Introducing our new offering, ‘A bag of coins’ for the cryptocurrency lovers from today. This is a platform aimed to connect all those traders and non-traders who wish to share, inquire, inform and create anything related to the trade market and assets. Anyone with a genuine interest in the subject can join the blog. Discover more here about the virtual financial world.


Features of the blog


The blog is divided into compartments for various activities and the users are free to involve in any or all of them. The only requirement is that you should be interactive to make the blog lively. The following compartments are separated out in the activity section:


Social forum: This is where you meet all your fellow blog visitors. The name and public profile of the members will be displayed and you can follow them. If you have any creation related to trading, you can put it here and soon your product will be in the limelight.

Post it: This is your personal status section where you can convey the crypto thoughts of your mind in words or emoticons.

Facts and tips: Have any latest information to share? Do you wish to inform any facts regarding the trade market world, the technical terms, procedures, assets, people etc? If you have your own winning formulae or mistakes to avoid, you can share them here. This can also become your earning platform.

Q&A: Ask your doubts, clear the doubts of fellow bloggers in the question and answer section. If you do not have either of them, then support answers that you think are credible and notify any incorrect answers.

Live chat: Having a one-to-one conversation with your fellow bloggers can give birth to new connections, professional relationships and trade ideas.

Newsfeed: What is happening in the world of cryptocurrency? Are there any new legislature norms tightening or losing trading? Any change of important players or their roles? All these and more, you can get or post the past, present and even future events here.

Feedbacks: Suggestions, complaints, improvements and comments, all are welcome because we believe there is always room for improvement and with improvement comes better service quality.

Compete and win: Exciting competitions are always making noise on our blog and are sure to increment your increase in the digital money.

Recommend or not: Which is the new trading robot this week? How do you rate it? Recommend new platforms or expose scams in this section.