Important steps to become an effective trader

Important steps to become an effective trader

So, you have decided to take the plunge into trading; while it is a good thing to look at alternate avenues to supplement your income if you know nothing about it you will be flabbergasted with the sheer volume of articles on “How to Trade,” “When to Trade,” and so on. The internet is flooded with articles on indicators and strategies and entry point and exit point etc. It is a daunting and mind-boggling experience to the newbie to the field.

Here are the required steps that will smoothen the path for your entry into the world of trading.

Step 1

To begin with, you must have a trade setup. What is a setup and how will it help you? A trade setup is a set of conditions that you establish before entering into any kind of trading; only when these conditions are met should you trade. A setup gives you the advantage of being ahead of the market and not too perturbed with what goes on it – the price change, the news etc. because when your setup is met you can go ahead and trade. This minimizes losses.

The drawback to this technique though is it that it requires immense focus and concentration and not all setups are met each day. So, either you have to wait for a long time for your setup to surface or increase the width of your securities to meet your setup. And sometimes the best criteria will be with securities that you would never dream of touching. All the same, having a setup in place is a good place to begin.

Step 2

Once your setup is in place your entry and exit points are more defined. For example, if you have a price in your setup the moment the price breaks out of the setup you know that is your entry point.

Step 3

It is time to decide whether you will trade or not. It is here that you must weigh your risks and rewards; based on your previous research and your setup you will be in a position to determine if the trade will be successful or not. In case you deem it to be a success you go ahead and execute the trade, otherwise just go back to your setup and work on it.

If you find all this a little confusing and scary you can turn your attention to the popular automated trading platforms like the Ethereum Code.  You can browse the internet to gain more knowledge on the software and continue reading about it until you understand how the preprogrammed algorithms work.



Why online trading is the best choice for you

Why online trading is the best choice for you

Online trading has revolutionized the financial market. It has been able to create a window of opportunities for many people who are living around the globe. The key to being a success in online trading is to know about all the benefits along with the risks involved. Making money has become quite easy with online trading.  It is one of the best ways to save a good amount of money in the future.

Online trading of digital currencies also comes with a lot of benefits and one of being the introduction of ethereum code trading software which comes with the auto-pilot feature.  Since this market is still growing and has become popular in recent years, many of you will not be having a clear about its workings. You can learn more about it here.

The advantages of getting into online trading

Save a lot of money- The ideal way one can make money for long-term is through the financial market like a stock, currency market even when you got short-term profits as a goal in your mind.  The online trading will become quite easy if you are planning to invest for the long run.  The return on investment is quite excellent in trading if done wisely.

Earn dividends- If you invest your funds wisely in stock marker, you can earn money through dividends. Even though stocks do not give you rapid gains, they will help you earn money in the form of dividends.  Earlier, investing in these markets were possible only through experienced brokers, but now with growth in technology; dependence on brokers has become quite rare.  Only those people who are into trading in huge volumes like high net-worth individuals, wealth management companies, etc take the help of brokers.  The average trader uses the online service.

Make money- While trading online one has to ensure that you buy those stocks or currencies which will earn you a good return for the money invested. Invest in those assets which will ensure that you do not lose much when there is market volatility.

Get updates on real-time- Through online trading, you will be amazed to receive the real-time updates of all the assets which you own at any given point in time. There is no time wasted between the decision taken and the execution.

Make the trades whenever you want and wherever you want- If you have an access to a desktop with an internet connection, you can trade from any part of the world at any time.





Become a successful entrepreneur

To be successful in business one should have good planning and need to be flexible. Also, they need to possess good organizational skills.  People get into business thinking that they will start generating money as soon as the doors are open or they switch on the computers. But to make money in business is much more difficult than you would have anticipated. You can avoid facing losses by taking time out to plan the required steps one need take in order to be successful in business.

While doing business, you can still conduct digital currency trading. Thanks to the introduction of ethereum code software which can do trading in auto-pilot mode wherein you don’t have to be glued to the screen whole day.  You can learn more about it here.  You can make money by trading and conduct business as well.

Steps to take

Be organized- To be a successful businessman, one should be organized. It will help you in completing all the tasks in time. You will be able to prioritize the things which need to be done immediately.  One way you can do this is by creating a to-do list on all days.  This will ensure that you don’t skip any important tasks.

Maintain detailed records- By maintaining detailed records you will be able to assess where the organizations are standing financially and what all challenges one could face.  If you are aware of the challenges then you can prepare strategies which will help in overcoming the challenges.

