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Have courage for the great sorrows, And patience for the small ones. And when you have laboriously accomplished your tasks, go to sleep in peace. God is awake.

God TV founder resigns because of adultery – for now

God TV: GOD TV Co-founder Rory Alec steps aside GOD TV Co-founder Rory Alec has today announced he is leaving the Network, standing aside as Chairman and CEO with immediate effect. This follows what he terms ‘a moral failure’ concerning … Continue reading

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MK Safety Net Canada

Christian Week highlights the entry of MK Safety Net into Canada, and the tremendous pro-active work they do  ’immersed in the struggles and pain experienced by survivors.’ “When MKs start talking about their abuse and they are told, ‘Get over … Continue reading

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Crossroads Television System (CTS) re-branding

It appears that Crossroads Television System (CTS) is re-branding itself,  CTS will become YES TV this fall. was registered by Crossroads Christian Communications Inc. out of Burlington in 1998, and was updated last month according to WHOIS. While still categorized as … Continue reading

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Senator Don Meredith and Charles McVety’s California State Christian University

A few years ago,  I wrote about the unaccredited ‘university’ that Charles McVety had in California. The issue of some evangelicals who give themselves or each other fake academic credentials through money grabbing diploma mills, or through bastardizing the practice … Continue reading

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More problems for proposed Trinity Western University law school

The Law Society of Upper Canada (Ontario) and Nova Scotia Barristers Society have voted on whether future graduates of the BC evangelical university which recently received permission from BC to form a law school will be able to practice law … Continue reading

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Former MK speaks out – New Tribes Mission ‘retires’ abuser

8 years ago in 2006, Lori, a wife and mom living in the US,  and a former missionary kid (MK), wrote New Tribes Mission. In 1981-82, I was 10-11 years old and a resident of the Earl Dorm at the … Continue reading

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World Vision Canada covert discrimination – I Was Blocked From Hiring a Gay Person at World Vision Canada

Then I was called into the office of a senior staff member for a one-on-one meeting. I was so stunned by what I heard that I didn’t even know how to respond. He told me that he had made the … Continue reading

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NPR looks at Daystar TV and Kenneth Copeland – Can a Television Network Be A Church? The IRS Says Yes

In June of last year, Peter Youngren’s Grace TV announced it had entered into a partnership agreement with  Daystar TV, one of the top three religious broadcasters in the US. In November Grace TV announced Daystar Canada would operate Grace … Continue reading

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