The companies that are publically traded release their earnings reports every quarter.

Do check if it would be cost-effective if you wait for the normal trading to start to buy the stock. The pre-market trade in a market order could get rejected because the market is not open. Make sure that it is entered as a limit order only. The bid/ask range could be very high and this may end up impacting your trade negatively.

There are times when you will notice that some of the major moves in the stock market have happened outside of the normal trading hours. The volatility in the stock prices are driven by what happens outside the market hours and this creates a lot of opportunities to trade and profit from.

The premarket session is used by most traders to guess the market’s performance and how it may open. Many traders, however, focus on trading only during the normal trading hours.

The economic indicators drive the price movement in the pre-market session. Most of the major economic news gets released before the trading day starts and the market starts reacting to the news. It also helps to set the idea of how the market would open that day.

The various economic reports that could affect the stock market pre-opening are the employment report, GDP numbers, weekly jobless claims and the retail sales numbers. The market will react to numbers that are far away from what the analysts had forecasted. This creates volatility in the market and thus a trading opportunity.

The companies that are publically traded release their earnings reports every quarter. This starts one or two weeks after the end of each quarter. When the earning reports are released before the market opens or after a day’s close then this causes a lot of volatility in that particular stock in the next day pre-open session.

When a company’s earnings expectations are far above or far below what the analysts had expected then this leads to a major movement in the stock. The traders want to either buy or sell that particular stock on Crypto Robot 365 before the other traders and this leads to a reaction in the premarket session.

There could also be some major news that gets reported after the market closes or in the weekend that can impact the premarket movement of the market. Any war or a natural disaster is unexpected and these cause a surprise in the market. If your brokerage lets you trade during the pre-market session then you have an edge over your peers and get to position yourself better.

Lack of potential information about the trading system

In the trading market, there are various different types of robots available like forex robot, CFDs robot, and crypto robot. The robots designed will be completely working in auto-pilot mode with a sophisticated algorithm which can scan market changes within minutes by scanning charts and tables that are available in market generate results according to them and help traders to place investment. Forex trading involves an investment in digital assets and this does not involve actual selling or buying of an actual asset or this also does not involve any transfer in ownership of the asset.

A Cyber mentor is a web page which was created by Collin Tourism, and he dedicated this blog for forex online trading and software. If you are interested in trading then you can visit our site know information about automated robots. The market is saturated with these robots and all of them available in the market claim about their legitimacy, profits, returns and success rate.  People are easy getting trapped in some scams and losing lots of money to fraud.  All this happen due to lack of potential information about the trading system. One should be very careful while choosing robot for performing trades, the user should make a thorough research on the robots available in the market and choose one among them. The robots are a user-friendly and completely web-based application. This web-based application will not require any necessary downloads or installations and this can be worked on any device like phone, laptop, pc or tablet and can be operated in any types of operating system. There different types of an operating system like ios, Mac, Windows, and Android. The user can open it on browser all he needs to have is an internet connection. it can be accessed from any place of the world.

This automated software can help traders to know the info about ongoing changes and alterations that are going in the market, users can get the results generated via phone or e-mail so that they can change the investment if they are not sure of a particular trade. The main reason people are picking the binary option for trading is the profits and returns gained using the automated system are incredibly high. The ratio of failing of trade is very low only one out of 10 trades user may see the loss. There are more than 100 binary signals available in the market where all of them can generate high results and constant profits. For more info visit the official site of cyber mentors.


Start young and grow old

The decision or an interest to start investing is a good choice and when this continues to be a long-term one, it would automatically make a person more cautious and well-informed in the market. A person who comes with ample knowledge and the important things necessary for trading would actually become unbeatable and he or she would always be a threat to the other traders. It is all about how a trader conquers this field which otherwise would conquer him and take over all his investments and interest very soon. And that too with too many fraudulent systems and innocent traders in this field, it has become very easy and simple for the fraudulent ones to evade this market without a barricade.

Investments in trading is an awesome opportunity to earn money and be safe in the safe mode wherein a trader would always be on the safer side of trading and he takes to decide and start his trade a little slower than the others without being anxious about the various offering opportunities and situations. It is very important for a trader to analyze a trade situation presented to him. A single trade is looked at from different thoughts and angles differently by different traders and it is not necessary that they have to be a beneficial and fruitful one for all the traders and hence it is important for every trader to analyse the opportunity, study it completely, try and work out permutations and combinations and finally arrive at the decision to whether invest in it or not. This slow and steady analysis is definite to help and guide the traders on the right path towards trading.

