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Christian Week highlights the entry of MK Safety Net into Canada, and the tremendous pro-active work they do  ’immersed in the struggles and pain experienced by survivors.’

“When MKs start talking about their abuse and they are told, ‘Get over it. Stop being bitter. Forgive.’ I think the Church believes God is sovereign, but when we have abuse claims in our ranks, we feel we have to protect God’s reputation by not talking about it or calling it a crime.”

Another issue Bissell identifies is that when abuse happens agencies are not doing enough to notify predators’ home church or child protection agencies in Canada.

Institutional protectionism remains entrenched despite more robust child protection policies. Thoughtful discussion under the article also.

Missionary Kids Safety Net


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  1. fjc says:

    My spouses relatives, all evangelicals, actually believe the child abuse only occurs in the Catholic faith and that it could not possibly occur in their church or denomination, their bible schools/colleges or their MK’s. Sad but true.

    They continue to believe even when one of their own, a senior police officer who worked this area of the criminal justice system in Ontario tell them the exact opposite.

    People will believe what they want to believe, and deep six the rest.

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