Crossroads Television System (CTS) re-branding

It appears that Crossroads Television System (CTS) is re-branding itself,  CTS will become YES TV this fall. was registered by Crossroads Christian Communications Inc. out of Burlington in 1998, and was updated last month according to WHOIS.

While still categorized as a religious broadcaster, Crossroads continues to branch out in it’s programing according to it’s sales blurb at Marketing Magazine.  Clicking on the CTS saleskit link takes you to a Yes TV page. (thanks to Channel Canada forums).

What’s in a name? Don’t know, given this has been registered since /98. It is interesting that Bruce Mann, a former Crossroads employee (1986-2011) started a church in 1997 in his hometown of Brampton called Yes Church, an independent affiliated with Open Bible Faith Fellowship. (OBFF).

The current leader of Yes Church (Mann left the church leadership in 2011 after Crossroads Circle Square Ranches were transferred over to Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship) is Larry Harrington, who is ordained by OBFF.

OBFF is the group which re-ordained Reynold Mainse (son of Crossroads founder David Mainse) recently, even though according to the Ontario Securities Commission, Reynold Mainse hasn’t paid back a penny of the  $247,719.50 owing for his involvement in the Axcess scam. In Canada, you can be ordained, be the director of a charity and be fully delinquent in money owing to the OSC.   You can have your dad publicly brag about your charity directorship and ordination while omitting the fact money is owed.
OBFF is known as the group which kicked out televangelist Peter Youngren for divorcing and re-marrying, but a small matter of being a finder in a ponzi scheme plan is ‘merely a godly man caught in the middle of a very unfortunately set of circumstances.’ Quite the long term payment plan Mainse has.
Mainse cousin David Rutledge, a former Crossroads employee who was also implicated in the Axcess Automation/Axcess Funds ponzi scheme,  preaches regularly at Yes Church.

What does that rabbit trail  above have to do with CTS re-branding itself as Yes TV? Nothing, it’s just a reminder to myself about how small the Crossroads ‘family’ really is.  I find the ‘yes’ brandings interesting.

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  1. Torontonian says:

    I looked at the programmes that shall appear on Yes TV and they are all
    in the evening viewing hours. Could it be that Yes TV is merely a cluster
    of programming wedged into the CTS daily schedule?

    A similar thing happened with the sale of Access Alberta and Saskatchewan
    Communications when those stations were sold off to CTV2 and CITY TV.
    The two stations keep programming for young people during the day and switch to the CTV2 and CITY programmes in late afternoon and into the evening.

    I wonder what happened after the appeal for $20 Million to CTS. What happened
    to it?

  2. BD says:

    I spent a fair bit of time at the CRTC yesterday – if approval is required to change a station ”name’ (not call letters) I didn’t find it.

    It’s possible this is a block of programming running in the evening under the YesTV label, your observation makes sense.

    As for the 20 million appeal, another good question, don’t know.
    If you find out, pop in and tell us.

  3. fjc says:

    I have to wonder if any of those folks who were introduced to the Ponzi scheme by Reynold or David and were subsequently cheated out of large amounts of money ever attend services conducted by either men (not gentlemen).

    Some of the outstanding amounts owed to the OSC could be part of the 5 percent commissions that each of these people ‘earned’ as finders in the Ponzi scheme.

    I find it fascinating that any organization would ordain people who have unresolved civil matters like this in their respective pasts. Speaks volumes about the OBFF and the standards of integrity that they set for those they ordain.

  4. Missing Facts says:

    This site seems to be so anxious to hang Reynold Mainse for not paying back his portion, but doesn’t say anything about Ryan Mitchell who took $600,000 of ill gotten gains, testified that he extorted the money and not charged by the OSC. Don’t you think the harmed investors would like to see that money?

  5. fjc says:

    Oh, was Ryan Mitchell also ordained by the OBFF? Is he a a role that recognizes him as a spiritual leader or does he aspire to it?

    Not certain what Ryan Mitchell has to do with the singularly discreditable behavior by the other two. No one is hanging them out to dry. It has already been done by the OSC….under a very real and serious threat of selling securities without a license. They were actually treated well by the OSC who could have taken this a step further.

    Recently read an article where the Deputy Director of the FBI was quoted as saying, in his best advice to the public concerning Ponzi scams words to the effect of ‘never buy an investment from a member of your church or service club’. Reynold and David are great examples of what this law enforcement officer meant.