Start young and grow old

Trading has no age limits but it is expected and suggested that traders start at a very early age and grow old to be experts in this field. As stated above, trading has no age bars and it is just the trading interest and capability and affordability that makes a person fit to play in this field. This field just expects the traders to make the right investment in time, money and energy and when this is done right, there would be right and expected results for there is nothing much but just smart and wise moves and placements. Please click the following post to know how traders have been very successful in the past. Start trading at a younger age and you would grow up to be masters at the right and the ripe age.

Usage of binary options robot is a great option

There are more than 100 binary signals available in the market, all of them promise to provide high results and generated profits, but most them may not happen as it is not an easy task. They may lose the trade because of low performance and a low ratio of winning; these are main reasons why we should choose trusted binary signal providers. There are many robots available that are legit and highly profitable in online trading binary signal providers and to know the best you can visit many online trading gurus like cyber mentors. And some of the best trading robots are:

  • Qprofit system
  • Fintech limited
  • HB swiss
  • Carbon Fx
  • Crypto code
  • Crypto CFD trader
  • Tesler app
  • Bitcoin code
  • Ethereum code

We are a web-based platform which helps the user to understand the trading platform in the much simple way. We guide users about these automated robots their objectives and thorough information about trading options on online trading. Our main goal is to keep traders informed about the changes and alterations going on in the market, this stream is picked by many traders as it is highly profitable. Some of the advantages of usage of robots are:

  • Results will be in front of users eyes in just a few minutes
  • The investments are fixed
  • Can monitor this system easily
  • The risk can divert by choosing more than one robot at a time
  • Two different modes are available, manual mode and auto-pilot mode
  • The articles on official site of the robot are useful for education traders
  • The initial amount of deposits are very low and affordable by all

For everything along with disadvantages, there will be some sort of disadvantages and some of the disadvantages are;

  • To perform trade internet access is required continuously
  • No one can promise success of 100%
  • The risk involved with the system is calculated

The system is already proved to be easy, profitable and most successful one. The binary option along with the brokers are most popular tools used for generating constant income by performing a trade in the online market.

Usage of binary options robot is a great option but due to saturated market and fake robots user need to be careful while choosing one, to be safe it is better to choose a binary options broker for making your investment once you become experienced and confident enough you can do it yourself.  this blog owner created this site for the sole purpose to provide insight about different trading solutions.


God TV founder resigns because of adultery – for now

God TV:

GOD TV Co-founder Rory Alec steps aside

GOD TV Co-founder Rory Alec has today announced he is leaving the Network, standing aside as Chairman and CEO with immediate effect. This follows what he terms ‘a moral failure’ concerning his marriage.

GOD TV Co-founder and Director of Television, Wendy Alec will continue to lead the Network along with its senior management team and the support of the GOD TV Board.

GOD TV has confirmed the organisation will continue its international operations as well as the work it is doing in Plymouth, UK. This includes the completion of its Revival Prayer Centre on Union Street and new staff building at Burrington Industrial Estate.

Mrs Alec told GOD TV staff in Plymouth that she will address the issue further on 8 October while in GOD TV’s Jerusalem studio to host a series of live Revival Alert broadcasts.

“I will take responsibility on the first night of Revival Alert to share with transparency and authenticity regarding the situation to all our viewers and partners,” she said.

In a separate statement, Mr Alec told GOD TV staff: “After 20 years of service, I have had a moral failure this year. For this reason, I am stepping down. Please forgive me for the disappointment I’ve caused, but I know your eyes are on Jesus who is the author and finisher of your faith and not on me, an imperfect man.

“It is with a heavy heart that I confirm my season with GOD TV is over for now.”

In her role as Co-founder, Creative Director and Director of Television, Wendy Alec has overseen all content on GOD TV for the past 19 years. Her remit includes oversight of the Network and Programming Planning teams; Scheduling teams; Production teams; her Commissioning team and approval of Ministry Airtime Sales and Programme Acquisitions. She has been in charge of GOD TV’s Creative Direction, both on air and in print, from the time of the Network’s inception, including the internationally acclaimed and distinctive GOD TV logo. She is fully supported by GOD TV’s executive management team and financial departments.

Rory AlecApparently a UK production company knew about this affair prior to Justin Hughes (LucasLabrador) breaking this on YouTube last week. Wendy Alec, who is rumored to have had a past affair with a producer, was in hospital when her husband visited his mistress in Austria and the adultery could no longer be hidden.

His mistress is a musician, God TV has been quiet about how long Alec’s adultery had been going on. Rory Alec apparently resigned (for now) September 29th. The announcement was made today. He has already been removed (for now) from the God TV website. God TV watchers say a lot more will be coming out in the days ahead.