Analyze the competition- In order to be successful one should not be hesitant to learn and study from the competitors.  They would be doing something right which you too can adapt to your business. Also, you need to be creative. You need to be always in the look out for ways to stand out from your competition.

Understand the rewards and risks- The key to a successful business is to take calculated risks which will help the business to grow. Also, you should be aware of the downside of the risks and ways to mitigate that.  This way you will be able to generate tremendous rewards.

Stay focused- As soon as you open up a business, the money will not pour in right away. It takes time for the business to settle in and let the people know about your business. Hence one should be always focused on achieving the goal and don’t get disheartened on the process.


Different Options For Earning Bitcoins

With every passing day, the booming industry of bitcoins is gaining more and more popularity. Similar to how 2 pizzas were ordered by a person by offering bitcoins back in 2011, a lot of transactions and exchanges can be done today using the same in all parts of the world. In fact, there are some nations around that are completelyBitcoin-friendly. They are accepting this cryptocurrency openly now and are also accepting it to be a central part of the trade too.

Therefore, just how there are numerous ways of spending bitcoins, there are different ways of earning them as well. Let us find out how we can obtain some of this cryptocurrency to enrich our financial back-up even further.

How to obtain bitcoins online:

Some of the successful ways include-

  • Mine Bitcoins for self: Earlier, the only way to obtain bitcoins for self-was through mining. All you need is good technology and knowledge for conducting this process successfully.


  • Work for this cryptocurrency: In case you are not interested in mining, you can always find some work related to bitcoins. There are ample organizations all over the world that will offer you enough chances to work for this digital currency.


  • Approach with an offering to buy bitcoins: In order to obtain one, you can always sell something that you already own. For example, you can offer goods and services like equipment, hotel rooms, etc. by charging bitcoins from the customers.


  • Indulging in gambling: Participating in gambling is another option if you are trying to get your hands on some bitcoins. However, it is important for you to keep in account all the risks that might be involved in the indulgence with gaming. There is no guarantee that you will surely win in gambling, but in case you do, you clearly own bitcoins in return. Isn’t that exciting?


  • Enhance your business skills: A person can earn a lot of bitcoins if they are smart in trading and understand their market. You should have your research work complete so that you can convince people to give you bitcoins in whatever goods or services you are offering to them.

Therefore, there are several ways in which you can try your hand to achieve bitcoins as earnings. Some alternatives might test your luck and others might judge your knowledge. But if the process is conducted well, you will surely have enough bitcoins in your kitty soon. You can read more about Ethereum Code to observe how successful cryptocurrency robots are functioning and plan to indulge in their offerings to enjoy the benefits offered by bitcoins in the longer run. Ethereum Code is known to offer some of the best bitcoin experiences in the industry.


An Ether story


To run the distributed platform of Ethereum, an element is required to fuel the network it is known as ether.  The machine on the network that performs the task given by the client, accepts ether as payment.

Let us discuss on how ether was created; during the presale of 2014, the total supply of ether was decided to depend on the donation gathered. Approximately 60 million ethers were created by the contributors. For every miner of the block 5 ethers are created, 2-3 are created for another miner not included in the block for finding the solution of the block.

As per discussion of 2014 presale, it was concluded only 18million ethers can be issued in a year. The relative inflation will decrease with the fixed issuance amount. It is predicted that somewhere in 2018 2019 the ether will change from proof of work algorithm to a new algorithm known as Casper, this algorithm will give more efficiency to ether and will require less mining subsidy. Although the method and function of issuance are still under research. But at the moment only one thing can be said it will not give any preference to anyone compromising with the security of the network.

Computers worldwide keep running the Ethereum network, the rewards are given on computational cost for creating smart contracts, securing the network and creating the latest block on the chain. It is estimated that on an average in every 15 seconds a new block is added to the blockchain, a new transaction is processed and the computer which performs all this task gets the reward of 3 ether. The process is random due to the nature of the algorithm so the rewards are given in proportion to each computer. In cryptocurrency language, this process of generating blocks and adding it to the blockchain is called mining.

Using normal CPU to mine an ether and receive rewards will take a long time so it is better to work on a specialized computer designed for mining. If you really want to dedicate your time in mining and is really serious about it then start thinking about buying a dedicated computer with the very powerful graphics card to run on the Ethereum network. Creating ether base is very important before anyone starts mining because this is the place where you will receive your earnings.

