we have your grateful attention…

3. A healing being either “wrong or right” addresses what the will of God in this case. Summer should not be led to think of this big question, when Todd Bentley as a non-cessationist charismatic, should properly believe that a healing leads to the preaching of the Gospel.

But when you have a bit of a show on your hands, some things have to be cut for time. Unfortunately.

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17 Responses to Two of the most scary video soundbites that I have recently heard

  1. Susan says:

    When there is not a message proclaimed about Jesus, how can it effect one’s faith in a healing miracle? If someone is wanting a healing miracle, then who do they want the miracle from? Pride and unbelief are also a part of human nature. Todd does seek out those who want a healing miracle. He uses Jesus’ name, but does his actions and message speak of Jesus? He has a track record of walking on thin ice (figuratively speaking). It’s not a healing Jesus wants one to hear, it’s His message.

  2. Witness2Majesty says:

    I think labeling Bentley as a “non-cessationist charismatic” gives Bentley too much credit. I know many non-c charismatics and they may have error in their doctrine but they have solid Bible based beliefs in virtually every other area of scripture.
    He doesn’t deserve the “charismatic” label in my opinion because I don’t believe he’s a true believer and I believe his “fruit” plays this out. He’s a charlatan who is in it for the money.
    I’d love to see a Seminary professor or class actually do bona ride research on how many of Todd Bentley’s messages available have the following Ttributes:
    A. How often does he even read from the Bible .
    B. How often does he mention the word “Jesus.”
    C. How often do his sermons have a “message” vs. boastful story telling.
    D. How many calls for salvation are in his sermons?
    E. How many of his “Restoration” commitments did he indeed follow through on i.e. Was there ever a publication of his “Doctrine on Divorce?”
    F. Taking his “Restoration” video’s and his references in his sermons do the exact timeline of events from when he came public with his issues and the next time he “ministered.” He was in the pulpit within days and was back in ministry urging do waitrons within weeks not years.

    Bottom line, I think there’s an opportunity to speak with “hard data” to prove he’s beyond the scope of “out of error” and is in fact a charlatan.

  3. Third Wave fools like Todd Bentley are not Christians nor Charismatics. They don’t operate in the true gifts of the Spirit. It is a dis-service to the Holy Spirit to call Todd and his friends “Charismatic” because they have counterfeit/false gifts which do not come from the Holy Spirit: false prophecy, false tongues, false everything (Matt. 24: 24; Mk. 13: 22). Their false works tell us clearly that they “have received the mark of the beast” (Rev. 19: 20). They preach a counterfeit Jesus and hate any discussions based on the bible! They do not preach repentance and do not cast out demons because they themselves are demonized!

  4. Hopesome says:

    He’s been put there by somebody to wind us all up!!

    Any respect I had for the circles he walks in ‘just ‘got up’and left .

    Looks like I may well be responsible for my own redemption at this rate….

  5. Hopesome says:

    Demons ‘work’ through people – they can also become a permanent feature of that persons life .

    Its horrendous to witness demonic activity ………….. demons have no mercy …

    In that context came Jesus’s mercy -

  6. fjc says:

    What is with all the free publicity for Todd Bentley.

    He is simply another con artist. So why all the ink?

    Slow news month?

  7. John Payzant says:

    I get pretty mad at watching these videos, reading about this too

    Todd’s definitions of prayer and healing, I would question

    Some can get a bit better with encouragement

    God can heal from time to time

    Religious groups are not taxed the same as non

    If this was an AC/DC concert would be taxed

  8. Rick Hiebert says:

    fjc… publicity on national television may apply.

    Viewers saying “Who is this guy” might appreciate having the program looked at.

  9. fjc says:

    Why get upset with Todd. He is simply trying to earn a crust.

    I would be more upset with those who are foolish enough to believe in him.

    Does not upset me that people put their hands in their pockets to give him money. If they did not give it to him, they would be giving it to some other poser. You can’t fix stupid.

  10. Hopesome says:

    They walk in false humility fjc: ………

    Asking for alms – yet spending on posh hairdressers, fancy out door equipment to fry a steak on and motorbikes ………………. to name but some of the ‘look at me comments’ he himself has made ………… to his fans ………….

    His fans people his fans …………….. if you walk in the lord you don’t do fame ………. unless of course you have to !!

    I’ll leave you to work that one out ! ………….. those who are well versed in biblical insight, wisdom and knowledge surely know Esther’s true identity…….. when it comes to warfare …………….

  11. Rick Hiebert says:

    Summer has commented on the YouTube video with her commenting that this is her in the video. Good to know, but given that they were recruiting actors as noted in the previous post, I had to note the possibility there.

    Here, though. I’ve assumed she is the real thing.

  12. fjc says:

    He is really not much different that those who preach, say, prosperity theology.

    It is simply a gag to increase his personal following/influence, boost the ratings, and increase cash flow. The latter being the end game.

    Not much more to it really when one examines it in the cold light of day.

    Just one more con man fleecing the all too willing sheep.

  13. fjc says:

    I cannot imagine anyone, excepting of course the most gullible, mentally challenged/fragile, or those who used to be loyal viewers of The Gong Show (showing my age here), would watch more than a very few minutes of Todd’s show.

    The channel would be switched in preference even to a commercial break.

  14. Rick Hiebert says:

    Well, I was happy to take a bullet for the team. :)

  15. Hopesome says:

    I think I am going to leave you for a while – your smug assumption is hard to swallow.

  16. Susan says:

    At Todd’s Apostolic & Prophetic Commissioning, that group like those who sat in the Synagogues in the “Seat of Moses”, have done everything for show. Yet, those very leaders Jesus condemned, was for their leadership. In comparison, this Apostolic Prophetic group seeks those seats of honor, power and status. Just like in Jesus’ time they took without conscious, from the widow, poor and sick. Those leaders spoke God’s law, but there hearts were far away from His word. No difference today.

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