Digressing from the topic, people do cheat and try to take advantage of the naiveté of people. But when it comes to owning up the responsibility of a larger endeavor, then very few people take up the challenge. Some genius minds, however, have managed to create some fantastic trading programs and you can read about them here.

God TV was started in the UK in 1995 and entered the North American market in 2006.
prior post – God TV, not quite in the poor house

Justin Hughes mentions a production company has been looking into God TV. Over at The Governmental Goals of God TV (a God TV watch blog) the comment below was left. It’s fair to conclude this current ‘moral failure’ would have remained hidden if bloggers and vidbloggers and others weren’t asking questions.


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The trader should be disciplined to trade the gaps.

You can trade on the electronic communication network in the extended market hours. The trading system automatically matches the buy and the sell orders and this lets the traders trade without the need of a middleman. Many brokerage firms will let you trade outside the market hours but they would limit the order types that can be used.

There could be risks and opportunities when you trade in the extended market hours because the liquidity is very less during this session. This also leads to a bigger spread.

The futures market is also traded based on pre-market session and thus future traders keep a close watch on the movement of the stock market during the extended market hours.

Till a few years, back trading in the non-market hours was something that was allowed only to the institutional investors. However, with the electronic market today, this facility is provided to the retail investors as well. There could be a host of possibilities for you if you keep track of the market movement during the non-market hours.

Gap trading is popular among traders. Gap trading is a simple way to buy or sell stocks. The trader would look for a price gap from the previous close of the stock and he waits for the first hour to know what the trading range is. When the stock price goes above that range then that denotes a buy. When the stock price goes below the range then that denotes a sell.

The gaps are formed when the stock price opens higher than the previous close or opens lower than the previous close. The gap patterns are defined as common, continuation, breakaway and exhaustion. The pattern is formed after the stock continues its upward or its downward move. This offer guidance on how to trade.

The trader should be disciplined to trade the gaps. He should follow the entry and the exit rules in order to minimize the risk. The gap trading method can be used to trade intraday or swing trades.

There is a total of eight strategies to trade gaps based on the four types of gaps. The gap traders need to wait for an hour after the market settles down. This will let the stock establish a trading range. After you have a position then you will have to start trailing your stop loses. The trailing stop lets you mark up or down your stop loss on the Crypto VIP Club trading system review based on the direction of the stock movement. It is a way to protect your profits.


Completely automated system

Forex trading is being used from very long time by traders but it became famous recently, humans are different from other species because of our ability to integrate with other people and perform various activities one amongst them is trading of goods and services. This is a way of helping each other, by exchanging or trading their valuables in an exchange for something. In the online market, there are different types of trading streams and among them most heard are forex trading, CFDs trading, and crypto trading. In olden days the trading processes and it is done manually by human traders which are also considered to be the traditional way of trading, this traditional process will take a lot of time and traders need to invest their time in doing research on which asset they should invest on. And traders should be very careful before doing so as they are investing complete funds to get profits and make their life better financially. But in recent days trading become very popular and everyone is interested to do this as it is profitable with little risk.  To make trading easy for everyone, some of the experienced traders together found a software which will work in auto-pilot mode with unique features. There will be an algorithm for designing this software and it will be unique with highly advanced technology. There are many advantages of using the auto-pilot mode:

  • Completely automated system
  • No need of human brains
  • Time taken is very less
  • Works automatically
  • Signals generated will be 100% positive
  • The rate of success is very high
  • The ratio of winning is more than 90%
  • Winning ratio will never go less than 65%
  • Investments are fixed
  • Can monitor easily
  • Binary options are very secure to use

These robots can be used by both novices and experienced people, and all this application are user friendly and web-based one and there are no necessary downloads required, this application can be accessed from any place of world, this can be operated from any system like phone, tablet, laptop or pc and it can be managed by an operating system like android, windows, IOS or Mac. Here is a site in which you can find every information about the robot this site was designed by Collin Tyusm, he dedicated this blog for online forex trading and software if you are interested in trading and want to get the info you can visit this website.

The most popular online trading platforms are the ones that create maximum profits for investors

The most popular online trading platforms are the ones that create maximum profits for investors. These days everyone is using some special trading systems created for Forex and CFD trading. These programs have made it possible for everyone to trade online. People do not have to know much about trading systems or software techniques. Another special feature is that they do not need a lot of money to trade using these two systems.

So should you also try to use any of these programs? Let us see some of the features that make it special.

