It is fascinating to me how Bill Donohue of the US Catholic League attempts to provoke.
It is also fascinating how he attempts to downplay child abuse by the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland by deflecting to a Reuters story.

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This aired on Today FM with Matt Cooper in Ireland on May 30th and came to my attention as US bloggers picked it up this week.

If citizens of Ireland didn’t know what a jackass Donohue is, they know now.
Here is a timeline of investigations into Roman Catholic institutional abuse in Ireland.
Colin O’Gorman eviscerates Donahue’s position.
He is known in Ireland as author of Beyond Belief, the founder of One in Four and is now Executive Director of Amnesty International Ireland. You have to wonder what Donohue possibly thought he was going to accomplish going on Irish radio after glancing at the Ryan report and calling former abuse survivors gold diggers. He says worse of course and because he can’t irritate the host or O’Gorman, or dazzle them with his bluster. This is The Catholic League’s response to Reuters back in May, and this is the article Donohue attempts to use to deflect.

The bible has a great deal to say about fools, it’s freeing to see one exposed. I give O’Gorman the last word.

Fear corrupts. It freezes us. It leaves us unable to react. I used to be afraid all the time, afraid of facing the past for fear of what I might find out about myself. But not anymore.

So often, we run from things we have done that we feel mark us as bad. I know that feeling; for so many years I ran from my own feelings of shame and self-blame.

The truth of who I am is to be found in the way I responded to the events that I have experienced. How I chose to deal with them, once I was free to do so.

The things we do as we struggle to survive unspeakable trauma name the power of our instinctive desire to survive, but they say very little about who we are – what we believe and feel, and the principles and values we hold dear. It is only when we have the space to make free and informed choices that we discover who we actually are.

BBC: Suing the Pope
Amazon: Beyond Belief
BBC: The Ryan Report debate in the Northern Ireland Assembly November 2009

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One Response to Bill Donohue on Irish radio – Roman Catholic abuse survivors gold diggers – common punitive practice
Esme Squalor says:
November 10, 2009 at 9:12 am
Why does this offensive, pugnacious man get any air time at all? Do you sense any of fragrance of Christ about him in any of his appearances? I think Mr. O’Gorman did an absolutely perfect work which should be emulated by anyone who appears with him on any media outlet. My preference, however, would be that talk show hosts stop giving this little man any airtime at all.