Currently, there are two options for GPU mining: 1) C++ ether mining and 2) go experimental. To know more about this click continue reading




Role of a CFD Broker-Great Alternative

The markets require a greater share in the working capital of an organization today, as the share of investment in futures, stocks, and Forex trading is high on a company’s agenda thought with a highly conservative approach. Carrying out a trade with the difference in the value of an asset at a prefixed future date and time is becoming a lucrative avenue for traders to bet on, as the deposit margin for trading in CFD is a mere 5 % but the profits earned will be fairly high compared to the amount of minimum deposit which the brokers request for in CFD trades.


How do the CFD traders operate?

  • with an agreement with the CFD broker is essentially done for the contracting on the differential price of the underlying asset, more like a bet on the broker
  • it is not similar to forex market as there is no buying/selling of currencies but just predicting the price of the asset at a future date
  • the CFD broker becomes the market marker and has to be valued more than a forex trading broker as he will provide the market prices prevailing, via the trading platform, like the Crypto CFD Trader once the broker provides the exact price of the asset the trader wishes to trade on, the order is placed and a contract is drawn between trader and the broker
  • Once the trade goes in a positive direction, the difference in the pricing is credited back to the traders account after deducting the commission, fees, and incidental charges on the traded assets.
  • CFD brokers often trade on forex and offer a wide range of services from their portfolio to the clients, choosing the best CFD broker depends on how much of positive signals they provided and the fees they charge, they usually provide spreads which are different from the current market price of the asset, the difference between the current market price and the spread price is the commission which the broker takes
  • the commission charged by some of the brokers over and above the fees depends on the type and class of assets traded, the commission is ideal as the trader knows the exact profit that will be credited to their account, and more preferred than the fees based on the spread which could differ and cannot be exactly derived

Giving the traders and investors a chance to explore many types of markets makes the brokers’ role important in CFD trades, if not go through the Crypto CFD Trader Review.

Introducing our new offering, ‘A bag of coins’ for the cryptocurrency lovers from today. This is a platform aimed to connect all those traders and non-traders who wish to share, inquire, inform and create anything related to the trade market and assets. Anyone with a genuine interest in the subject can join the blog. Discover more here about the virtual financial world.


Features of the blog


The blog is divided into compartments for various activities and the users are free to involve in any or all of them. The only requirement is that you should be interactive to make the blog lively. The following compartments are separated out in the activity section:


Social forum: This is where you meet all your fellow blog visitors. The name and public profile of the members will be displayed and you can follow them. If you have any creation related to trading, you can put it here and soon your product will be in the limelight.

Post it: This is your personal status section where you can convey the crypto thoughts of your mind in words or emoticons.

Facts and tips: Have any latest information to share? Do you wish to inform any facts regarding the trade market world, the technical terms, procedures, assets, people etc? If you have your own winning formulae or mistakes to avoid, you can share them here. This can also become your earning platform.

Q&A: Ask your doubts, clear the doubts of fellow bloggers in the question and answer section. If you do not have either of them, then support answers that you think are credible and notify any incorrect answers.

Live chat: Having a one-to-one conversation with your fellow bloggers can give birth to new connections, professional relationships and trade ideas.

Newsfeed: What is happening in the world of cryptocurrency? Are there any new legislature norms tightening or losing trading? Any change of important players or their roles? All these and more, you can get or post the past, present and even future events here.

Feedbacks: Suggestions, complaints, improvements and comments, all are welcome because we believe there is always room for improvement and with improvement comes better service quality.

Compete and win: Exciting competitions are always making noise on our blog and are sure to increment your increase in the digital money.

Recommend or not: Which is the new trading robot this week? How do you rate it? Recommend new platforms or expose scams in this section.


What is investing?

It could be really confusing to figure out where to start when you first start trading in the financial market. Learn the facts here now. Many new investors can get overwhelmed when they first see their brokerage account. The biggest mistake that traders do here is to try to run before they learn how to walk.

You need to understand the basics of trading and the financial instruments that you can trade. The other important thing to start trading is to know the different positions, the trading platform that you can use and also how much capital you can invest.

What is investing?

The two terms investing and trading are used interchangeably in the financial markets especially by those who are new in the market. This could be confusing.