  6. Mark Byron says:

    Many churches and ministries are essentially family-run businesses, where nepotism is the rule of the day and there is little outside oversight; you can have a perfectly good ministry run that way, but it’s vulnerable to abuse. If such establishments become corrupt, parishioners and viewers/clients have little recourse than to vote with their feet, or to bring the authorities in if the corruption spills into illegality.

  7. fjc says:

    Most WELL run churches provide very clear direction for Ministers, Pastors, Elders, Executive members.

    Indeed the better run churches provide leadership courses for these people, have clear policy guidelines in place, and monitor and update those guidelines as necessary. Often the monitoring is done by an independent outside group to ensure objectivity.

    Two of the key ones concern financial fraud and sexual abuse. No one in a senior position can promote any investment opportunity or commercial opportunity of any kind with those who attend the church. None. Period. Nor can they make church property/buildings available for any such activity even if it is by others.

    Likewise, allegations of sexual abuse must be reported to the police within 24 hours, the church members must be made aware of the issue via a written communication, and if necessary, third party, independent and professionally certified counsel, NOT in any way related to the church or its parent organization, should be available to any victims who need it.

    These are two of the basics. Not difficult to understand. Just difficult to understand why some churches still do not have these guidelines in place or do not enforce or review them.

    So, would David’s or Reynold’s behaviour with to the AXXESS scandal pass this basic test???

    Or does Crossroads NOT have any such basic standards of behaviour for their leadership team?

  8. B.SMITH says:


  9. Bene Diction says:

    Hi B:

    It’s just rebranding, not a signal change.

  10. ripped off says:

    ya the whole thing stinks – as investors we got nothing, hard lesson learned believe me – but heard some of the 100 Huntley crowd and friends got some of money…they seem to just go on like nothing happen -wish they would say YES to paying me back.

  11. fjc says:

    The Crossroads ‘family’ has the same traits as many other.

    Just do some googling and check out the Trustee reports on the Crystal Cathedral bankruptcy. Like how many relatives were on the payroll, the amount paid as ‘housing allowances’ to the senior folks, the loans that we made to key people (that are now either payable to the trustee or deemed to be income by the IRS). And how the some of the nephews who worked as ushers were paid a little more than the other volunteer ushers. About $47K a year more for part time work. You can also check out the pending/in process law suits from unsecured creditors who claim that hundreds of thousands of dollars were knowing taken on credit by people in the Minstry who knew the organization was a week away from collapsing.

    Yes,very much a family affair. Keep the money and the dirt in the family-well hidden from those who paid for it.

  12. Disappointed says:

    I was so sad to find that YES TV was formerly CTS. They may still be classified as “religious”, but that is never how I viewed them. To me they were a Christian station and that was the difference. Seeing their regular programming breaks my heart. They are just another TV station broadcasting mostly worldly programs – no longer set apart from the world. I now find they are no different and no better than Vision TV. I remember a time when CTS was all I needed to watch. Now it is a station I rarely watch.

  13. khd says:

    With reference to the original blog.

    Yes Church is located on West Street in Brantford, Ontario.

  14. Saint Swithins says:

    Sigh….okay…here’s the holy poop. CTS was what station CITS called itself. It is now calling itself YES TV. It is the official call letters (CITS) that they cannot change without regulatory approval. Global TV, for example, is actually CIII in Toronto. Stations are SUPPOSED to identify themselves by their call letters twice a day. Usually done at noon and midnight. Please understand this…CITS is separate from the ministry…has to be by regulatory law. That is how the station was licensed to begin with. The monies donated go to Crossroads Ministry, not the television station. Vice-versa is also true in that revenue generated by the station via commercials cannot, in any circumstances, go to the ministry.

  15. Bene Diction says:

    Hi Saint:

    Thanks. I know station ID – call letters have to be CRTC approved, I didn’t know station name changes didn’t.
    Is CITS solvent yet?

  16. Saint Swithins says:

    I do not know if CITS is solvent. Sorry. I would imagine it is like most stations and some years are more “solvent” than others. :)

  17. Susan says:

    So whatever happened to Gordon Driver? Was he ever arrested? Or did they just fine him and that was that?


  18. Bene Diction says:


    Don’t know, it is like he fell off the planet. He was due in California court, (criminal) it was delayed several times.

    The case status report at the CFTC stops at 2011, with the exception of a default judgement of revocation of licence the end of 2012.

    As far as I can tell 2011 was the last SEC ruling.
    There is a notice of award posted by the SEC on October 23, 2014 #2014-106

    He owes all the money in full in the OSC judgement.

    I don’t have a Pacer account so I can’t access the California District Court system – which is where this all wound up.

    I’m curious to know what has occurred also.

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