Who am I?

“We Canadians live in a blind spot about our identity. We have very strong feelings about who we aren’t but only weak ones about who we are. We’re passionate about what we don’t want to become but oddly passive about what we should be.” – John Cruickshank.
I spent most of my working life as a broadcast journalist.  I don’t believe in simply defining people by what they do and have never cared much for labels.  One label I’ve been given by a fellow blogger that I can live with is ‘centrist.’ I can live with that.:^)

I agree with William Osler who said, “We are here to add what we can to life, not to get what we can from life.”
I am a follower of Jesus Christ, this statement of faith may help you understand what that means to me and how this relationship colours the pages of this blog.

Site Policy

A: Mr. Chairman. Once again the distinguished representative from Tatongueduh has made disparaging and scurrilous remarks about me and I feel he should be censored.

B: Mr. Chairman! Mr. Chairman! He threatened to drive me into the sea!

A: Ahem. Point of order Mr. Chairman. I merely offered to give him a ride to the beach.

BDBO Blog Policy: Ephesians 4:3

Blog raison d’etre

My primary goal is to encourage and promote other bloggers. I have opinions that will differ from others, and I will assume we are adult enough to deal with them with a relative degree of maturity.  2 Corinthians 1:24 I blog because it’s fun, there are things I am passionate about, and topics have ebbed and flowed over the years on BDBO.

Posts and Links

I will: credit my links.
I will: correct my mistakes.:^)


If any Spam bots pick up your URL, let me know, eh?

Comments and Email

We are adults, and know how to show self-respect and other respect.  Abusive language or behaviour is not necessary to communicate. Commenter’s who are uncivil to others will get a ‘play nice’ warning. If the commenter is unable or unwilling to comply, they will be blocked for a week. Threats will be taken seriously and the ISP provider will be notified.

Emails to this blog are fair game for posting, but I will certainly honour requests for privacy.  2 Timothy 1:3


I do not accept any funding from any organization, if I did, I believe I have an ethical responsibility to say so clearly in a corresponding blog post.
This blog will remain ad-free.  Matthew 10:8-9


This is not a legal document.  If I’ve done something legally obscure or offensive, just let me know and we’ll fix it together.  Romans 12:18