  1. In Forex and CFD trading people bet only on the value of the stock and do not really own any shares. This helps them to use the money efficiently and they can place bets on more number of stocks.
  2. The program has automated trading robots, that can help even the novices in trading.
  3. A very simple process makes it possible for anyone to join the system easily.
  4. All regulations are followed by the program and only legitimate brokers are associated.
  5. The withdrawal and deposits are very easy, using any payment method.
  6. All security protocols are rigidly implemented as the information used and shared by you is confidential.
  7. You can trade from anywhere, whether you are at home or working somewhere, or traveling. You can use any device of your choice and start trading.
  8. Registration is very simple. It takes literally less than five minutes as very few details are needed while filling the form.
  9. It is a completely free program and can be used as long as you want to trade. Whatever money you deposit is used for trading and the developers or the brokers do not charge any fee from the investors.

Everything in this system is geared towards only one aspect, that the traders should be able to use it comfortably and make profits. These features have ensured that it is recommended by this well-known source, of expert reviews. The robot is capable to trade on its own, but it follows the instructions given by the trader. So you can set the boundaries or limits on the money that can be used for trading or the amount of risk that you can take easily. On the other hand, you can trade using the tips provided by the program, if you are inclined to do so. Use the program recommended by the experts and you will not lose any money.

Binary options signals are used for trading

Binary options signals are used for trading they work as alerts for performing trades using commodity, currency or stock market. This system was created by a group of professionals who are able to create this software with help of sophisticated algorithm which helps people to choose when and how to trade. All a person needs to do is choose a robot and sign-up, while choosing a robot trader need to be very careful as there are many fake robots available in market which will attract traders with their exciting offers and dropping people straight in to their scams which is not at all safe for traders as they will lose their funds and get in to problems. The user can choose robot of his choice and sign up for it, to sign up he needs to follow some basic procedure and here are the steps for you:

  • In first place user need to visit the official page of the robot you are ready to sign up and once you open the page click on sign-up then it will redirect to the registration page in that page you should provide some basic details like name, e-mail address and telephone number which are used for the verification process.
  • Once the verification process is done user will get an external link to his inbox and when he opens it he will be redirected to the page where he can choose broker for the remaining process and all the brokers that are tied up with the software’s will be legit, authentic and reliable.
  • In the final step, the user needs to fund the account with the initial deposit of $250, turn on the auto-pilot mode and gain profits from it after the trade is placed.

As web-based platform our main responsibility is to guide users by giving useful information about binary options, keep traders who visit our website to be informed about the changes that are going in market, the advantage by using this online trading is it will deliver high profits, the returns will be more than 91% and never goes less than 65%.  The complete trade will take place in 60 sec which is 1 min and it will not take more time as it will be completed in auto-pilot mode itself.  To operate the automated system user, need to have a system like a phone, laptop, pc or tablet and uninterrupted internet connection. Click here to know further information about automated systems.


The program is designed with attention to every minute detail

Anyone wanting to venture into the cryptocurrency trading arena has to use a website and a trading program. The biggest question facing every interested trader is which program can he choose. The jargon used by the software professionals mining the digital money scares people away. On the other hand, the trading terminology used by experts is also full of difficult verbiage and that again keeps common people away from the trading websites.

We have been in this arena for quite some time. We keep analyzing every new trading platform and then try to see if it is worth the time and money for the common people. In the recent past, many similar programs were launched. Though we realize that copying is the best kind of appreciation but why should a person risk his money and time on some unknown and risky program, whose only claim to fame is to resemble a more successful program?

We have understood one fact that only the genuine programs are able to get the promised profits and returns on the investment made by the traders on the website. So the source is the most crucial aspect that you must look into before signing up on any website for trading. Though profits and losses are expected and can happen irrespective of the program that you join. However, it is also a fact that you would like to minimize the risks and losses and improve the profit margin. That is possible only when you use one of the recommended programs for digital trading.

The program is designed with attention to every minute detail. So when a person wants to register and trade, he can do it in a jiffy. The brokers have been chosen with care to ensure that the precious money of the investors is not lost due to any carelessness. The robot works according to the instructions given by the trader and prevents any kind of loss by the process of reverse trading. The software is equipped to analyze the prices of digital currencies around the world and come up with profitable recommendations. You can place bets manually or in automated mode using these tips.

Now the question is with all these positive features, what is the role of an investor? So the responsibility of understanding the platform and its mechanism lies with the trade. He cannot blame the robot if any trade results in a loss. So read more, understand more and invest wisely. There is no substitute for knowledge.