An investor builds his portfolio by buying and holding on to the stocks or other financial instruments for a long term. The investors will hold on to their position for months or even years. The investors take advantage of dividend and coupon payments. The investor will not sell his holdings even when the market falls in the hope that the market will eventually rebind. The investors are thus concerned with what happens in the long-term and short-term movements do not change their trading decisions.

The investors have physical ownership of the instrument that they have brought. If an investor has shares then he owns a portion of this company. This gives him some rights in the corporate action of the company.

What is trading?

Trading involves buying and selling the stocks and other financial instruments frequently. The traders only speculate and they do not have any ownership of the asset.

They trade long as well as short the market. The trader sells the instrument without owning it. This is called as a short sell. An annual return of around 15% is what most traders aim for but the ability to short sell lets the trader make better returns.

A trader can have an open position for seconds to minutes. This is based on what his objectives and his trading style are. It is also dependent on his risk-taking appetite and how much time he can trade in a day. The trader needs to be more updated on what is happening in the market and they need to assess the market regularly. There are many financial instruments that can be traded.



Why Did I Start Blogging

What is the purpose of writing a blog?

Why do you convert your thoughts into words?

Why do you publish the resulting images of your hobbies like cooking, fashion styles, photographs, paintings and so on?

You will be a travel freak who loves to explore new places and experience the different cultures. Then, why do you write travelogues or request your friends to visit the following site? Of course, to share your memorable journeys with others who were not as fortunate as you to visit these places in person. Blogs that specifically publish travelogues form a majority of the ones ruling the digital world.


To put all these arguments in simple terms, contents published in blogs are intended to be seen by the public, either the chosen ones or the general. Bloggers get a sense of satisfaction to see their creativity in a presentable form and to experiment with them using modern technology. Viewers give feedback and the creators get tips to improve their skill. Readers see a wide new world covering everything under the sun in these blogs. These blogs are social screens where even the readers can become creators.


Why I became a blogger?


Marriage and associated situations forced me to curb my ambitions and become a housewife. In spite of several attempts, I was not able to find a job good enough to match my previous job profile. Alone in a far-off city from the hometown and surrounded by strangers, I was slowly moving into depression. The inferiority complex of being jobless prevented me from having any interactions with my friends or social circle.

When everything started to burst inside me, one fine day, I took out my laptop and made a word document. A single article and I was out of my roadblock of thoughts. This article entered into the world of internet and I started my own blog as my new world.

I sketched my dreams into it and my fresh life in the fresh city got reproduced in my blogs. A person who once hated cooking and avoided to sweat out in the kitchen started researching about new recipes to publish in the blog. With every trip I went out with my husband, I was concerned more about taking memorable pictures that I could share with my friends. I knew that the places I was visiting would never be in their itinerary unless they see them through my pictures. “write more dear”: and I know that this response is sincere.

What should you use the DCF model for?

The discount rate is nothing but the rate of return. This means it is the return requirement that you have from this investment and if it is worth taking the risk.

The rate of return would be more than what a certificate of deposit or bank savings can offer to you. You need a discount rate that is above the risk-free rate of return.

If the market return is an average of 9-10% then you can use 9% as the minimum discount rate for stable companies and say 15% for the less predictable ones.

The higher is the rate of discount you will have to purchase the stock for a cheaper price. This means you want to pay less for the stock now because you are placing more emphasis on the present cash flows of the company.

It is important that the DCF growth rate is kept low. The growth rate is the future cash flow growth rate. The stocks should be valued based on the data that you have and not on what you expect to happen in the future. If the growth rate is high but the company fails to meet the target then the stock price would only go down.

When you keep the growth rate as 0% then even if the company is undervalued there an ismore upside to it than downside. If your growth rate is set high then the risk of the downside is also increased.

You do not want the growth rates to be accurate. Just make sure that it is logical and achievable.

What should you use the DCF model for?

The formula of the discounted cash flow is used in order to determine the value of the security or business. It is the value that any investor would want to pay for this investment with a required rate of return on the investment.

The DCF is used in order to value a business or value the investment of a company. It can be used to value bonds, shares of a company or value the property that produces income.

When you want to find out about any potential investment then you need to take into account the time value of money. You will also have to know the required rate of return that you expect from this investment.

The return that you can expect is used in the DCFformula. The value that you get using this formula is the amount that you are willing to pay to get the rate of return.

If you pay a lesser amount than the DCF value then the rate of return will be higher than the discounted rate.

If you pay more than the DCF value then the rate of return will be lower than the discounted rate. Discover more here.